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The marvin/lesbians relationship needs to be talked about more

i mean, they probably helped him come to terms with being gay by just being out and happy and in love. Because he met them when he moved out and started living alone. And i have many questions! Like, when did he come out to them? Did they know about Whizzer? How often did they eat together? When did they meet jason?

Honestly i feel like they were the neighbors who introduced themselves on like the first day with like 3 casseroles and a cake. And the ones who always offer to help you woth your gardening and invite you over for some coffee and then you end up staying for dinner.

Also, after Whizzer’s death, I feel like Marvin stayed over at their house for at least a week. And then every day after that for the next few months they’d come over to check on him (and of course bring over a bunch of unhealthy, really delicious comfort food).

Anyway idk man but the marvin/lesbians relationships is so amazing and i wish we could see more of it.

yearning. pt.2

pairing: kwon jiyong x you x dong youngbae
rating: m (language, sexual fantasies/thoughts)
genre: angst, fluff, future smut
pt.1, pt.2, pt.3, pt.4

playlist - JIYONG
playlist - YOUNGBAE

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It was a cloudy day. A grey veil of fog encased the surroundings of the airport and somehow managed to dampen everyone’s mood more than just a tad. It’s strange, although airports usually were a happy place - a place where you’d see your loved ones again or would send them off to new adventures - but not today it seemed. 

Today everyone merely kept to themselves, eyes straight ahead and hands firmly enclosing their precious luggage. No laughter, no smiles, no hugging of family members or friends.

Fitting, considering the sour mood Jiyong was in.

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Mabel making Pacifica the most colorful sweater ever, and even though it hurts her eyes to look at it she still wears it.

“Oh my god!”

“Shut up,” Pacifica blushed, unable to meet her girlfriend’s eyes.

“Oh! My GOD!” Mabel was grinning ear-to-ear. “You actually wore it!”

‘It’ was an oversized, soft sweater in a bright - almost neon, 43-“"6 - hot pink with seafoam teal polka dots and glittering gold stars. 'It’ was a good way to describe the ugly thing, actually. It wasn’t the type of thing Pacifica would normally wear. And yet…

"You look so cute in it!” Mabel’s excitement was adorable, really, and that made the rich girl blush even more.

“Obviously,” despite her embarrassment, Pacifica smirked a little. “I can make anything look cute.”

“That’s true,” Mabel said, leaning in a little. “You are the cutest girlfriend I’ve ever had.”

“I’m the only girlfriend you’ve ever had.”

“Still the cutest girl ever!”

“Second cutest,” Pacifica kissed her cheek chastely. “You’re the cutest-”

She was cut off by a little 'click’ sound. She pulled back, blue-green eyes narrowing.

“You better not have just taken a picture of me in this thing!”

“Why not?” Mabel grinned unapologetically, opening the Instagram on her phone. “I have to show you off, don’t I?”

“Mabel don’t you dare!” The rich girl grabbed the phone before Mabel could post it anywhere.

“You’re no fun,” the other girl stuck out her tongue and blew a raspberry. Pacifica blew one back, and Mabel giggled before saying, “hey, you hungry? I think there’s some leftover pizza downstairs.”

“Yeah. Sure. Whatever.”

“Cool,” Mabel rolled off the bed. “Be right back!”

Pacifica watched her girlfriend retreat. Mabel really was too good to her. Calling her cute, feeding her deliciously unhealthy foods that her parents would never allow, working hard for hours to knit her a sweater…

…it really was nicer than she deserved. No one had ever worked for hours solely out of love for her before. No one had ever loved her enough before.

Pacifica looked down at the picture of herself on her girlfriend’s phone. God, it was an ugly sweater, wasn’t it? But… in the Valencia filter, it didn’t look half bad, did it?

Before she could talk herself out of it, she clicked 'post’.