unfortunately i don't remember

The Netflix Series of Unfortunate Events is turning out to be awesome! Super stoked for season 2. Loving how VFD members are getting a lot more screen time too! And Lemony Snicket!! And UNCLE MONTY!!!

man we would be. so disabled outside of an academic context.

like we’ve been Doing Just Work for approximately 4.5 hours? 1 hour watching a lecture, about 1 grading, and then 2.5 reading/homeworking. and now i am just drained, having a hard time focusing eyes on anything, something fuzzy pressing down on my brain. (never quite figured out a satisfying way to describe this .-.)

the reason why we can do the work expected of grad students is that usually we’re almost constantly half-working, like reading an article and then doing something else, watching LPs while writing, etc. i know a lot of people, upon leaving school, suddenly enjoy having a stretch of time where they’re Doing Work and then they’re home and Done, but dear god we could never do that??? 8+ hours of being “on”???

- Ace

anonymous asked:

hey sorry for being an enormously unkind person to you a long time ago. it wasn't acceptable. every so often i reflect on the things i said and did and i'm completely ashamed. i know nothing about you except that you seem like a kind and generous person, but i was caught up in the witch hunt that tumblr social justice has become, an i actively tore you down out of some false sense of moral superiority. that's bullshit. i don't expect forgiveness, or for you to even care, but i'm truly sorry.

Gosh, I’m really sorry, I actually have no idea who this could be. All I know is that you for sure aren’t the G/T shipper since they were stalking me and taking screenshots of my blog not too long ago. 

Of course I care about this, though. I honestly can’t recall what this is about because there has been a small group of people stalking me and trying to hurt me for quite some time now ((over a year)), so it’s difficult to pinpoint this specific witch hunt since I’ve long since moved on from worrying about such things. It’d help if you came off anon or at least told me who you were ((which would never be published, by the way)) if only so I can personally give you forgiveness because I have no reason to hold a grudge or be angry with you. You called yourself out on your own behavior and realized where you went wrong, there’s absolutely no reason for me to further point out your wrongdoings or pass judgement on you. You learned and you grew by your own realization and that’s something I feel is worth praising and being proud of rather than wallow in your past transgressions or use them against you. I’d much rather talk things out with you personally and put this to rest once and for all! I’m not perfect, either, and for all I know I unintentionally did or said something that you took personally which then inadvertently added fuel to your fire. I’d like to know if I did anything just so I can be aware of it and know for the future.

Regardless as to whether you let me know who you are, thank you for this! I’m happy you’ve grown so much since then! 


Say, I don’t mind you under my skin. I’ll let the bad parts in, the bad parts in.
When we were made we were set apart. Life is a test and I get bad marks.
Now some saint got the job of writing down my sins….