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My first "big project"

Everything in this Volpina from Miraculous Ladybug cosplay is hand sewn, and the bottom of the shoes are painted (but you can’t see them very well due to the fact that I was walking outside…

Here’s a better picture of the clean soles! This was my halloween costume for the year, and unfortunately, since I used a pattern I purchased I had just assumed that it would fit me without checking the torso measurements and it looks a little weird. The orange fabric also frayed a lot, because I ended up picking up the wrong type, I went with color over the quality of the fabric, even though there was a shade in the exact same color just actual spandex and better quality. I didn’t have enough time to finish it wholly because the deadline I had set was Halloween and I’m a sucker for procrastination, but maybe in the future I could remake this? Should I? I feel like just redoing the torso would be more work than just starting again…

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I think it turned out super cute! I definitely know what you mean about not turning out how you planned because of procrastination - we sometimes bite off more than we can finish in a certain time too. :) Whether or not to remake is a tough call - if you plan on rewearing her a lot, it might be a good plan. Otherwise, chalk it up to a learning experience and the next thing you make you will be that much more informed about fabric choices and how long things take! :) We’re hoping this year to finally remake one of our first cosplays and it’s definitely going to be an interesting experience! 

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How do I scientifically explain that Consciousness is more than just our brain? My husband admits he doesn't understand what it is, but he thinks we are just our brains, instinct, and evolution.

Namaste! Unfortunately science and spirituality are matters that used to exist in unison but are no more. Science requires proof for validation whereas spirituality exists in dimensions unseen which is discredited in the scientific community. However, there is some progression being made slowly.

The pineal glad is said to be the gateway to our soul which is located in the central part of our brain. The less calcified our pineal glad is (avoiding fluoride!) the more the chance we have to connect to our true soul with correlates with the connection of the universe and the deeper understanding that we truly are all one.

Maybe for your husband it requires more facts but this is a path that is paved with faith and a willingness to be open to the possibilities of realms unseen. If we think that we are nothing more then our brains, then that is almost ruling out that we even have a soul.

I personally do not believe that we are the byproduct of evolution. I believe that we are a combination of both terrestrial and celestial beings. We are far too complex to say that time generated us from a primate to a conscious human. Animals function on instinct, yes they feel but they do not take into consideration the feelings of others in the decisions they make. That is where we differentiate. It is our consciousness that make us feel more deeply.

Just because an animal is not aware, that still does not signify that they have no soul. Every living being on the planet has a soul and our soul is fabricated out of energy. What we see is only what we can understand to a 3rd dimensional mind. The less we rely on our 5 senses, the more in tune with the universe we become. Our 6th sense is guided by our intuition which allows us the ability to feel and perceive the energy around you. We feel energy, whether we want to recognize it or not. Some people are more sensitive to it then others which help you determine if you are an empath or not.

I know this was a lot more of a complicated answer then needed but the universe is complicated and simple at the same time. It’s a beautifully created paradox that we live in. My point being, you can not convince your husband of something if he has prefabricated ideas of how things work to being with. The calling has to come to him from the universe, if he wants to receive the message or not is his choice. I hope this helped!

Some links also if he’s up to read. Also please consider downloading the Gaia app and watching Cosmic disclosure by David Wilcock featuring Corey Goode and others. Many questions can be answered by that series alone and even more new question will arise. Enjoy ✌🏻





Hey Taylor! As you know, a lot of us are very excited for your performance on February 4th in Houston Texas! Unfortunately the majority of us will not be able to attend the concert due to the age restrictions. Sadly, a huge portion of fans who got invited are “too young” to attend, including myself. I know this is a long shot, but would there be any way for you to lift the age restrictions? We are crushed by the fact that we cannot see you perform because of our age. It would mean the entire world to all of us to see you in concert. I would really hate to see my tickets go to waste. Hope to see you soon?

@ghurls, because you didn’t censor your ask:

i just wanna say that probably most cl/xa people (including me) had no fucking idea that that was a symbol for neurodivergence can yall lay off for like a millisecond. it literally just comes from l/xas tattoo and her gayness chill

…..listen….I absolutely understand that L/xa has an infinity symbol on the back of her neck, most likely placed there after she received the Flame. I understand that the infinity symbol is the Commander’s symbol. Because you know…I watch the show.

I literally get it.

But like…I need y’all to chill, because literally all I did was say that it makes me a bit uncomfortable that the symbol for neurodivergence was being used in a way that could unfortunately draw attention away from the marginalized cause it is actually meant to bring attention to.

And like…the proper response when you are unaware that a symbol already had meaning, isn’t to say to the people who are LITERALLY telling you it’s meaning, “We didn’t know, chill, but we’re going to keep using it!”

It’s: “We were unaware of the symbol’s pre-existing importance and as we already have several amazing images that we can use to represent L/xa: her rainbow colored war paint, her rainbow colored Commander’s shawl, the “L.xa Deserves Better” slogan, we will no longer use this particular symbol as it could negatively affect attention towards this other marginalized cause.”

This was never about L/xa or Cl/xa. It was always about the real life implications of taking a symbol meant to highlight marginalized people and re-purposing it (which, incidentally, is something that the Cl/xa fandom has already done-when you all took the Black Power Fist and applied it to L/xa.)

False beliefs, once established, are incredibly tricky to correct. A leader who lies constantly creates a new landscape, and a citizenry whose sense of reality may end up swaying far more than they think possible. It’s little wonder that authoritarian regimes with sophisticated propaganda operations can warp the worldviews of entire populations.
—  ​Maria Konnikova at Politico. Trump’s Lies vs. Your Brain.
Unfortunately, it’s no contest. Here is what psychology tells us about life under a leader totally indifferent to the truth.

Hello, i would just like to say this.

Unfortunately, Donald Trump is our president. BUT next election most of us teenagers will be old enough to vote.
In the 2020 Election, go out and vote for what’s right. Us, as a generation CAN fix this next term, no matter what happens within the next four years, we have each other and we can fix it. We can stop the discrimination and hate. Don’t give up. 💕

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I live outside of Canada and thought CTV was showing the Pairs'/Men's Free Skates, but I'm on the stream right now and all I'm getting is a news program. Do you know if something got changed or moved?

Unfortunately, we realized too late that the CTV stream we were using was from Calgary and so wasn’t showing events live in Eastern time (which is where Canadian Nationals was taking place). We couldn’t find any streams from EST. Sorry for the confusion! These Youtube channels have uploaded videos from Canadian Nationals, if you need to catch up: 1, 2

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you wrote in a post that triple x had no buzz in comparison to quantico.. how is it right now? in 2 days they've managed to drum up a lot of hype before the us/worldwide release. (while quantico season 2 returning? not so much unfortunately) but people are talking about it in the us, i think their strategy was just to reach out to other markets first, thus, the cast

I mean, I’m not the ultimate authority on this…I can only attest to what I’ve personally seen. But I don’t think I’ve seen a single TV spot for XXX, and most conversations are still focused around Hidden Figures/Live By Night, and of course all the Oscar contenders that released in the last half of 2016 since award season is here. 

I get what their strategy was, but XXX didn’t do well in India. Not sure how it did in all the other actors’ countries of origin, but I’m not sure that strategy really panned out for them. It might make money, since it’s an action film in the midst of a lot of prestige pictures and people might need a break from ~srs~ films, but…the reviews are bad. I’m not sure this is going to do for Deepika what she hopes it will do.

We’ll see when the numbers come in, I guess?

chaostrolls replied to your post: I’m not really content with how I draw mouths any…

I usually save a lot of references so maybe scoping out pinterest or DA or google images will help? There’s a lot to be said for practicing and using references :0

Unfortunately I’m not terribly good at using references? Like, I can see how I would draw what the reference is showing me, but cannot seem to execute it properly. It’s a little wierd.

some unlucky kiddos :’)

Guess who got a tablet for christmas? *waggles eyebrows* I still have a long way to go before I can be considered proficient at using it, but I’ll get there. I’m looking forward to making the most of the ‘dead’ time during my commutes to and from the office!


i feel i have yet to express how much i love a series of unfortunate events so i will just have to share it with you until you understand too

Bitty likes putting clothes/blankets in the dryer just so he can be all warm and snuggly for a while

(Jack figures this out and buys like five electric blankets for his apartment and no one can figure out why he has them, he’s Canadian)