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Number 1 for Korra and Asami?

Legend of Korra (Korra/Asami) - 1: “What the hell are you wearing?” My second entry for Korrasami, uhhmm it’s really random. But I didn’t know what else to do with this promptx3 

“Welcome home! I thought I was never gonna eat!” Korra exclaimed when Asami finally entered their shared apartment.

“Sorry, market was crowded.” Asami placed the bag with their food for lunch on the table and gave her hungry girlfriend a kiss.

“Wait. What the hell are you wearing?” Korra asked, pulling back and gazing at the T-shirt Asami wasn’t wearing when she left. A cartoon-ish print of Korra’s face was on it, with the text ‘Happy Avatar Day!’ above and ‘Love and respect Avatar Korra!’ under it.

Avatar Day? Where’d you get that?” Korra laughed and she playfully tugged at the silly T-shirt.

“There was a special stand at the market. I never knew today marked Avatar Day, but I like the shirt,” Asami said, giggling at the foolishness.

“I never knew either. They could’ve told me,” Korra said, and they both laughed at the random stuff citizens could come up with nowadays.

“But I’m glad you’d wear that with my face on it.” Korra pulled Asami towards her and wrapped her arms around her middle, hugging her and rubbing her face against her own cartoon-face that was on the shirt.

“Haha of course!” Asami returned the embrace and held her tightly.

“I remember something Tenzin said though! I think they celebrated Avatar Day officially in Chin Village. Avatar Aang had his own little adventure there. I think it was something like.. the day the Avatar was not boiled in oil? They also ate unfried dough!”

“That sounds ridiculous,” Asami said, pulling back from their hug.

“You know what sounds better?” she added, smirking at Korra with mischief, and Korra gave her a curious look.

“Avatar Day, the day…. the Avatar was not tickled to death!” Asami’s hands were suddenly positioned on Korra’s sides, and before the Avatar could have suspected the attack, her playful girlfriend managed to force out a string of cute giggles from her.

“H-huh whahahat?!” Scrunching up her nose from giggling so much and frowning in confusion, Korra was soon reduced in a sweet girly giggle fit. 

With her own arms still wrapped around Asami all she could do was squirm as her sides and ribs were squeezed mercilessly, which was not ideal with those sneaky hands clawing at her sensitive torso.

“Waitwaitwait!” Korra gasped out, and probably just to tease, Asami stilled her hands for a moment.

“Hmm?” she hummed teasingly, hovering her hands above Korra’s still unprotected sides. Korra quickly moved her arms back so she could free herself from Asami’s grasp, but not planning to let her go that easily, Asami pulled her tightly against her.

Now with her arms pinned between Asami and herself, Korra squirmed uncomfortably and giggled in anticipation.

Not tickled to death you say?” she brought out, and Asami smirked and nodded, reaching out to her sides again and making Korra cackle as she continued the tickling.

“Yup. You’re the almighty Avatar, so you wouldn’t die from a little tickling would you?” she taunted in a baby voice, and Korra squealed loudly. The tickle struggle soon turned into a wrestling match that ended up on the floor, with Asami pinning Korra down, her hands skillfully reaching out to find each of Korra’s tickle spots: hips, sides, ribs, knees, underarms.

“AHAhaa A-Ahaahaasami!” Korra laughed, and the hand she had been using to push her strong girlfriend away - in vain - slowly raised, trembling and fist clenching.

“Na-ah, you remember the rules. No bending indoors,” Asami scolded before Korra could even do anything, and she removed one hand from Korra’s ticklish body to grab her hand. Forcing her to unclench her hand, she traced a finger down the palm and Korra giggled adorably.

“B-but this is unfahahair!” she giggled, squirming and trying to pull her hand free.

“Someone’s got ticklish hands! That’s a new one I should remember.“ Asami smiled sweetly and kissed her hand.

“D-done now?” Korra asked breathlessly, and she errupted in more sweet giggles when Asami fluttered her fingers from the palm of her hand up her arm, scribbling all the way towards her underarms. The closer she reached that one very ticklish spot, the more Korra’s giggles increased in volume.

“Nohoho Asami! Stop! W-what have I done to deserve this?” she giggled, still desperately trying to squirm away from her evil girlfriend in her Avatar Day - shirt.

“Being cute, that’s all.” That awful tease. Asami returned to the more ruthless tickling, fingers attacking Korra’s underarms like there was no tomorrow, and eliciting the loudest, shrieking laughter from the young woman.

“HEHEHE STAhahap!” Korra kicked and thrashed, but Asami had pretty good experience handling her, so she tickled her until she could barely breathe.

“There. Now I’m hungry,” she sighed, and she planted a sweet kiss on Korra’s half parted lips and got up to stuff the food she bought in the microwave. Korra panted heavily and got up on all fours, her whole body trembling from the after-giggles.

“M-me too…” she said as she picked herself up, and she practically jumped on Asami from behind, her legs wrapping around her waist and arms around her neck like a crazy monkey.

Korra?!“ While Asami stumbled forward with her on top of her, Korra blew raspberry after raspberry on the back of her neck, and sometimes used her teeth to nibble. Asami exploded in a laughing fit at the ticklish torment on her neck, and she stumbled through the room to shake Korra off.

Looked like they weren’t getting their lunch anytime soon. But that was just an average day in their fluffy lives together, just a ticklish day marked as Avatar Day.