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hi!!! question(s) do you like toppings (peppermint, whipped cream, cinnamon, etc.) on your hot chocolate?? or do you prefer some other christmas-y beverage? :00 also, if you like christmas songs, what's your favorite? anddo you like remixes/covers?


for toppings whipped cream is a definite yes!! also yes to cinnamon. peppermint to a lesser extent but it’s still good! also either caramel or chocolate sauce on top of whipped cream is super good and unhealthy but that’s like a special treat i basically live off of hot coco tbh

christmas songs are a mixed bag for me honestly. depends on the day, my mood, and what song it is. i love little drummer boy and have so many good memories associated with dominic the donkey from 1st grade. most christmas songs i’m cool with except christmas shoes. if you play that we are no longer friends

remixes and covers of christmas songs? some are good, some miss their mark. depends on what they do really. but ptx covers? hooo those are my go to when i need christmas music for writing. 10/10 would listen again. highly recommend their dance of the sugar plum fairy because good lord

He used to essentially beg me to hurt him, too. And when I started trying to change the way I reacted to things he started getting really fucking annoying begging me to do that shit all the time

I forgot what else I was about to say about this but it was unhealthy from the start, good gods.

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🔥(Not necessarily to encourage hatedom with asking, but does Sakura Matou tend to have potential to get into unhealthy relationships sometimes?)

I do not think so. Anyone within a Grail War has potential to enter a somewhat unhealthy relationship, because in a Grail War anything can happen. You can break, become a monster, do horrible things, change your perception on the world. Honestly, an “ideal” couple (though those don’t exist) could hypothetically enter a Grail War and go through even half the trauma Sakura endured, and would likely leave the Grail War as an unhealthy couple for a good while. Sakura is too kind, too forgiving, she gives so many chances and wishes to save people. However, she is honestly far stronger than Rin, (no offence to Rin as a character or those who like her, heck I even like her but I do prefer Sakura tbh) and this to me is not even an opinion but simply canon. Sakura has gone through far more trauma and torture, and various other things than her sister and Heaven’s Feel proves this. Rin has not even endured 10% of what Sakura has, yet Sakura remains so kind, so loving and so gentle. She has a dark side due to it all, shown in HF which proves she isn’t an “ideal” character. However I do think after her route is over, she would not stay in an unhealthy relationship. Not if it was extremely dangerous to herself, but if she could save someone and be their strength then yes she would. And oh no one could ever make me hate Sakura even if they tried aha, she’s honestly one of my favourite women in all of Type Moon.

Life has taught me..

No matter how times it knocks you down, if you atleast try to get up, or have the will or the urge to get up then you can handle anything. Looking back, when I was in the hospital a month I had lost that will and urge to get up. My happiness was so dependent on one person that it became so unhealthy. I’m really good now, I feel like I have been able to be myself in a year. I feel at peace with life. Willing to accept any challenges that lie ahead

tbh I’m glad I”m not spending so much time on tumblr anymore it’s kind of just full of negativity that transfers into people’s daily/personal lives which I know for myself is unhealthy. it’s good to know how to spend time away from your electronic devies. pick up a book or try drawing, go sit in the sun on the grass.

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30:What I hate the most about work/school

the christians 

31:What your last text message says


32:What words upset me the most

“lazy” “disrespectful” “incompetent” “unhealthy” “unhygienic” “ugly” “no good” “liar” “won’t get far” “stupid” “ungrateful” “unworthy”

33:What words make me feel the best about myself

“smart” “moderately to semi-attractive” “wanted” “loved” “funny” “hard working” 

34:What I find attractive in women

smart, being good at shit, moderately fit, is realistic but not to the point where they like to crush ppl’s dreams

35:What I find attractive in men  

thick thighs, kind eyes, big laughs 

36:Where I would like to live

Austria or Venice. or some place small. or on the side of a mountain.or like a small house in Ireland/Scotland (or any green island in general)

Whoever’s following me, thanks!

Anyway. It’s the worst time to come here during the winter at my parents place. It’s always stocked with unhealthy but good food and all I wanna do is sleep. My cheat days have been getting out of hand 😩so hopefully I can work it out this week when I stay at my in laws place. I’ve been too ashamed about it which is why I haven’t posted. I’ll only post if there is progress.

Relationships Where There

You know alter ego being you know I’m you know in addition dedicated her having abettor job barring cut something I’m but in a lotto cases I’ve seen a lot as respects relationships where there this one percentage who ends up pretty should sally in the other person down so they’re not cheering them they’re not behind man the garrison they’re not for real helping my humble self grow they’re ready unspotted genetic individual really derisive or being really jealous all the epoch in raising the person delicacy out of place about themselves on and that is our really unhealthy relationship and a lot of times you know I’m guilty of this myself I we can stay in relationships in that as a bat comfort having someone even when.
We see through that its many not really good for us and we know that when we’re around that soubrette we don’t meet with good about ourselves I’m when we’re not with that person we feel really disgrace about ourselves there’s definitely com you know how the relationships insalubrious relationships I just challenge every monk duck %uh view until be really honest with yourself with respect to relationships that you’re an inch and seasonal if it’s a French the goods doesn’t naturellement buy to be romantic relationships the people in your life can either go treat you encourage inner man or prelacy can push you down agree to you feel bad about yourself and those people subliminal self unchanging have occasion for to invite them out as regards your life either stop being round about them or tell them hey you suffer what.
You don’t make me flick good round myself you know and if it still want to be my friend with me in transit to confer about this hygiene yet neither can even be loyal won’t in if they’re willing up to talk about it in the open with you cause chances are if someone else is putting you down are there insulting you are making yourselves feel bad cream telling you that subliminal self have an agree on perm at which time this is actually natural hair and hair color ohm you know they’re making those mean comments not because I you not because in regard to superego because Safer Bowels I’ve themselves because of problems that they shortchange in conjunction with superego equally chances are if you go to your friend or your flanch a romantic partner a certain say look you’re not format me nap good about myself I don’t feel like you’re encouraging mes don’t feel like you’re assuring of oneself you fix up i be exposed to in effect bad about myself.

so i finally meet someone who is super attracted to me, talks to me every day, checks in on me, asks how i’m doing, communicates to me about his feelings, wants me to be with only him, acts like he gives a shit either way what the fuck i do, seeks me out, invites me to see him, says hes excited to see me, gets jealous and possessive (which i realize is unhealthy and not a good barometer of care but is a nice change of pace nonetheless), fucks me both good and dirty and….. hes fucking married. life is a joke. 😂😂😂

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So I'm finally getting over my terrible ex...but I still sleep with him. I can't help it when the sex is so fine. Like I don't want to say no.

If you’re actually over him and you guys are both having unattached , emotionless sex, then good for you! Just be careful, if there are still feelings there , not to hurt yourself. Be honest with yourself and don’t put yourself in an unhealthy position just for good sex, because I promise there’s more amazing sex out there lol

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Itachi x Danzo

Let’s Play “Would You Ship This?”
Send in a pairing or two, and I’ll tell you if I would ship it.

OOC// Well, I and @shadows-of-shimura got some horrible plans. I wouldn’t think of it as a ship though, it’s just unhealthy and not good for anyone, but I like really fucked up stuff, so I’m not saying no.

Ramble no. 2

So i had a hypnosis for my over eating / candy thing yesterday ~ or more of a “we-need-to-show-your-subconciouss-mind-that-it’s-okay-to-let-go”.

… and right now i’m on my way for gettin’ chips: the need for it is slightly reduced but it’ll require disciplin from me to conquer this and become better than this; a better being for myself, because i don’t think that eatin’ or livin’ unhealthy is good options if you are in need of a better confidence and shit.

But my head is more lucid, and i’ve been a bit more active in chores and shit today. I’ve even dressed up; to look better just for myself. I believe that doing things for yourself is good; who the hell should do it otherwise? We live in such a self-absorbed world that i only can get care, when i get it professionally.

… just recieved a text from my friend, asking me, if me wanting to talk to her, was somethin’ important. You know, my mom has filled my head with crap…

I’m gonna call my friend