Fashion: When ‘gender neutral’ means masculine

i-D criticises Zara’s so-called unisex fashion line: 

‘When a woman toys with masculine tailoring, she’s “power dressing” — the term itself reveals that the archetype of aspirational masculinity still lingers. Men are still told to “man up” and, although these are small factors, they underline the reasons that female masculinity is largely more accepted than male femininity — which is, clearly, the reason that Zara’s range consists solely of basics that are already staples of the male wardrobe.’

I am sorry to say, but for a woman to use stereotypical male clothing is “dressing up”. For a man to wear anything remotely feminine is inviting invalidation and ridicule. 

This is how a most likely well-intended, progressive, campaign like the one of Zara reinforces the gender stereoypes.

i-D: What can fashion learn from zara’s ‘ungendered’ backlash?

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