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I decided that I needed to draw, you know, more than just Tucker, Wash, and Junior for the mermaid/man au, so have some sketches for, as follows:

Caboose, Local Church Enthusiast and his behemoth sized english mastiff dog, Freckles

Church, local computer tech and support shop owner, and unfortunate frequent victim of Caboose hugs

Palomo, Jensen, Bitters, and Andersmith are all employees and various marine life handlers at the New Republic Marine Institute, as well as part time mermaid conspiracists (or at least, Palomo is)

(heads up I’m tagging the whole au as “tuckington merman au”)

Made In the USA

Pairing: Jensen x reader

Word count: 3390

Warnings: Language, implied smut, so fluffy it will probably give you diabetes!

Request: based off the song “Made In the USA by Demi Lovato” from @padackles2010 for my 300 follower celebration! I know I am horrible! but this fic, it had so many paths it could have taken and I would put money on starting over 30 times until finally settling on something that wasn’t complete garbage. The song talks more about a relationship, not caring what people think but I decided to take a different approach, you will see and hopefully understand what I heard after listening to the song for the millionth time. A huge thanks to @avasmommy224 for putting up with my rambling on this fic, her advice really helped shape it into the idea it became! oh and also being an amazing beta!

hope yall enjoy! I’m up for a part 2 if enough people are into it. thanks again for reading yall :) ♥♥♥

Growing up in Garfield, TX was one of the best experiences in your life and you wouldn’t trade the path your life has brought you on or the path that Garfield was responsible for. The small town was located just outside of Austin, trips to and from the city as a child was always exciting and when your mom ended up with a job there, you thought it was the coolest thing on the planet.

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Masterpost: Meltdowns

One of the most obviously recognizable autistic traits are meltdowns. Stimming can often be done in subtle ways, allistic-type social skills can often be learned, but meltdowns are simply beyond control. Unfortunately, they’re frequently misunderstood and mishandled by others who don’t realize what they’re seeing.

As always, we want to emphasize that meltdowns are different for everyone. Some autistic people have regular meltdowns. Some experience them rarely or not at all. And they can be caused by different things and experienced differently by different people.

Meltdowns are caused by an overload in the brain. This can be sensory overload, extreme anxiety, emotional distress, or stress: basically, there is too much or something and the brain can’t cope. Whatever the cause, the brain is in a state where it can no longer handle further input.

Many autistic people, especially adults with a lifetime of experience, are able to recognize when they are getting overloaded and are headed for a meltdown. Some people are able to leave the situation which is causing their overload and give themselves time and space for their brains to “catch up” so they can calm down and avoid the meltdown. Sometimes, however, it’s not possible to leave a situation - and sometimes, it’s not clear to the person what is happening. For example, alexithymia might prevent them from being aware that they are getting overloaded. If the person remains in the overload-inducing situation, a meltdown can occur (The person can also experience a shutdown - we’ll get into this in a minute.). Sometimes the meltdown is also caused by internal reasons (anxiety, emotional distress) which can hardly be avoided.

Once in a meltdown, the person no longer has normal control over themselves. The brain goes into “fight or flight” mode. The brain perceives a threat - the cause of the sensory overload, or stress, or whatever people happen to be nearby when it happens. It can also be a vague sense of danger / pain that’s not directed at anything. Logic and reason go out the window, and the person is gripped by a tremendous sense of panic and danger. For some people, their brain is saying: YOU ARE NOT SAFE. YOU NEED TO GET AWAY. Picture a cornered prey animal preparing to fight for its life. That’s the state the brain is in.

The person will then react to the situation as though they are in extreme danger - even if they are logically aware that they are not. Common reactions include:

  • They may physically run away, or try to run away.
  • If they are unable to run away, they may try to hide: behind doors, under tables and chairs, behind curtains, anywhere that presents itself. (Mod Aira has been known to try to hide on the couch, under the cushions.)
  • If approached by other people, they may respond as though they are being attacked (because the brain feels as though they are). This may include screaming, yelling insults and threats, and lashing out physically, punching, kicking, scratching, or even biting.
  • The character may shout things they would never normally say, including threats, slurs, curse words, etc. Alternatively, they may beg for help, to go home, for their mother, etc.
  • They may thrash around and/or stim in extreme ways, or in ways that are out of character for them. This can include self-harm: scratching or biting one’s skin or slamming one’s head against the wall or floor are not uncommon. This is an attempt to calm the nervous system.
  • They may scream, whimper or cry because of the pain they’re in.
  • They’ll probably have trouble thinking clearly or at all.

Throughout this experience, the person may feel physical pain as well as panic. Common descriptions include having bees in your head, feeling like your skin is trying to crawl off of you, feeling like your chest is trying to implode, or having nerve pain that shoots up and down your body.

In addition to panic, the person is quite likely to feel profound embarrassment and/or shame, especially once the meltdown is over and the person is calming down, and especially if it happened in public. They are often aware that what they are doing is irrational, and they know how awful they look while it’s happening, but they cannot control it in any way.

This is an important thing to note: Meltdowns cannot be controlled or stopped once they begin. They are not related to temper tantrums, which they are commonly mistaken for. A temper tantrum is someone behaving in an extreme way in order to get attention or to manipulate others into giving them what they want. A meltdown is in no way voluntary. It is more like a seizure: a neurological event which cannot be controlled or stopped (though it might be shortened in some situations, and can definitely be made worse).

If a character in your story sees the meltdown happen, there are ways to help, and there are ways to make it worse. If the person knows what is happening and what to do, they can help make the meltdown as short and painless as possible in the following ways:

  • Do not attempt to talk to or touch the person melting down unless they have explicitly requested that you do so. Some people may find comfort in pressure, for example, and ask friends and family to give them bear hugs when they melt down, but this doesn’t work for everyone and will make some people worse.
  • If the meltdown is caused by sensory overload, remove as many sources of sensory stimulation as possible. Turn off music (even quiet music, since the person may be extremely sensitive), turn off or dim lights, stop all conversations, etc. If they are able to walk, moving the person out of an overloading setting can be more feasible if the meltdown happens in a public place (supermarket…).
  • If the meltdown is caused by stress, anxiety or emotional reasons, anything which can help reduce these can help shorten the meltdowns. What can and can’t help depends on the person. Asking someone how to behave if they ever have a meltdown in a moment when they’re NOT having one is a good thing to do, as they won’t be able to tell you when a meltdown has already begun.
  • Give the person space and keep bystanders away. Ideally, create a situation where no one is looking at them (seeing eyes looking or staring can increase the sense of threat). Explain that they are fine, the situation is under control, and keep them from gawking. If police are around, explain if necessary that the person is autistic but that they will be fine in a few minutes, and that you are taking care of them. Make sure the person does not perceive any extra threats from people approaching them, which might result in a worsening meltdown and possibly even violence.
  • Once they have calmed down and are ready to talk, don’t make a big deal out of it. Make it clear that you understand this is something beyond their control and that they have no reason to be embarrassed or ashamed.
  • If possible, give the person an escape route. Do not stand between them and the door. Make it clear that they can leave if they need to, and provide a safe space for them to be alone.

Naturally, such perfect “meltdown companions” rarely exist in most autistic people’s lives. Your average well-intentioned friend or family member, and certainly your average stranger, are likely to react in the following ways, and with the following results:

  • Trying to calm the person down by approaching them, trying to soothe them with gentle touches, stroking their hair, rubbing their back, etc. Aside from the potential panic they might feel from being approached by someone (threat!) which can result in violent outbursts, physical contact and hearing someone’s voice can lead to increased overload which can worsen and prolong the meltdown.
  • Trying to force the person to talk about what’s happening. Demanding that they explain what’s going on, asking lots of questions, wanting them to “talk it out”, or just rambling on about how they’re here to help and everything’s going to be okay, etc. Again, the noise can increase overload. Also, the person might be totally unable to process speech and be unable to understand what’s being said, in which case they just hear “I’m not leaving you alone! I demand that you accommodate my need to understand you!” and increase stress.
  • Yell at the person for “throwing a tantrum” or “being dramatic”. It is extremely common for meltdowns to be misunderstood and mistaken for a willful tantrum. Verbal attacks like this will increase the sense of being threatened, worsen and prolong the meltdown, and might provoke violent behavior which the autistic person feels is self-defense.
  • Block exits and prevent the person from running away. If allowed to leave the situation, a person experiencing a meltdown might be able to calm down fairly quickly, but when prevented, the threat level increases - instead of running, they are cornered, and have to resort to other methods to try to get the “threat” away.
  • Making them the center of attention. The person melting down generally needs to be left alone. When everyone is looking at them, trying to “help” them or calm them down, even if all the people around have good intentions, it can make the situation far worse.

The amount of time a meltdown takes to pass depends greatly on the individual and the situation. They can pass in a minute or two, or they can last for upwards of an hour, especially if the person is forced to remain in the situation which triggered it. On average, they tend to end within 15-20 minutes. If left alone under ideal circumstances, they can be shortened dramatically.

When the person feels that the threat has passed and the brain has calmed itself down sufficiently, the meltdown can end. The character can gradually calm down and regain control of themselves. Aside from potentially feeling embarrassed and ashamed, they are also likely to feel exhausted, as meltdowns expend a lot of energy. Some people will even curl up wherever they are (under a table, inside the sofa, wherever) and immediately take a nap. Their cognitive functions (ability to think clearly) might take some time to go back to normal.

That’s all for meltdown. A masterpost about shutdowns will follow shortly, as well as some posts describing the mods’ personal experience with both type of reactions so you can have a concrete example. Happy writing! (Here we are, giving you more options to make your characters suffer. Do you really need that.)

Okay , so I guess tonight is full of rants. I swear this is going to probably be the last time I bring the famous thing up , because they are doing this for attention.

But I feel like we all need a reminder, because Its Not okay.  Why is the public so silent about Kanye’s blatant misogyny as soon as Taylor swift is involved?

Taylor has made it very clear that she’s not comfortable taking her clothes off.

Here’s a screenshot of her interview with Rolling Stones 

 She checks every bathroom, hotel,dressing room for hidden cameras so nobody gets a video of her changing. And what does Kanye do ? He essentially puts her naked body on display for the world to see.

People are so blind in there jealousy based hatred of Taylor swift. that they forget kanye is no saint.

he put a victim of domestic violence in a bed with their abuser Are they forgetting the “ Bill Cosby is innocent tweet” ? What about the degrading way he talked about Amber Rose ,saying he “needed 40 showers before getting with Kim ”

It’s possible Taylor did lie, or make a bad judgment call, she’s human too. she was kinda put on the spot ,maybe she needed time to process things.. Your allowed to change your mind.

we have to remember, we have about 5 minutes of a hour long phone call, in edited 10 second chops. Not to mention Taylor was demanding that they release the full call ,And they haven’t. So, it’s pretty clear they have something to hide.
Taylors statement has been the consistent since February, theirs has changed multiple times.

Tree her publicist, said she was on the line during that call too. I think tree would tell the truth , because she knows it could get even messier.
I do wish her original statement was more clear and left less room for them to manipulate the situation. Thats a publicist job though, to make things less messy. It’s not her fault. How were they supposed to know kimye wire taped and edited the call. 

It’s really sad because Taylor was already paranoid about stuff like that , and it happened by people she thought were her friends . 

Everybody fails to bring up the fact that they lied to Taylor! They deceived her. Not only did they never play her the full song or inform her of the context , they completely changed the lines!

Taylor ( and the world) first heard the song with "I feel like Taylor still owe me sex// I made that bitch famous” . When the song debuted at Madison square garden on February 11. 
The song that played at the debut party was disgusting.

EVERYBODY was tweeting “that no women ever owes anybody sex . ever ” after the song debut at Madison square garden. Yet they are all silent now.

Joseph khan tweeted reminding people 

 And look at Haley Williams tweet , saying that “ Thats not even the worst part of the lyrics “  the person attached an article referencing the Bitch part.

That leads me to believe it wasn’t just the word bitch, it was also the “ owes me sex ” part, it also could’ve just been the whole song in context.
Some of her friends were even at the show. karlie kloss was dancing in her seat but as soon as the first lines about Taylor played she stopped. Jamie king was so upset she got up and left. They were shocked. Look at those tweets from after the fashion show.

Taylor is very close to her friends and family. She talks to them everyday. Some of them were most likely with her when all this went down. I think she would have told them everything .

I doubt they would’ve reacted the way they did, if Taylor was okay with the song. I know they are good friends, but I don’t think they would involve themselves if she wasn’t truly hurt.
Abigail got multiple death threats on Twitter for defending Taylor. All those people knew they would get hate for standing up for Taylor but they did it anyway.

I wish Taylor and Tree came for him about the owes line. Although I get why they didn’t.
Taylor would still be attacked because
1) Kanye didn’t even release that version, he just debuted it that way at the fashion show. So people are forgetting the grossest part.

2) people would say , “ well ‘she was okay with the we might have sex line” despite the fact that there’s a huge difference.

To say that she played the victim and tried to make them look bad is ridiculous! They don’t need taylor swift to look bad!
They are harassing her in this one sided feud. It’s clearly jealousy.

Her entire Grammys speech was not a dig at Kanye. It was a message to empower women.


EVERY major award she gets , is met with a huge amount of backlash; as to whether or not she deserved that award. That never happens with a man. 

She still has people who question her songwriting abilities, saying “there’s no way she writes her own songs”. Unfortunately this frequently happens with female artist who write their songs, people assume they have ghost writers.
Every person who works with Taylor is stunned to learn she actually writes her own songs. Imogen heap,for example said she was very impressed by Taylor swifts songwriting- saying “ I wasn’t actually sure how much of her songs she wrote, but I’ve seen her in action”.
Nobody ever questions male artist who claim to write their own songs. It’s just “this guy is genius! ”

Not to mention all the sexist criticism Taylor gets for writing about relationships , when male artists do it all the time!

It’s deeply ingrained sexism.

I do think that reference to fame was extra ,but to be fair that song first played a few days before the Grammys. That was how she first herd the song, it was still fresh in her mind. The “fame ” probably a last minute thing that she added to her speech.  she felt betrayed and was hurt, probably wasn’t thinking too much. 

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hi! someone who formerly identified as ace here. the problem with kids identifying with ace is when other people PRESSURE them to identify that way, which is unfortunately frequent. it leads to years of repressed, internalized homophobia and transphobia which is often ultimately damaging to the individual. thanks <3

The problem with this is the idea that is being perpetuated that aces force their identity onto others. We don’t. At least not any more than any other LGBT+ group. You know the horrible “The gays are forcing people into their lifestyle” trope? That’s the same thing you’re saying about us. That does not make it any more true.

Yeah, people can be mistaken with their identity, and that can cause problems. But aspecs as a whole, and especially young aspecs, shouldn’t be held accountable for every person that encounters this issue. I mistakenly identified as bi for years, which led to a lot of confusion over my identity–I don’t hold by former bi friends accountable for that.

The problem with that post was the implication that the only way for a minor to be ace is if they’re unhealthy, or if the Evil Ace Inclusionists forced them into identifying as aspec. It’s purposefully trying to damage the aspec community’s reputation.

–Mod Mercy

Series: Who Will Save You Now?
Fandom: Peaky Blinders
Pairing: Reader x Michael Gray / Reader x Peaky Blinders
Word Count: 981
Dedicated to: @peakyblinders1919. This author with their imagines and oneshots has inspired me to write my own story featuring Peaky Blinders. Also dedicated to the people who adore this show as much as I do.

Disclaimer: I want to thank every single one of you for reading. The amount of feedback that I have gotten for this story is tremendous, and I thank all of you for sticking with this story. I really apologize for not updating so frequently, but unfortunately my studies and work take a lot of time away from writing. I just want to assure you that there is no way in hell I am going to abandon this story, so stay tuned for another chapters. They will most certanly come! Keep on reading lovelies, and lots of love to you!

Prologue (X) Chapter 1 (X) Chapter 2 (X) Chapter 3 (X) Chapter 4 (X)

Chapter 5

Today was the day. The day your father would finally involve you in the business. The day that you had waited for so long, and yet you couldn’t force yourself to be really happy about it. It had came with a cost that’s for sure. A cost that you would not rather pay but are forced to.

You and your father didn’t speak a lot. The two of you would greet each other at the dining table and that was about it. You were still mad at him and he was still unsure how to get you to forgive him. A part of you was mad at him just to get back at him and to prove that he couldn’t decide what you wanted, especially in the matters of the heart. You knew that at some point you had to forgive him, but today would not be the day.

When you walked out of your room you were greeted by the face of Thomas Shelby and Polly Shelby. They walked inside your father’s cabinet before Raimond closed the door, stopping you from entering. You let out a huff as you stopped behind the door, ready to enter even though the idea of you joining them didn’t suit your father.

When the main door of your house opened you whipped around, seeing Arthur in front of you along with Michael. The two of them were wearing smirks on their faces as they saw you stand behind the door of you father’s cabinet. Their ultimate guess was that you were eavesdropping and you didn’t even bother to explain why you were standing behind the door.

“What are you doing here?” You asked as you walked closer to them, folding your arms in front of them. You raised your eyebrow, waiting for some kind of a response for either of them. Seeing you roll your eyes made Arthur laugh as he glanced at Michael who simply stood speechless.

“Relax Y/N. We’re here because Tommy asked us to come with him.” Arthur explained as he took a seat in an armchair not too far from him.

“And why did Tommy ask you to come with him?” You questioned. When a maid walked past him, not even glancing at him, Arthur followed her with his eyes, not even paying attention to you. You rolled your eyes as you glanced at Michael with a raised eyebrow. He simply smirked before he took a seat next to Arthur, hitting his arm as a way of trying to get back his attention.

“Your father didn’t tell you?” Arthur asked surprisingly as he turned his attention back to you. You sighed as you let your arms drop.

“What now?” You asked, hoping that whatever it was it wouldn’t be as bad as the last time which was when you found out that you were mysteriously engaged to a Shelby. Somehow you hadn’t noticed Polly and Tommy who had exited the cabinet and were now standing near you. Polly lighted her cigarette, taking a drag before exhailing.

“You’re coming to the races with us.”

“When I asked you to involve me in the business this was not what I had in mind.” You remarked as you stared at your father. The Shelby’s had left, giving you two hours to get ready for the races. He sighed defeatingly as he poured a glass of whiskey for himself before taking a long sip. Without thinking you slammed your arms on his desk, his eyes widening in surprise. He placed the glass down, his eyes looking straight into yours.

“You do not act like that around me. I’ve given you free passes, but don’t push your limit. I rule the Pierce gang, not you, so don’t forget your place.” Raimond spoke out, the harshness back in his voice. It was true; during the last few days he had been more softer around you, allowing you to do whatever you wanted while hoping that you would forgive him. Now, he was done waiting around for your forgiveness.

“Yes, sir.” You mumbled out as you rolled your eyes, taking you hands off the table as you took a seat against him. You stayed quiet, waiting for your father to explain why in the name of God were you going to the races with the Shelby gang.

“Why are you sending me to the races with the Shelby’s?” You found yourself asking, not even bothering to hide the frustration in your voice. Raimond took a sip from the glass, waiting a little before answering like he was searching for the right words to say.

“You wanted to learn about the business. There is no one better to teach you but the Shelby’s.” He muttered out, avoiding your eyes. You leaned back in your chair, glaring at your father.

“What did you talk about with Thomas and Polly?” You asked, instantly regretting for asking. Your father never appreciated you being nosy, yet it was exactly the thing that you doing at the moment. His eyes found yours as he downed his drink before placing the glass onto the desk in front of you.

“That is none of your business. I told you before, don’t test your limits. I may overlooked some things a couple of times, but I won’t do so forever. So don’t forget your place.” He stated harshly. Without any warning you stood up from the chair, leaving the cabinet with your father looking at you leaving. You slammed the door shut behind yourself, letting out a sigh as you felt a tear roll down your cheek. You wiped it away angrily, forcing yourself not to cry. You were Y/N Pierce, and you were not going to cry over something your father said. After all, you had a race to get ready for, even if it was something you were going to attend with the Shelby’s. 

Dating Hank McCoy Would Incude...Pt.2

Originally posted by chrisevansz

-Giving/getting cute, sweet shy kisses all the time

  • Especially when you’re in front of the others, or anyone at all
    • And even then it’s only ever on the cheek, nose, or forehead

-Always standing very close to one another

  • Barely touching
  • You are always the one to wrap an arm around him
    • It makes you smile knowing that even after all this time you can make him blush
      • Once you do he takes a hint and will wrap an arm around you
        • This normally ends in you both hugging each other
  • You secretly stand so close to him all the time to soak up some of his warmth
    • Hank pretends he doesn’t know that you are always cold

-Giving him quick kisses in his lab when the two of you are working

  • You not actually working, but staring at him working
    • Hank pretending that he doesn’t notice you staring because he secretly likes the attention
  • When you do work you get completely focused and forget that he’s in the lab with you
    • Remembering that he is in the lab with you and talking to him excitedly when you get something right
      • He always chuckles at your enthusiasm and gives you a quick kiss on the cheek

-Him drowning you in kisses when you accidentally break something telling you that it’s okay

  • You still don’t believe him because even Beast is more careful in the lab than you
    • Unfortunately this happens frequently
  • The only time he ever hesitated was when you spilled a lot of the serum that he had made for Charles
    • He still gave you all the kisses and told you it was alright
      • This time you knew that it wasn’t, it takes him a while to make the stuff

-Behind closed doors you two are quite the opposite, having heated make-out sessions

  • Honestly this applies to anytime people aren’t around
    • You’ve had your fair share of heated moments in front of the fire place
    • The two of you are more careful if you aren’t in a room that has doors though
  • The two of you acting more than a little like teenagers again when you’re alone
    • Him being surprised when you act more animalistic than him

-Hank being super protective of you

  • He pretends it isn’t because he gets jealous easily
    • You pretend you don’t know that he is easily jealous
  • You being overly protective of him, even though you know he can take care of himself
    • Hank pretends not to notice

-Both of you getting angry when someone upsets the other

  • *Normally this ends in the other person dealing with Beast

-Swearing to never be near each other on the battle field as to not get distracted as easily

  • Both of you pretending like your mind wasn’t on the other during the battle
    • Pretending like the wounds you sustained from battle were because of something else

-Asking Hank to teach you to pilot the jet

  • Getting bored, but letting him continue because you love his voice and he talks a lot when it comes to stuff he knows/loves
    • Regretting this decision when he says that he thinks your ready to try and fly it yourself
    • Telling him that perhaps he should be the one to fly

-Never needing a calculator when you’re near him

  • Finding this out by accident when you were mumbling about a problem you had and he solved it in seconds
    • Surprising and impressing you
  • Finding out that he can still do math quickly when he’s busy with something else
    • Making you even more impressed

-Helping him in his lab

  • Forgetting to actually help him and that this isn’t science class
  • Asking him a million questions about everything that’s in there
    • Feeling bad for asking so many questions and getting quieter and quieter
  • *Hank actually liking your presence and not minding your questions
    • He loves to show off especially in front of you

-The two of you sharing books

  • Both of you forgetting which bookmark is yours and reading from the others spot
    • Neither of you noticing until later on when you start talking about events that took place and only one of you knowing said events
  • Promising to not do it again
    • Literally doing it again with the next book
  • Charles actually buying you both the same book so you don’t have to share
    • The two of you still sharing and forgetting your place

-Stealing his clothes

  • Specifically his lab coat
  • Hank thinking that you look absolutely adorable in it
    • Hank stating his thoughts to you multiple times
      • This causes you to blush
        • Causing him to state how cute you are again

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"Wake up–you were hyperventilating, are you okay?" With Patton and Virgil? Doesn't have to be NSFW

“Wake up–you were hyperventilating, are you okay?” “It was just a dream, you’re alright.” “Look at me–you’re safe.” Moxiety would be amazing thanks

Patton wakes up to Virgil writhing on the covers, whimpering and struggling to breathe. They’ve slept in the same bed long enough that Patton knows it’s one of Virgil’s unfortunately frequent nightmares. He gently shakes Virgil to wake him up. “Come on, wake up.”

It takes a moment, but then Virgil bolts upright, gasping for air and shaking.

“You were hyperventilating, and- are you okay?” he asks. 

Virgil nods, but he’s nowhere near okay. “Look at me. You’re safe. It was just a dream. You’re alright, you’re safe.”

He opens his arms for Virgil to curl up into. Pat slowly rocks the both of them back and forth, soothing him and lulling him back to sleep.

the signs as mermaids

Aries: the fiercest mermaid in the sea, she is not one to mess with. though her facial features are dainty, she is anything but. she always wears her battle armor, which is sparkling gold and dazzling red. her thick golden tail is six feet long with long scales, along with shimmering red fins that protrude where her tail meets her body. she is not afraid to go into battle for those she cares about. 

Taurus: she is a very gentle mermaid who avoids conflict whenever she can. she never ventures far from the sunken ship she calls home, and usually spends her time exploring the sea vegetation, playing with fish, and looking for treasure. though her vibrant green tail isn’t very long, it is powerful, and she can use it to swat away any predators. 

Gemini: this mermaid looks sweet and innocent, but don’t be fooled. she is very tricky, more siren than mermaid. she likes to spend her time driving human men mad by giving them glimpses of her, enough to know they saw her but not enough for anyone else to believe them. her long, fuchsia and purple tail is deadly, as are the sharp, translucent fins on her back, wrists, and hips. if a human has contact with these fins, they will immediately go insane.

Cancer: this shy mermaid prefers to spend her time relaxing with jellyfish and schools of fish then interacting with others. her silvery tail is about six feet long, with a flowing bluish fin at the end. she also has a fin that runs the whole length of her back, along with two on each side of her tail. the small, iridescent scales of her tail don’t stop at her hips, they snake up the front of her and cover her front side. she harnesses moonlight and wears them as droplets in her hair, and as beautiful jewelry.

Leo: this mermaid’s tail is filled with beautiful, vibrant colors, much like her personality. although she can be quite fickle sometimes and won’t pass up an opportunity to admire her colors in a piece of sea glass, she has a heart of gold and will take pity on the human men she has seduced and will let them go. she isn’t one to pass up the finer things and is fascinated with all the human world has to offer. she spends her days playing with sea animals and hunting for human trinkets. 

Virgo: more nymph than mermaid, this maiden can be found in bodies of fresh water as well as bodies of salt water. a very innocent looking mermaid, she likes to spend her time in peaceful, secluded lakes and look at the beautiful flowers on land. she doesn’t like to be seen by humans, and the most anyone has ever seen of her is her ice blue tail, or her turquoise hair. she has been known to bring little gifts to humans that venture near the lakes she calls home.

Libra: she can always be found by something colorful, whether it’s colorful fish or coral reefs. she likes making jewelry out of beautiful things she finds along the ocean floor. she has a multicolored, yet iridescent tail that mesmerizes every living thing she comes in contact with. she loves playing with marine life and will help any animal she finds trapped in a net. she is petite and beautiful.

Scorpio: considered by humans to be extremely rare, this siren never interacts with humans. seeing her is considered to be a bad omen, as she has control over storms, and brings them in her wake wherever she goes. it is said that if you ever look at her face, you’ll die from her extreme beauty. her thick amber tail is scarred from many years of fighting off ocean predators, and she wears her hair like a cloak, using it to hide herself from prying eyes.

Sagittarius: this siren entertains herself by flirting with men on ships that pass areas she frequents… unfortunately for them, looking into her eyes for more than five seconds is lethal. men who look into her eyes are cursed to forever fall in love with her, wasting away until they die. her heavily scaled golden tail is her calling card, and she often flashes the delicate fins at the end above the water as a way to get sailors’ attention. she takes a lantern from the ship of each man she seduces as a prize.

Capricorn: her stormy nature is what keeps most things, humans and mermaids alike, away from her. content with her solitariness, she is happy to play with the fish she calls her family. she seems to attract fish wherever she goes, since her tail resembles one. her tail is the pattern of a lionfish, yet red and blue, not orange and white. she has similar patterned fins that protrude from her lower back and each side of her tail. much like the lionfish, her fins can produce poison if she needs them to. she is immune to poison corals.

Aquarius: this mermaid prefers to spend time alone, tinkering with things from land that she finds and trying to create music. she decorates her long hair with beautiful underwater flowers. her tail blends with her body seamlessly, and you can only see her shimmering scales if they catch the light. unlike most mermaids, her tail ends in wisps that are similar looking to peacock feathers. she has wispy fins protruding from her back. her most prized possession is a harp she found after a ship sunk, and she spends hours a day playing it.

Pisces: she has the voice of a siren but a heart of gold. she spends her time close to the surface singing, and her favorite feeling is the sun against her skin. she has dreams of going to land one day, but loves her marine friends too much to leave them. any and all underwater creatures love to hear her sing, but she only reveals her voice to them. her tail starts out blue but fades to purple, made up of millions of tiny scales. she adorns her thick hair with a simple yet beautiful crown made out of shells she finds. 

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I'm sure both of you have had your fair share of nightmares. How do you help each other cope?

From what I've witnessed Betty has them pretty frequently, unfortunately. She normally brushes them off like it’s nothing but I do what I can to help if I am there. I usually just wake her up if it hasn’t already and get her some water or even turn on a movie until she feels comfortable enough to fall back asleep. I’ve learned that instead of asking right away if she is ok or what happened, it’s better to just not ask and distract her from whatever was just going on in her head. -Jughead.

I do have them more often but Jug does as well. Although he won’t admit to having one I normally just know. When and if Jug has one he normally takes initiative and helps himself into my window and lays with me until he falls asleep. Juggie is right, talking about it doesn’t help only makes it worse so we normally just talk about anything and everything else to get our minds off of it. -Betty. 

In which Bees starts grad school

Hi there, everyone~! I have a bit of news for you all.

So, as you can tell from the title of this post, I started grad school! On Monday, I started my M.Ed TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages), and this last week has been intense. The program I’m doing is structured to be friendly to public school teachers here in Korea, so we have a two-week intensive period, 20 Saturday classes, another two-week intensive period, some time off, and then one last intensive period. Of course, this means that, especially during intensive periods, I will be really busy with assignments and all. Every day this week I had classes from 9 am to 6pm, so my brain is a little fried ㅠㅠ And of course, when Saturday classes start, I’ll only have “rest” time on Sundays because I’ll still be working.

So what does that mean for this blog? It will, unfortunately, mean less frequent posts until I can find a new series or format that is easier and faster to write. There will not be a post this Saturday, nor will there be a post on Wednesday next week. I’ll try to get something together for next Saturday, but please understand that I’ve got a lot to do!

To make up for the lack of posts, I’ll try to be more on top of finding and reblogging posts that I think are great! I have no intentions of abandoning this blog and all of you wonderful people who read it <3 As always, feel free to send me messages and chats and all! Even if I don’t have time to post, I can always spare a few minutes to interact with those who reach out.

Thank you so much for reading, and see you (hopefully!) next Saturday! As always, happy studying <3

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How did Erika ruimHaroo and who is Haroo?

Haroo is a sound effect she uses in her comics to depict someone crying, sort of like *sob* or *wahh*

Unfortunately she frequently anthropomorphizes her actual vagina and makes it say Haroo, which is slightly off putting.

Love How You Hate Me - Sam x Reader

A/N: Still a bit unsure about how well this ‘flows’, but it’s better than it was. Smut definitely isn’t as well done as some previous works. But, it’s here! So, hope you all enjoy despite the breaks, and the less than perfect smut! 

Warnings: Sexual gif below. Mommy!reader. Kinda angry sex. Engagement/Marriage moment (is that even a warning?). Little editing

Previously: One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine | Ten | Eleven | Twelve | Thirteen | Fourteen | Fifteen | Sixteen | Seventeen | Eighteen | Nineteen | Twenty | Twenty One | Twenty Two | Twenty Three | Twenty Four | Twenty Five | Twenty Six | Twenty Seven

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Word Count: Roughly 3700 

“Mom! Dad!” The high pitched voice made Sam’s head spring up.

“Let his Uncle Dean get him,” You breathed out unevenly. Raking your nails against his forearm, and grinding yourself against him.

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Preferences: Panic Attack

TRIGGER WARNING - I’ll be putting this (and any other preference that I feel may be triggering to some) under a read-more.

Warnings: Mentions of various panic attack symptoms. Mentions of flashbacks. Mentions of detachment.


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Wait...you're telling us we should be afraid of Trump. Weren't you the one saying things "wouldn't be so bad" when everyone was panicking after the election? If Sam is wrong about something....we are screwed.

Actually, I was making a joke. Unfortunately, I am frequently wrong. My crystal ball has been malfunctioning since way back at the beginning of the campaign. 

This is a most unfortunately frequent idea put forth both by young Tumblrkin and lazy “anti-kinnies.” Let me assure you all that holding a non-physical identity as something non-human and having a spirit animal are two very, VERY different things. To say they are one and the same is offensive to the many different forms of spirit animals which exist upon multiple different unique cultures because that is to imply there is one singular “correct” form of spirit animal and that that “correct” form is to identify as a non-human. It is not so. Do not believe anyone who perpetuates such lies.


The Liar - Chapter One

Chapter One || Chapter Two || Chapter Three || Chapter Four || Chapter Five || Chapter Six

A Gravity Falls fanfiction based on the Same Coin theory. (If anyone knows who came up with the theory please let me know so I can give credit!) [Edit; created by @renmorris and @dubsdeedubs!] Knowing about the theory isn’t necessary to read this. Takes place post—finale.

He was mostly glad his memories coming back. That was a good thing, right? Not losing your entire identity? Heck, it was great remembering all the trouble those knuckleheads got themselves into.

Of course the operative word here is he was mostly glad. It was hard to be excited when a memory came back that no one else seemed to share.

“Remember that time when I told you to rob a painting from a museum?” Stan asked, snickering slightly as he patched a rip in the sail. “And you came home covered in mud and mucus, but I’d never seen you more puffed up and proud!”

Ford paused, lowering the small brown book he’d been scribbling in. He looked at Stan blankly, frowning. “Actually… no, I don’t remember Stanley. I never robbed a museum when we were at Glass Shard Beach.”

Stan frowned, looking back down at the sail. “Are you sure? I remember it pretty good. I don’t think we were at Glass Shard Beach. A dog bit you on the heel, you were limping for days after.”

His brother shook his head, looking fairly confused. “Something a little bit like that happened while I was in Gravity Falls once. But it was a werewolf, not a dog, and it was all while we were still…” Ford cleared his throat uncomfortably. “Estranged.”

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[!] notice

hello everyone!! i just wanted to give you guys a heads up that school starts again for me today and since i’m going into college, it’s probably going to take me quite a lot of time to adjust and handle the workload and work pace but do not fret! i’ll still be running this blog to the best of my ability, posts just might be slightly delayed and gifs will unfortunately be less frequent but i’ll try my best!! thank you for all the love and support until now and i hope you all don’t leave me (or youngmin) lol 💗