unheard stories


The story of Gitaben, a member of a milk co-op and the first lawyer in her village in India.

From the Google Arts and Culture project ‘Women in India: Unheard stories’


( ⏯ ) “My sweet, loyal Jayne. How could I possibly deserve you?

You have brought warmth into every nook of this cold manor. The roses never bloomed until your touch came upon them, the halls dour with silence until your laughter rang through, stories unheard until your delicate fingers thumbed their pages. This is your home now; I am but a guest living under your roof, beholden to your hospitality.

My one true sorrow is that someday you will be gone from this life, and though I will remain… this house will just never be quite the same.”

at the PostSecret Play: Unheard Stories

I shared a secret on a bathroom mirror– it felt freeing and liberating, knowing other people are reading them– and responding, or taking them. Wrote on the white board something impulsive and from the heart, met a couple who spoke at the event we went to before and actually got to talk to them– Frank Warren led to their engagement. Then a photo with him, and a Q&A.

This weekend– Astronautalis & Flobots!! AHHH!!!!