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Percy/Penelope "it's always my fault, isn't it?" (I'm going to spam you btw, since you basically asked me to 😂😂😂)

“It’s always my fault, isn’t it?” 

Percy groans, resting his head against the bars of his cell; Penelope rolls her eyes as she nods. “Yep; every time you do something even mildly illegal, it’s like you call the Ministry yourself to tell them you fucked up - wait, you don’t, do they?”

“Of course I don’t!” he exclaims. “Pardon me for the fact that a resurgent Death Eater decided that he wanted to try and kill me and I had to fight back.”

“Yeah,” she mumbles, “I did like the bit where you folded him up like origami, though; that was cool.”


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