ungrateful tbh

Americans are soooo ungrateful tbh. I’ve seen people who are born outside this country to be more patriotic than people who are born with the right to say they are Americans. Do some of y'all realize how much of a fucking privilege that is. If you want to fly to most countries, all you need is a passport. That’s it. Some people have to go through hoops of hell just to be able to visit this country and all You need is a body and a valid passport to go to theirs. Y'all are seating here spewing ungrateful comments while the people who gets treated the worst in this country are still able to love it. So instead of you not wanting to take blame for why the U.S is as is by saying that “you hate America”, why can’t you say “I want to better America.” “I want to fight for America” and not trash on the people who are actually doing their best to better this country. Besides, there are some horrible humans beings living in the states but that does not outnumber the amazing genuinely human people living here.