unhappy with these

What she says: I’m fine.
What she means: How dare you Daron nefcy. How dare you. How dare you end it like that. Have you no heart? Everyone is dead. Everyone. Where’s glossaryck. Where the fuck is he. And toffee. Why he need his finger. Who hurt him. Bring me more Dennis and ludo family. Also more patrick stump. And more star. More starco. I relate to pony head. So much. Also star fan 13. I want Marco and star to fuck. Also Jackie is my favorite person. When is star vs the forces of evil coming back? I need it. God please not another hiatus. Got hears my prayers but don’t listen. How dare you. I’m shook. I’m Fucked up. I’m un satisfied. WHERE THE FUCK IS GLOSSARYCK?also dimensional scissors of Marco better show up soon.

It would be great if I could actually express something that is distressing me due to dysphoria without some fucking entitled cis white girl asshole on this website calling me misogynistic because I hate my femininity at that point in time because of me being dysphoric right now. Shut the fuck up, Claire. Me hating an aspect of myself at a moment in time is hardly misogynistic so stop riding my cock and hop off.

*shouts out my window*

Give me aces who are cutesy and adorable, or tough as nails and complex!

Give me aces who are happy with friends!

Give me aces in happy romantic relationships!

Give me aces where their ace-ness isn’t the end of the character or is thrown away for the “one”.

Give me aros who have good friends!

Give me aros that are kind and sweet!

Give me aros who have meaningful relationships!

Give me aros where their aro-ness isn’t the end of the character or is thrown away when the writers want “romance” in the plot.

Give me aroaces that are warm and nice!

Give me aroaces that are happy go lucky!

Give me aroaces with happy lives!

Give me aroaces where they aren’t some sort of “cold hearted” person who needs to be “fixed” to be happy.

It’s not hard. Aces and Aros are people and a lot of people want to see themselves in a character. A true writer doesn’t say “but it’s too hard.” a true writer says “I want my readers to see themselves in the characters I put my heart and soul into. So I will do my best.”