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do you believe that louis and harry's relationship might be unhealthy? it seems like...

Good morning anon! What a loaded question for this fine Thursday!

We are not privy to the inner workings of their relationship. Any relationship could be unhealthy. That is my solid answer.

But wait, there’s more!

The public images presented are extremely different and I wonder why Louis is expected to saddle a baby, a beard, and a Larry denial while Harry gets drunken parties and vacations and a temporary girlfriend who existed for mere weeks.

The fandom’s idea of romance has become almost entirely an image of Louis supporting and sacrificing himself for Harry. It is completely fucked up. It’s some gay version of a 70s Harlequin romance crossed with some old-school Disney Princess bullshit wrapped up in some bizarre head canons about the amount of lingerie-wearing, collared, weed-smoking sex they have after Harry does yoga to center himself over the tantrum Louis threw about cereal and Big Macs. In this “romantic” view, Louis apparently follows Harry around during promo, secretly shows up in Jamaica while his mom is dying, and puts his own career on hold so he can support Harry as he launches his big megastar career and only now gets to do his own thing because Harry is already out there. Meanwhile, Harry gets to do whatever the fuck he wants while looking smug as a Republican and happy as a pig in a shit, because “pick someone supportive.”

And the fact that this is held up as what their relationship is by fandom standards says a lot about how fucked up this fandom is. Apparently this image is better than considering that maybe they have broken up.

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Unnatural vegan is now on a ketogenic diet. To loose weight. And yes she claims veganism is unnatural and unhealthy but good for environment lol.

Lmfao 😂🔫

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last night i got drunk w my friend and we got a sober friend to drive us to ihop and i had red velvet pancakes at 3am and it was the best thing ever (also... i prob shouldn't drink on a monday night but it's summer so shhhh)... anyway, red velvet pancakes are wonderful and very unhealthy but also so good and im not over it 🐌

So i’ve never been drunk in an ihop, but i have been the sober friend driving there. One of my drunk friends started crying when she ran out of pancakes so i had to buy her more. then the others got upset that she got more pancakes than they did…drunk people are hilarious

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Hc for T'Challa and amusement parks? Especially with a s/o who loves roller coasters.

He is probably unimpressed with most of “thrills” I’m positive he’s done more daring things but he does enjoy getting on roller coasters with his S/O because they look so excited.

He also finds it adorable when they get scared and hold on to him.

He’s also great at winning the prizes at those booths.

T’Challa goes for the food. Yes it’s overpriced, yes there’s not enough of it, but there’s something about food that is dangerously unhealthy that’s so good.

~Mod Lillian

⚠️ sometimes poetry and the sky can make me less depressed but it’s not working rn. bullshit. i need some good old unhealthy ATTENTION ⚠️

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You think we don't know that we are "unhealthy" as if were not reminded EVERY DAY!! How many weight loss commercials do you see a day? How many reports do you see or hear in a week about the effects of obesity? Have you ever been to the doctor with the worst case of strep throat and been told it's cuz of your weight? Become aware of the brain washing. And the effects of what your unhealthy words do to good people every day. Think about it**

I don’t have it on hand but there was a post I reblogged somewhere showing a series of fat activists, all who died at fairly young ages, because of their weight. It’s not brainwashing, it’s basic medical knowledge.

fandom, notes, followers, anime, video games, fanart are all capitalist, corrupt, unhealthy. the only good things in this world are the short bursts of deep admiration you get from people or nature and the like, and thinking to yourself, and the latter only half of the time.

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Good afternoon! I hope you had lots of fun yesterday at the amusement park! I haven't been to one in a couple of years, but I love roller coasters, so I should definitely emulate you and go to one sometime soon ;) did you end up getting food there like an elephant ear? They're so unhealthy but SO GOOD I always tell myself "treat yo self" hehehe Any plans for today, or nah? Also, I feel like I should be addressing you directly, and I was wondering what I could call you? Thank you! I'm Luna btw☺️

Thankfully there were barely any lines yesterday! I’ve had elephant ears before and they are amazinggg! I had funnel cakes with whip cream and ice cream with chocolate drizzle yesterday. So unhealthy but so yummy.

You can call me Pazau (basically means flower vegetable) I have a complicated name lol. Nice to meet you Luna!!

Shall I expose some ENTP secrets???

Don’t tell me what to do, I’m going to do it anyway.

1. We have no idea what’s going on. Like, ever. Not even one time.

2. We’re damn good at making you think that we know what’s going on, and that it was our plan all along.

3. We’re so frickin loyal it’s not even funny. We play it off like we don’t care about anyone, but we would legit do absolutely ANYTHING for those we care about.

4. If we’re trying to be extra funny, you know something’s up. We’re most likely covering up our emotions with a good ole unhealthy dose of sarcasm and depreciating humor.

5. Our secrets have secrets. We may seem like open books, but believe me. There’s sooo much more going on under the surface.

6. We absolutely need time for ourselves to think. We’re the kind of extroverts that you may have to drag to a party, but we’ll be the life of the party when we get there.

7. We. Need. Attention. For everything we do. Even though we give off this sort of “I don’t care what you think” vibe, we need constant validation, even just someone saying “oh cool”. We thrive to impress people, no matter how hard to believe that is.

8. We feel stress just the same as any other type. We just choose to bury it deep deep down where no one can see it, and let it blow up in our faces later.

9. I didn’t talk enough about validation. We have this hunger to do something and to be someone. We need to make a difference, somehow, somewhere.

10. We hate it when people have us figured out. We hate it even more when people only think that they have us figured out, but they’ve got us all wrong.

11. We hate to be ignored. Like, seriously. If we ask you for something, which is something we very rarely do, we expect you to take the time to listen to us.

12. We are the most caring assholes you’ll ever meet. We love to make people happy, but we’ll grumble about it the whole time.

13. We hate being overestimated. Underestimate us, please. We get strength from being the underdog. If we feel like you’re putting too much on us, we’ll just give up because we don’t see that it’s worth it to fail.

14. Challenge us. For the love of God, give us something to argue about. Complacency is a danger to us ENTPs, and it can lead us to very bad habits. We need someone or something that’ll spark our interest, or we’ll go insane.

15. We’re really full of mushy gushy stuff on the inside. No one’s supposed to know that.

16. We feel overwhelmed a lot, and when we do, you need to give us space to sort things out. Like, two minutes. Please.

17. We lie. Constantly. About everything. Watch your back.

18. We deserve respect. With everything that we do for the people around us, we deserve at least a little bit.

Ok, rant over. Sorry for exposing us for what we really are. Ciao