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100 Magic Items for 5e Master Post

A compilation of all of those 100 magic items I made for my first 100 followers. Here is a d100 list of the items and links to the other posts for more in-depth descriptions of the items. 

01-15 (Misc):

  • 01: Aspect Mirror
  • 02: Soulfire Armor
  • 03: Wand of Rust
  • 04: Panic Button
  • 05: Talisman of the Avenger
  • 06: Antimagic Manacles
  • 07: Tombhammer
  • 08: Standard of Courage
  • 09: Bright-Thorn
  • 10: Murderer’s Glove
  • 11: Exit-Wound Bow
  • 12: Asura Shield
  • 13: Rod of Many Wands
  • 14: Ring of Pushed Luck
  • 15: Boots of the Wanderer

16-29 (Armor and Shields)

  • 16: Rosethorn Armor
  • 17: Spectral Shroud
  • 18: Mental Fortress
  • 19: Merfolk Wetsuit
  • 20: Beastform Guard
  • 21: Kyton Mail
  • 22: Blackmetal Armor
  • 23: Dancing Armor
  • 24: Energizing Armor
  • 25: Bone Armor
  • 26: Iron Maiden
  • 27: Diamond Bulwark
  • 28: Entangling Shield
  • 29: Gorgoneye

30-43 (Wondrous Items)

  • 30: Yoke of the Cursed One
  • 31: Bulette Gloves
  • 32: Screaming Spellbook
  • 33: Explorer’s Compass
  • 34: Cornucopia of the Endless Feast
  • 35: Fork of Twinning
  • 36: Inquisitor’s Mask
  • 37: Fishscale Cape
  • 38:Talking Head
  • 39: Orb of Stasis
  • 40: Lucky Coin
  • 41: Memory Jar
  • 42: Bottle of Gas
  • 43: Clockwork Bee

44-65 (Magic Weapons)

  • 44: Screaming Scimitar
  • 45: Trepanation Blade
  • 46: Grafted Weapon
  • 47: Righteous Longsword
  • 48: Leviathan
  • 49: Ray of Light
  • 50: Axe of Maggots
  • 51: Guillotine
  • 52: Snowbiter
  • 53: Hammer of the Forge
  • 54: Skullfire Mace
  • 55: Lightning Dagger
  • 56: Spectral Shiv
  • 57: Fan Dagger
  • 58: Pain Bow
  • 59: Dragging Crossbow
  • 60: Starflinger
  • 61: Katars of Insanity
  • 62: Dragon Lash
  • 63: Scythe of Woe
  • 64: Wrecking Ball
  • 65: Quarterstaff of the Wilds

66-80 (Staves, Wands, and Rods)

  • 66: Staff of Blight
  • 67: Rod of the Typhoon
  • 68: Rod of Squirrel Command
  • 69: Wand of Spell Transfer
  • 70: Staff of Dark Speech
  • 71: Wand of Disarming
  • 72: Staff of Influence
  • 73: Wand of the Weaver
  • 74: Wand of Fleshwarping
  • 75: Rod of Overflowing Wealth
  • 76: Staff of Mirrors
  • 77: Wand of Dreams
  • 78: Staff of Smiting
  • 79: Rod of Slime
  • 80: Wand of Vipers

81-90 (More Wondrous Items)

  • 81: Periapt of Greed
  • 82: Cursed Mask of Everlife
  • 83: Needles of Pain
  • 84: Doll of Torment
  • 85: Banner of Claim
  • 86: Mantle of the Inferno
  • 87: Bottle of Endless Sand
  • 88: Prayer Beads
  • 89: Unholy Host
  • 90: Veil of Sight

91-00 (More Magic Weapons)

  • 91: Shadowself Blade
  • 92: Whirlwind Glaive
  • 93: Rhythm
  • 94: Titan’s Hammer
  • 95: Invisible Dagger
  • 96: Imprisoning Longbow
  • 97: Two-Faced Blade
  • 98: Tormentor’s Whip
  • 99: Viper Claws
  • 00: Vexing Dart
Ritual To Spend Time With Father (super old repost)

Very simple ritual to show Satan that you are appreciative of Him and want to spend more time with Him. Father Satan is a very kind being, and He would love to spend more time with all of us, if we just ask. But how does one ask? Well, it’s a lot more simple than it may seem. What I do, is every Monday (since, according to JoS, Monday is Satan’s day) after I take a shower, I say a prayer to Father Satan, a simple acknowledgement of His rulership, and ask Him to join me in listening to an album that I love. Lately, it’s been a Ghost BC album (last time it was Meliora). Now for a detailed description of the ritual, firstly it should be preformed at night, to make sure no one interrupts you (although the time of day does not matter much, I hear midnight (the witching hour) is best). Shower or bathe yourself, as being physically clean is just proper formalities. Set up a small temporary altar, using His sigils, or go to your altar if you have one. Light a black, red, or blue candle, and an inscent or two if you wish. Begin to meditate. Say a rite or prayer to Father of any kind, but I wrote my own that goes

“O mighty Lord Satan, O ineffable King Lucifer, the True God of this world, the True God of my mind, body, and soul. Every part of me is under Your marvelous power. I serve none other than You, for it is You that I love, O immaculate Creator. Of my own free will, I acknowledge Your sublime power. Of my own free will, I now present myself to You.” (This prayer is highly influenced by Diane Vera, founder of TheisticSatanism.com and I found it on LilithStark.com)

After speaking your prayer or rite, simply ask Him to join you, but be respectful and I would recommend using big words and proper English, things of that sort. Using your favorite album from your favorite music composer is also recommended, but not needed. Just your love of the music. Play the album (if you don’t have it playing already) and begin to meditate again. When the album is done, so is the ritual. End it with a big “Ave Satanas!” Or “Hail Satan!” See? It’s as easy as that! If you do not have things like candles and inscents or things to make an altar, that is fine! All you really need is yourself! These things just make it easier and more formal. If you don’t have the right color candle, the same rule applies. Satan understands that we don’t always have the exact tools, so He is very flexible.


This was not what I was looking for, but I absolutely love it.


castiel x reader

SUM: You and Cas get caught making love in ‘Baby,’ Deans precious car.

AN: enjoy lovies ;)

WARNINGS: SMUTT, Oral, fingering, fucking.


Cas can’t help but look, his eyes glueing to your figure. You were sharing a room with Dean, Sam and Cas - there was only one room avaliable, and you can’t really be fussy in this line of profession. While Sam and Dean sleep, You’ve gotten yourself all dressed up in some sexy laungerie, and heels, for effect. 

Of corse Cas and yourself can’t have sex in this motel room, where Sam and Dean are only 1 metre away from you, asleep. Cas’ eyes look you up and down longingly. “Y/N” his gruff voice was already strating to become shaking. 

You pull up Deans car keys from behind your back, a smirk growing on your face as Cas registers your dangerous idea. 

Cas quikly walks past you towards the door, opening it for you. You wink at him on your way out. He attentivley closes the door, careful not to wake the boys. He meets you outside the motel door, he smiles down at you. You place Deans keys into your panties.

“come and get ‘em tiger” you say after leaving a trail of kisses down Cas’ jawline. You pull Cas by his tie and you walk backwards, to the doors of ‘baby.’

Cas pushes you up against the car, running his hands up and down your body, while kissing you. “mmm” you moan into his mouth. Cas responds by putting a hand into your panties to retreive the keys, toying with your clit on his way out. Cas unlocks the back door of the chevy as he kisses you deeply, the feeling of his wet saliva mixing with yours arouses you. You back into the car, laying on your back, with Cas ontop of you. Cas becomes more forward with his arousel after closing the door to the car behind him. 

“Tell me what you want” Cas teases, nipping and sucking at your neck.

“I want you to pound into me, I want you to make sweet love to me, I want you to show me how much affect i have on you when i send unholy prayers to you, i want you to fuck me Cas” You say, you know how much Cas loves talking dirty during sex, it arouses him, his own little kink. You also know how rough Cas can be, of corse he would always make sure you were okay with it. The both of you often forget how strong how he can be, he sometimes bruises you - he always seems to feel guillty, but you tell him how much you love it and he instantly feels better.

Cas’ lips hover over yours, teasingly. Cas smirks for a split second at your active desire for him. He lowers his head and you engage in a firm, passionate kiss. His tounge explores your mouth, you loved the way he knows how he affects you. Your eyes roll to the back of your head, Cas’ hand slides down your torso, his hand goes under your panties and ontop of your clit. 

“Are you soaked for daddy?” Cas says, playing with your clit and pulling away from the kiss to look you in eye. He smirks as he watches you squirm.

“only for you” you reply, lifting your head and staring into his bright blue eyes. Your response makes Cas chuckle in amusement. Waves of pleasure run up and down your body.

“I need you Cas” You look up at him innocently. You buck your hips into his hands, moaning as you feel his two fingers slip into your entrance. “fuck Cas” you say bretahlessly. 

You had been with a few men before Cas, but none of them could make you squirm with one hand. Cas uses his other hand to undo your bra, you kick of your heels and they fall behind the drivers seat. Cas kisses you again, with more rush then usual. To your displeasure, he removes his fingers from your entrance and licks them clean, then he puts them in your mouth, indicating for you to suck them. You twirl your tounge around his fingers, then Cas kneels up, taking his coat and suit jacket off, then tearing his shirt off, his shoes and pants and everything else comes off all in, alowing his long, thick member to be free. The sight of him makes you even wetter then before. 

Cas indicates for you to suck - you get up from you position and lie on your stomach, while Cas sits against the car door. You take his large cock into your hands, pumping up and down. The sudden touch to his member makes him moan. “Y/N” he moans as you put your mouth on him, his hand finds its way to your head, he grips a handful of your hair, The tight grip makes you moan against his shaft. You use your tounge to swirl around his cock, as you take in as much of him as you can. 

Cas knows the deal, if you almost cum and then don’t, and then re-build the feeling, the orgasm is ten times better. Cas removes your head from his cock and indicates for you to flip back by pushing you with kisses.

He pulls off your panties, not taking his eyes off of you as he does so. Cas’ lips connect with yours, then trail down your neck, to your bare chest. Cas sucks on your nipple, and uses his other hand to grope your free breast. Your breathing speeds up, Castiel moves down your body, kissing your stomach and then your thighs. His hands run all over your body. Cas nips at your inner thighs, sending goosebumps up your body. He uses his hands to spread your legs, his forceful nature kicking in. You feel his head getting closer and closer to your entrance, until his tounge finally takes it’s first taste of you. Now it’s your turn to pull hair. You reach a hand down and tangel it in Castiels hair, earning a moan from him. 

The vibration of his moan against your sensitive region makes you shiver with pleasure. His tounge circles your clit before moving down to your entrance. His tounge enters and exits your entrance. His actions make you squirm, “uh Cas” you moan and your grip on his hair tightens. As much as Cas loves being dominant towards you, he still loves it when you boss him around a bit.

You feel yourself coming undone, pleasure skims throughout your body.

“Cas! i’m -” Cas immediatly stops and brings his head up to look you in the eye. He crawls up your body, lingering ontop of you once again. You feel Cas’ cock nearing your entrance. He slides into you, earning a moan. “Fuck Y/N” Cas says, closing his eyes due to the pleasured feeling around his member. Cas bucks his hips in and out of you. The feeling of him inside you is indescribably pleasureing. 

As Cas gives you the hard pounding you’ve been longing for all day, The rate of your heart quikens, you feel sweat forming all across your body. 

“Uh Cas, Yes, oh my god” you moan, getting louder and louder the harder as he pounds you. 

“fuck CAS yes CASTIEL FUCK” The pleasure becomes more intense, corsing you to scream - Cas puts his hand over your mouth to keep you quiet, but despite his efforts your moans are still quite loud under his palm. 

He can feel you tightening around him. “ Uh fuck, yes Y/N” Cas struggles to contain his own moans. 

You feel yourself coming undone once again.

“WHAT THE FUCK” you hear and scream at the un-anounced voice behind you. It’s Dean, in his pyjamas.

“Cas. Man. in my car? really? are you kidding me?” Cas looks up at Dean and grabs his coat to cover your naked body. 

Deans face turns red with anger, making you laugh. Castiel begins to laugh aswell. The pair of you laugh hysterically, Cas falls onto your chest laughing. You both settle as Dean storms back into the motel. Cas leans down to kiss you one last time, this time with more love and passion then earlier. 

“That. was fun” you say, ending with a chuckle.

The young girl screams to the gods as a
prayer, in hopes that they listen.
but how the young girl forgets,
she forgets the gods are wind and change
pain and fury, and they manage to rule with iron hearts.
the gods are not here to help her
she realizes as she stops her unholy prayer
they are here to break and remake her
—  so she fought not for the gods; but for herself | A.M