it’s pretty…… fucked up what the night mother did in oblivion. like she knew all of it was gonna happen. she let it happen because????? ungolim was “incompetent” and wanted to replace him???????

1st of all, why did she pick him if he was incompetent.. and how can someone be bad at just relaying information? that’s his whole job. it’s the easiest in the whole hierarchy

2nd….. why sacrifice the whole black hand and the hq sanctuary…. The Most Competent Groups in the dark brotherhood… is everyone dispensable to her lol????

3rd, this definitely lead to the near/downfall of the dark brotherhood in later years…. and she does it again to the only remaining sanctuary?? (tbh.. i blame Bad Writing on the skyrim db questline.. it’s just a weak rehash)

in conclusion:???????? aaaaaaaa (that’s me screaming)

...did someone say headcanons?

No?  Oh well.  This heap of Lucien headcanons has been gathering dust for the better part of a month.  Which is an utter disgrace.  So, here they are!  under a readmore for obvious reasons

@grimweaver @powerovernothing  I thought you would be especially interested~

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I'm just gonna spew out some Lucien Lachance headcanons bc I'm bored

- he is 44 years old
- trans man
- a dad, he is a dad to Ocheeva and Teinaava and fiercely protective of them, when they grew up he still acted like a dad to the rest of the sanctuary
- grayaromantic pansexual
- he is only 5"4 very short man, takes high offense when mocked of it
- loves big furry animals, wants to own a big mastiff but the black hand says the dog could give away his hideout
- his father was a Breton (if I could attempt to write his past I would)
- when taking care of shadowmere he likes to whistle his favorite tunes, maybe even dance a bit, he gets so into it he accidentally knocks over the horse’s bucket and that ticks off shadowmere
- nail biting problem
- Lucien is a bit chub and he’s proud
- literally can give no damns about the quality of his alcohol in fact he actually prefers cheap wines over fine wines. chugs from the bottle when distressed
- would probably love cheesy pop music from the 80’s or 70’s rock
- he sleeps flat out on his stomach, probably cradled a pillow and snores obnoxiously loud
- easily hurt pride, tripped in front of Ocheeva once and he didn’t leave fort farrugut for a week because he was so ashamed
- extremely well practiced with calligraphy his handwriting is fantastic
- J'ghasta, Ungolim, and Lucien regularly go out drinking and Lucien is the one who has to drag Ungolim back home because Jghasta takes off as soo as someone blacks out
- does not like cold weather, despite living near Cheydinhal which gets damn freezing and it pisses him off
- laughs at his own jokes, and they’re usually disgusting
- when he laughs he laughs so hard he begins to cry, at some points while laughing he has to sit down because his legs can’t handle how hard he’s laughing.
- favorite color is surprisingly, Olive green. but he says sanguine to be more dark and mysterious (sanguine is the only non basic color name he knows)
- the last thing he said before he died was the champions name
- :)