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some post-reveal adrienette because they would be sickeningly cute

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A few of the painted scenes from the Relacion de Michoacan that I was able to find on Google.

The most useful ethnohistorical source has been the Relación de Michoacán, written around 1540 by the Franciscan priest Fray Jeronimo de Acalá, containing translated and transcribed narratives from Tarascan noblemen. This Relación contains parts of the “official Tarascan history” as carried down through oral tradition: one part focuses on Tarascan state religion, the second on Tarascan society, and the last on Tarascan history and the Spanish conquest. Unfortunately the first part is only partly preserved.


It really bothers me that people feel the need to pit female characters against one another, especially when the show has a predominantly male cast and only 2 female characters. You don’t see people picking sides, choosing favorites, or hating one of the male characters. You don’t see huge debates over whether Seth or Richie is the best Gecko, or people wishing Freddie would die because he is “annoying”. Why the fuck is that okay with female characters?

It angers me when I go into the tags nowadays and see someone wish that either Kate or Kisa would die so either Kate or Kisa would be the only female character on this show…. This show is almost perfect but one of it’s few flaws is the lack of female characters and the lack of interaction between said female characters. And you guys want one to die?

Kate and Kisa are not enemies. They never have been. They don’t hate each other either. And unfortunately, they haven’t even had a single scene together in 2 full seasons until last night’s episode. Both are amazing characters with their own unique personalities and qualities. Neither is better or worse than the other. And it’s quite upsetting to see a Kate vs Kisa debate over who gets to monopolize the attention of two Gecko Brothers who ultimately love each other the most anyways?

It’s not worth it. Stop it y’all.

Imperial Doughnut Break (Evil Twin)

Brewery : Evil Twin
Beer : Imperial Doughnut Break
Style : Imperial Porter / Porter
Variance : Brewed with Coffee, Bittersweet Almonds, and Doughnuts

9 / 10

Cops have been getting a lot of heat lately. There’s a lot of shitty officers out there and at the same time there are a lot of great men and women wearing the uniform but unfortunately only the shit heads make the headlines. The one thing we can all agree on though is their great taste in pastries. Cops always have the nose for the best doughnuts in town and it’s very rare to see one at a lowly place like Dunkin’ Donuts unless it’s the last possible choice. This beer would be one of those rare shops serving up only the best glazed gooey treats that’s flavor could only be described to be as good as fast forwarding to all of Rosario Dawson’s topless scenes in Alexander. This beer is a damn delicious porter and so far, Evil Twin has yet to disappoint me in any of the brews I’ve tasted. This starts with a sugary chocolate silk taste with some of that coffee bitterness creeping through in the middle with some light vanilla almond milk joining the crew at the end to make for one unique and flavorful porter. This beer is an absolute beast and if you haven’t tried this yet then you are fucking missing out. This is a must try for all porter lovers or just anyone in love with the big blacks and as far as the entry level beer drinker, this is a great starting point due to it’s sweetness and bold flavors. Just be careful kiddos, this beer clocks in at 11.5% so don’t get too wasted. Enjoy!

Written by: Steve B.