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SciShow Psych - Are Fandoms Good or Unhealthy Obsessions ?

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Yo so idk if this was mentioned to you before but I have an unhealthy obsession with Matt Good's new FFTL song "Make War", and I know I can't possibly be the only one that just fucking knows the verse "I don't dig up the living corpses of scene whore kids I just court them" is 10/10 100% about WSTW/STWOF era Andy, amirite?? Cuz biiiiitch ohmygod it kills me everytime 😣👏👌🙌💯

I love that song and lol who knows


today rahim and I made up, and something about today’s make up was rejuvenating. i really could see myself marrying this boy. he makes me feel natural, free, calm.. he helps me remain balanced.

mrs kathleen texted me this morning asking me about the price for the Dominican republic trip. i really pray that i can go.

actually, i don’t know if i pray. i just hope. i’m still questioning a lot of religious practices and ideologies that i have been raised to have.

i killed so many ants and even a bee today. i need to clean, that too can rebalance me.

i am procrastinating—there’s a 6 page paper due Thursday that i have not started.

i’m sleepy and feel heavy. today was a very unhealthy day.

it felt good seeing Lu…i love how gentle she is. tomorrow she will take us all to church with her.


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i remember my mum's friend lost her husband, she was talking about it like "it's a shame, she's all over the place... she's lost weight though" then my dad goes "yeah she looks good" im like GOOD?? she's starving bc of her grief that is BAD that is unhealthy and BAD nothing good about it

This is unfortunately very common :(  No one cares about fat people’s health, they just want them to look different because they’re bigots. 

-Mod Siarl

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is it bad that i sometimes purposely trigger myself? like idk, feeling sad is safe for me sometimes and its easier to deal with than happiness... for me anyway. i feel dumb for doing it and ik ill never get better with this habit but idk :(((((

it’s ok!!!! ir’s unhealthy and.. not good but ,,i understand. it’s rlly common to trigger urself too. u aren’t dumb!! and it’s a habit rhat is hard to break but that doesn’t make u hopeless and it doesn’t make recovery impossible. sometimes we trigger ourselves bc it’s what we know, it’s somethig to cling on to, and ot gives us validation. it’s not easy stopping urself from triggering urself. but when u do, pls be sure to take care of urself after!!!!! bring urself back

Some thoughts about Niseko, Japan

What has been good?

  1. powder
  2. early morning pow laps before work
  3. learning silly Japanese words
  4. good colleagues crew and the Ash-dog
  5. superfast wifi
  6. onsen & pool table in staff accommodation
  7. getting the level 3
  8. backyard rail jam
  9. nightriding
  10. James Chao

What has been not so good?

  1. unhealthy staff canteen diet
  2. Japanese old fashioned values and inefficiency throughout the resort and workplace
  3. no fun allowed because the Japanese have way too many rules
  4. secluded staff accommodation
  5. unfit physical state of the clientele like you won’t believe
  6. repeated  beginner lessons
  7. 80’s propaganda-like messages played over speakers from the lifts kills the vibe
  8. a series of small injuries kept me from riding to the fullest
  9. unhealthy work/play balance compared to other skischools I have worked for

The biggest cons come from Japan being old fashioned and having too many rules. Snowboarding should be about freedom yet here there’s this vibe like nothing is allowed. The other biggest con is the clientele and the lessons we are teaching. The vast majority are beginner lessons, and the people here are incredibly unfit. I’ve never been stuck on the beginner slopes this much. And this comes at a cost: nightriding or jamming the backyard rail is great but it’s hard to have the energy for it when you’re on a 10 day work streak averaging 4 hours a day spent walking up and down the beginner slope. The work/shred balance was off. 

I’ve always thought Niseko would be the pinnacle of my snowboarding adventures. Those expectations were too high. I’m stoked to have experienced it, but it’s not the best of the best in the overall picture. Onwards to new places, and I’ll find some other place to be my home. 

Praise the sun.

Toxic Chai

I think the reason why toxic/unhealthy Chai was really good is because it was more than them wanting to kill each other and sex.

They at one point couldn’t sleep without each other, so if Chase feel asleep on the couch he’ll either been woken up by a pouting Zai or Zai sleeping on his chest. Zai would be carried to bed if she stays up too late.

Nightmares were a problem they both share and both took care of each other when the other had a nightmare. Zai makes sure to wake Chase up gently, probably sings him a song.

No doubt Chase would wake up to see Zai and Trent (whenever he came over) cuddling/fast asleep.


Importance Of Health And Fitness

Typically people do not realize, the value great health. Because someone said, Health is wealth. Better health is essential for daily duties. When discussing about health, many people consider the condition of their systems and forget about their minds. While, health is not only being free from physical aspects. This also means being healthy in mind too. A harmful mind brings about an unhealthy body. Good mental health allows you to benefit as much as possible from life and enjoy it. Good mental health offers you a feeling of well-being and the internal strength needed in times of bad position. Everybody knows how to care for their bodies. This is done nearly every day by the great part of people. Exercise and eating the proper foods are the right ways of keeping the body healthy. A healthy mind requires a lot of work, in addition, a blend of the right foods and exercise.

The following factors that will greatly affect your health.

Exercise As Small Adults Lowers Heart Well being Decades Later:

Adults who exercise may have a lower risk of cardiovascular system illness and higher your survival chances decades later. Exercise is definitely linked to a reduced risk of heart problems in older adults. The brand new study, in any circumstance, that exercise routines started years before cardiovascular problems are usually encountered can help keep them from creating regardless.

Lifting Weights Builds Mental Muscle That Gives You Health:

Older adults who have psychological disability or could be in risk towards the weight room. A report by researchers in Australia finds that active quality preparing is useful in boosting mental potential. The study tested 95 adults aged 55 and older who had recently been determined to have cool psychological weakness. According to the Mayo Clinic, MCI influences memory, thinking and also judgment behind normal levels of age-related decrease. The condition may develop a person’s risk of producing Alzheimer’s disease.

Dieting Accomplishment Can result in Better Health:

Potential to self-manage a healthy body weight may rely upon individual brain structure, say scientists in a recent study looking connections between executive control and praise areas in the brain.

Obesity and dieting:

Unhealthy weight and dieting are gradually basic in modern day contemporary society, and many dieters have difficulty to lose unwanted weight. A great examination paper in Intellectual Neuroscience reports that eating less may be easier for some people.

Persistent dieters:

Chronic dieters are recognized to indicate increase reactions to food in business control and reward areas of the mind. Also having depleted cognitive control and higher tendency to over reward themselves with high- calorie foods in real-life conditions.

Eating healthy, after all, is not about losing your capability to savor your life. Is actually a reason of attaining so many things that will affect you for the rest of your daily life: a much longer life, the ability to enjoy foods that it does for you.

I feel the need to post this,
I’ve seen a lot of ship hating and I don’t think that it’s fair.. if you don’t like the ship then don’t post about, don’t look at posts about it and don’t make more posts promoting hate about it, if you disagree with it because it’s an unhealthy relationship good I’m glad you can see that and by all means raise awareness of it but do not downgrade it and just because it’s a gay ship doesn’t make it wrong or mean someone is hating because someone appears straight maybe they see something you don’t

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why the fuck would you reblog graves/credence that's literally an abusive pedophilic relationship

Hey Anon! I don’t know exactly what made you think I like/condone/approve of graves/credence? It’s a relationship dynamic that interests me, and I appreciate good art of the two of them, but I am fully aware that it is abusive and horrible.

Graves is a manipulative asshole and Credence should be kept far away from him, but I enjoy explorations of that relationship while knowing full well that it is horrible and unhealthy and not a good thing.

Also I wouldn’t call it “pedophilic”? Both the actors are adults. Credence is supposed to be an adult also. I mean yeah, the age difference is a contributing factor to what makes that relationship creepy as shit but I wouldn’t. Call it pedophilia? Credence is not a child??

Anyways I really hope you see this, idk if you follow me or what. But um. Thanks for yelling at me. That was fun.

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You do know the difference between fat and muscle? Most fat is generally unhealthy and never good on the abs. You must mean thick with more muscle mass. He not trying to be a body builder. He a dancer. And it willl cut into his pace as a top dancer, Ask Michael Jackson.

That’s why you tone up. You don’t have to become a body builder.

How we gone ask Michael if he dead?

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time travel au or evil doppelgängers lol

Definitely evil doppelgangers. So much there. Sleeping with the wrong twin, weird threesomes, general confusion, good and evil becoming oddly invested in each other, the evil doppelganger coming into the pic after the good one died and the other character(s) knowing it’s unhealthy but replacing the good one with the evil.

I can’t stand most interpretations of time travel. Stable timeline or bust.