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Little fire bug ben part 3

Ben is sitting on the kitchen table kicking his feet idly and chewing on his lip. It’s quiet. It’s so very quiet. Ben doesn’t have the holo on even though that’s what his dad does once he comes home. It’s always on even though no one is watching.

Ben thinks maybe his parents are nicer when it’s on because it’s a distraction from each other. He doesn’t like it being on because it reminds him of himself. He doesn’t know why.

The nanny droid is deactivated and limp on the floor. It had tried to tell him something and he got mad and then it crumpled so now not even it is making noise.

It’s been three days since his mom left and he’s very lonely. He tried to read the books she loaded on his tablet but whenever he tries the letters move around and won’t sit still long enough for him to figure them out.

His stomach growls and he hits it. It’s always whining and he keeps telling it he’s not hungry. Ben jumps off the table and goes to his room. He reaches under his mattress and pulls out the box of matches.

He shakes them and smiles at the familiar sound. He gets to his feet, skips out of his room and does a circuit around the apartment until he reaches the front door.

The door leading out looms before him. If he jumps real hard and slaps his palm at the right time he can activate the opening mechanism. The door whooshes open and he carefully peers outside. Seeing no one, Ben runs across the hall and calls the lift.

Ben furrows his brow when it doesn’t immediately open.

‘Hurry up you stupid door. Someone’s gonna see me.’ He taps his foot impatiently like he’s seen his mom do. It always makes things happen faster.

The door pings and he jumps inside, pawing carefully at the familiar numbers that take him to his dad’s private garage. When the lift dings again, the doors slide open, silently revealing a dark space that seems endless. The lights rattle on as he steps inside.

He skips to a far corner past the covered shapes of ships and random junk his dad is always smiling about. 'Look at this Benny, this here will pass for a similar part but for twice the amount if you chisel off this little bit right here and smile re-eeal big like this at the goon you’re hustlin’. ’

In the far corner of the garage is a small collection of messily swept garbage. Han always hates cleaning and considers neatly piling things to be the same thing. Ben has tried this in his room but his mom says that it’s not really cleaning and to stop watching his father so closely.

Ben kicks the small pile and chews on his thumb. It’s not so big right now. He hasn’t tried anything this size before but it feels right. It feels right and he can’t stop thinking about it. Even though last time it had smelled real bad and he choked on the gross black smoke.

Ben doesn’t care about the smoke right now. He stops chewing at his nail and smiles, thinks about the pretty flames that had danced for him. The colors appeared magically and there was warmth and light. Ben had felt the energy around him, almost like it was hugging him while the flames tickled his skin. It had felt nice, comforting.

Ben hopes that maybe just maybe, this time the flames and the nice feelings and colors will stay with him longer.

Team Free Will need more women around, ya dudebro crap is unhealthy.  May I suggest:

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Oh and less of the ‘but the fandom are sexist against women’.  Nah mate, we love women, we hate the way men write women sometimes and we hate how every woman who gets within fifty feet of Sam’s penis dies.  That’s all.  Don’t take away my candy and tell me I didn’t like it anyway

Some fans are sexist against women, but bending to their will is encouraging them

Give us the ladies!


cheating is cool now, I guess? this woman is so ridiculous, she creates drama on twitter (where her stans are ready to back her up) every time she feels “disrespected” = someone doesn’t think the abusive and all-around unhealthy crap she wrote is Peak Literature.

I could psychoanalyze her need to be the ass-kissed boss of everything, but I’ll just say she’s a bully and a sore loser. she can’t accept them not making the show shitty like her books because it makes her look bad (and rightfully so).

Swear to gods

If I see any Marisha-hate on my dash tomorrow, or any “Vaxleth is pure and sweet and Perc’ahlia is dirty and unhealthy” crap, I’m blocking you. I’m done with that shit. 

I used to have patience with people. I used to just roll with things and put up with people who spouted off stuff that made me angry. I kept my head down and I just wanted people to like me. 

I’m done. I’m so done. I’m done with people who hate on Marisha. I’m done with people who think Keyleth is a pure innocent flower who got corrupted by Vax. I’m done with people who think a woman who’s assertive about what she wants sexually is somehow a bad thing. I’m done with people who think a new relationship with some sexytime shenanigans is immature. I’m done. I’m so done. 

Jealous! au - Yuto

Ok so since u guys are so obsessed with Yuto (understandable) & this was requested here u go :)

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(I was gonna use a gif that related to the story like when hes shouting “Shinee!” but this one was too cute i couldnt resist)

  • Imma just say this before I ain’t into unhealthy jealousy crap so y’all are gonna get pure comedic bullshit lets go
  • So u & Yuto meet through Hongseok cuz he thinks u guys would get along really well
  • U & Hongseok are english buddies so that’s how yall met, but when u meet Yuto its completely different
  • Like he may seem stoic af but he gets so excited about the little things & just a pure ball of fluff
  • So u guys bond over learning more about South Korea like the culture & the language etc
  • And eventually u guys branch out and he nonstop talks about japan, and then after u nonstop talk about where you’re from
  • So its basically a learn about the world while also learning about each other relationship
  • Cuz when u talk about ur countries ur also talking about ur experiences and the dumb shit u guys did as kids lol
  • So in a short matter of time y’all become super close like u already know each others dreams & talk/text all the time because it just works u guys click easily
  • & ofc the members notice but u know yuto he will just get red, giggle, stammer out a “no”, and change the subject lol
  • So ofc u gonna like him its fuckin yuto????? U dumb if ya dont lol
  • & after the members, especially hongseok, continue to pester you day after day and trying to convince you that yuto likes you too (even tho u never told them u like him????? lmao)
  • U just easy to see through lol
  • So u get so fed up u take matters into your own hands & attempt to make him jealous
  • Like dumb & childish u already know but ur too much of a wuss to confess out of nowhere lol
  • So u text him a picture of taemin cuz 1 hes hot af and 2 just a super influential figure in kpop and so u text the picture and then send a message saying “isn’t he so great!? He’s so hot”
  • & like u even cringe at ur message but it gets the point across lol

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I Don’t Get Sick

Characters: Sam x Reader, Dean, maybe Cas but I’m not sure

Word Count: 1,737

Warnings: Sickness but other than that, fluff

Request:  I’m having bad stomach aches and threw up a few times in the night. Can you do an imagine where Sammy’s girlfriend got a stomach bug and he takes care of her? I find imagines comforting and yours always lift my spirits when I’m down.

Author’s Note: Please, send in requests because I love reading them and I love writing them! If you would like to be tagged in my future fics and my Series Rewrite that is coming soon, let me know and I’ll add you!

Feedback is always appreciated

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There was a lot of shit you went through on a daily basis. You’ve gotten stabbed in the stomach, shot in the arms, possessed by demons, almost got your heart froze from dick of a spirit, got your soul taken from you, and most importantly, went to hell.

You just never figured that a damn stomach bug would be the death of you. You’ve lived one hell of a life and you knew the Hunter life would be the reason that you died. But damn, you were in so much pain right now. You’d rather be in hell than to endure this pain.

You’ve lost count on how many times you threw up and how many buckets you could have filled with your tears. You refused to let anyone see you because you were supposed to be this badass hunter so how would it look if someone caught you weakening by a damn stomach bug.

You didn’t even know what you ate but you blamed Dean. He was always bringing home that unhealthy crap from diners and fast food restraints and you must have gotten it from one of those places. You decided that you needed to start eating more like Sam but how could you do that when the mere thought of food had you throwing up?

You wouldn’t even let Sam in to see you even though he was your boyfriend of almost 3 years. He’s seen you at your best and what he thought was your worst. No, this state you were in was your worst. Your hair was knotted; your eyes and cheeks were puffy. Your lips were cracked; your throat was sore and your muscles were sore.

The pain in your stomach was starting to get unbearable and you knew you would need assistance from one of the Winchesters. Forget Dean, he would probably help you for a bit but then tease you about how you’re feeling. Castiel wasn’t answering prayers or his cell so he was useless. So, Sam was the only one left. You hated the idea of him seeing you like this but you were in so much pain.

“Sam!!!” You yelled. You were crying, holding your stomach. You couldn’t move, otherwise you would go find him yourself. You let out a loud sob, tears rolling down your cheeks freely.

“Sam!!” You sobbed louder. Putting pressure to your stomach made it fell a little better but you couldn’t seem to focus on that. Pain demanded to be felt and you were feeling this one alright. The door busted open and Sam walked in, worry etched on his face.

“Shit, Y/N, why didn’t you come to me sooner? I thought it was just an upset stomach.” Sam rushed to the bed and sat besides you, putting a hand on your burning forehead.

“Sam, please do something. It hurts so bad. I can’t even more right now. Please Sam, it hurts.” You cried, not caring how you sounded or what you looked like. All you wanted was the pain gone.

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  • okay but neil and andrew going grocery shopping
  • and it’s during that period of time where the ‘Minyard-Josten rivalry’ is a thing
  • andrew, due to the fact that he gives basically negative fucks about this, literally just sits in the cart
  • he fits cuz he’s only smoll at 5′0
  • so neil has to push the cart around with him in it and just puts groceries on top of him
  • and neil actually tries to listen to the team dietitian so he’s consulting a list of stuff he needs
  • meanwhile, andrew is just grabbing any sugary, unhealthy crap he can reach on the shelves
  • sometimes though he just tips items onto the floor just to be a little shit
  • when an employee comes over to tell andrew to get out of the cart he just stares them down
  • when the employee looks at neil for help he just kinda shrugs so they walk away before andrew murders them
  • a fan definitely sees them and takes a photo
  • which ends up in the news with headlines like ‘Minyard-Josten Rivalry Over: From Enemies to BFFs’
  • Neil gets a text from Kevin that day being like “u shouldn’t let him eat all that junk food. it’s gonna poorly affect his playing”
  • Neil replies with a photo of Andrew flipping of the camera while eating a tub of ice cream 

I really hope you enjoy this 😊I’m sorry it took so long. Jun x female!reader.

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If someone came up to you and asked you to describe Wen Junhui you would be able to give them a whole damn essay about how amazing the man is. He was kind, silly, generous and always knew the right things to say to sweeten your day. In short, you were in love with Jun and you never thought you’d say that.

It was Saturday, one of his days off and you were grateful to not have any errands to run this weekend as well. The apartment you lived in and his second home was already cleaned up since Thursday—a day you spent at home—so that meant no cleaning this weekend.

It was mid July, the weather was decent today, not too hot as it normally is during this time of year. You both were bored out of your minds, trying to come up with ways to spend the day together. Go to the beach? You didn’t feel like going into the water. How about the movies? Jun said it was a generic thing. Dine out? You both did that a few days ago.

“Picnic date!” You had almost screamed it out, hoping that he’d go along with it. Jun frowned to himself and got that look of deep thought—you were watching him and if he didn’t make up his mind you were going to kill him.

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I don’t know what it is about @thebeutifulsunriseofmoi​‘s requests but they’re always a challenge. In all honesty I hadn’t heard this song before and I found it tricky to put to a fic but with a little hard work I managed to put this together. I hope you guys enjoy it!

Prompt: Hola,Mi Amigo! I would like to request a song fic. By the song Towards the sun by Rihanna. Loki x Reader by the way. You can do the rest I just wanted this song fic and give you the plot!😘You’re Lovely.

“Towards the Sun”

Stark Tower was your favourite place as of late. Your older brother didn’t often let you visit – on account of the mischief you were renowned for causing (though nobody had ever proved that the incident with the tissues had anything to do with you) but your landlord had recently evicted you and with nowhere else to go, Tony had buckled, letting you live in the tower until you could find alternative residency.

Apparently you weren’t the only new tenant. Loki had been brought back to Earth on probation with Thor – the team was hoping that he might be able to help with the search for his sceptre. In fact, the two of you had gotten close, both feeling like you lived in the shadows of your severely successful brothers.

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um u realize that the show is based on the books and in the books Alec was in love with Jace

um, you realize the show isn’t actually the books though and that a thousand things have been changed- like literally jocelyn and luke were supposed to get married but jocelyn is dead in the show- so it really fucking doesn’t matter what those unhealthy crap ass books say the show is different- thank fucking god- and better and in the show alec wasn’t ever in fucking love with his fucking brother! yay!

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Could you do a vampire!seungcheol plz?

I’ve been having RIDICULOUS seungcheol feels so I’m so stoked to write this hehe thanks for your request! <3

To the Rescue
Vampire AU

Pairing: Seungcheol (S.coups-Seventeen) x Reader
Genre: Fantasy Romance
Word Count: 1,401

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Your feet were trying to run as fast as they could, but it felt as though you were running through quicksand. The grass beneath your toes was cold from the night air and was pricking you, feeling like tiny little bee stings. But you didn’t care…you just had to keep running. 

Your breathing was becoming uneven and ragged as you pushed a tree branch out of your way so that it wouldn’t hit you in the face. The branch scratched at your hand, and you knew it had just added yet another cut to your body. You weren’t sure how long you had been running for now, but based on the stinging sensation in your chest, it might have been for a while. Then again, you probably weren’t in the best of shape and the stinging could have been from running for only two minutes. 

Adrenaline was coursing through your veins as you quickly looked over your shoulder to check if you were still being chased. Fear clenched at your heart as your eyes only saw darkness and the faint glow from the street lights that were getting further and further away. 

When you had decided to walk through the park on your way home from work that night, you thought it wouldn’t have been a problem. However, you also hadn’t thought that a vampire was going to be lounging nearby, waiting to drink your blood. That had been your mistake.

Now you were running for dear life, hoping that you wouldn’t become his dinner for the night. You knew that the vampire apocalypse had become a problem, but you only heard about it in the news and thought it was a bigger problem other places–not your own hometown. You cursed yourself for being so naïve. 

Just as you turn your head back to face the front, your foot catches on a branch and you’re sent flying into the air. You land hard on your side, momentarily knocking the wind out of yourself. You attempt to push yourself up and out of the dirt you were lying in, but as soon as you get back on your feet, you collapse again. Cringing in pain, you look down to your ankle which has swollen to an unhealthy size. Crap. 

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Pet store fish does not mean inbred fish. Yes, some MIGHT be, but not all of them. One of my first bettas, bought from a pet store, lived to be 4 years old. My mom's 1st betta made it to 5. Also a pet store fish. Imports can be the same way. Those people demonizing betta keeping? Don't you pay them any mind. They're probably just trying to stir the pot. Your Bailey looks like a happy fish to me, and so very loved.

No,  you’re right it doesn’t necessarily mean inbred, but…idk. It’s a weird ‘you can never win’ kind of feeling. if they’re not inbred, they’re unhealthy, if they’re not unhealthy, they have crap genes that are equally demonized and ‘how dare you give money to that business/behavior/acts/whatever’. For instance I’m getting to the point where I’m at least 80% sure Bailey’s a rosetail, and I’m scared to death what’ll come when he’s older.

I’m sure I’ll get out of the funk eventually it’s just been bothering me for the past week or two. I got that ‘tut tut’ thing from family when I mentioned it, as if they think I’m gonna get rid of Bailey at the drop of a hat after spending so much money on him but I’m in it for the long haul with him.

It’s just a shitty feeling.

Sassy (Helpful?) Advice for the Homestuck Classes

((Warning: Classes will be stereotyped! Accuracy may not apply.))

Witches: Ok I love you guys, but chill. You guys are all happy and bubbly one second, but the second one thing happens that you don’t approve of, you guys get so bent out of shape until the issue is resolved. Things are gonna happen that you can’t control. Live with it! (Don’t kill me.)

Princes: Oh my god, you guys are an enigma back and forth. Take a nap or something! You don’t have to be so stubborn about everything. You guys are going to end up going into some sort of breakdown if you don’t just relax and take a breather for a second.

Thieves: I need you to stop. Stop thinking about yourself for a second, please. You are doing a great job I’m sure, but you need to let everyone else do their job now. Please stop popping out of nowhere and sticking your nose where it doesn’t belong too, it’s annoying.

Knights: Your feelings are valid! You are not a burden! You are actually doing a better job than half of your friends probably! You need to come into terms with your issues! Check yourself before you wreck yourself please! We care about you! Stop hiding what you don’t like about yourself!!!

Maids: You are so much much better than this, I promise you. You need to let go whatever it is that you are relying on so much and stand on your own two feet for once. Your life is going to suck for a bit but it’ll be worth it, trust me. And besides, I’m pretty sure whatever you are so attached to is probably unhealthy as crap anyways.

Mages: Ok we get it. You’ve probably been through a lot. We know you are like, basically an expert at this, but you cannot act like you know everything. I’m sure there are still things you don’t know and you should probably stay open-minded if you want to be respected. Just Saying.

Seers: You seriously need to stop reading into everything! There is not a deeper meaning to every single thing you see. Sometimes what you see is what you get. And plus, I’m pretty sure half of all that is fake anyway so stop believing every single “fact” you find.

Sylphs: Leave it alone! Don’t touch it! It’s fine, seriously! You need to leave well enough alone, please I beg you! It was fine the first three times you messed with it, now you need to move on with your life. I get that it’s really bugging you but if it’s not your place to mess with it. Don’t mess with it!

Pages: Ok stop. Think about what your doing. Is this a good idea? Do you really think that this is a good idea. Because I love your enthusiasm and all but I don’t think you understand this situation you’re in quite yet. Once you actually know what you’re doing come back and try again because I don’t want to see you embarrass yourself.

Rogues: Oh my god, stop complaining. You get what you get and you don’t make a fit. I’m pretty sure you can do whatever you need to do. You just need to stop whining, get off your butt and do it. Stop taking yourself so for granted. You can do it.

Bards: Look buddy, I know you’re like on the verge of a meltdown. But you seriously need to confront whatever you are pushing off. Yeah, I know it’s gonna suck but it’s coming rather you like it or not so you are just going to have to get off your butt and do it.

Heirs: I get that you’re in your little comfort zone, but you are going to have to stop that soon. You can’t just stay in your little bubble forever. Move it or Lose it, it’s not going to stay that way forever so either make it last or take a hike because you cannot just pretend like everything’s fine when everything’s not. 

VLOG; taemin/key

it’s been a couple weeks since taemin last bothered to do a vlog, giving kibum’s bright red hair time to fade through about twenty shades of pink

1596 words, PG-13, youtuber!au, requested by anon

“good morning,” a deep, gravelly voice mutters from somewhere within a pile of white bedding. a hand flaps the duvet out of the way, revealing a mop of black hair and a squishy, puffy face. he sits up, rubbing his eyes and running a hand through his hair. he stretches with a loud groan, holding the camera at arm’s length.

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