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Friendly reminder from a type one diabetic to NOT use the “OMG I’M GONNA GET DIABEETUS” jokes as a response to anything (pictures of unhealthy food, favorite fanfictions, etc.) because:
1) It’s pretty offensive. I’m not overly offended personally because this joke doesn’t Target type one diabetes, but type two (and type one) diabetes imposes serious health risks. It’s not ok to make fun of that.
2) It spreads misinformation. Type one and type two diabetes are very different, but you don’t get either type from one unhealthy meal. Furthermore, I don’t need people who only know the diabeetus meme telling me “You can’t eat that! You’re diabetic!”. I promise I understand how my disease works.
3) It’s 2017. The joke has died out, I promise!

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I get so frustrated with the eating disorder/'thinspo' blogs that say 'I do not promote/glorify eating disorders, I'm not pro ana.' Because guess what, if you're posting pictures of unhealthy, emaciated bodies in a way that idolizes them, you ARE promoting anorexia and no matter how many trigger warnings you post or how many times you say it's just an outlet, you are contributing to others illnesses and encouraging people to starve. If it's truly just your outlet, then make your blog private.


Annie Are You Okay?

Annie Are You Okay?

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Warning: Anorexia

“She’s anorexic,” Jack had just received a call from his mom 4 minutes ago talking about Anna, the words that he just shared hit Joe hard. Little Anna Maynard is struggling with her body image it’s so bad that she’s become anorexic. “I don’t know what to do, Joe. My little sister has resulted to starving herself because the people online and at her school are so cruel, I should’ve never put her in my videos.”

“Jack you can’t blame yourself for others cruel actions, that’s the first thing you can stop doing now,” Joe says fiercely, his grip on his boyfriend’s hand tightening. Joe knows how hard Jack must be taking the news, the Maynard brothers adore their little sister. “All that you can do right now is research anorexia and be there for Anna.”

It’s quiet for a bit after Joe’s advice, Jack had left to go pick up Anna from the train station, and Joe was trying to figure out what he could do to help Anna. Joe duh around in his closet until he found a shoebox, it was a special shoebox that held his ugly past in.

He then placed the comfiest blanket and pillows they owned on the couch. He thought about making dinner but thought of it, not wanting to make Anna uncomfortable. Soon the door was opening revealing the two youngest Maynard’s. Joe greeted Jack with a kiss and Anna with a tight hug, asking her about the train ride down, and if any old man tried to pick her up, in which she would laugh and say no.

Joe tried not to think about how thin she’s become, how he could feel her bones when he hugged her, how her clothes hung off her body, and how she tried to shy away from the hugs, but all it did was bring back memories. Joe waited until Anna left to use the bathroom and set her stuff up in the guest bedroom before pulling Jack to the side.

“So I want to talk to Anna about her eating disorder,” Joe said quietly, as Jack gave Joe a look of disapproval. “Look Jack you have to trust me on this one, I promise I just I want to help.”

Jack eyes shifted as he gazed into Joe’s eyes seeing how sincere his boyfriend was being. He trusted Joe with every being in his body, and he knew the type of person Joe was, he knows when a situation is serious and he knows how to handle things like this, with sympathy and care. “Okay, should I be there too, or should I just leave to pick up dinner.”

“I think Anna will feel more comfortable without you being here, she’s a teenage girl, she doesn’t want to talk about something this serious with her family, especially if she knows it can change their view on her,” Joe explained gently seeing the disappointment flood on Jacks face, he simply just nodded, have Joe a kiss goodbye, left to get food and clear his head.

When Anna came back to the living room she noted that her brother was gone, and Joe was sitting on the couch holding some pictures in his hand. “Where’s Jack?”

“Oh, he left to pick up dinner,” Joe didn’t miss this way Anna’s body cringed at the idea of food, he patted the seat next to him, and she easily complied settling down next to him. “Anna I want to talk to you about something.”

The room was a bit tense at how serious Joe was being, Anna had never really got to experience the serious Joe unless she counted the times Jack and Joe would argue. “What about?”

“Anorexia,” Just those words makes Anna whole body still as she looks like a deer caught with headlights.

“She called you didn’t she?” She meaning Mrs. Maynard, all Joe did was nod, he practically feel the anger boiling off of Anna. “Why would she do that?! God I don’t have anorexia, sometimes I don’t feel like eating that’s all!”

“Anna can I just ask you a few questions?” Joe asks, trying to shift the topic of conversation off Mrs. Maynard, and pacify Anna at the same time. Anna takes a couple of breaths before nodding. “When was the last time you ate a full meal?”

“I um ate half a low fat yogurt last night,” She answers while staring at her feet.

“A meal Anna.”

“I don’t know a month ago maybe,” She snaps looking up at Joe with anger swelling back into her eyes. “But I’m fine, I know my body and I know it’s doing just fine.”

“Anna do you know that losing 50 pounds in a single month is unhealthy? You’ve lost 70,” Joe had also taken the time to call Mrs. Maynard before he engaged in this conversation. Joe slowly opens the shoebox that is full of pictures of him, journals, and medical records. All he does it simply hand the box to Anna.

It’s silent in the room as Anna goes through the box looking at pictures of Joe’s unhealthy body. All those pictures of from when Joe was 16 and dealing with Anorexia.

“I suffered from Anorexia from year 10 to year 12 because of one guy, one guy always called me flabby. So I ate a whole lot less and work out a whole lot more, until I passed out from walking to the bathroom in the morning. I let one person affect how I viewed my body that I became harmful to myself. All I wanted was the perfect body but there is no such thing as the perfect body, the body I wanted was unrealistic especially because of the horrible things I was doing to it,” Anna listen to Joe talk, her hands tightening on the pictures she held. “People are going to be cruel it’s just how life is, but you can’t let people tell you how you’re suppose to look, all that matters is that you’re healthy and happy. Right now you’re none of those things, sitting in front of me Anna I can tell that you’re wasting away, and all I want to do is hold onto you but I have a feeling you’re just going to slip away.”

Joe continued to talk to Anna, and Anna would say a few things here and there. By the end of the conversation Anna was bawling her eyes out but Joe was holding her tightly, telling her that it was going to be alright. Telling her that she had to change for the better.

Jack stood at the front door, holding the food in his arms and thanking God for bringing Joe to his life. He was grateful for his boyfriend, grateful that he overcame that part of his life because now he is so strong. “I love you Joe Sugg,”

“I love you too, and Anna love you too, she says thank you for dating me,” Joe wraps his arms around Jack noticing that he needs comfort just as much as the younger Maynard did.

“I’m lucky to have someone as amazing as you.”

whenever I feel bad about myself I make one of these. not only does it remind me how far I’ve come - slowly but surely, it motivates me (and even scares me a little) to keep going, keep it up, be my best self

Madohomu is Canon!

Ok Guys, listen up!

This ship is canon

Madohomu is canon. It’s the only ship in PMMM that has the most potential, a complete background, it has a perfect and strong basis. Moreover. The “What” and ‘When” of the Madohomu moments have perfectly explained, “Why” and How”.

Everyone needs to know that if you are going to give a what and when, be sure to give a why and how. Please be perfectly clear that “what” and “when” are born from “why” and “how”. There can’t be a “what” and “when”, without a “why” and “how”. But also know this, some “why” and “how” are also born from “what” and “when”. But these “what” and”when” are also born from other “why” and “how”. Just because sometimes we don’t know the “why” and “how”, it doesn’t change the fact that the result, “what” and “when” were not born from them.


What: A baby was born.

When: On X day, at X hours, in X year.

Why: A man and a woman fell in love, or any other VALID REASON.

How: By the process of reproduction in humans.

Please be sure to give why and how when we are discussing what right and what’s wrong. Give sources and links.

Now, onto the main topic. Why is Madohomu canon? One of the members whispered that the feeling they have for their lover is Love. Let me make it perfectly clear that there was never any obsession to begin with, and still isn’t.

In the Anime, it was only about keeping and fulfilling her promise to Madoka of the third timeline.

In the Rebellion, it was about coming to terms with her true feelings of love.

Proof for why the feelings are not obsession was said by Nagisa Momoe herself during the dethronement scene.

In the manga, she explicitly asked “is it obsession?”

This was said by Nagisa.

So there you go, it’s plain Love, love has many faces, shrieking “obsession” in the face of love doesn’t mean that’s the kind of love it is. Obsession of any and every kind, NOT PRESENT FROM THE BEGINNING. This “Love” is the purest form of love. Do you want to know why?

Because in the ending, madoka is with her family

And Homura is all alone,

This is why I call this ending a sign of true love. The truest form of love is not to get in bed with the person you love, it’s the moment when you are simply content with the fact that they are happy and secure, as well as even breathing.

There are many canon reasons for the dethronement part, not just AI YO.

Here they are.

There are many canon reasons for why the Love Homura has for Madoka is anything but Sexual, or non consensual.

Here they are.

I also have explained why it isn’t abusive or unhealthy up there.

There are pictures and sources present about Urobuchi signing Homu posters with “Homura is the best girl”. “Homura did was nothing wrong” was what he signed as well. Now we don’t know whether it was asked or he did it himself, that is up to you. 

Also, people say the relationship is going to be unhealthy and abusive. 

Shut up. 

Once again, where is your “why” and “how”? 

The only evidence that Magica Quartet slapped in our faces to imagine the post rebellion world is by giving us official art of the post rebellion world.

Here it fucking is.


Hope to redeem your best friend or never giving up until getting your best friend back, is included in that. Please don’t forget that Madokami will keep trying, because this story is basically about “HOPE”. 

The only character to have whispered “It’s Love” is Homura.

The MadoHomu ships is already half way to island Canon. We just need to hear Madoka Kaname’s answer.

Her voice actor herself said about Madoka’s probable answer in the future regarding Homura’s feelings for her. It was ”No matter what form you take, Homura-chan is Homura-chan. Falling in love wirh someone is wonderful, so don’t call yourself the devil. I love you”.

Here is the original page.

Homura hates herself :( , that’s why the clara dolls are present. 

But just because she hates herself, doesn’t mean she’s not happy.

Urubouchi stated in an interview that the ending of Rebellion was atleast Happy for Homura. He said “atleast”. “Atleast” means that more than Homura, there are others who are happy as well. The others?

But Homura is also happy. Like I stated, she’s happy that the person she loves is finally living a normal life she wanted. Yes, Madoka did want to live with her family, she never wanted to leave them, it was the circumstances, because of which she had to put her personal wishes aside, Otherwise, she would’ve never left her family and friends. 

In this scene

(My God, just look at all the love!)

The things that Madoka said were all true! Please read Shinbou’s interviews as well, one of the translated one states that these were the true feelings of Madoka. This is one of the reasons for the dethronement part. I have given the link above.

So yeah, this pairing is canon. It’s awesome, 

it’s touching, 

it’s unique, 

it’s sad,

it’s beautiful, 

it’s tragic, 

and it’s love in it’s purest form. 

Where you’re ready to shoulder any burden, 

any sin, 

anything, just for the person you love 

and make sure they’re happy, no matter whether it KILLS YOU 

in the process.

But who cares right? 

Since the one you love is happy and secure, that calls for some celebration right? Come on guys get up!

And let’s not forget to invite the one who has been screwing with you since the beginning!

Let’s party!

26. If Ashton Irwin Was Your Boyfriend.

A/N: Hope you all enjoyed these! Thanks for reading! 

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On the left is me at my highest weight of 350. I was uncomfortable in my own skin, I had no confidence and I was just overall unhealthy.

the picture on the right is me currently at 220 pounds. I never thought I’d get this far and I am so proud of myself. I have only 60 pounds to go until I hit my goal weight. it’s crazy being so close and I couldn’t be more excited.