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Notice how the episode list stops on episode 24, I thimk that means episode 25 and 26 is a two parter! Steven fuses with a gem? Malachote unfuses? New fusion? I CAN'T WAIT 😃😃😃

Well, considering the first season’s episodes 25 and 26 were two parters- that’s certainly possible. We’ll just have to wait and see if the episodes informaion when it’s given point toward those two also being two-parters or if they’re just stand alone episodes.


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Do you think if Ruby and Sapphire fused with the other gems while they aren't garnet, it would still form Alexandrite?

It’s confirmed that even if like garnet was unfused, the fusion would be the same because 1+1+1=3 just as 2+1=3

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what if the friend is actually jasper. malachite comes unfused and jasper runs away, but gets scared when she sees lightning so she hides in a barn and she's really scared and steven has to comfort her. probably won't happen but i really like the mental image of jasper being scared and depending on steven for support

well, while I like the idea of Steven helping Jasper through something, its much much too early for Malachite to already be dealt with. They built Malachite up A LOT which means there’s no way she’ll just unceremoniously unfuse without proper resolution to that plot arc, it’s also unlikely Lapis and Jasper will be able to move and function after the whole ordeal (think about how Garnet and Amethyst were completely immobilized after Sugilite went on a rampage) so I don’t see them immediately going off to start unrelated plots. Don’t get me wrong, its a neat idea, it just requires too much to happen in too short amount of time to work.

I don’t expect Malachite to be dealt with until at least the mid-season finale. She’s really built up to be this big thing so I think it would take at least a two-parter to deal with her directly (we also probably have a few build up episodes for her coming up too)

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what if amethyst was in a romantic relationship with one of the gems in the kindergarten and she had to fuse with her so that she wouldn't get smashed but they forced her to unfuse and then she got smashed


im wondering if most pearls in su were usually fused w someone else depending on the task they were assigned

considering Pearl’s not-quite-constant need to be validated, her clinging to rose bc rose made her feel strong and worth something, and then looking for that same feeling by fusing with garnet

were pearls ever made to be alone for any length of time? or were they supposed to fuse with other gems for certain tasks and then unfuse just to fuse with another gem, because they were “too weak” or “too useless” by themselves?


It was only a matter of time before I drew gemsonas *sweats*

Mine would be Dragonstone which is a fusion of Epidote and Piemontite. I did have colours for Dragonstone but I revamped their design slightly sooooo will need to reline something and colour it.

The other gemos featured here is Moonstone who belongs to kazethecursedone and Rainbow Opalite who belongs to flightlessren

My unfused gems for the “draw yourself as {insert series here}” challenge.
Obviously for the Steven universe one. 

Left is Sard, her weapon is a Leiomano
Right is Pezzotaite.their weapon is a blow dart gun

Will post a fusion of these two soon! The fusion will be myself in SU style, since my hair suits a fusion more.

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I Know Sardonyx is the Focus of this Steven Bomb, but Think About Opal for a Minute...

We now know that both Amethyst and Pearl only feel stronger when they fuse with Garnet. This implies that they don’t feel strong when they’re fused into Opal.

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We’ve seen in the past that Amethyst is actually really insecure. After Friend Ship, we now know the same thing can be said for Pearl.

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Pearl explicitly stated that she needs/wants someone to tell her what to do. Amethyst is the youngest/most immature of the Crystal Gems. She’s never been in charge. Neither of them are willing to lead the other due to their conflicting personalities, their inexperience leading, and their poor self-esteem.


But the thing is, nobody HAS to be in charge. During battle, like in Giant Woman, they work together to save Steven. Once the adrenaline wears off, however, they both default to seeking guidance from the other. That’s why they blame each other for unfusing.

That being said, they haven’t fused since season one, and both Amethyst and Pearl have grown and matured quite a bit.


no but can we talk about sardonyx and the first half of cry for help please

can we talk about how excited pearl is to fuse with garnet
she almost cries guys cmon

can we talk about the dance

can we talk about true mom sardonyx (and how if sardonyx went to dinner with connies parents and not alexandrite that whole thing would have gone down so much better)

can we talk about how they got to unfuse willingly
they werent violently torn apart

can we talk about how happy they were when they unfused

can we talk about how this was the most positive experience with fusion we have had on the show

like even rainbow quartz was fused out of spite on pearls part

and how sardonyx is so much better personality-wise than we were scared for
shes literally so nice and funny and shes not overly proud its great

talk to me about pearlnet


This Steven bomb has been showing the audience Pearl’s mistake and what it has caused so far. The audience sees specifically the Crystal Gem’s reactions to Pearl’s mistake.
In “Keystone Motel” the audience observes the pain stricken Garnet, too broken to even remain herself and unfuses to reform the frustrated Ruby and shaken Sapphire.
In “Onion Friend” the audience sees Amethyst reach out to an old onion friend, Vidalia Onion.
In “Historical Friction” the audience sees Steven comfort the shattered and desperate Pearl and remind her how no one really is perfect and everyone struggles.
My prediction that in the next episode the audience will see either Steven’s opinion towards Pearl’s mistake or have the conflict finally resolved!