I'm a pretty boy .

No , I’m not a boy .

I’m a girl that dresses like a pretty boy .

I don’t like heels .

I don’t like dresses .

I don’t like makeup .

I don’t like hosiery .

I don’t like tank tops .

I don’t like floral tops .

I don’t like sandals .

I don’t like short shorts .

I don’t like skirts .

I’m that pretty girl you see ,

everyday ,

wearing the pretty boy outfit .

I don't care.

I don’t care if it’s ungirly to love dinosaurs. I literally grew up, along side my older brother, watching stuff like, Jurassic Park, Walking With Dinosaurs, When Dinosaurs Roamed America. I owned (and still do) many books about them. I collect the JP toys, and obsess over the movie. My highest grade in high school was Biology and AP Biology, and I feel like if I wasn’t obsessed with Dinosaurs, I might have chose a different path. My long term goal in life is to actually be a Paleontologist. I want to look pretty, wear dresses, dye my hair, put on makeup, but at the same time be rooting around in the dirt, and spend my life researching and studying these amazing creatures. So no, I don’t care if it’s ungirly, ‘cause maybe one day, I’ll be living my dream. Just because I sat down and watched a dinosaur movie with my brother over 14 years ago.