where you at cud…..underground misses you bro, Let us know if you need us to do a special dance for you type shyt.

Iโ€™m incomparable to anybody. I donโ€™t care how people take that. No one can compete with me. Iโ€™m unfuckwittable; no one can knock me off my shit. Iโ€™m an unstoppable force, Iโ€™m a bullet. My trajectory is to the sky. Niggas got to do something really spectacular to fuck with me and my realm, and niggas be so bitter that you hear it in their voice.
—  Kid Cudi
Zodiac Signs + Kid Cudi Songs

Aries- “Pursuit of happiness” and “Immortal” 

Taurus- “Simple As…” 

Gemini- “Cudi Zone” 

Cancer- “Soundtrack 2 My Life” 

Leo- “Erase Me”, “Heart of a Lion”, “Too Bad I have to Destroy You Now”, and “Dat New ‘New’” 

Virgo- “Trapped in my Mind” and “These Worries” 

Libra- “Enter Galactic”,  “ Unfuckwittable” and “Make Her Say” 

Scorpio- “Mojo So Dope”, “Baptized in Fire”, “Frequency”, and “Erase Me” 

Sagittarius- “Mr. Rager”,  “ Scott Mescudi vs. The World”, and “By Design” 

Capricorn- “Day N Night”, “Solo Dolo”, and “The Prayer” 

Aquarius- “Surfin’”, “Rose Golden”, “Enter Galactic”, “REVOFEV”, and “Up, Up, & Away” 

Pisces- “Just What I Am”, “Sky Might Fall”, “That Girl”, and “King Wizard”