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What is your guilty pleasure? What is your unguilty pleasure?

“Honestly, I don’t have a lot of pleasures I feel very guilty about. Except maybe footie pajamas. I mean, if I absolutely have to wear clothes to bed, it’s those adult sized footie pajamas. And isn’t an unguilty pleasure pretty much anything I like? Because that’s just about anything that’s fun, I guess. From good unhealthy food to sex and if I’m being really truthful here, beating a man’s face in with a gun really didn’t feel that bad either.”

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Tacos are always by best friend. I could live off of tacos lets be honest here. Sorry Jamie after all that training and all. I will go with pizza as my life partner because that is just a sin to be that good and unhealthy all at once. Enemy is going to be that damn tuna casserole my mom used to make. She had to always make me something else because guess what? Allergic to it. Fantastic. So that leaves us with my ex. Can we say chocolate? Should stay clear but I don’t? It works.

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Hi! Mabel Pines fic hearted anon here. Thanks for showing me the directory, I appreciate it. I associate rainbow colours, sweet things, and generally unhealthy foods that taste good, but I'm trying to eat a bit more healthy than that. Thank you again for all your help!

Hello again!

I listed some easy lunch/snack things I think you would like. They are all healthy except one XD everything in moderation, right?! Sorry, I don’t have a whole lot of rainbowy things!

Cherry Tomato Tulips

Heirloom Tomato Tart with Ricotta and Basil

Honey Mustard Pretzel Chicken

Grilled Cheese Hearts and Tomato Soup

Soy Sauce Eggs (Shoyu Tamago)

Rosewater Marshmallows

Hope you like these!

Thanks for the request! ♥

14 Healthy Versions Of Your Favorite Unhealthy Recipes

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Good news! We’ve put a healthy spin on unhealthy recipes…so dig in!

14 Healthy Versions Of Your Favorite Unhealthy Recipes

No, you don’t need to quit pizza. Instead, healthy-ify your favorite junk food so that you can enjoy what you love without ruining your diet. 14 Healthy Versions Of Your Favorite Unhealthy Recipes Your favorite food is …

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my biggest fear in recovery is eating unhealthy foods and i know everything is healthy in moderation but what's moderation? is it once, twice a week or what? how many times? also how often should i challenge these fear foods? because eating them as often as i can/everyday wouldn't be healthy right? i just struggle so much with this

There are no “healthy” or “unhealthy” foods; no “good” and “bad”. There are just foods with different energy and nutritional values. You can eat these things whenever you want. There are no food rules: only those made up by our societal bullshit. You are allowed to eat whatever you want, whenever you want. And at first that might mean that you eat lots of what society calls “unhealthy” foods, because you have restricted yourself of them. But in time your mind and body will adjust and you won’t crave or want them all of the time, and you will naturally and intuitively eat a balanced diet. This also means eating whatever you want, whenever you want, and listening to your body; which will always give you the truest information of what you need. 

For example, I eat foods like cake, biscuits, ice cream etc probably around twice a day. In the initial stages of recovery I would sometimes have those foods up to 6 times a day, and large portions of them. That is because I restricted foods that had fats, sugars, and carbs in them, and so my body needed lots of them and lots of energy to recover, not to mention how much I had missed them. Once my body became healthier and my mind adjusted to the fact that I would never restrict those foods again and could have them when I wanted, I stopped craving them so often and my appetite and diet started to settle down and balance out - just like my body was doing!

Yes you absolutely should be able to eat them every day if you want to (I’m talking to YOU here, not your eating disorder). As far as how often you should challenge them - as often as you feel you can. Push yourself but be kind to yourself too.

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i'm scared of committing fully to recovery because if i get extreme hunger i'll end up eating lots of junk and i'm scared that it will make me unhealthy since i'm not that underweight and malnourished anyway. when you experience EH did you feel scared of your sugar, cholesterol levels etc getting too high? it's my main fear rn, i'm not even worrying about calories or weight anymore. it's just that with EH i wouldn't eat a balanced diet, and that wouldn't be healthy, right?

There are no “healthy” or “unhealthy” foods; no “good” and “bad”. There are just foods with different energy and nutritional values. “Junk” food is great in recovery because it is easy energy and the foods are often high in sugars and/or fats and/or carbs - something the body needs in abundance in recovery from a restrictive eating disorder. Many people go through a stage of eating lots of “junk” food in recovery and that’s normal, and your appetite and cravings level out when your body becomes more healthy. 

When I experienced extreme hunger, my health didn’t even cross my mind. I was more preoccupied with other ED anxieties, such as weight gain. It seems that yours is more driven by health at the moment, and that’s just another ED manipulation, although it is very much driven by society too (health warnings EVERYWHERE ALL OF THE TIME OMG GO AWAY haha). Honestly, your body will do what it needs to do. If you are craving that kind of food there is a reason for it. 

A healthy, energy-balanced body requires a balanced diet (something you will be able to intuitively do without thinking about it a great deal when you are in remission). A starved body needs different things because it is not a balanced body at all.

For additional info, here is my video on EH and here is my article.

Please commit to recovery. You need and deserve it.

God I’m so numb. It’s like I’m watching myself build callouses over any open wound before I let myself actually feel anything. When did I condition myself to immediately disassociate when any real, difficult feelings surfaced themselves?

It’s honestly unhealthy how good I am at not feeling things.

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In defense of junk stats (and junk food)
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A reasonable amount of indulgence makes reasonable sense

I think Noah Lorang is exactly right on the data-nutritional value of real-time dashboards. It’s all empty calories. Like a bag of M&Ms or a serving of McD french fries. Salt, fat, and sugar. If that’s the main diet of information you’re using to grow your business, you’re not going to end up in a healthy place.

But there’s another way to use real-time dashboards. That is to realize that, yes, they are indeed empty calories, and, no, they shouldn’t supplant a properly prepared, slow-data analysis of what’s really going on, BUT. BUT.


Sometimes, intentionally being unhealthy feels so good it’s worth it. Especially if you’re just in need of a little spike because the going is tough or you’re trying something new that’s hard. That doesn’t for a moment mean you’re giving up on the virtues of #SlowData, merely that you accept your the existence as flawed and succumb to the occasional vice.

My wife occasionally gives me grief about drinking soda. And I know it’s not good for me, but holy fuck a three-degree-Celsius-chilled, cane-sugar Coke served in a glass bottle is just damn delicious. The way I justify this indulgence is with hyperbole: Everyone needs a vice. It’s either this or hookers and blow!

I kinda think the same of real-time dashboards. They’re a vice, but vices are fun. They don’t give me deep insights, but cheap highs to keep going. They’re quick and early, and sometimes wrong. But if we’re trying something new to attempt to move the needle, I’ll accept the risk of the early indicators being wrong before they’re statistically significant in trade for the snappy feedback.

It’s possible to like Mozart’s Symphony №4 and Justin Bieber at the same time. It’s possible to accept both your virtues and vices. Just as long as you know which is which and keep the ratio between them right.

I’d like to think that we drive most consequential decisions at Basecamp through reasoned logic, statistically signicant empirical findings, but I’ve also come to accept that some times we Just Wing It. Some times we just go on gut or on belief. You be the judge of whether we got that balance right, if you give Basecamp 3 a try.

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Another song written. Yo my rapped verse is amazing. I swear y'all gone be like why she say that.I love my Music and I can’t wait till y'all hear what I hear. I missed being amazing.

Funny what a Broken Heart can do. Inspiration comes in small pieces never all at once and never the same. So embrace it. Because these songs will help someone heal one day. I believe that I am doing as I can. When I think about them I think of Love and sometimes I think of Hate. But in reality Loving someone is all about knowing when to Leave Them Be. So that they can grow so I am glad I made the decision to Love Myself too because unhealthy is just unhealthy it is not good or bad just not okay to stay so leave.

But this song is about loving someone and having them lean on you. And it is pretty sensual so I can’t wait till y'all hear it.

SK #SkyAriel #LeanOnMe #Songwriter #Love #Prenuptials #24Aug16

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I wonder if when Terezi finds out that she slept with Cronus if she'll stay with him anyway, maybe because she actually likes him, but also because she's conditioned to be in abusive/unhealthy/not good relationships...

Who knows? Maybe it’ll turn out to be an okay relationship

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i have recently come to the conclusion that i'm bi. i like a girl. who is in a bad relationship and refuses to break up with her. she has no idea that i am bi and seems to idolize me. she probably sees no chance, if she's looking.

Idk if you’re asking for advice on what to do or maybe something else? But I’d say if you do feel she’s somewhat interested and you like her you could come out to her. If she won’t leave the relationship even though its unhealthy its probably a good idea to confront her about it and explain why you believe its unhealthy. That’s about all you can do regarding this situation. The rest is totally up to her. Good luck tho! - Sienna

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Hi! Tennis, triathlon and wrestling :)

thanks for the question :3

Tennis: do you consider yourself a competitive person?
yes, but just with the things i am good at. sometimes it is best to know that i tried my best xD

Triathlon: are you a realist, optimist, pessimist, or opportunist?
i always try to be an optimist :)

Wrestling: what cheers you up when you’re sad?
my sister. the awesome f1/gp2 squad on tumblr. good music. unhealthy snacks and cuddling in bed :D