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The crit care doc wants to prone the patient that won’t stop coding...

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Oh my god, how the hell did I get so invested in Shameless? I seriously didn’t see this coming.

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WIP Game Rules: Go to page 7 of your WIP, count down 7 lines, share 7 sentences, and then tag 7 other writers.

So here’s a bit from the current chapter of Anabasis, some of which people have already seen the notes for. By a bizarre coincidence, that scene ended up on page 7, so here it is in it’s final form.

(Also, I’m doing a little more than 7 lines because it doesn’t make sense otherwise. The actual seven lines start about half-way down.)

“What happened?”

Obi-Wan frowned, but it was Anakin who answered. “Someone offered Boba Fett one million credits to kill you,” he said. “Which is ridiculous. He should have charged at least three million.”

Padmé could only shake her head. She knew him well enough to know that was his idea of a compliment. She also knew it was sincerely meant, which really only made it worse. It was probably best to just ignore it.

“Oh?” said Obi-Wan. He sounded caught somewhere between annoyance and a morbid curiosity. “And how much are you worth, then?”

Padmé watched Anakin open his mouth to answer, and then close it again. Something old and sharp-edged appeared in his eyes, glinting like the stroke of a knife.

“Fifteen thousand Republic credits, roughly,” he said. There was no inflection at all in his voice. “I know it seems like a lot, but I’m a good mechanic, so that makes me more valuable.”

Okay I’ll actually tag some other people this time, but only do it if you want to: @scowlofjustice, @nimblermortal, @grand-duc, @terresdebrume and uh….anybody else on my dash who writes and isn’t writing TFA-related stuff.


Best moments when watching “I Love Lucy” → Lucy and Desi’s love shining throughout the series

d'you know how disappointing it is to die in a dream only to wake up later and realize it didn't actually happen and you are still painfully unfortunately alive like c'mon man

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"The last time I painted someone it didn't end so well, unfortunately..." (@avictorianpainter)


“Oh? And what exactly happened?” Alice asked curiously, tilting her head slightly to look at Basil. “Did they try to kill you or something?” She questioned jokingly, a playful smile making its way onto her lips.

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Not being rude, genuinely curious to your reasoning: Why should today's African Americans get reparations if they haven't actually been slaves? If anything the actual slaves should have gotten reparations but clearly that didn't happen unfortunately.

If a black person’s ancestor was a slave (I know mines was) then the black people of this generation should get some reparations. Even back in the day when slavery ended the white people said they’ll get some land and a goat or some shit but barely got anything. Black people were still struggling after slavery and had to continue the roles of serving spoiled ass white people for a couple cents…. So yeah…….. we still pretty much need those reparations lmfao