unhealthy lungs

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I know that apart of me still lives within you and sometimes sadness touches you at your happiest moments.

I know that all our memories still replay in your mind and sometimes memories of our love engulf you, it suffocates you.

I know that there are nights when you become restless and insomnia never felt more better than sleeping.

I know that there are days when you are happy, so happy in fact that you forget the pain. You remind yourself that the moon will still rise and the sun will still set in the morning.

You choke on air and unhealthy lungs, you had never missed pain before until you met me. You missed it because until you met me you felt comfortable with the thing that once made you numb and I confused you with unfamiliar feelings you had once tucked away

and that was LOVE

“As a team.” Nate Maloley Imagine

    Requested by an anon: “nate maloley imagine about being pregnant with his kid.”

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                                          ~~Y/n POV~~

You and Nate had been together for almost a year now, although Nate loved you he never really changed his lifestyle to settle with you. Every other week there was always a picture of a random girl grinding on him at the club, which was probably why he was so distant. He usually comes home at around 3am from the ‘studio’ even when he tells you he would be home by 10. Which was why you weren’t sure how he would take the news. As usual you were up all night alone waiting for Nate. You had been sitting there wondering what you were doing wrong, and why he was so distant from you. Were you not good enough? Was he getting tired of you? You stay there for hours thinking about the problem until you heard a very loud slam at the door. Of course it was Nate coming home at 2 in the morning, probably drunk. Annoyed by this you decided to wait until morning to tell him the news. 

 Once morning came around you woke up to a reeking smell. Opening your eyes you were met with a very stinky Nate spread out on the bed. Although you were mad that he kept away from you, you couldn’t help but smile at him sleeping ever so peacefully. You lightly tapped him on the nose as his eyes fluttered open. 

 "Good morning sunshine.“ you said with a happy smile on your face 

 "Hey.” He said drifting back off to sleep 

 "Hey umm maybe we can go for a walk? And just talk about some things?“ 

“Really y/n I just woke up let me rest." 

 "No Nate I think we need to walk." 

"Fine ok you win.” Nate said defeated.

 While silently walking on the beach fairly far from each other you finally spoke up. 

 "Nate, am I doing something wrong?“ 


 "I mean we aren’t where we used to be. You’ve been getting home late, then coming home drunk. And on top of that there’s always pictures of you clubbing with a girl on you, when you tell me your going to be at the studio. And you have to be doing this for a reason. So I’m asking you, what am I doing wrong?“ "Nothing baby girl, you know that. I love you and only you.” Nate said reaching his hands out to grab you. But you denied his grip. 

 "Nate, something is wrong. And I don’t want to be like this when…“ You took a long pause. And started to cry. Damn. 


 "Come on ma, nothing is wrong with us I have just been dealing with lots of stress. No don’t cry baby, we’ll fix this.” Nate said sounding truly worried and pulling you in to a hug.

                                       ~~Nates POV~~ 

 While I was hugging y/n I felt a vibration on my chest from her voice, not hearing what she said. 

 "What was that y/n?“ She pulled away and looked me into my eyes 

 "I said I’m pregnant Nate, and I don’t want my baby to live through stress. Worrying where his or her father is. Having you miss all the milestones and even the little things like their first concert. Or always smelling like weed because their father smokes it in the house. Growing up with these unhealthy lungs and having to deal with it for the rest of their life. Nate I’m not asking you to change. I just need your help.” Y/n said releasing it all on me at once. I guess she saw the shocked looked on my face.

“You don’t want me to keep it, do you?” She said disgusted. “Nate I’m having this baby! And I need your help.” Whispering the last part. 

 "Babe of course your having this baby. I would never even think of getting rid of it. I know this baby means the world to you and it does for me also. And yes we are pretty young but I believe we can do it. As a team Y/n.“ Y/n smiled and wrapped her arms around be and pulled me into a kiss. 

 "Thanks baby” she said smiling, and looking deeply into my eyes 

 "For what?“ I asked puzzled.

"For not abandoning me Nate" 

 "I would never baby girl " 

 "I love you so much" 

 "I love you more baby girl.”