unfulfilled juri

The Signs as Iconic Moments from Revolutionary Girl Utena
  • Aries: When the cars start popping up in the duelling arena in the Akio Arc and literally no one says anything or reacts to this turn of events.
  • Taurus: That one scene in 'Unfulfilled Juri' where Anthy is alone in the classroom singing something about rabbits because why not.
  • Gemini: The Shadow Girls appearing in the flesh in episode 34 which is then never acknowledged or spoken of ever again.
  • Cancer: 'Your ball?' 'My ball.'
  • Virgo: Anthy drinking the milkshakes in Kozue's duel.
  • Libra: Anthy is apparently marrying Miki and Kozue's dad because fuck you that's why.
  • Scorpio: That one scene where Saionji is also posing on the Akio Car with Touga for like literally no fucking reason.
  • Sagittarius: Touga not only punching a kangaroo in the face but also having the boxing gloves and shorts already prepared.
  • Capricorn: Saionji's frilly yellow apron in "Nanami's Egg."
  • Aquarius: Utena saying she wants to use the Power to Revolutionize the World to pass her finals.
  • Pisces: The part where Nanami has somehow procured a dress that can dissolve when exposed to liquid and no one has any problem with this fact.

This is great.

She’s pushing herself so hard. She’s pissed off at all the mediocre dudebros on the fencing team that she undoubtedly carries singlehandedly to a championship every year. Miki’s kissing her ass and she’s like ‘whatever blue child, you don’t know the hard realities of adult life like me, a sixteen year old, because you are merely petulant and smol. Watch as I cryptically discuss eggshells bc it’s a fucking motif, and also hold onto my conveniently-shaped pendant in which I definitely do not hide anything of any importance.’

The fact that this scene is somehow made EVEN BETTER in the movie is enough to prove Juri wrong. IT’S A GODDAMN MIRACLE.