when your research was just starting to bear results and a shady organization you’ve never heard of wrecks your lab and kidnaps all the participants

apology time

i made a really shitty, unfunny, bad joke. i thought i was satirizing this “cotton ceiling” nonsense. but its now clear to me that’s not what people saw when they read my post. 

i wasn’t trying to make a rape joke, it’s probably my aspergers but its not really possible for me to tell how people are going to act in response to something i do. i am sorry, it was never my intention to upset the radfem community. i am certainly not going to ever make a joke like that again. i am deeply, genuinely sorry. i want people to know that. 


i agree with you guys, i agree with all the radfem and terf shit. (so long as it isnt super transphobic) i actually do agree with all of you. no one should have to have sex with anyone they don’t want to have sex with, for any reason. trying to coerce lesbians into having sex with pre-op trans women is despicable. it really is. 

there’s this kid in my class and he constantly makes harambe and “did you just assume my gender?” jokes and I wanna kick his ass so bad he’s literally the epitome of unfunny white boys who get all their humor from twitter

you know that one eric andre opening monologue where he’s trying desperately to make the audience laugh with unfunny jokes and then all of a sudden the music gets all weird and he just whispers into the mic “i’m dying” and then hannibal buress says “we all are” and his head tips back? that’s what college is like

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Opinion on Anthony fantano?

i respect his opinion and i agree with him sometimes cause more often than not i appreciate how he appears to put research time in before he talks about music. I also think the way he can make smaller artists careers and can really bring people up from obscurity is cool

as a person tho from what ive seen hes pretty unfunny and is trying way too hard to fit in with the ironic youtube humor crowd, at least on his second channel. im not too sure how great of a person he is cause ive seen him say some pretty childish shit (mostly to people half his age which is kind of funny) other than that i dont rly know