ungodly world

If we say we live in God, we must live the way Jesus lived.

We are all not worthy to be called a child of God, but that unworthiness is not an excuse for our ungodliness. When God called us in the light, He wants us to represent Him to this ungodly world. He wants us to show to other people who He is by our actions and words. He wants us to give what we already received so that they will see what we already seen and that’s His Son. I pray that when unbelievers look at us, they will say with conviction “I want to know their God.”

my heart: *open and warm. loving & ready to shelter the poor from the cruel and unforgiving world.*
another ungodly evil 80s boy: hmmm! dont mind if i do *crawls into my heart* nyeh heh heh ha

All I Want For Christmas Is Jungkook

title: all I want for christmas is jungkook

word count: 2k?? ish

pairings/other notes: jikook, piney!jungkook, Christmas!bangtan. jungkook hates christmas but he finds a sudden affinity for it when a certain blond haired hyung worships the season

a/n: hello. this is first time. for me. write fic. I do the write at 4am. I sorry.

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Wal-mart or target? 

Catch me at your local wally world at ungodly hours of the morning in my depression induced munchie craving Dressed in 100% Star Wars Pajamas running off of a gallon of coffee brewed with a five hour energy because even then I’m not the weirdest person there as I walk out of the doors at 3:37am with a jar of pickles, peanut butter and the newest sappy Nicholas Sparks movie found in the $5 bargain bin 

waiting for my sun to shine
  • pairing: I’ll let you decide
  • summary: he smiles, he laughs, he makes funny faces but is he really okay? 
  • word count: 2k+
  • notes: this does contain depression talk. it’s also my first BTS drabble because I’m new to the fandom and this was the first piece I thought up. I would love it if I got some feedback (criticism included!) so I can see what works and what doesn’t. this is also partially unedited I hope you enjoy! 


Taehyung isn’t good at it physically but within the years he’s been considered an idol he has mastered the ability to mentally run away from his issues. He runs away from his problems by scheduling more time in the studio, by plugging his headphones in and escaping from this ungodly world, or by messing with his friends to bring a smile to their face. If they are happy by the end of the day he considers it a day well managed.

All in all, Taehyung doesn’t talk about his issues. He never has.

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me: i wish blizzard would actually walk the walk of being an ~LGBT Ally~ after those fucking #lovewins tweets they made when gay marriage was legalized.  they have so many couples they could flesh out or even just confirm via a tweet or something that have plenty of in game/novel substance to back them up(koltira/thassarian, anren/tholo, wrathion/anduin, asric/jadaar, etc).  all in all, if we had ANY representation at all we wouldnt have to corrupt ur Healthy™ Straight™ Natural™ relationships with our toxic ungodly gayness

straight people:

  • Are you in trouble? It is written - “Call upon Me in the day of trouble, and I will deliver thee."  Psalm 50:15 
  • Are you in want? It is written - "My God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus."  Philippians 4:19
  • Are we cast down with overwhelming care? It is written - "Be careful for nothing, but by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving, make known your requests unto God."  Philippians 4:6
  •  Are you painfully conscious of the power of indwelling sin? It is written-"Sin shall not have dominion over you."  Romans 6:14
  • Are you assailed by the ungodly world? It is written - "In this world ye shall have tribulation, but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.  John 16:33 

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In an ungodly world would you rather only be allowed to paint for 10 day each year or paint as much as your heart desires but only in acrylic?

This is so raw. I’d just have to take my oil loving head out of my ass and get to know acrylics again but I would miss oils!!! So much!!

Shower Time

~This is based off a collection of pictures shown somewhere on this blog.

It is an ungodly hour after Worlds. Most of the teams are either passed out drunk, going home, or on clean up duty. Lucky for Beca someone happened to spill beer all over her. That wasn’t exactly lucky but it got her out of cleaning up since she was permitted to take a shower. Beca’s earbuds were at full blast when she slipped inside the curtain, going straight for the tiny basket that held washing supplies. She was surprised to find someone had left some shampoo and conditioner in there. Not that Beca could read a lot of it. She could make out the two words Shampoo & Conditioner but her German was a little rusty.

Beca sighed at took out her earbuds, placing them in a plastic bag. Then she realized the water was already running. Slowly cursing to herself she turned extremely slowly, praying to God that this was just a Bella who had bought some exotic shampoo. But of corse it was Kommissar. The blonde was standing on the other side of the small space, shower head in hand, running it over her shoulder to get some shampoo off.

No Beca did not stop and stare. No Beca was no marveling at the smooth skin of Kommissar’s bare shoulder… Or back… Or the way the water droplets snaked their way down her spine. Or the way the shampoo made a was quickly washed away to reveal more and more skin. No Beca was certainly not transfixed on taking in all of the German goddess. Certainly not looking at her amazing calf muscles and long legs that she would love to run her hands over. Or-

“You Americans shower together, ja?”

“Jesus Christ!” Beca snapped back to reality, becoming aware of how exposed she was the the other girl. She fell back into the corner, holding her own towel against her bare torso.

“You shouldn’t be surprised, tiny maus.” Kommissar said a little teasingly. “After all it vwas you who stared at me for almost two minutes ja?”

“Beca was stunned beyond belief. She knew that she probably should just apologize and leave but know she could see the front of Kommissar. There were abs, smooth arm muscles, breasts, perfection-

“Close your mouth you’ll ah… what is it you Americans say?” Dawning came over her face. “Catch flies.”

Beca closed her mouth tightly and Kommissar laughed.

“You have never seen a naked woman before?” Kommissar asks.

She moves the shower head to a little above her head so it hits her face. Her lips and slightly parted and Beca is entranced by the little droplets of water that had gathered on Kommissar’s perfect long lashes and the way her wet hair curled at her bare shoulders-

“Do you like what you see?” Kommissar’s mouth upturns in a small smirk and she runs her fingers through her own hair, washing out the last of the shampoo.

“I- I’ll umm… Im just going to-” Beca groaned out loud at how stupid she sounded.

Kommissar chuckled, placing the shower head back into its place. “Thats okay Im done.” She makes no move to cover any parts of her as she gathers up her belongs, a bare breast brushing Becas arm in process.

“God is all of your skin always so soft?” Beca blurts. She quickly looks away, all too aware of her outright staring and the fact that that comment was made while feel Kommissar’s breast.

She touched the Kommissar’s breast…

Now Beca is blushing fiercely and Kommissar is laughing and it sounds an awful lot like music to Beca’s ears.

“No need to be so shy tiny maus.” Kommissar teases. “You are yourself female, ja?”

Beca nods and before she can think better of it she says, “But it should be a sin to be that feminine.”

And God that sounded just plain awkward in Beca’s ears. It is a good thing Kommissar has humor underneath her cold stare and competitive nature, something Beca finds surprising but not unwelcome.

“Thank you.” Kommissar turns, not grabbing a towel. Beca realizes she must have left it out there. “Maybe next time we meet the feisty maus will be more open about her own assists, ja?” Kommissar calls back, her German accent thick and teasing and just a little hopeful.

Beca silently thanks the Lord that she doesn’t pass out on those words alone.