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thrp’s diverse fc resource directory revamp 

This update has been a very long time coming, and after two years, the diverse resource directory has undergone a complete revamp! As always, every FC on the directory is a diverse FC (meaning that they are a person of color and/or a trans person and/or plus sized) that has rp resources. 

What’s new? 

  • A few new FCs have been added and are currently being added.
  • All images and information for the old FCs have been updated to reflect the FCs’ current ages, as well as their updated names and gender identities in some FCs’ cases. 
  • The new theme (huge thanks to Raven!) allows for sorting of multiple categories at one time (ethnicity, gender, and age rather than only one at a time), something that was not possible with the 2014 version of the directory. (Note: unfortunately you cannot sort more than one ethnicity at a time, but you can search for FCs by searching multiple ethnicities using Diverse GIF HQ! Click here to find out how.)
  • Rather than listing every resource on the FC’s image like the last version, clicking on the FC will now lead you to their tag on Diverse GIF HQ. This means that updates to their resources will be much more efficient (updated immediately when they are reblogged to Diverse GIF) and you can see all of their gif hunts in one place, with one click. 


The aim of this directory has always been to make it easy for rpers to find FCs that already have resources and locate those resources all in one place, but I realize that many amazing FCs out there unfortunately do not have any resources and as such cannot be listed. In order to get those FCs on the directory eventually, @diversegifhq will have a bi weekly list of featured FCs that need resources (in addition to the Featured FC spotlight that is already there). This way, we can encourage people to create resources for FCs that do not have them, and grow the directory over time. 

Of course, if you see any issues or misinformation on the directory, and/or if you have FCs that you would like me to add, please feel free to let me know! The directory will be updated constantly (alongside Diverse GIF HQ), and more FCs are being added as I type this. I hope you all find the directory to be helpful! Please reblog and share this if you can! 

Assassin’s Creed. The old man Ice Cream

Hoodless Axeman Hoodless Greencoat

Aaand lastly, here’s my favourite AC Unity character yes, I seriously have fallen for a non-existent character Icecream!♥

Based him off of ACR!Ezio cause I went with that first promo ‘nickname’ pics set where he was called that he was not Icecream then, he was the Old Btch mmm yesss GDI who made that!?. I thought ‘I like him’ and I guess everyone could see how that ended up.

Same with the other two Assassin’s, I call him Icecream, Ice, Icey or Old Man (which most younger assassin’s call him).

Onto his story… You could say this is more serious compared to the Axe and Green’s profile.

To summarize the summary? Ice had been with the Brotherhood all his life and was kinda the ‘blacksheep’. Until he was an epic fail on a mission, regrets it, then changed and now he’s a nicer, caring and lovable old man.ヽ(´▽`)/

If anyone wants to read more (with the other three butting in somewhere there) do check his story under the cut~


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Little leviathan face paint i did for the Spnfanimation! Pretty please reblog/ follow me at Fancyface-Facepaint for more ghouls and monsters! (I take requests!)

If you don’t know about the Spnfanimation project it is all right here!:

Are you unsatisfied with Season 9 of Supernatural?

Do you have a background in animation?

Do you spend a lot of time in your room imitating the voices of 30-something year old men?

Then you’re desperately needed by the SPNFanimation team! Animators, voice actors, script writers, advertisers, and people to plan and schedule are in high demand here at the HQ of the Fanimation. We understand that some people, especially those who are still in school for animation, are very busy and tight on money. Unfortunately, so are we. We ask that those in the Supernatural fandom who can help, do so without expecting a reward past the fuzzy feeling in your chest from helping out and the crapload of followers you’re likely to gain from showcasing your talents in our animation. 
Please go to  http://spnfanimation.tumblr.com/ and either follow for more updates or audition to join the family!