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It’s one thing when people get overly-paranoid relations to their imagination that leads to unhealthy behavior. But that we go SO quickly to assuming that’ll happen if we allow any empowerment of the imagination is just a symptom of a whole range of unhealthy behavior in itself - modern behavior, capitalistic behavior.

a reminder

that theres nothing “neurotypical” about saying that “your mental illnesses are no excuse to be toxic and to abuse/manipulate your friends/partners”

and yes, this applies no matter your circumstances lmao you dont get a free out of jail card because your unhealthy behavior is caused by symptoms - if someone tells you that your behavior is hurting them or you YOURSELF realize that your relationships arent healthy on your part, its on YOU to

1) communicate with the other person to try to work around it, so that you can see whether your needs are compatible with what theyre capable of giving you in terms of friendship/partnership.
sometimes needs are incompatible, and sometimes relationships dont work out despite mutual (platonic or romantic) affection because there are too many factors that make the relationship more harmful than beneficial - even if its harmful only to one party.

in a relationship, it’s the responsibility of both people to make sure that there is enough communication and safety for people to establish boundaries and voice their needs so that theyre heard. voicing needs doesnt mean that they HAVE to fulfill them even at the cost of their own wellbeing; it means compromising and discussing what can be done so that the relationship isnt draining for either party.

2) apologize for hurting them, take accountability and look into resources to change your behavioral patterns (if it’s a persisting thing). google is your friend. talk with a school counselor/therapist/etc if you have one available for you.
go to a library, see if theres any books on mental health and relationships that might help you out. there ARE resources for mentally ill people and for people who need help at unlearning toxic behaviors caused by trauma or other similar factors. Use them.

trying to opt out of responsibility because your hurtful behavioral patterns are caused by trauma/mental illness is you excusing your toxic and/or abusive behavior and is incredibly unhealthy not only to you but people around you.
it should be obvious why that’s not something the ND tumblr should encourage.

we need to be better and STOP protecting abusers and excusing abusive/toxic behavior under the guise of “mental health positivity/acceptance”

listen. if your religion requires you to reject a part of yourself, its unhealthy.

if your religion condemns you for something you cant control its abusive.

if the people in your religious community encourage unhealthy behaviors, its straight up terrible and you have the right to leave.

spirituality is supposed to enlighten you and fill you with reason and passion and self. if it doesn’t do that, you don’t have to stay. you deserve to be happy.

How to tell if you are emotionally abusive

I feel we talk about signs of abuse from the victims standpoint but not from the abusers standpoint. In order to stop emotional abuse and recognize when we engage in unhealthy behaviors I made this list.

  • Do you react to important people in your life by ignoring them completely and not acknowledging their presence? Especially if they do something you don’t like?
  • Do you feel that your partner/friends/family members are the cause of your bad moods or frustration?
  • Does your partner/etc “do things the wrong way”?
  • Do criticize your partner/etc for being unreliable or a bad person?
  • Do you feel you have to constantly overlook your partners flaws in order to be around them?
  • Are you frequently accused of being “moody” or “hard to please”?
  • Do your partners complain that “nothing they do is good enough?
  • Do your partners appear to avoid you when you are angry or upset rather then comfort you?
  • Do you negatively comment on their intelligence or appearence? Either in private or in front of others.
  • Do you blame them when someone goes wrong?
  • Do you ever use phrases like “I could just hit you right now” or “I”m so mad I could punch something”?
  • Do you ever punch walls/throw things in front of your partner/etc?
  • Do you leave during fights and not inform of where you are going and when you will be back?
  • Do you behave the same alone with your partner that you do if you were in front of your friends or in public?
  • Have you frequently accused your partner of being too sensitive?
  • How often is your partner praised and complimented by yourself?
  • Do you think your partner spends too much time with friends and family?
  • Do you feel your partners friends and family are trying to drive you apart?
  • Do you refuse to actively comfort your partner when they are upset or angry especially if you don’t really understand why they feel the way they do?
  • If your partner brings up a behavior that bothers them do you respond by discussing how to change it or do you respond defensively?
  • Do you have difficulty apologizing?

All of these things are abuse tactics. Obviously even the healthiest of us will do these sometimes but if any one becomes a regular habit that’s when the problem starts.

Edit: Due to several requests I would like to add many of these are also symptoms of bpd or Borderline Personality Disorder as well those struggling with mental illness. Proper communication and understanding with your partner or family member is very important. Having a mental illness is not an excuse to be abusive however being mentally ill puts someone at higher risk of being abused. I highly recommend therapy if at all possible although this is just as someone who has been to a ton of it. My askbox is always open. Please no instant messages without my permission. 

i see the word manipulation get thrown around a lot in the bpd community and while thats understandable i just wanted to give you all a small reminder


things that ARE manipulation are things like
  • never accepting responsibility for hurting others
  • guilt tripping others to get what you want
  • harassing others for not agreeing with you
  • intentionally diminishing other’s problems/difficulties by comparing them to your own
  • using other’s insecurities against them
things that are NOT manipulation include
  • expressing negative emotions to someone when you are hurt or distressed
  • not expressing emotions for the fear of bothering others
  • disagreeing with others and explaining your side of things
  • expressing your needs to those close to you
  • not socializing due to lack of energy or spoons


unhealthy behaviors (such as bottling things up, ignoring your problems, etc) definitely make situations harder and are things that need to be worked on asap, but unhealthy behaviors are not automatically manipulative just because someone has bpd


throwing around the wrong words can be extremely counter productive in this community, especially when there is already so much stigma and misunderstanding surrounding this disorder (not to mention that carelessly calling people manipulative and/or abusive for small things can end up devaluing what abuse and manipulation really mean)


TL;DR: do your research and get to know the actual meaning of strong words before using them - words like ‘manipulation’ or ‘abuse’ are not for you to take lightly and use against people you just disagree or have a problem with

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I was wondering if you would be willing to do a dark AU where the clones are really, probably unhealthily, possessive. Preferably one where the find the chips and order 66. Heck, maybe that's what triggers the whole kit and caboodle; the clones find out they're supposed to kill their Jedi and just nope the heck out and decide no one's going to harm their Jedi, or make them do it, either. Regardless of the methods they have to use. Thanks!

Lowering his cup slowly, Wolffe stared at Rex. “What do you kriffing mean that we’re suppose to kill them?” He growled out.

The captain growled back and shook the chip at the others. “That’s what this is going to make us do. That’s what Fives said and what Tup figured out. These things.” He shook the jar lightly. “Are wired up to wipe us of our loyalty to our Jedi and make us consider them traitors…and then we kill them.”

Cody touched his own head, staring at the glass jar. “We ALL have them?”

“Not all of the early generation but who’s left of them?” Rex looked around. “Four or five out of what? We are a whole army, a whole army against the Jedi? The old? The young? The disabled of them? What about the cores?”

Several vods paled until they looked like ghosts.

They could already imagine what would happen.

“And our Generals? Who trust us with their lives? Who shows us their backs? Stars light, Kenobi even lets Cody carry his lightsaber.”

Cody gave a full body spasm.

“How many blaster bolts can a Jedi dodge even with a saber?” Rex continued, driving in each point. He then looked to Wolffe. “What about General Koon in his ship with the Wolf pack behind him? He doesn’t stand a chance.”

Wolffe crushed the cup in his hand, water pouring over his glove as he stared at his vod.

“…Then what do we do?” Someone questioned.

“We do what we were made to do. We go to war and we serve and protect our generals.” Rex leaned in.


Rubbing a hand over his face, Obi-Wan slowly set his cup aside. “Force…I feel exhausted.” He sighed, wondering where the sudden tiredness came from.

“Perhaps a small rest or meditation then sir?” Cody asked. “We’d inform you if our situation changes of course.” He added when he saw the Jedi open his mouth to protest.

That got a small pause then Obi-Wan nodded. “Yes, that does sound good. Inform me if anything changes Cody.”

“Of course General.” Both Cody and the comm personnel watched the Jedi go, Cody slowly counting to twenty in his head as everyone else milled about as normal.

And then he turned to the comms. “Longshot?”

The clone smirked. “Come in Echo team, what’s your position?”

“Still hunting, the bitch is running. The General?”

“Currently sleeping, you have half an hour before he works the drugs out of his systems.”

“Copy that sir.”

Cody switched channels. “Commander Pond? How goes?”

“Droid bait is wearing down. He’ll burn soon.” Came the icy cold voice of Pond in return and Cody couldn’t help a vicious grin.

“Good. Any news from Captain Rex?”

“He has a dot on the Sith Master he says. Refuses to tell us who but he has him.”

Cody nodded that, taking a deep breath. From what Rex had hinted at it was something high up in the Senate and therefor anyone still chipped would not be told. Beside, what they didn’t know they couldn’t reveal.

“And Commander Bly?”

“Still tracking the Count. He says his General is getting suspicious though.”

Aayla Secura was one smart cookie and that could be a problem. “Does Bly have any plans of action.”

“Tranq. Its his only plan.” Pond suddenly went quiet for a few moments. “Kark, General Windu is waking up.” He hissed. “Razor, tranq him, now.”

‘We’re doing this for a reason, its for their sake.’ Cody reminds himself, fiddling with the tranq in his own utility belt. He hopes it won’t come to that point, he’d rather not have to drug his Jedi twice in one day.

It felt like forever until the comms suddenly crackled again.

“Echo squad reporting in. The bitch is down.” There was a blaster impact. “And dead.”

One Sith down, three left.

“Pond reporting in. Droid bait lit up like a bonfire.”


Cody had to leave the tent to distract his General when the third report came in.

“Count is cornered and scared. He’s surrendering to our General.” That was not part of the plan but obviously Bly couldn’t get around her. Well perhaps the information the count would give the Order would help.

And then Rex reported in. “And then there were none.” His voice sounded viciously satisfied.

Cody would have asked what Rex had done when the holo display suddenly light up, General Skywalker looking pale and shaken as he demanded to see Obi-Wan.

“Obi-Wan! The Chancellor is dead! A sniper!”

Cody exchanged a look, startled look with Longshot.

‘And then there were none.’

     Alright, so, time for a post about some concerning stuff I’ve noticed in the mental health community on tumblr– namely, the culture surrounding diagnosis.

     People on here seem to think that there are two options- either you’re self-diagnosed or you have an official diagnosis on record. And lots of people treat it like people are faking if they don’t have a diagnosis on record (which, let’s be real, there’s no way to tell whether or not people have a diagnosis or not, we’re on the internet, people can say whatever they want).

     Here’s the thing though- that’s not how diagnosis works. There are plenty of reasons why mental health professionals won’t put a diagnosis on record. Sometimes they want to protect the patient from stigma surrounding the diagnosis. Sometimes there may be an issue with insurance related to that diagnosis. Sometimes they simply don’t think that a diagnosis would be useful.
     (Also, with teenagers in particular, many psychiatrists hesitate to diagnose certain disorders like BPD, for example, because that can sometimes be confused with the mood swings and interpersonal drama normal for teenagers, and a BPD diagnosis might actually encourage the teen to develop more unhealthy behaviors because they’re using the diagnosis as an identity. They will, however, recommend the patients learn DBT skills, and possibly note that they have BPD traits)

     Regardless of the reason, it’s important to remember that the purpose of a diagnosis isn’t to validate the patient’s experience. A diagnosis is not meant for the patient, it’s meant for the doctors, to provide an easy shorthand for what symptoms the patient is experiencing, and what possible treatment options are.

     Essentially, if you are looking for a diagnosis so you can feel valid, you’re misunderstanding the purpose of a diagnosis. Instead of looking for a diagnosis, you should be looking for treatment. During the course of that treatment, you might be diagnosed, and you might not.

TL;DR: Diagnosis isn’t as simple as self-diagnosed vs an “official diagnosis”, there are lots of reasons why a diagnosis might not go on record, and people should be seeking treatment for their symptoms, not seeking a particular diagnosis.

Q&A Cristina, Kieran, Mark and the politics of trust

“clockwork-artifices said: Hello, Cassie. I<3 Cristina, so i wanted to ask about her. She’s been described as someone who’s been hurt and betrayed in the past (and recently), therefore she doesn’t really trust people that easily now, so with that in mind i couldn’t totally understand 


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But WBC is real with actual documented incidents. What has a real SJW ever actually done besides make stupid people feel uncomfortable on the Internet

There is no such thing as “a real SJW”.  “Social justice warrior” was always a negative label from the beginning, created to designate those that are not representing social justice as it should be (kind of like how the term “weekend warrior” is used to describe someone who’s normally boring from Monday through Friday, but goes out of their way to indulge themselves irresponsibly on the weekends in an attempt to compensate).  Wearing that label unironically is like publicly proclaiming that you’re a bigot.  You’re utilizing the No True Scotsman logical fallacy here.  Also, the fact that you said “make stupid people uncomfortable on the internet” really doesn’t reflect well on you, especially when the majority of anti-SJWs are liberals, LGBTA people, minorities, etc. that are simply “uncomfortable” with how you’re poorly representing what we believe in.  The fact that there even is a divide between people that all desire equality just goes to show that someone is doing it wrong (hint: It’s not the anti-SJWs).  If anything, you’re just showing people exactly the kind of attitude that people hate about SJWs.  It’s the fanaticism.  It’s the extremism.  There are people who simply have faith in a higher power, and then there are people like WBC, who actively use that faith to try to harm others.  This is why they’re really the perfect analogy when discussing what SJWs are to activism.

In any case, are you sure you want me to answer this?  Because I don’t think you’re going to like what you see.

What has tumblr done, you ask?:

    Meanwhile, the sane people of tumblr mocked the shit out of them for intentionally kicking the hornet’s nest, and then whining when they got stung.

    Why?  Because 4chan contributed over $23k to it. 

    I’m sure all of this doesn’t even come CLOSE to what SJWs have done overall.  I could probably spend weeks finding all sorts of bullshit to put on here.  I openly invite others to add onto this, as I’m sure there’s a lot that’s been left out (@takashi0 might have a list on hand).

    This is why people are against “social justice warriors”.  They are NOT representing social justice.  They are NOT supporting equality.  They are only giving liberals, activists, women, minorities, and the LGBTA community a bad name.

    How does Pluto going direct impact YOU?

     Pluto stationed direct on September 28th, after being in retrograde since April 20th of this year.  Pluto transits work to transform us by uncovering underlying truths, revealing deceit, and showing us the unhealthy patterns in our behavior need to be addressed… This could have been very uncomfortable for you, or perhaps you have already sensed this transformative energy, and have decided to take back some of your personal power. Either way, Pluto’s retrograde has let us reflect what we need to get rid of, and now it’s time to cleanse ourselves of that energy and experience psychological rebirth. Any power you lost during the retrograde is waiting for you to take it back. Time to get things moving.

        The house that contains transiting Pluto can show you the area of your life that has intensified in preparation for psychological growth. Signs most affected by this transit: Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn.

    • Capricorn Rising (1st House): The way you project yourself onto the world and view your personality. You may be experiencing a strong desire to take control of your life, or even the people around you. You may desire to transform your personality in some way in hopes it will help you become stronger. You may have grown tired of certain parts of your persona and feel you’ve outgrown them. Growth in general seems to be quite important to you right now, but if you resist the changes entering your life you will be quite unhappy, as they are working to help you through this. 
    • Sagittarius Rising (2nd House): What you value (psychologically AND materialistically) as well as your self-worth. You may be experiencing changes within yourself in relation to the way you place value on things or what you consider luxurious. The way you make money could have been a serious area of your life these past few months, but right now you have the potential to be very powerful here- as long as you know what you want and go about it without stepping on toes.
    • Scorpio Rising (3rd House): Your thought process and the method you use to exchange ideas with others. You may have noticed some intense conversations recently and could find yourself more curious than usual. You may have experienced issues with the way you communicate or learn these past few months, and perhaps made, or desired to make, some changes in this area. Right now you have a strong potential to uncover the truth, and sense when you are being lied to. You can grow a lot from learning right now.
    • Libra Rising (4th House): Your roots and familial relationships. This transit can be rough for a harmony-loving Libra rising, as what brings you stability is surely going to experience transformation. The attitude you have surrounding your roots may have intensified recently, as well as your attitude toward your family members. Attachments to your past may have demanded more of your attention than usual, but this was so you could see them as they are and let go. Anything faulty that you rely on for stability is going to fall apart before Pluto leaves your fourth house, so take caution.
    • Virgo Rising (5th House): Your romantic relationships and creative self-expression. You’ve grown tired of the emotionally conditioned habits you’ve formed that no longer serve you. For you, this is a great time for reflection and self-analysis. The patterns in your relationships have likely undergone recent change, either the destruction of old habits, or the creation of new ones. If you had trouble expressing yourself, right now is a great time to take back that power and explore your creative self.
    • Leo Rising (6th House): Your habits/routines and attitude towards your health. Your unhealthy habits have likely been brought to the surface of your life, commanding your attention. You may have realized these no longer serve you and replaced them with new and improved routines, or perhaps you are still looking for a solution. The way you go about your daily routine may be something you’ve reflected on these past few months, and you may be ready to introduce some variety into your normal habits.
    • Cancer Rising (7th House): Your one-on-one relationships and the way you compromise. You may have experienced power struggles in your relationships, or feel forced to make changes within them in order to keep them alive. You may have been overly hung up on the past or pleasing other people. Right now is a good time to examine your relationships and note the patterns within them that are unhealthy or do not bring you satisfaction. If your relationship fell apart, know it was for the best and use it as a learning experience to help you start with a clean slate.
    • Gemini Rising (8th House): Your shared resources and desires. This retrograde actually hasn’t been too bad for you, Gemini. You may have been a bit reflective and introspective, contemplating your unsatisfied desires, and making time for yourself. You’ve probably been curious and contemplative of Plutonian topics like sexuality or spirituality. You may have been devoting more time to yourself and felt more motivated to take the time to be alone, as Pluto transiting the 8th can be a very reflective transit in general.
    • Taurus Rising (9th House): Your morals and spiritual/philosophical beliefs. You may have experienced some uncomfortable developments regarding any beliefs you’ve held onto blindly, or beliefs that are built upon faulty morals or logic during the past few months. No worries! It’s simply time to learn from experience and form your own beliefs for yourself. Or perhaps simply examining beliefs with an objective eye, and noting flaws you may not have recognized before. On a side note, you may feel less restricted in your sexuality and feel more willing to explore your desires.
    • Aries Rising (10th House): Your desire to succeed and make a name for yourself. You may have experienced some shifts regarding your career path, either success or completely unexpected changes, as is expected during a retrograde. If you were unsure of what career path you should be pursuing when Pluto went retrograde, it’s likely that by now you’ve experienced total change in your plans. Watch out for being overly domineering right now as you take back control of your ambitious drive. 
    • Pisces Rising (11th House): Your humanitarian beliefs and connection to a group. Your desire to help others may have recently intensified and you may have felt more drawn to the feeling of being part of a group of likeminded people. You may have been a bit drained these past few months which has pushed you to reflect and contemplate. Anything that has acted as an obstacle between you and your desire to connect with others or work for the greater good of society is ready to be conquered now. Are you ready?
    • Aquarius Rising (12th House): Your subconscious and emotional attachments. How fun! It’s time for you to release yourself of your old psychological patterns and behaviors, the ones that you’re seeing are no longer functional. You’ve more than likely been quite introspective these last few months, and others have seen you be even more emotionally distant than usual. It’s okay, Aquarius. It’s a great time for you to reflect on your emotional tendencies and judge them based on their healthiness/functionality. Focus on yourself for a little bit, but it doesn’t hurt to softly remind others that you still care.

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    the closest thing it’s always sunny in philadelphia has to a leading romance à la rachel and ross or jim and pam is a twelve-season will-they-or-won’t-they between two of their main male characters. ordinarily the “straight best friends with homoerotic tendencies” trope never genuinely puts pressure on the nature of the characters’ relationship, always ending with the pair receiving their respective girlfriends or wives. gayness itself becomes the punchline in cases like these, but sunny—a dark social-satire whose thesis continually subverts sitcom tropes—has managed to push a storyline that may have started as just another cliche joke into previously uncharted waters. the romantic aspect of mac and dennis’ relationship isn’t ridiculed or dismissed as ‘platonic,’ ‘brotherly,’ or ‘only in the fan’s minds,’ by the creators (who, for those who don’t watch the show, are also the characters’ actors and main writers); instead, it’s been built into the fabric of the show from the very beginning, and is constantly reinforced in canon and commentary. while it’s far from a traditional ‘slow burn’ given the show’s tone and the characters’ largely toxic, unhealthy behaviors, the relationship isn’t a rushed, sidelined gay storyline between minor characters, a one-off attempt to please a certain fragment of the audience, or a gay relationship established at the onset among a cast of other heterosexual relationships either. 

    since the show’s start in 2005, the show has progressed mac and dennis’ more-than-platonic relationship from comedic subtext to genuine text, allowing one of the main characters to ultimately come out of the closet and begin blatantly addressing his previously hinted-at feelings for the other in multiple episodes of the most recent season. the show has managed to present the relationship in a way that doesn’t make gayness the butt of the joke, instead driving humor from the characters’ inability to come to terms with their sexualities and latent feelings for one another. despite its biting satire and dark roots, sunny allows for rare sentimental moments that feel more genuine than those on other shows with canon homosexual relationships. whether or not mac and dennis’ relationship is ever officially consummated, i honestly can’t think of any other sitcom, or drama for that matter, that has done anything like this in the history of television. 

    why don’t they have an emmy. why when shows like big bang theory are lauded for making stupid gay jokes about raj and howard and even though its nearing a run as long as sunny’s penny/leonard still feels just as predictably uninspired as it did in its infancy 

    What INFPs look for in a partner

    - Someone who is not afaid to talk about their emotions and have deep, meaningful conversations. INFPs thrive on the deep, profoud, meaningful things about life. They love talking about their dreams, opinions and views on the world, and their emotions. Their ability to be great listeners and nonjudgemental personalities make them the ideal person for their partners to open up to.
    - Someone who has a slow temper and isn’t critical or questioning of the INFP’s behavior. INFPs can be very sensitive, private individuals and do not like to be constantly nagged about the things that they are doing wrong in their lives because their biggest critics are already themselves. Instead of someone telling them about the things that are going wrong in their lives they need someone to enourage and modivate them to change for the better.
    - Someone who can encourage them to step outside of their comfort zone. INFPs have a lot of aspirations for their lives and are naturally creative, idealistic people. However, sometimes it can be hard for them to find the willpower to make their dreams reality. This is why it could benefit the INFP to have someone in their lives who is more centered on reality to push them to take action.
    - Someone who is a good conversationalist. INFPs love a good meaningful conversation. However, sometimes it can be hard for them to get past the small talk stage because it can be hard for them to express their thoughts into words and they do not open up as fast as some of the other types. This is why it may be beneficial for them to have a partner who is stronger in this area because it will make it easier for the INFP to open up and their partner’s good conversation skills may eventually rub off on them.
    - Someone who is confrontational. Because of their love of hamony, There are few things that INFPs hate more than confrontation and most of them avoid it instead of facing their problem by becoming passive aggressive or bottling up their emotions inside which are very unhealthy behaviors. Having a partner who is aware when the INFP is upset about something and confronts them about it in an understanding non-aggressive way will allow the INFP to feel comfortable enough to talk about what is bothering them and mend the rift in the relationship they may have formed becuase of the particular issue.
    - PASSION. INFPs are very idealistic, romantic idividuals who have most likely dreamed about finding their soul mate ever since they were a young child. An INFP is very unlikely to be interested in someone for any other reason than love and many of them worry that they will never find someone they will meet all of their expectations. Unfortunately, an INFP may become attatched to a person they have never met, idealize them. and eventually become chrushed when they discover that the person is not who they invisioned or the feelings are never reciprocated. They want someone that they constantly dream about and can never stop thinking about who makes them feel euphoric and giddy inside. Their mission is to find their real life prince charming. This can make INFPs very picky when choosing a partner. They do not take relationships lightly and it is hard for them to find the person who can meet all of their expectations.


    I would just like to speak on this for a moment. I find it such an interesting aspect of his character that Cyclonus does this. It’s actually quite sad. He’s supposed to be the calm and collected one almost like a voice of reason, and yet he engages in such an unhealthy behavior. He has very bad coping mechanisms and is not in touch with his own emotional self.

    I love this about him. It’s sad, but the development, getting to see a Cyclonus who is not stoic or cold is just so amazing to me.

    seeing young teenagers embracing 2007 internet culture/aesthetic/speak in the kidcore/rainbowcore/kiddycore communities is such a beautiful thing. i think its beautiful because ive been around since 2007, and those years were golden for kids having fun and being themselves. the growth of the internet in the last ten years has provided lots of things, some of it being positive, but a lot unfortunately has become a cesspool of hatred.

    between teenagers and adults alike on social media, nowadays kids are introduced to this hatred and darkness of the world early on with such easy access to it and it drives them into unhealthy behaviors and mindsets, such as suicide baiting/callout culture (NOT referring to calling out people who actually do very bad harmful things- such as pedophiles, suicide baiters, racist/neo-nazis/etc- making people aware of when they do bad things is good- but i mean the sorts who send hate and suicide bait to innocent 13 year olds over saying something wrong once and stalk them down repeatedly and bully them into suicide and self-harm etc.)

    this is what kids are exposed to nowadays, and in these safe communities, people are embracing what redditors/4channers make fun of and call “cringey” and being themselves because it makes them happy. not only this, but kids in these communities moderate themselves and keep out NSFW/kink bloggers that sexualize children and create boundaries to keep their internet exposure safe, because theyre mature enough to do so. these kids embrace this time because its nostalgic and comforting, and has no super bad associations other than those who called it cringey and edgy all these years. the only bad people in these spaces are those who try to invade them.

    let people use scene/l33t speak, use XD unironically, and make bright eyebleeding dog OCs. let them love nightcore. just let them enjoy this while they still can, for the love of god. and if they dont grow out of it (like i didnt) leave them be. a majority of these kids are lgbt, autistic, and trauma victims just trying to cope, and then there are just other kids who do it because it makes them happy. they arent harming anyone. if you bully them, you are.

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    Writing prompt: Xanatos is utterly obsessed with Obi-Wan.

    Watching the boy struggle against the chains keeping his wrist to the floor, Xanatos smirked a bit. “I’m surprised your master hasn’t come to collect you yet.” He drawled, walking over to the boy and then circling around the redhead. “If it was me, I’d be there the moment you called for me.” He completed the circle and crouched down in front of him.

    The boy scowled at him, Obi-Wan’s pretty eyes flashing with indignation.

    It was enough to make Xanatos chuckle as he reached out and stroked a soft cheek with the back of his fingers, feeling the proximity of warmth. “I mean look at you, such a pretty little thing.” He grinned.

    Alarm entered those eyes now and the padawan jerked back only to yelp as the raven caught the braid to prevent him from going too far.

    “Oh? Hair sore?” Xanatos hummed.

    Kenobi was staring at him with wide, alarmed eyes now, his body tense.

    Xanatos smirked a bit. “Oh don’t look so scared. I’m not going to do anything to you.” He chuckled quietly. “Much too young for me…for now.” He smirked, reaching out with his other hand and stroking Obi-Wan’s cheek with his free fingers. “But you’ll be so pretty in a few yea-ah!”

    The padawan’s teeth clamped down on the fingers, Du Crion finally letting go of him to save his fingers and the raven hissed in pain as he studied the indentations of Obi-Wan’s teeth on his hand.

    For a moment Obi-Wan expected pain, expected yelling.

    But then a loud laugh echoed in the room, Xanatos shaking his hand as he laughed, the sound coming of somewhat unhinged to the redhead.

    “Oh you will be a spitfire. I am looking forward to the day you become an adult Obi-Wan, I’ll enjoy that day.” Xanatos leered and Obi-Wan’s face paled at the implication, nausea setting in as he frantically tugged at the bonds keeping him down.

    The Telos was reaching for him again, the smirk on his face growing at Obi-Wan’s panic when the door suddenly opened.

    “Master Du Crion, there’s a problem at the main gates!” It was a guard and Xanatos growled and gave Obi-Wan brief look before turning to the guard.


    “We don’t know, several alarms went off and the security at the main gates both east and west stopped responding.” The guard didn’t look towards Obi-Wan at all, kept his focus on his employer even as Obi-Wan tried to get the woman’s attention, hoping for…

    For something.

    “…Jinn.” The raven growled and shot Obi-Wan a look. “Seems he came after all. Keep this room under watch, do I make myself understood Marris?” He stormed out, the woman giving an affirming answer before the door shut down and left Obi-Wan alone and shaking in the room.

    Shifting, Obi-Wan went back to trying to get loose, the Force a fuzzy thing out of his reach thanks to Xanatos and the damn hypospray the man had stabbed him with earlier.

    Fear did not improve his control in any manner and when he heard the buzz of a lightsaber he almost cried in relief as the door opened up moments after a sharp thump was heard.

    Framed in the doorway was Qui-Gon just as Xanatos had suspected he had come for Obi-Wan. “Master!” He cried out.

    “Obi-Wan!” Qui-Gon breathed out in relief and hurried to the boy, burning through the shackles keeping him down with his lightsaber. “Are you alright padawan?” He questioned as Obi-Wan caught a glimpse of the guard from earlier, Marris laying unconscious in the hallway with a thin stream of blood no the wall behind her.

    “I’m uninjured but I’m not alright master.” Obi-Wan rasped out, pushing up on shaking and sleeping legs. He grasped onto the mans arm when Qui-Gon offered it. “Master I don’t think Du Crion is mentally sound anymore.” He said with wide eyes.

    The master stared at him. “What do you mean?”

    “He didn’t hurt me master but… I think… I think he wants to keep me master.” Obi-Wan whispered, tone fearful.

    Qui-Gon went utterly still. “…We’re going to talk about this once you’re safe Obi-Wan but we don’t have time right now…but I believe you.” He said firmly, pulling the staggering padawan with him as quickly as he could. “Now we have to go.”

    “Yes master.” Obi-Wan clung to the older man, grateful as he took note of his own saber bouncing on Qui-Gon’s belt.

    At least he hadn’t lost it.

    Signs That You're in a Toxic Friendship

    1. They brush off your problems.

    • Friends are supposed to be the people you count on during difficult times; they don’t ignore your troubles and turn their backs. While some genuinely make an effort to turn away their friends in times of need, others don’t realize that their actions are hurtful. Talking to your friend(s) and shedding light on their actions can help then realize that what they’re doing is not cool. 

    2. They make you feel guilty for discussing your issues.

    • No one should ever make you feel bad for talking about things that bother you. If this is the case with you and a friend (or multiple friends), perhaps you should reevaluate what this person  means to you. Your mental health is more important than someone who squashes your right to communicate how you feel.

    3. They are unsupportive.

    • For people going through recovery, whether from a traumatic event or an addiction, it is crucial that you have people around you who support your journey to a safe and stress-free life. It is extremely unhealthy to surround yourself with “friends” who would rather reject you than encourage you. 

    4. They belittle you.

    • Just like with any relationship, whether romantic or familial, it is NOT okay to be in contact with someone who puts you down. That is emotionally abusive behavior. Friends should cheer you on, not tear you down.

    5. They alienate you from other friends, family.

    • If you are on the road to recovery, it’s imperative that you surround yourself with people who are supportive and encouraging. It also helps to have a good balance between alone time (for you to have personal space/relaxation time) and time spent with family and friends. If you find that your friend discourages you from hanging out with other friends/family, please know that this is extremely unhealthy behavior. Friends should respect your space and your need for privacy; they shouldn’t try to keep you all to themselves.

    6. Pull you in to bad behavior.

    • As we’ve said before, if you are on the road to recovery, it’s important to surround yourself with positive people. These people will be the ones to pull you up when you’re feeling down. Be on the look-out for “friends” who would rather take you down the wrong road than to see you grow. These types of friendships are unhealthy and should be terminated quickly. Again, your mental health and overall state of being is more important than someone who wants to see you fail.

    In Summary

    • You are worthy of love and care, you are worthy of friends who care.
    • You deserve support and encouragement.
    • Don’t feel guilty for speaking up about what bothers you. Ever.
    • Don’t feel guilty for cutting a friend loose if they are affecting your mental health.
    • You are totally awesome, anyone who thinks otherwise sucks.

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    It seems to me that a lot of people think that “good parenting” is just the default behavior for parents, and that unhealthy/toxic/abusive parents make an active, conscious choice to deviate from the “good parent” norm.

    From my observations, the opposite of that is true. Many of the behaviors that are widely praised and supported are unhelpful at their best and outright harmful at their worst. Think of the support for parents who punish their children in ways that are harmful (destruction of the child’s property, humiliation, violence) and parents who micromanage and overtax their children (a half-dozen extracurriculars, meticulously managed schedules, “parent monitored” social media for teenagers who are nearing legal adulthood), just to name a few examples. Even though social attitudes are in the process of evolving, current social attitudes lead to a lot of unhealthy or downright abusive behaviors being seen as a normal part of parenting.

    Good parents are the ones who choose to actively stray from the cultural mandates and to seek cooperative approaches to parenting rather than authoritarian ones.