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Hello everyone !!! This is just a notice to say I haven’t forgotten you all & I am not leaving this account. Unfortunately, I’m stuck in the middle of rural France right now with no WiFi. The only available data that works is from my dad’s phone ( which I’m using now ) This means that I’ll officially be back on Wednesday but for the next couple of days I will be busy but will try & get on ASAP. C:

The Wedding Planner (Part 3)

Summary: Being a wedding planner is all fun and games until suddenly you’re saved from an accident by the man of your dreams–later discovering that he happens to be your latest client’s fiancé.

Word Count: 1,789.

Part 1 Part 2 

A/N: Shorter part than usual! But just wait to see what happens at the end. Hope you enjoy!

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my last say on the scandal surrounding my daughter I have just spoken to her over facebook and I am worried for her mental health or worse ffs world get a grip she has not killed anyone robbed anyone she was having sex in a private situation between consulting adults and then has been betrayed by some low lifes as her dad I urge people to back off as I say I am very worried for her it will be no good backing her when its too late like many other celebrities who have left us.

Sat with my husband, he is sobbing, he can’t even speak. I’m losing everything I love, the business we love will kill us it seems 

It’s unfortunate that in a day and age where humanity has finally reached a peak, where people are fighting against racism, sexism, and prejudice and making a stand for their fellow humans, that something like a “nude leak” would happen. Paige is someone who, for quite some time, I’ve been a fan of much like several wrestling fans have of all ages. She’s fought since she was a teenager to gain the light that she’s achieved, and proven that she can hang with some of the best, becoming one of the best herself. Her private life, no matter what anyone’s opinion of it is, has become public, and it’s caused some understandable mental concern for the former WWE Divas Champion.

What’s worse than the leak itself is the amount of “wrestling fans” who took it upon themselves to tweet Paige and her mother with photos and jokes about the entire situation. As if making a mockery of someone’s personal life, which has been dramatically exposed, is something to gain a laugh over. There’s a reason that I don’t cover certain aspects of the wrestling world, and nude leaks is one of them. It’s sickening to a high degree, and even worse when someone is made to be lesser-than because they’re a female partaking in the same activities that males are. If anyone reading this post has decided to poke fun at Paige or her mother, Sweet Saraya, over this situation, you’re more than welcome to unfollow this page. I have zero respect for anyone who thinks this situation is all fun and games. This is a person’s life.

An Early Morning Malec Drabble

(This is my first time posting anything new I’ve written but if you guys enjoy it I might try to do something longer)

Sunlight was just starting to peak through the curtains when Alec was woken up by the chirp and buzz of his phone going off. Sighing, he carefully removed Magnus’s arm from his waist and sat up, grabbing his phone from the bedside table on the way. He had to take a minute to let his eyes adjust to the brightness of the screen. When he could finally make it out he saw a total of 6 missed calls and 2 text messages, one from Izzy and one from Jace. The message from Izzy read
“Urgent meeting at the institute get over here now!!”
Jace, on the other hand, simply wrote
“Get your ass here now”
Sighing again and rolling his eyes, Alec glanced over his shoulder at the beautiful sight of Magnus still fast asleep on the burgundy satin sheets. “This better be fucking important” he grumbled to himself as he stood up and started searching for his clothes. The trip to the bedroom last night had been a bit of a rush and clothes were being magicked off in every direction. Finally he managed to find all his clothes and quietly got dressed. He tiptoed over to Magnus’s side of the bed to gently place a kiss to the still sleeping warlock’s forehead. He was a centimeter away when Magnus whispered “urgent business shadowhunter?” “Ugh, unfortunately.” Alec replied, “at least the million missed calls from Jace and Izzy make it seem that way.”. Magnus rolled over so they were eye to eye, “well go, do your job Shadowhunter, I’ll be right here when you get back.”. Alec chuckled, thinking about how many times Magnus has said that to him. “I’ll be back as soon as I can” Alec said. “Be safe”, said Magnus. “Always am.”, replied Alec. They shared a brief, but meaningful, kiss and Alec stood up to leave. “I love you Alexander” Magnus said from his spot on the bed. Alec turned from the doorway, “I love you too, Magnus. Be back soon.” And with that he was off to the institute to see what so damn important.

Call for Help. =(

I had hoped I wouldn’t need to make a post about this, since I thought I had solid plans in the works. Unfortunately, that’s not the way it went.

I have been unemployed since January 1 of this year. The company that I was working for went out of business. I then got in contact with a former employer, hoping that they would have a place for me. We had a phone interview, and things were truly looking up, until they just… never called me back.

I am also in the process of applying for unemployment at this time, ftr.

I still have my computer, and I still have Photoshop, so I would much prefer people commission me for artwork rather than me just straight up asking for donations while I look for another job.

If you have something in mind, like a photo retouch or anything, send me a message here on Tumblr or you can send me a detailed email at mirandaadria@outlook.com.

If you do have anything to spare, my PayPal address is also mirandaadria@outlook.com

And, of course, if you’re not able to commission me or donate, a reblog will always be appreciated to help spread the word.

Please consider helping a broke ass Latina out. LOL.

You are irreplaceable

Michael Gray x Reader
Word count: 1622
Warnings: Swearing, Mentions of smut, fluff, war
This is about the reader and michael not always getting along, it was really fun to right!

“Are the books going to be done in time? I don’t want you being in here late by yourself,” Tommy looked at (Y/N) whilst she hunched over the pile of papers in front of her.
“I’ll get it done.” You said sternly.
“Well ok but if you aren’t done by 5, i am having someone supervise you not a chance you’re staying here by yourself,” he said looking around the busy betting shop. You had been close with the shelbys for years, you lived right next door to them and your older brothers were great friends with the Shelby boys. When your two oldest brothers went off to war, your oldest brother, christopher was a tunneler with Tommy. Unfortunately to the horror of your families and the Shelby’s your brother didn’t make it back. Tommy often said he owed Chris his life. Ever since he came back protecting Chris’ family had become a priority to Tommy as well as his own. When you turned 18 you were finally allowed a job at the betting shop, and impressed Tommy and Pol with how smart you actually were. But even being a smart girl, there were too many books today and there was not a chance you were getting it done by 5.

5 rolled around faster than anything and you weren’t even close to finished yet. You sighed leaning back in your chair as you saw tommy marching down the hall to your office.
“How much you got left to do?” You sighed nodding your head to the pile on the right to indicate how much was left.
“Ok two seconds i’ll let Michael know he’s staying late,” Tommy said as he went to walk away.
“No! Tommy please not michae, please,” you begged him not to ask michael to stay to be your supervisor for the evening.
“Will give you a chance to bond,” Tommy smirked, “Maybe you two will finally start getting along.”
“Get along my arse,” you groaned throwing your head down into your hands. This made him start to chuckle.
“I’ll see you tomorrow (Y/N),” he said still laughing at how much of a gurn michael put you in. It was no secret that you two didn’t get along. Ever since he got here you disliked him. Maybe you were jealous of all the attention he got from Aunt Pol and the boys. Even your own brothers took a huge interest in him. It didn’t help that all of your friends swooned over him always asking if you could put a good word for them. Things got even worse a couple weeks back when you accidentally walked in on Michael and your best friend almost in the act.
“For fuck sake!” you shouted before you turned back around slamming the door behind you. You didn’t know why you were crying but you were and still storming down the street.
“(Y/N) wait up!” You heard him call behind you. You turned round to face him and he slowed down seeing the tears streaming down your face.
“Wait, look i’m sorr… why are you crying?” He asked putting his hand on your shoulder. You shook him off quickly and saw your best friend sneak out the door and skip down the street in the opposite direction.
“You’ve taken everyone from me’” You whispered, barely audible but somehow he still heard.
“Wait what?” he asked, but you turned your face away wiping away your tears quickly.
“Nothing it doesn’t matter, it never mattered.” and with this you marched away not letting him see you continue to cry. Leaving him standing there in the middle of the street. You honestly hadn’t spoken to him since and you didn’t want to start speaking to him now.
“You need any help?” you heard a voice say. You look up and see michaels muscular figure standing in the doorway.
“I am perfectly capable of doing it by myself, thanks,” you snap at him fiercely.
“I know you are, but two of us will get it done quicker and let’s be honest neither of us want to be here.” he was right the last person you wanted to be stuck with right now was him. You made a small pile and pushed across the desk. He took a seat across from you, as you both started working away.
You were finishing up the last couple bits, when you felt michaels stare burn into the top of your head.
“Yes?” You snapped up catching him off guard. He squirmed uncomfortably not really having an answer.
“What was the other night all about?” He quizzed. You sight flopping your head back against your chair.
“Look, it’s not like we get along I don’t need to tell you all my Problems,” You say giving him a look warning him to not ask any more questions, which he chose to ignore.
“But what did you mean? And why don’t we get along (Y/N)? I never understood what i did to make you dislike me that much.” You thought about everything he was asking and honestly didn’t really know the answers yourself. You ignored him for a minute continuing with the last bits of paper work. He sighed clearly pissed off that you hadn’t replied. As he saw you finish up he pushed back his chair but he froze when you started talking.
“It’s not your fault michael, it’s my jealousy that’s the problem. You gained attention from my brothers, the shelbys, aunt pol all my friends. I know how stupid I sound right now but all anyone was ever speaking about was Michael this Michael that. It made me hate you,” You say looking down at your feet while getting up to get your coat. Michael got up and grabbed it for you, holding it out so you could slip your arms in.
“I’m sorry you felt like that (Y/N), “ he said with genuine guilt in his voice. “But the boys love you, everyone loved you. You are literally irreplaceable to everyone in this shit hole. There is only one (Y/N) (Y/N/L)” You looked at him as tears started to brim in your eyes. He pulled you into his chest and into a tight embrace. You lightly sobbed feeling oddly comforted by being in his arms.

The next few weeks you and Michael were becoming closer as you stopped fighting and starting getting along. This really shocked everyone because your feud had gone on for so long. Tommy, John, Pol and your brother Dom were all placing bets on how long it would last. Michael had picked you up that night to take you to the garrison for Finn’s 17th birthday. The whole place was heaving as you went into the private room, to see the family and give Finn his birthday card. After a while it was Michael’s turn to go get the drinks, when he left and shut the door behind him all eyes were on you.
“So,” John started laughing into his drink, “You and michael huh?”
“What are you on about?” you say brushing off what John was trying to imply.
“You two have been looking awful cosy lately,” Arthur joined in as all the boys started laughing with each other.
“I have no idea what you’s are on about.”
“Oh come off it (Y/N), the way he looks at you like you are the best thing to walk this earth and you’re telling me there’s nothing going on?” Tommy chimed in.
“No he doesn’t, we are just friends getting along like you wanted.” You say giving them all a stare.
“Try telling that to him then,” he said all of them still finding you being so clueless amusing. What were they on about? Surely Michael didn’t like you like that? Did you like him like that? Your head was spinning so you decided it was to go get that drink, find your friends and hit the dance floor. You grabbed your drink of michaels tray as he walked past, downed it and went to the bar for another. Another couple drinks in and you were dancing away with your friends you felt a pair of strong arms snake around your hips. You turned round to see Michael’s grinning face. You both chuckled and continued dancing away until a slow song came on. You rested your head on his chest as he pulled you into him as close as he could. You looked up at him and in the moment you had all the confidence in the world, you leaned up to kiss him but he turned his head away and looked down at the floor. You laughed to yourself, the boys were definitely wrong there was not a chance michael liked you. Lucky for you, you were too drunk to be embarrassed or care.
“You’re really not interested, are you?” You laughed out loud at how you ever thought he could be. You guided his hand and twirled under it still laughing. He was staring at you in awe at how you weren’t even slightly awkward with the situation. At how amazing you really are.
“No it’s not that,” he said admiring her as she lit up the room twirling around. “The problem is, if i kiss you, I don’T think I’d be able to stop.” You stopped twirling as he grabbed your face and pulled you in for a drunken but loving kiss. You heard cheers and whoops coming from all around the place including the boys who teased you about it earlier. You hid in Michael’s chest as everyone was giving you a round of applause.
“You’re irreplaceable (Y/N)” he reminded you once more.

Lovely psychopath Part 1

So, this is gonna be my first Criminal Minds story. I hope the characters are not to much ooc.
As always excuse spelling and grammar mistakes, when there is something to correct just tell me.
Otherwise have fun.

summary: Imagine you are a psychopath who was arrested because you killed many people. Now you where helping the BAU and after a while Spencer falls in love with you. The other members of the team try to protect Reid from you while you get involved in more and more cases.

I had the idea in my head for a long time. Fortunately I don’t know an psychopath so I googled it. Be prepared for some mistakes. XD

“JJ!” “What is it Hotch?” “Call the others. I have something to tell them.” “Of course. They will be in the meeting room in a few minutes.” “Thanks JJ.”
Agent Hotchner went straight to the meeting room while JJ informed the others to meet him there.
“What happened. Do you have a new tip for our case?” Asked Derek as he entered the room.
“No but I have something to tell you. Take a seat.” Emily and Reid looked at each other in confusion. “So what is it?” Now Rossi asked.
“You all know that the case we work on is one of the hardest we ever had. It is week now and we still don’t have any new hints while still people get kidnapped, tortured and killed. I don’t blame you we all do our best to solve this case. However, Strauss decided that we need help.” Aaron says with a sigh. “What is the problem? We had help in many cases before.” Derek asked. “The person who should help is is Y/n L/n.” Silence filled the room. “You mean the Y/n L/n who killed 20 to 30 People? The Y/n L/n who is clearly classified as an psychopath?” Now it was Reids turn to ask in disbelieve. “Will we visit her in prison?” JJ raised an eyebrow.
“That is the most displeasing part. She will come to the bureau.” Hotch closed his eyes and sight. “No way. This is crazy. It cant be what Strauss wants.” Derek reply. “I’m as unhappy about it as you are but it is still an order and we don’t have another choice.” A heated discussion started between the members of the team.
“Enough! I know we are all against this but we can’t do anything against it. We should prepare everything, she will be here in twenty minutes.”

The atmosphere was as cold as ice as the elevator opened and two police men with a woman between them left. She had h/c hair, e/c eyes, s/c skin and even if she was only y/h feet high she wasn’t to underestimate. In her c/c clothes she would look like a normal person except from her handcuffs.
She smiled as she entered the bureau and turned her head in different ways while they walked to the meeting room. Aaron talked with one of the police men then he waved the others to join them.
Y/n sat at the head of the table while her guards stand behind her observed every movement she made.
Derek and Rossi sat next to her, then JJ and Emily and at the opposite side Spencer. He felt uncomfortable but tried to hide it. Aaron was the only one walking up and down the room.
“So, tell me. Why am I here? What is so tricky that the great FBI can’t figure it out.” Y/n teased with a big smile.
“Several cases of kidnapping, torturing and killings. Most of the victims are women and we only found dead women but none of the men. All of them where pregnant and had given birth but we couldn’t find the babies. Some of them had their teeth and fingernails pulled out. A few of them have marks from electric shocks.” While talking Aaron walked through the room, monitoring every facial expression of Y/n.
After he stopped talking Y/n waved her hand as a sign that he should hand her the files her face bare of every emotion. Derek shifted in his seat as if he wanted to take the documents with the pictures from her.
Y/n ignored the writings and took the photos and spread them in front of her. She arranged them that the males where at the one side and the female on the other. “From where do you know that this cases belong to each other?” The h/c haired woman wanted to know.
“The procedure is always the same.” Derek answered short and concise. Y/n nodded.
“Did you figure out the similarities?” “There aren’t any.” Rossi interposed. “Of course there are. You haven’t searched good enough.” “We have! That is why we know there aren’t any similarities! The victims all have different hair colours, skin colour, highs, jobs and lifestyles!” Morgan seemed to be very pissed and Aaron darted an warning look at his agent. Y/n only rolled her eyes.
“No reason to be so sharp. It’s not my fault you didn’t do your job correct.” Y/n braced her head with her right hand. “Then tell us what we missed.” interjected JJ to avoid a fight between the two of them.
“It’s their health condition.” said the h/c haired woman while she played with her hair.
“What brings you to this conclusion? I mean, none of them had an chronic disease or something similar.” As Reid started talking Y/n’s head snapped up and she began to smile. “Exactly Agent-I-think-I-didn’t-get-your-name.” “Reid, ahm Dr. Spencer Reid.” He blushed. Y/n could tell she made him uncomfortable and it was fun to her. “That’s not important. Tell us what you know.” Hotch demanded. Y/n only sighed and played with her hair again. “It is exactly how Dr. Spencer Reid mentioned.” She gave him a wink and Spencer shifted in his seat.
“They where all healthy and in a good shape. Ideal if you want to breed.”
“Breed?” asked JJ with an horrified expression. “That’s what I said.” “Ok step by step. What brings you to this idea?” Derek claimed to know. “Easy. It where the electro shocks. They where used to push them very fast through birth. It is the same method some farmers use. Because of the shocks the muscles clench and the baby gets squeezed out. So it only lasts a few minutes.” Silence filled the room. Finally it was Emily who questioned: “Why would anybody do this? Where is the sense?”
“Human trafficking.” Y/n answered shuffling her feet. “And you are absolutely sure?” Rossi stood up. “Of course I am.” Y/n snorted.
“Well, it would explain why we never found the men. They are used as breeding bull’s.” Reid blurted out. “Metaphorical of course.” He added as everybody looked at him.
“Exactly. So, when do we kick the asses of this scumbags?” Y/n smiles.
“You will go back to prison. What we do is not your business.” Hotch commanded.
“Party pooper!” Y/n shouted out while the police men picked her up again and pushed her out of the room.

-time skip-

The BAU was able to catch one of the kidnappers but unfortunately he committed suicide in his cell. Now the team started again at the beginning.
“Hotch, what shall we do? We are running out of time. They already know that we are close to their heels and they will kill all of them to erase all traces.” Dereks voice was low and he seemed exhausted, everyone of the team did. “I don’t know Derek. We checked every abandoned building, warehouses, freight container, every farm hell we even checked every garden centre.” Aaron kneaded his temples. Silence filled the room. Everyone was tired and they didn’t had any hint.
Reid was the first one to speak: “I unwillingly suggest this, but what if we ask Y/n for help?” Derek raised his head. “This would be crazy!” “But maybe the only opportunity we have. She helped us once, maybe she does it again. Reid, Rossi you go to the prison and talk with Y/n. The rest of us go through the documents. Maybe we can find something.” The dark haired agent ordered. “I?” stuttered Spencer. “Yes, you. It was your idea. Hurry up we do not have much time.”
So Rossi and Reid left the BAU to talk to Y/n.

Y/n sat handcuffed at a desk as they arrived. She smirked. “Hello gentlemen. What can I offer you? Tea, coffee, cake or cookies?” Now she laughed.
“We don’t have the time so I will make it quick.” Said Rossi as they sat down on the chairs at the other side of the table.
“We need your help again. The BAU was able to catch one of the kidnappers but he committed suicide and even if we checked every possible hideout we couldn’t find anything. No men, no women, no babies and no dead bodies.”
“Am I right when I guess that you searched only in Quantico?” “And a few miles beyond.” Added Reid. Y/n glanced at him and smiled. “And exactly this is the problem.” “What do you mean?” Asked Rossi.
Y/n sighed. “If you want to breed you need a place in the middle of nowhere. With nothing miles and miles around. Nobody sees them and nobody hears them. So easy. They don’t think of them as humans only as animals.” “Where should we search?” Rossi leaned forward. “This agent will cost you something.” The h/c haired woman said with a low voice. “Where not here to make deals.” Rossis voice had an impending undertone. “Then Mr. FBI Man, it was nice seeing you again. You will find them sooner or later. I hope you are not to disappointed if it takes longer.” She smiled again.
“Ok, what do you want?” Spencer intervened. “What can you offer Dr. Spencer Reid?” Y/n smiled at him. “We can make a deal with the prison director. You can have books, something to draw or write, maybe an computer.” Rossi glanced at Reid who was getting nervous and hectic.
The woman on the other side of the table smiled and leaned back in her chair.
“No.” Was her simple answer. The two agents looked at each other. “Give us a moment.” With this words David and Spencer stood up and took a few steps away from her.
“Ok Reid we have to thing and that very fast. We never thought about a deal and lets be honest we don’t have much what we can offer. So, what can we do?”
“Why are you asking me?”
“You are the genius, tell me.”
“Ahm……ok let me think. Mh……..there is not much what we can do. Maybe we can ask her again. There is not much time left. What if they kill the women, men and babies right in this moment? I think we have to take this risk.”
Rossi nodded but seemed not happy about it. “All right, lets give it a try.”
Both agents went back to the table.
“Listen Y/n time is running out. Just tell us what you want and we will see what we can do.”
Y/n smiled. “Glad for you I have this guard as an witness. Otherwise I would say no. Ok, here is the deal. At first I want to be transferred to an asylum.” Again Rossi and Reid looked at each other. “And second?” The older agent asked. “I want to want in when you kick the asses of them.”
For a moment they hesitated but then Rossi nodded and sighed in agreement.
“Very well gentlemen. It is a pleasure to make a deal with you.” Y/n smirked and leaned forward.
“Now listen! I tell you what you have to do.”

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Patsy and Delia prompt - Patsy is asked to help out at the London while Delia is hospitalised. Delia needs a bath - Patsy has to help. Awkwardness ensues !!

Hi hi! I hope this satisfies ^.^ 

It seriously ran away from me this time and is almost 4000 words, its a little more serious than awkward but I tried to include some of that too. 

Also to the Anon from a while ago who asked for a story about Delia getting hurt and Patsy’s reaction this may fit that as well. 

Hope you all enjoy, let me know what you think!

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Would there ever be the possibility of a trans character (and especially a pre-transition trans character) showing up on "The Bright Sessions"? There's a decided lack of trans characters (and especially pre-transition trans characters) in media as a whole and I would really, really love to see that happen, especially on a podcast that has been as diverse as "The Bright Sessions."

Short answer: yes.

(very) Long answer: yes, this is something that has actually been on my mind since the very beginning. As I think I’ve mentioned before, I have a whole list of atypical characters that I would love to bring onto the show. But when I first started coming up with the characters that would occupy the first season, there were a few things I had to keep in mind. 

Structure. I thought more than three patients would be overwhelming and unruly to manage with the therapy format. 

Actors. I was definitely going to be writing a character for myself (Sam) and for my best friend Anna (Chloe). This started out as a way to stay creative and write fun stuff for myself and my friends so that’s what I was considering. I knew I wanted Julia to play Dr. Bright pretty early on and Caleb was the second character I had ever thought of. The moment he was fully formed, Briggon seemed like the perfect fit. 

My ability to write it. Girl with anxiety? Easy. Angsty, sensitive teenage boy? Yeah, I can do that (thanks YA fiction/high school au fanfics). Flower child with a heart of gold who is also fiercely intelligent? You bet (Chloe was written with Anna in mind and there are many similarities between them). Intelligent female psychologist? Yes, my sister is one of those, she can help me. Plus each of these characters has a piece of me and my perspectives, so I felt qualified to tell their stories. 

The challenges/benefits a superpower would provide. This is a big one. I thought a lot about which power/character combos would be most interesting. Time travel/panic attacks, empathy/teenage hormones, mind reading/bleeding heart, etc. And I have dozens more of these in my list of atypicals. Which brings me to…

Shapeshifting/transgender. One of my first thoughts when planning out atypicals was, “wouldn’t it be cool if there was a trans character who was trying to gain control of their shapeshifting ability in order to change their physical body to what they felt on the inside”. 

For those of you following along at home, yes, you have already encountered this person: Patient #6-C-1, mentioned once in Episode 17A and then seen by Caleb and Adam on one of their stake-outs. Even though there is absolutely no indication of this canonically, in my head that person is trans (pre-transition).

So why haven’t we seen more of this character? Well, for all the reasons I just talked about. 

Structure. Damien is technically the only other patient we’ve added after the initial three. And he is a necessary foil/antagonist to the rest. All the other characters we’ve added have either been serving an antagonizing purpose or are characters that we’d alluded to in the first season (Adam, Mark, Frank, etc.). Because we only see two or three characters per episode, I’m constantly worried about overstuffing the cast.

Actors. As I said, this has been an exercise in casting my friends. We’ve never held a casting call (mostly because they are time consuming and cost money) and I would obviously want to cast a trans actor to play this role. And I know that if I put in the effort, I could find this person. But the whole production side of this podcast is way more thrown together than it may appear so this is entirely an organizational failure on my part. 

My ability to write it. This is the biggest obstacle in having this trans character in the podcast. I am not trans. While I’ve known plenty of trans people in my life in various stages of coming out and transitioning, I can never know what that process is like. Ever since imaging this character I’ve been thinking, “this seems like a cool idea to me, but would it actually be offensive to trans people?”. 

There are certain stretches I can make in my writing (for instance, I write male characters and characters with very different morals from my own) but with trans representation being so sparse, as you said, I didn’t feel I was the right voice to tell a trans story. So then it becomes about finding someone to consult with - either a trans writer or even the actor who ends up playing this character.  I know it’s not something I can do alone. Even in writing this answer, I worry that I will somehow misrepresent or offend those who are trans. Trying to tackle this subject in the podcast is something that very much intimidates me because I care so deeply about doing it right. 

And to go back to the more practical obstacles, we’re only adding two more voice actors this season and that will be it for the foreseeable future. The unfortunate reality is that I am but one person with a very busy life, for whom this podcast is still basically a really fun hobby (not in the sense that I do it in my spare time (because it is all my time), but in the sense that it does not pay my bills). There are a hundred ideas and stories I want to get to, and I simple do not have the time or brain capacity to do so all at once. 

So that is the very long-winded, somewhat spoiler-y reply to your thoughtful question. I debated about how much to give away in this answer but I figured full disclosure was best. I’m not trying to make excuses - I know that there are extremely talented trans artists out there that I should seek out. And hopefully, as the world of the podcast expands, I will be able to do so. 

I’m glad that you find The Bright Sessions to be a place of diversity and I am constantly striving to improve it on that front. I just want to make sure that I do it right. 

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Hey!! I was just wondering if requests were still open? I've seen that you been super busy lately and I didn't want to assume that you had them open xD

WHOA i thought i responded to this, my bad

Originally posted by fyeahyurionice

YES, i am super duper busy right now, but they’re technically still open. what will likely happen is that i’ll add any requests to a list (once we hit 10 fic requests or 20 HC requests, i’ll close them up) and you’ll be queued up for when i get back to writing. unfortunately, the super busyness doesn’t look like it’s going to let up any time soon, so you might have to wait a while, but you’ll still be on the list

[TUTORIAL] Graphic Tutorial #19

hey everyone, it’s been a long while since i last made a post on this blog. i’ve been super busy with school and life in general. but i had some free time on my hands today and thought i share this little minimalistic/aesthetic graphic with you all.

has anyone seen the recent netflix series adaptation of A Series Of Unfortunate Events yet? I am completely obsessed and super happy that someone has finally brought the books justice! i started reading this series back in middle school and i’m a sucker for a good mystery and this series is my all time favorite, second to Harry Potter of course! HAHA! 

but let’s go ahead and get right into the tutorial, continue reading!!!! 

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Tutor - SEVENTEEN (Joshua)

Pairing: Joshua x Reader (Joshua Pre-Debut)
Genre: Fluff

Summary: You needed a Korean tutor, ASAP and Joshua was willing to teach you.
A/N: I barely started stanning SEVENTEEN so bare with me. ALSO can we please talk about HIGHLIGHT? “I’m like a bird!!”

You were accepted to your dream college, KAIST. It was an international college and had a terrific STEMS program that you wanted to study. You had a full ride, graduating top in your class. You  thought that moving to Korea would be easy. It was one of your biggest dreams and just thinking of living there made your heart flutter. You anticipated the cultural foods and environment. But it wasn’t easy. You hardly knew the language.

Even though you attended an international university. It was hard when you bumped into a local. You found yourself dependent on the foreigner students. Even your roommate was local. She knew english but her accent was bad, you could barely understand what she was saying.

The college obviously offered Korean classes but your tuition didn’t cover that class and you’d have to pay out of pocket. It was very pricey so you had to find an alternative. 

Sunday Morning

“Y/N!” One of your college friends, Emily, also a foreigner, called out to you as soon as you walk out of your dormitory. You hug your body as soon as you came in contact with the harsh cold air. You smile despite how cold it was to even move. “What’s up?”

“Are you busy? Do you have a class?” She had a smile on her face as usual. Her facial expression boosted your mood and you answered, “No. I was going to walk around, get some air.” You both laughed because you knew it was too cold to get air.

“Well I wanted to invite you to have coffee with me and a few friends. It’s a perfect opportunity to get to know people.” She shoved her hands in her pocket and you didn’t hesitate to answer. “Sure, why not?”
“Great! Let’s go!” You follow her lead to her car.

Getting to know a variety of people was crucial in college. It was the main aspect.

You and Emily pull up to a very popular cafe and make your way inside. You walk in and you can hear all the chatter and smell the coffee in the air. You were so used to the smell and the taste,you didn’t even want anything.  “There they are!” Emily pointed out a group of people. They were 2 males and a female. You could tell they spoke Korean from their conversation.

You both walk over to the table and you can see familiar faces. Some of them were in some of your classes. “Hey guys, this is Y/N.” Emily points to you. “Anyeonghaseyo!” You politely bow but they giggle playfully, including your friend. “We speak english silly.” One of them said. You blush in embarrassment.
You were so proud of your pronunciation and you were so confident. You wanted to run and hide under your sheets. “I’m sorry.” You look down. “It’s fine, it was cute.” You made eye contact with Joshua. You knew him from your material science class. His IQ was humanly impossible. You never spoke to him but he just complimented you. You glance at him once more before looking away and blushing even harder. 

Emily hints you to take a seat, so you do, across from the people you embarrassed yourself in front of. “This is Vernon, Ji-Hye, and Joshua.” Emily introduced you properly. The smile and you return the gesture. “What do you major in?” Vernon asked. “Material Science.” You answer, avoiding contact with Joshua because you two never spoke in that class. It was awkward to meet outside of school.

“She’s in my material science class.” Joshua smiles at you. You find it only polite to smile back. “That’s cool! How come you guys haven’t properly met then?” Ji-Hye adds which was unfortunately more awkward for you both. You found it only right to be honest and relaxed.

“I was intimidated by your IQ. You always seem busy, so I didn’t think to waste your time.” You answer to Joshua rather than Ji-Hye. Joshua laughs and you weren’t sure if you should too. “Am I really intimidating? I’m sorry.” You laugh as well and feel like weight has been lifted from your shoulders from your confession.

“We were waiting for you guys to come before we ordered. We’re going to order now, do you want anything?” Vernon asked as everyone but you stood. “No thank you.” You couldn’t even look at coffee right now. “I’m good.” Joshua smiled at them and remained seated.

This left you and Joshua at the table alone.

“To be completely honest, I’ve always wanted to talk to you. You seemed so cool when you broke the beaker with that experiment last week.” Joshua brought up your accident you regretted so much. You added too much of chemical and made a slight explosion. You were so embarrassed.

“Oh god, don’t bring that up.” You laugh. “It was hysterical.”

“I never felt more embarrassed in my life.” You shake your head. “So how’s Korea treating you?” He rests his chin on his hands. “It’s great! I just, really struggle with the language. And right now, I can’t afford classes at the university.”

Joshua’s head pops up. “I can teach you! From hangul to everything.” He volunteered himself. “Are you serious? That’d be amazing.” You were happy to finally find an awesome alternative. You’ve always wanted to learn more and you were more than willing to.

“When can we start?” You asked.

“How’s Saturdays at 12?” Joshua questioned. You thought about your schedule before you answered. You had no after life after school. All your classes were on weekdays. “Sounds good! But are you sure it isn’t a bother?” You didn’t want to be a bug to Joshua.

“It’s fine, I promise! I have nothing to do anyways.” He smiles reassuringly. Your friends come back with their drinks and you all become closer over conversation.


It was your last class and it was materials science with Joshua. Your science class this whole week consisted of preparation for an experiment. You were slightly scared because you didn’t want to make a mistake like you did last experiment. “Today we pick partners and we’ll start the first half of the lab. Make sure you pick wisely people.” The professor gave the class some time to choose partners.

Before, you would choose anyone. It didn’t matter. But now that you’ve gotten closer to Joshua, you were hoping he’d ask you first. You didn’t want to force it, make a mistake, and lower his grade in the class.

“You down Y/N?” Joshua looked over to you and it was like he read your mind. You smile an nodded and made your way over to his station. “Are you sure? I might break a beaker again.” You laugh and so did he. “It would at least make this class less boring.”

Your professor went over the safety and procedures. And you paid so much attention because you did’t want to mess anything up.
As soon as the professor finished and left you loose to begin, you were so focused. “You’ll be the script?” Joshua asked. “Sure.” You were relieved you didn’t have to do the mixing and measuring. “Are we still down for tomorrow?” He asked as he prepared the chemicals. “Yes of course. At the same cafe?” You watched him closely. “Yep. 12pm sharp.”


You woke up at 11am, slightly shocked. You knew it took you a long time to get ready. You had showered last night so all you had to do was dress. You couldn’t help but think of this as a date. You felt as if the dress code expectations were high.
You dressed warmly in jeans, a thick oversized sweater, and your favorite combat boots. You loosely curled your hair and applied eye make up and lip gloss.

“Where are you going?” Your roommate asked. “I have tutoring for Korean. We’ll be able to communicate so much.” You smile at her and she returns the gesture.

You check your phone and it was 11:30am. You grabbed your coat and scarf as you bidded your roommate goodbye. You debated if you should walk in the cold or take a bus. Taking the bus or taxi required to speak Korean and you didn’t feel like struggling - so you walked.

You made it to the cafe and you see Joshua waiting for you. It made your heart flutter a little just examining him as he was focused on his phone. You couldn’t feel this way after only a week. It isn’t right.
Him waving to you caused you to snap out of your thought. You smile and walk over to him. You sit next to him and you could see how he came prepared. He brought paperback textbooks and pencils.

“Hey! It’s cold! You should’ve worn a thicker coat!” You look at your coat and you literally picked the thinnest one. “I’m okay.” You take it off and get comfortable. “You really came prepared.”

“Well, I know how you feel. I remember when I came, I was so eager to learn Korean. And these text books are amazing. You’ll be able to speak Korean fluently in no time.” Joshua selects a specific textbook and you push your hair behind your ears, eager to learn.

As Joshua tutored you it was quite fun. He laughed a little when you mispronounced words, or how horrible your handwriting was in hangul. But you actually learned some new things and you enjoyed Joshua as your tutor.

“Okay! I think we did enough for today!” He clapped his hands together. It was  already 2pm. “Wow it’s already two.” You slide your phone back in your pocket and help pick up the clutter on the table. “You can take the text books so you can practice.” Joshua hands you 3 of the books. “Are you sure?” You were surprised, he was even sacrificing his free time to tutor you. “Yeah go ahead. I obviously don’t need them.” He reassured you. “Thank you.”
“We can walk back together since we’re going to the same place.” Joshua stood up and you nod. The walk back was laughter which you needed from soaking in so much information in 2 hours. As soon as you both reach campus, Joshua walked you to your dormitory. You both stopped in front of the doors because boys weren’t allowed in.

“Hey do you want to maybe go get something to eat tonight?” You were taken aback from his question. Was he asking you on a date? You? Joshua who was chased by many girls asked you?

“Sure! What time?” You played it cool.

“Is 7 okay?” He put his hands in his jeans pocket which let you know he was shy. You held in your giggle.

“That sounds good.” You smiled. “Great! I’ll pick you up right here.” Joshua smiled and left you with a problem.

It’d probably take you all day to figure out what to wear. And you’d be itching of curiosity if he asked you out because he’s hungry and want to eat with you, or if he really wants this to be a date.

A/N: Should I make a second part? I see a lot of potential for this storyline (:

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Supercorp prompt: "You can't fix this! You can't fix me, okay? I'm not something you can fix!" But instead of the usual Lena being broken how about we turn it around and have Kara broken? (I hope you're still doing prompts)

Lol, yes, I am still doing prompts. Just not as many as I’d like, unfortunately, now that I’m back in school and swamped with end-of-the-year BS. I should actually be getting ready for class and doing homework, but ehhhhhh :)

In honor of Supergirl Returns (also yes I’m salty bc where was Lena in this episode, dammit,) I decided to make time to answer a prompt. Congrats, it was yours! :D

Anyways, back to business- I’m going to combine it with another ask I receive pretty often, which is the whole anniversary-of-Krypton’s-death thing. So…

Here we go. I’ll post it on Ao3 later, when I get a chance. 

kintsukuroi, a Supergirl fanfiction


kintsukuroi (n.) - the art of repairing something with gold, and realizing that the object is all the more beautiful for having been broken


It’s the anniversary of the day of Krypton’s death. Kara’s not in the best state of mind, and Lena tries her hardest to reach her. 

“Can you just stop?”

Lena freezes in place, a look of hurt briefly flickering across her features before a smooth mask of calm settles over her face like a veil. “Stop what?”

And Rao, Kara just wants to shut up before she does any more damage, before she makes Lena retreat any more than she already has, but the words come spilling out of Kara’s mouth before she can stop them.

“Trying to fix everything!” Kara squeezes her eyes shut, dropping her face into her palms as the memory of Krypton’s death flashes through her mind, an endless cycle that she can’t escape- not today. “You can’t fix this! You can’t fix me, okay? I’m not something you can fix!”

She huffs out a low, cynical laugh, and the sound is darker than Lena has ever heard from the bubbly superheroine. “I’m not sure I’m even worth the effort.”

Her cheeks burn with a familiar shame beneath her hands, making her face feel hot. 

Everything feels hot, scorching, the heat of a collapsing core of an unstable planet sending ripples through space and knocking her so far off-course that she’s not sure she even really managed to get back on the right path ever since.

She’s so lost in her thoughts that she doesn’t even realize that Lena’s started moving again until she feels soft hands encircle her wrists. She tenses, part of her longing to sink in to the touch while another part of her screams to run away, fly away, to end all this before anyone can get hurt-

You don’t deserve to be happy, Kryptonian, a voice whispers from the darkest corners of her head, the words sliding between flesh and bone until it jabs at something in her chest, digging deep into a wound that had never really healed in the first place, scraped raw and oozing by her deepest fears.

You don’t deserve any of this.

You don’t deserve her.

Kara pulls away from Lena’s touch with laughable ease, careful- as she always is, always has to be in this glass-and-paper world- not to hurt the other woman as she does.

She speeds towards the furthest corner of the room, hands pressed against her ears, fingers twisting into her hair, hard. “Shut up,” she mutters under her breath, willing for everything to just stop-

You belong with me.

You belong to me.

You were meant to be mine.

But the volume of the voice reaches a crescendo, and it’s all that she can hear, all that she can think, all

Kara drops to her knees with a cry, rocking back and forth, squeezing her hands against her ears with renewed desperation. “Go away, go away, go away, please go away-” Her voice cracks, breaking, just like she is, and a hoarse whimper escapes her throat. “I’m not yours anymore, I’m not, I got out, I got out-”

Inside her, something laughs.

Did you really?

She slumps to the ground, tears leaking from the corners of her eyes and onto the floor, its surface blessedly cool against her fevered skin.

“Kara, whatever’s happening to you, you need to fight it. Do you hear me? You need to fight it.” Lena’s voice is faint, muted, barely audible despite Kara’s best attempts to tune out the ringing in her ears.

Gentle fingers unfurl her clenched fists and smooth messy curls away from her face. “I’m right here, Kara. I’m not trying to fix you. I never have. I know you can do that all on your own.”

Kara moans. “I can’t-”

Lena cuts her off, voice firm yet soothing, pressing a hand to Kara’s cheek. “You can. It’s what we do, people like us. We fix ourselves because we can. You can.”

Kara asks a question that echoes with the voice of the scared, orphaned girl that had fallen to Earth so many years ago, quiet and impossibly fragile. “What if I’m too broken to fix?”

The smile that stretches Lena’s lips is nothing short of radiant. “Nobody’s too broken to fix. We just have to try a little harder, that’s all.”

She shifts, settling her body onto the floor beside Kara, her kryptonite gaze beautifully disarming, still tracing her smooth, slender fingers across Kara’s flushed cheek. “And I’ll be right beside you every step of the way.”

Kara looks into her eyes- warm and bright, even brighter than the memory of a dying planet, a memory that now pales in comparison to the pure love and unwavering faith that shines in Lena’s steady, open stare- and believes.

For the first time since Krypton, for the first time since the Phantom Zone, Kara believes.

Lena shuffles closer, tucks Kara’s body against her own and presses her lips against the top of her head, draping her arm across the curve of the Kryptonian’s waist as she cups her free hand around the nape of Kara’s neck.

And just like that, just like gravity, Kara is pulled one step closer towards the path she’s spent her whole life trying to find her way back to once more.

Love it? Hate it? Let me know. :D

As always, I’m open to prompts. (But they take time. :/)

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i feel like villain!izuku would somehow get heroes and police officers' personal numbers and just, call them. just call them randomly to report something he did, or talk, or suddenly ask about something he should not know. no one knows how he got the numbers, and he even knows when they change numbers.

absolutely 100%. tsukauchi is one of the unfortunate victims. the phone rings, and the first thing tsukauchi hears when he picks up is “hey, i have an important press conference announcement. there’s this really cool cloud i’m seeing right now. if you look up, you can see it too. it’s white, sort of fluffy, got this fringe around the edges–” 

tsukauchi sighs and pinches the bridge of his nose. “deku, please, i am busy right now.” 

“no you’re not,” says izuku. “you’ve just been doing paperwork. you could just set it on fire, you know, then you wouldn’t have that giant backlog from three months back.” 

what the fuck. what part of this is tsukauchi even supposed to respond to? “i can’t just set it on fire,” tsukauchi says, then, “how do you even know about the backlog?” then “how do you know i’m doing it right now??” 

“i’m outside your window,” says izuku, “but i figured it’d be more polite to call.” 


“hey, kamui! i just wanted to call to let you know, i saw a tree and it really reminded of you! the trunk was brown and rough to the touch, it had a lot of branches–” 

“this is the third time you’ve called in ten minutes,” kamui says. “does every tree remind you of me, now?” 

“the resemblance is uncanny,” says izuku. “also, i just wanted to know how you feel about cactuses. no particular reason. it’s just a random thought. how do you like them? are they good?” 

“…what are you doing that involves cactuses?” 

“nothing! i just wanted to know, you know, if you happen to like cactuses. just because. no reason.” 

“…they are fine as long as they are not being used as projectile weapons or weapons in general, deku.” 

“i feel like you’re implying something about me here, but i have no idea what you mean. thanks kamui! i’ll see you soon.” 

10 minutes later and kamui has an entire truckload of cactuses in front of his hero agency. izuku explains apologetically that he had accidentally ordered 1000 instead of 100 and now he was trying to get rid of them all. kamui wonders why in the world izuku would need 100 cactuses in the first place and decides not to ask. 

(mount lady walks into her office the next day. the entire hallway has been carefully paved with cactuses, arranged neatly like a silent and spiky army. the cactuses spread across the floor, the counter, the stairs, even to the rooftop. the attention to detail is incredible. she’s almost sad to start getting rid of them.)


“eraserhead!” izuku cheers into the phone. 

aizawa hangs up. 

the phone rings again. then it rings again. then it rings again. long minutes of aizawa trying to ignore the phone later, he gives in and answers the call. “what,” he grits out. 

“i heard you were going undercover in the west prefecture for a while,” izuku says cheerfully. aizawa goes cold. “i mean, i knew that already because i love breaking in and snooping. but i mean, i heard heard it, like from the underground rumor mill. do you think you have a mole in the ranks? i feel like that might be bad for your career.” 

aizawa doesn’t know why deku is tipping him off like this – he’s a villain himself, isn’t he? – but he’s not dumb enough to discount intel from someone as well informed as deku. “what do you know?” 

“well, people are pretty excited to like….fight you,” izuku says thoughtfully. “they asked me if i knew anything and i told them you were bringing a dog. so i guess if you’re gonna do this you should bring a dog. i have one you can borrow, but you have to give her back. what do you think?” 

the pros of izuku being fond of you: you know things. the cons of izuku being fond of you: you have to suffer through his personality. it takes nearly half an hour to get izuku back on topic, but at least aizawa gets something out of it. 

now if only it wasn’t five in the god damn morning. 

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I'm so happy to see you back on my dash! I love your meta and enthusiastic destiel optimism. You rock! Don't ever change.

Aww thank you so much! That is so lovely of you to say! Unfortunately I’m about to go to bed and then am faced with four exceptionally busy days ahead of me. I hope to be back online Sunday evening. I will try to answer more asks and write some stuff then. Thank you for being so patient with me! X

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Guess who it be again it's me the person that asked how ya be a few days back, just wanting to hear if ya where feeling better now just to see if it had all passed or not, but if not hope it leaves your system soon.

HELLO MY FRIEND thanks again for you concern, unfortunately i am still down with the sickness

im sure it will pass soon, probably. even if not i have benadryl n hot lemon relief so i will be alright on that front. im just wiped out n backlogged with work so. im gonna be busy catching up on all that :’3

A Royal Mess

Imagine being Erebor’s Royal Maid and walking in on Thorin naked.

Another day of chores as monotonous as the one before and the one to come after. When you had thought of returning to the Mountain, you had never expected to do so as a maid. Though what could you expect. Before you had been nothing but a servant and Erebor had enough smiths as it were, so you were not of much use to the Forge.

The only grace was the dwarf you served: the king. Thorin was an admirable king and his character was much the same behind closed doors. He was kind to you, kinder than any you had worked for before. He had his days when his mood was darkened and you bore them quietly and patiently. It was not so bad being a royal maid, even if it was quite dull.

You knocked at the door of the king’s chambers and received no answer. Likely he was still in council which meant you could do your work swiftly and be on your way. You pushed inside, fresh linens stacked in your arms and crossed to the grand bed which stood against the far wall. You stripped it, though not easily, as the blankets were nearly heavier than you, and then pulled on the clean sheets.

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You know, I always forget I have herpes. The only time I ever even think or remember I have it is when I think of being intimate. Or if I see someone super cute or from my past (back when I didn’t have it) I’ve made myself so busy, and so tired to forget. And you know what, before herpes? I was confident, the loudest at a party, the funniest with the dance moves and the girl who’s personality automatically came off flirty. I was always smiling and giddy, and guess what?

I STILL AM. And you know what happened when I told my closest friend? SHOCK
“How are you so happy”
And my reply? Fuck it. This isn’t irreversible, this isn’t changing. WHY beat myself up day after day, WHY hold back who I truly am because of this unfortunate gift. People who really love you, are going to love you for who you are. Don’t let them fall in love with whom you’re not. Herpes doesn’t DEFINE YOU, herpes might make being intimate a little harder. But it gives you the chance instead of jumping right into bed, you jump into a persons head first.

Take more chances, GO ON DATES. Be yourself. Positivity is the only thing to get through this life long journey of Hsv. So make the best of it, drown yourself in sunshine and don’t ever, ever let go of who you were before being diagnosed. That person is still you, and you are still so beautiful.

What's Up With Ghostkin?

Because I know a lot of you (including kin) don’t quite get this kintype. Well, you’re in luck, because a literal ghost is going to help you out.* How is it possible to identify with something dead, and potentially human? Simple. Not all spirits have trouble moving on. So naturally, the energy would travel directly into another life. Hence, here you are. But as you would imagine, some energy gets trapped for one reason or another.

How does it happen? Well, right as your dying, you’ve got a window of time, where your brain is still flickering; still able to process thoughts. What your last thoughts are, conscious or not, depend on if you move on. If you have regrets, you’ve got the biggest chance there is to get trapped. Your energy suddenly feels tethered, because your lasts thoughts were the need to make things right, where they weren’t. It could be as big as “I killed people and I’m sorry,” or as little as “oh shit I owed him money”, and your energy could be trapped. Yep. Chances are a couple of your past lives got caught as a ghost.

Another possibility is unfortunately brutal and memorable murder or suicide. Unnatural death bothers the energy, because it feels unfinished. Once again, back on unfinished business. But with murder, it’s confusion, revenge even. “How dare they?” Or, “why did they do it?” Now, spirits aren’t trapped here forever. They can be a ghost for hundreds of years, yes, but they can always move on. It’s never too late. Anyway, it is true that the longer a spirit stays, its personality changes.

Take me, for example. I’m one of the better examples because I’m not vengeful and no birdie killed me. I am not out to hurt anybirdie, I did what I did for my own and everybirdie else’s sake. But I do know (benefit of being stuck between multiple canons) I have grown cold. I do not smile, I do not laugh, I treat my own friends like they’re disposable. I don’t mean it, it’s not my intention, but I can’t really connect with human emotion anymore, I’m just energy, unable to regenerate.

Sometimes it’s worse. That’s where those shitty movies come in and exaggerate and try and make you afraid of something you shouldn’t be. Ghosts can’t kill you, ghosts aren’t the typical “gEEEETTT OOUUUTTT” monsters you’re used to.

“Well that’s all fine and dandy Grey, but what’s that got to do with ghostkin?”

Ghostkin are those who remember being a ghost for a long time. No matter the life, being a ghost for so long really resonated with them. It made their way of life adjust, and now they are suddenly back in a physical body, trying to readjust to something they had forgotten how to do.

I personally experience it to be very… Hazy. It’s sad, it’s dead, it’s quiet, it’s peaceful. Sometimes I forget people in my canon I remember in the AU where I’m alive and still know them. Sometimes I forget things I really should remember. The feelig of “dead” is hard to explain. A lot of birds describe being ghostkin as “dissociative”, which is why some believe they’re mistaking a kintype for a mental illness.

And you know, some ghostkin are ghostkin for coping methods, so if that’s your case that’s f ine as well. But I personally don’t find it… Very dissociative, and I do have DID. It’s just… What it is. I hope I educated on a few things. I promise I’ll make a post better explaining ghosts, but for now here you are. *I’m a fictive and I am a ghost canonically.

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My neighbour’s sibling got the wrong house number and barged into my apartment on accident. for Captain Swan

I hope you like this little fic, @lenfaz! Light and fluffy, rated G, about 2500 words. I’m finally getting to my prompts. 

Also on Ao3

the wrong door

A man bursts through the door, sighing dramatically. He sways drunkenly for a second before collapsing face-first onto the couch. “Would you fucking believe that that rat bastard Teach isn’t granting anyone’s days off they’ve requested until bloody Thanksgiving? I swear to God, Liam, I’m grateful you found me that job, but I don’t know how much more I can take. And then, then, Belle had the nerve to blow me off for our standing lunch plans like we haven’t had them for three years.”

Emma lowers the knife she grabbed as soon as she heard the intruder enter her apartment. She’d immediately gone into detective mode–the interloper was male with dark hair (with adorable little floofs she tried to ignore), rather pale, close to six feet tall. The brief glimpse she’d gotten of his face hadn’t been enough to get any details, but she could see some stubble and lighter eyes (blue, maybe?).

She had been ready to interrogate him at knife-point until he’d spoken, at which point she’d rapidly inferred he was Liam’s brother. The accent and the, you know, addressing his rant toward Liam. What her neighbor’s brother was doing in her apartment was a mystery, though he clearly thought he was next door.

Emma has been living in this apartment for four months. She met Liam soon after, and she likes the Englishman well enough. They aren’t besties or anything, but they’ve chatted enough for her to know that he used to be in the Navy and that he has a younger brother he adores.

But somehow, Emma had assumed the younger brother was, like, a lot younger. Not a man whose well-formed muscles she can see straining through the shirt pulled tight across his back. And who is still face-planted on her couch.

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