Misattribution of Everything Chap 2

Author’s Notes: A little reminder that this is an alternate universe where the setting of the story goes way back before the Edo period. The traditions, terms, dresses, and political system would be different since during this time Japan was still under the heavy clutches of China. I’ll try to explain as much as I can about how the system works along the way, though I believe it won’t be an easy walk in the park. So if there are any mistakes - historically-speaking - it will all be mine.

Kamui and the rest of his clan might not be super alien beings here but they still considered one of the strongest in this world.

Enjoy reading! ^^

Disclaimer: I don’t own Gintama nor its characters.

If there was one thing that Sougo Okita enjoyed most, it was the pleasure of inflicting pain and suffering towards his most hated man in the world - Hijikata Toushirou. Despite the latter man a rank higher than him, deadly pranks awaited the older man everywhere he went which normally causes a routine uproar in the morning. A sight that the other servants of the Tokugawa household either disdained for its childishness, or ignored in silent amusement.

Either way, it was a sight that Soyo was always thankful for. It reminded her that things were still the same as how it was before her brother’s passing a year ago.

“I see that you started your daily routine of Hijikata torture, Okita-san,” she greeted him pleasantly. She watched him slowly turn and smirked at her.

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