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Bundle of Joy - Part Two

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Fandom: Marvel
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Single Parent!Reader
Summery: Bucky and the Reader meet again
Warnings: None

Part One.

It had been a painful thirteen hour shift and you had been just about ready to fall asleep behind the register, but you managed to pull through. The minute you had closed up shop and stepped out into the chilly night, you had become very conscious of the lack of human activity in the street. Looking around, the only life you saw was that of a stray cat, owner of all it surveyed. The clothes shop on the right and the bakery to the left were already closed. In fact, every other store seemed to be closed. Up and down the street, security shutters were in place and every shop light had been turned off. Usually on a Friday night such as this one, it was perfectly normal to have the shops lock up late, thanks to all the last minute shoppers, but it seemed that tonight that was not the case.

Not only were there no customers, but there seemed to be no nightlife what-so-ever. Where were the people heading to the nightclubs and the like? It was barely 9 PM and you had never seen it so quiet.

“Odd, isn’t it?” You murmured to the babe you had securely fastened against your chest. She merely babbled in reply and turned her head to stare down the street.

A devilish screech issued from the security shutter as you pulled it down. Your daughter wiggled around in discomfort, disapproving the unholy noise. It sounded awfully like how you’d imagine an animal would scream during a ritual slaughter - and wasn’t that a cheery thought to have while standing alone in an empty, dimly lit street that looked like something out of an old slasher film.

Taking out your keys from the back pocket of your jeans, you fiddled with the sturdy lock until it clicked. Pulling at it, you made sure it was properly locked before making your way down the wet pavement, your walking pace slightly hurried in the hope to get home as quickly as possible. With one hand wrapped around the baby carrier out of habit, you clutched the other around your green faux leather handbag in a death grip, just in case some a-hole of a mugger got any ideas. You’d fight with the furiousity of a madwoman to maintain possession of the few dollar bills that you had in your purse.

As you walked down the street, your black ballet flats tapping against the tarmac, you could feel the warmth of your daughter’s steady breath against your chest, where she had snugly nuzzled her face against as she drifted off to sleep. Her head, a crazy mess of curls that had yet to be rubbed bald, wobbled against your breast, but even as you rushed across the street - avoiding a lone taxi - she did not stir.

Soon you turned a corner and found yourself walking along a still river, solar powered garden lights running along the length of the sidewalk, separating you from the park’s freshly mown lawn. But you weren’t looking where you were going and almost walked, baby first, into the oncoming pedestrian. 

Yelping in surprise, you jumped back before sandwiching your daughter between yourself and the man in front of you. Reaching out, you grabbed his arms to steady yourself and the baby. 

“Sorry!” You exclaimed, surprised that your daughter still hadn’t woken up, even with the commotion of the almost collision.

Your legs froze and your stomach did flip-flops as you dragged your eyes up from your daughter’s face to the man in front of you. It was Bucky Barnes; the handsome bloke who had taken a shine to your daughter merely two weeks ago in the very same park that you stood in now. You hadn’t forgotten a single moment of your last encounter. 

He looked the same as he did then, only he wasn’t wearing a sweaty tank or baggy pants this time. In their place was a heavy grey coat and a pair of well fitted black jeans. And his hair wasn’t up in a man bun - it was loose. And either way, he still looked like sex on legs.

“Bucky,” You gasped, letting go of his arms and straightening yourself up. “What are you going out here so late?”

His eyes connected to your for one glorious second before they dropped to the ground as he shyly rubbed the back of his neck. 

“Night walk.” He said, “How about you, (Y/N)?”

You marveled at the way your name rolled off his tongue. “Just left work. I’m heading home.”

Bucky looked surprised. “You’ve got a job that lets you take your daughter?”

“Yeah.” You grinned. “My boss - I’ve known her all my life and she’s kind enough to let me bring her with me.”

“Huh.” Bucky chuckled, his eyes looking back up at you from the sleeping babe against your chest. He stepped forward and offered his arm. “May I walk you home?”

Your heart thudded against your chest like a jackhammer. “Don’t you have somewhere to be?”

He shrugged and gave you a sweet smile. “Not really.”

You returned his smile and looped your arm with his, feeling the coolness of his metal limb underneath the cotton of his coat. “In that case, you may.”

Part Three


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Cold Pizza

Summary: phil and dan never met in 2009, so phil is a very successful youtuber and dan is a very smol youtuber, so dan works at a pizza place to help support himself. dan is a very big phil fan.

Warnings: makeouts, GR1ND1NG

A/N: i need to go to church … thank u ninchuser for readin  this through have an unholy 4k words

Dan’s noises were like a symphony and Phil was the conductor as he let his teeth graze over Dan’s jaw and finally latching down onto his neck. He sucked, first lightly and then with more force as he left a mark on Dan’s neck. There was something in Dan’s soft, sweet skin that was addictive to Phil and he didn’t ever want to not taste it.

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"I think a collar would look nice on you" This is the rev set toweri g over Thomas who kneels on the ground naked

I was waiting for someone to request this- Thank god. God b l e s s

Thomas felt hands all over him, he was so lost in his own pleasure that he couldn’t tell who the hands belonged to.

He panted as he felt lips on his neck. “Alex… Look he’s trembling… How cute~” John purred as he nipped at his neck and Thomas pressed against him.

“John…” Thomas breathed out, breathless. He would have reached out for him but Lafayette and Hercules had his hands pinned while Alex worked on his lower area.

Alex appeared in his line of vision, smirking as his hand still gripped at Thomas’s length

“Maybe we should warm him up~” Alex purred, smirking as the other boys chuckled.

Thomas suddenly felt overwhelmed. But in a good way as all 4 of his boyfriends towered over him.

“I think a collar would look nice on you, Mon Amour~” Lafayette Purred, putting the slightest pressure on his neck, choking him gently.

Thomas let out an unholy noise and nodded frantically. “Please! I’ll be good for you!” He whimpered, looking up at him desperately.

Hercules let out a soft chuckle and leaned down to kiss at his neck gently. “Look, he’s already begging and we haven’t even done anything yet.” He cooed, “You want us, cupcake?”

“Yes, please~ Want you all so bad.” Thomas pleaded softly but desperately.

“Too bad. You broke the rules, baby~” Alex purred, grabbing the collar John held in his hand and put it on him, smirking. “Sweet little kitten~ Stay still and let us play with you.”

(oikage hc where they are selected as national youth reps in the break before kags’ second year and move down to Tokyo for training) Oikawa moves into the Athlete’s Village on the first day like the eager volleyball nerd he is, completely unaware that Kageyama has made the team as well. Since he seems to be the only one around, he blasts the playlist of tacky 70s disco jams he usually keeps secret while unpacking and that’s the scene Kageyama walks in on when he goes to investigate the unholy noise - Oikawa in his glasses and dorky alien pyjamas, bopping along to the music with the most terrible dance moves Kageyama has ever witnessed. He stares, snorts (which gets the older boy’s attention) and promptly dissolves into a fit of giggles against the doorframe. That’s the first time Oikawa hears Tobio laugh, and it’s pretty cute even if it does come at the expense of his own dignity.

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Tbh, I immensely enjoy your writing, your blog and Chuck bless our world for such an amazing person:) I can't even find more eloquent words to describe everything about you! Only this: you is good, you is great :D P. S. Ive never seen a person getting so freaking lucky that they're url became true;)

Ah! Thank you so much!! You are absolutely wonderful and I appreciate your kind words! ^_^ I literally made the most unholy noise when I saw Lucifer in the leather jacket. I wanted to die a happy death lol.

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hi so i need more poly pucks please!!!????!!!!! how did they get together?? what is their daily routine?? how do they manage the distance w/ kent being in vegas?? do they have pets (other than kit obv)??




Also! Muy importante!! My friends and I are starting a Polypucks network to get the name out there for this ship and get more content!! Info to come!!

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anyone remember back in the good old days of 2004 Neopets when they had a fucking body horror screamer built into one of the places/games you could visit?

do they still have that?

where you go into the “mysterious cave”, search around for a bit, hear very paranoia inducing insect-like clicking noises, and then this pops out at you and screams an unholy cacophony of noise

it was literally a screamer built into a website for 5 year olds i wonder how many parents complained about that

Imagine that Person A has one very sensitive/ticklish spot and one day by accident Person B somehow touches that spot and Person A resists the urge to laugh/flinch/yelp.

Cheaper by the 12.

I used to work at an old school, independently owned movie theatre back in high school. I was a  supervisor which meant I dealt directly with ticket sales, while the ‘regulars’ did concession stand. I did a bit of both since I was pretty quick at filling orders, and would flow back and forth between the concession stand and the front. I could always see the front and wave to a person that I’d be there in a minute if I was helping fill an order. Usually, they would wave back and wait the three seconds it would take me to walk back up there. But not this snotty kid.
One kid up at the front was too impatient to wait the few seconds it took for me to get back to the front, and decided to start SCREECHING into the microphone outside, which came out as an unholy noise on my end. He had a good chuckle and then I notice he’s talking on his pretty little cellphone. I grimace- I hated when people talk on their cellphones and me. So he’s chattering away before he says
“One child ticket to see (movie title)” And I practically explode with happiness. That movie was PG 13, and since the child’s ticket was for those 12 and under, he cannot see this movie. To string it out, I ask how old he is. I see his eyes flash to the ticket prices and say ‘12’ before I happily told him the movie he wants to see is PG 13 and he cannot see it without his parent. 
He freaks out, dropping his cellphone. ‘But I really am 13!’ ‘My friends are already in there!’ 'I’ve wanted to see this for weeks!’ And I go 'nope sorry, against the rules’ (which it is- the age that he told me he was is the one I have to abide by, so even if he was 13, he told me he was 12). 
He then picks up his cellphone- which has a lovely crack in it now- and dials: “Talk to my mum! She’ll tell you I’m 13!“ 
You’ve got to be kidding me. But nope, two seconds later, I have a phone shoved at me through the small money hole and I awkwardly pick it up as I hear a crystal clear 'Hey (son), what’s up?’ I clear my voice and talk to her, briefly explaining what just happened. She says nothing but hums. 
“So basically you caught my son in a lie trying to cheap out of paying the extra $3 to see this film and he still wants to see it?“ 
"Yes ma'am.”
“Good, he deserves it. Tell him that he’s walking home right now and when he gets here, he’s grounded a day for every buck he would have spent at your theatre… which would be about how much?" 
"Adult ticket and a medium combo would equal about $20 ma'am”. She laughed and then wished me a good night. I relayed the message back to her son and he’s face got PALE. He took his phone back, tucked tail and ran home. I laughed as he ran. About five minutes later, his friends came out- both had paid the full price of an adult ticket- and asked me if a boy matching the Joker’s description had come by.
“Yes but he was underaged to see this PG-13 film. He’s gone back to him mummy now, and maybe if he’s good, she’ll take him to see it on the weekend.” B-e-a-utiful.

My stony holiday exchange fic! Based on that backsmith outfit saga on AvAc, starring Sam, Nat, T’challa, and Loki :D

Word Count: ~2500
Warnings: None

Steve is not jealous, he’s curious.

It feels like a natural enough reaction to have upon spotting Tony Stark on the Avengers Academy quad, dressed in a pile of leather straps and little else like a…a—

Steve must look as curious as he feels because Tony lifts his chin proudly and exclaims, “I’m a blacksmith!”

And Steve, who by now is past curiosity and well into nosebleed territory at the sight of the outfit to properly think, replies with, “That was my second guess.”

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Time Heals All Wounds

(( Warning: dark themes, character death, suicide… ))

Alfred’s heart leapt into his throat as Arthur cried out in pain, the alpha wheeling around only to find one of those things had latched itself onto his mate.

He dove forward and bashed in its skull with the butt of his shotgun, the creature screeching out some unholy noise as it fell back and away only to lie on the ground, fluids black and inky curdling out of the crack in its head.

“Are you okay?” The alpha asked, unashamed of the desperate catch in his voice.

Arthur was breathing heavily, not looking at him, his eyes just trained on the rotting creature.

Are you okay?” Alfred repeated, grabbing his shoulder.

The omega jerked to look at him, wild-eyed and pale, “U- um, yes. Yes, I’m fine.”

He wasn’t.

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