Why Should I Learn Another Language?

I was tagged by @thelanguagegarden and @amydoeslangs for the tag, thank you! ☺ This list will be more of my anecdotes because this is a personal thing and would like to share my experience

  1. Cooking Italian recipes with your Italian professor, watching an Italian movie and being able to understand it. Seriously, learning cooking secrets in Italian will be a major highlight for me.
  2. Swiss yodeling as a class activity in German. This might only count if you have a cool professor. 
  3. Pronouncing names correctly. People tend to say both of my names wrong and it just feels nice to be able to say other people’s names correctly. Still angry at the lady at graduation that said my name wrong even though I sent in an audio file and a form with the pronunciation.
  4. Meeting your best friend in your language class. With people tending to stick in classes in their major, they may miss meeting some amazing people and I can’t imagine never meeting my best friend in Italian.
  5. READING LITERATURE IN THE ORIGINAL! You will be amazed at how much is lost in translation and how much better things, especially poetry, are when you read them as they were written. You need to read Pushkin in the original to see the beauty of it.
  6. Discovering new music. I can’t imagine how I lived without Russian and Arabic music. There are so many amazing artists in countries outside of your own and you should tune in to other radios. Also, it’s how I met my Romanian friend after I finally had someone to talk about Romanian music. I’d also be lying if I said t.A.T.u was not a reason I wanted to learn Russian.
  7. Understand your native language better. There are so many things I didn’t think about in Spanish that I have learned from people learning the language.
  8. New experiences. I managed to see Eugene Onegin at the Met Opera , Swan Lake ballet, learned to cook blini and pelmeni, went mushroom picking, met amazing Russian musicians, celebrated Maslenitsa and ended it by lighting a doll on fire, sang traditional folk songs while dancing in a circle, and many other amazing experiences through my Russian classes on their dime. It saddens me how many people think language classes are just grammar when they can offer you so much more and I am so grateful to them for letting me experience so many cultural aspects that I would never have known. 
  9. More material available to you. If you study more languages, there is a better chance you can find material for lesser known languages in languages other than English. It is how I am able to learn Kazakh though Russian.
  10. Understand other classes better. The amount of Latin and German terms in my science classes, especially all of my chemistry classes was surprising. At one point my professor was wondering why more people weren’t in German classes after discussing gerade/ungerade and E/Z configurations.

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Minecraft Neuland 1
  • Dner: wann kommt denn welche Folge wo, überhaupt
  • Ungespielt: Also bei mir kommen alle ungeraden wegen UNGErade. Höhöh verstehste und bei Dner kommen alle geraden.
  • Dner: Wegen Dner, gerade, selbe Wort weisch.
ein gedanke

ein gedanke streift dich
und du ahnst er bleibt

wenn man nur mehrere leben hätte
mindestens so viele wie man augen hat
oder hände

aber es bleibt dabei
das leben legt nicht immer wert
auf symmetrie

nur ein herz
nur eine seele

und eine ungerade menge
zu denken

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