unhealthy crap

  • okay but neil and andrew going grocery shopping
  • and it’s during that period of time where the ‘Minyard-Josten rivalry’ is a thing
  • andrew, due to the fact that he gives basically negative fucks about this, literally just sits in the cart
  • he fits cuz he’s only smoll at 5′0
  • so neil has to push the cart around with him in it and just puts groceries on top of him
  • and neil actually tries to listen to the team dietitian so he’s consulting a list of stuff he needs
  • meanwhile, andrew is just grabbing any sugary, unhealthy crap he can reach on the shelves
  • sometimes though he just tips items onto the floor just to be a little shit
  • when an employee comes over to tell andrew to get out of the cart he just stares them down
  • when the employee looks at neil for help he just kinda shrugs so they walk away before andrew murders them
  • a fan definitely sees them and takes a photo
  • which ends up in the news with headlines like ‘Minyard-Josten Rivalry Over: From Enemies to BFFs’
  • Neil gets a text from Kevin that day being like “u shouldn’t let him eat all that junk food. it’s gonna poorly affect his playing”
  • Neil replies with a photo of Andrew flipping of the camera while eating a tub of ice cream 

cheating is cool now, I guess? this woman is so ridiculous, she creates drama on twitter (where her stans are ready to back her up) every time she feels “disrespected” = someone doesn’t think the abusive and all-around unhealthy crap she wrote is Peak Literature.

I could psychoanalyze her need to be the ass-kissed boss of everything, but I’ll just say she’s a bully and a sore loser. she can’t accept them not making the show shitty like her books because it makes her look bad (and rightfully so).

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You got me into bts I was doing great avoiding them but now I just want to listen to all their songs

too late im the garbage truck that unloads an unhealthy amnt of bts crap on ppls face in one sitting sorry about that 😂
but in all honesty bts has elevated my life in ways other fanbases couldnt - theres so such a solid sense of unity in the community and no fandom discourse bless Up. but the boys are extremely talented at what they do and theyre incredibly human too, not afraid to exploit the suffering or societal notions youth undergoes, which is one thing that makes them so appealing. everyone is so lovable like yikes my heart-

but if you give them a shot tell me the songs u listened to first! (My personal favs are house of cards, baepsae, 2!3! , and butterfly)


The Luulaulu teens have such healthy and stable daily routines:

- Stay up all night, party, eat unhealthy crap
- Go to bed early in the morning, a couple of hours before they’re supposed to go to school
- So far they’ve been able to wake up and go to school despite their allnighters
- Come home from school, immediately go to bed
- Sleep until Unna comes home and makes dinner
- Unna helps them with homework
- Maybe sleep a little more? And then a new allnighter round begins
Rinse and repeat

Also, in the first pic you can see a lovely pile of bills.. They almost got a visit from the repo-man

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Name: Rebecca Simmons is the pseudonym I haven’t had a chance to use yet, so let’s go with that!

Gender: Female

Star Sign: Scorpio I had to look mine up, so that shows how interested I am in it XD

Height: 5′8″

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff (Pukwudgie in Ilvermorny)

Favorite Colors: Any shade of green; also dark, rich colors like midnight blue and royal purple

Favorite Animals: Birds, especially birds of prey (peregrine falcons FTW), and reptiles (major soft spot for ball pythons)

Time right now: 3:19 pm

Average hours of sleep: 5-6 weeknights, 8-9 weekends yes I know my sleep schedule is unhealthy crap don’t remind me

Cat or dog person: Dogs scare me (I have scars from a pit bull), so I’m rarely comfortable with any besides my family’s, but petting any cat is a happy spot.

Favorite fictional characters: Oh, boy. I’ll try to limit this to one or two per fandom. Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III, Toothless, Edward Elric, Maes Hughes, Temperance Brennan, Seeley Booth, Samwise Gamgee, Aragorn, Bilbo Baggins, Coran, Varkon, Tohru Honda, Ronald Weasley, Ginevra Weasley, Nani Pelekai, Tiana, Robin Hood, Rapunzel, Han Solo, Finn, Po Dameron, Donna Noble, the Doctor, Tyson the cyclops, Silk, Durnik, Carlton Lassiter, Puddleglum, Tamaki Suoh, Tony Stark, Lucy Moderatz, Dan Burns, Gurgi, Eilonwy….gaahhh, I don’t want to stop!

Number of blankets I usually sleep with: One, most of the time, but sometimes two during winter (I usually just put on socks if I’m cold)

Favorite musicians: My dad, my grandpa, Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, Regina Spektor, Jamie Cullum, Queen, The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Vocal Point, Nashville Tribute Band, David Glenn Hatch, Frank Sinatra…..so many more….

Dream trip: tbh this changes on a weekly basis Hobbiton in New Zealand would always be a win, but, really, anywhere I can eat unique local foods. Currently I have an intense desire to try mole, so maybe Mexico.

Dream job: Translator :D I’d especially like to work with literature and/or scripts

When was this blog created: June 2016

Current number of followers: Sixty-nine (porn bots not included, I block those within 24 hours)

What do you post: HTTYD, FMA, lots of Voltron: Legendary Defender lately, frequently Bones, Disney, Star Wars, bits and pieces of lots of other fandoms, some spiritual stuff, and funny randonmess. Mostly reblogs of gifsets, fanart, and analyses, but I often post my own fanfics and sarcastic life commentary as well, and occasionally liveblog.

When did your blog last reach its peak: During my VLD liveblog the last couple weeks, specifically when this post somehow got 700+ notes

Who made you join tumblr: Hmmm, probably discovering @kingofthewilderwest‘s blog. Well, and all the participants of the HTTYD fandom’s Battle of the Grounded Dungeon. I didn’t know anyone irl who used tumblr; my HTTYD obsession led me here.

Why did you choose your url: I was lotrprincess during high school, but after my mission I wanted something less childish and more fandom-ambiguous, so I changed all my usernames to Queen Bovine (except dA, but I’m not paying for core membership). It’s somewhat inspired by Hiromu Arakawa, FMA’s mangaka, who draws herself as a cow.

Sorry if I tag you and you’ve already done it. Enjoy, my friends! @anibydesign, @deepfathom, @treepelt, @raberbagirl, @greatmarta, @kingofthewilderwest, @thepotatoreader, @therewerepotatoeswheniwasaboy, @j-the-latter-gay-saint, @bbigtrab, @elfpen