unhealthy pictures

whenever I feel bad about myself I make one of these. not only does it remind me how far I’ve come - slowly but surely, it motivates me (and even scares me a little) to keep going, keep it up, be my best self

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I get so frustrated with the eating disorder/'thinspo' blogs that say 'I do not promote/glorify eating disorders, I'm not pro ana.' Because guess what, if you're posting pictures of unhealthy, emaciated bodies in a way that idolizes them, you ARE promoting anorexia and no matter how many trigger warnings you post or how many times you say it's just an outlet, you are contributing to others illnesses and encouraging people to starve. If it's truly just your outlet, then make your blog private.



Moms on facebook captions be like “omg I’m so unhealthy tehe” on a picture of apples, granola, and peanut butter on wheat bread.

No bitch you p healthy even tho you decided to have the worlds tiniest midnight snack.

Fuck you lol. I know you know other women pig out. I know you don’t actually think that’s even remotely unhealthy. What you’re doing is the equivalent of a super pretty girl posting her best picture with a caption like “I know this is a bad pic but I’m not always this ugly.” Bitch you know you’re hot as hell, own it and stop trying to get extra attention GEEZ


I woke up to pee and ended up seeing the mom thing on a facebook group lol. I guess I woke up on the wrong side of the bed… Time to go back to sleep.

On the left is me at my highest weight of 350. I was uncomfortable in my own skin, I had no confidence and I was just overall unhealthy.

the picture on the right is me currently at 220 pounds. I never thought I’d get this far and I am so proud of myself. I have only 60 pounds to go until I hit my goal weight. it’s crazy being so close and I couldn’t be more excited.


For some strange reason, I get so much hate about older pictures like on the left. They’re nearly a year old, but day after day people feel compelled to remind me how “unhealthy” I am. The pictures on the right? Very current, nothing but positive comments. 

I can’t help but wonder why. Actually no, I don’t. You know damn well why.

I could make things a lot easier on myself if I did a 180 degree change of heart, suddenly declaring what a fat unhealthy disaster I was, and how I’m working to become a better person through my weight loss journey.

But I will never do that.

I am practicing the exact same habits I was 9 months ago when I took those pictures, the only difference is that I’ve lost weight since then. That is it. I am not a better person because of it, all my problems have not magically disappeared because I’ve lost 50 pounds. I use to blame all my problems on being fat. Everything from not getting certain jobs to random strangers being mean to me to simply having a bad day. Now I hold myself accountable, but who I am is not my size, big or slightly smaller. 

Which only begs one question: Now that I’ve stopped blaming all my problems on my weight, I wonder when everyone else will do the same?

Weight loss can be hard..but if you have a good support system cheering you on, it can keep you motivated. In the left picture I was over 286 pounds. Even though I had people that loved me and supported me, I also had people that would indulge my unhealthy lifestyle. The picture on the right is me 82 pounds lighter. My friend and I have this thing where if we are in a really fancy bathroom we have to take a selfie. She is my best friend and the best motivator I could ever ask for. Don’t be alone on your weight loss journey. If there are good people in your life that love you and want to see you healthy and happy, then utilize them. Not only will they keep you motivated but they will make the journey way more fun.



saw these beauties at the gem and mineral show and freaked out because this…this is what I study, man. The prices were hefty, which I knew they would be for fossilized mandible fragments of an extinct species (much less excellently preserved and curated ones such as these), but the booth owner was nice enough to let me hold and obsess over them for a full ten minutes until I gave them back

But I didn’t know my sneaky boyfriend went back when I wasn’t looking and dumped a ton of money on them as an early Christmas present for me ;A;

Both of the fragments are from cave bear subadults judging by dental eruption (currently unsure whether or not they’re from the same individual) of the species Ursus uralensis (can’t do italics on mobile lol). They date to the Pleistocene epoch and they come from the Ural Mountains in Russia.

I will probably take an unhealthy amount of pictures of these when I have some natural light with me tomorrow.