140703 - SSTP
  • -Ryeowook said he has the members saved as SJ ___ -
  • Eunhyuk have them saved as: Kangin: KingKing/ Kyuhyun: Kyu/ Sungmin: Ungmin-ee/ Ryeowook: Ryeonggu/ DongHae: Haek-Dong-Haek/ ShinDong: ShunTongTung/ YeSung: Aesongee/ HeeChul: Heenim/LeeTeuk: IpTeuk
  • Kyuhyun have them saved as: Kangin- KangKings/ Eunhyuk: Armpit hyung/ DongHae: Donghai/ ShinDong: Donggri dongdong/ RyeoWook: cannot be revealed/ Sungmin: Mini mi/ YeSung: cannot be revealed / LeeTeuk: Ipteuk / HeeChul: Heenim
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SSTP- Hyuk has saved members name as
  • Sungmin: Ungmin-ee
  • Ryeowook: Ryeonggu
  • DongHae: Haek-Dong-Haek
  • ShinDong: ShunTongTung
  • YeSung: Aesongee
  • HeeChul: Heenim
  • LeeTeuk: IpTeuk
  • Kyuhyun has saved members name as:
  • Kangin- KangKings
  • Eunhyuk: Armpit hyung
  • DongHae: Donghai
  • ShinDong: Donggri dongdong
  • RyeoWook: cannot be revealed (rated)
  • Sungmin: Mini mi
  • YeSung: cannot be revealed (rated)
  • LeeTeuk: Ipteuk
  • HeeChul: Heenim
  • cr: Nksubs
140910 sukira- Heenim really taking care of Sungmin, prompting him to speak they asked him to do a closing for today
  • Although it wasn't planned to do an ending ment, Sungmin who was not feeling well did the ending ment.
  • Sungmin: I want to thank the members who are struggling together (with me)while doing activities, I am also thankful to the fans who are always there and also I am grateful to our managers.
  • English trans: rei066 || crappycrab39
  • Japanese trans: Misa_mgl
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