JadeRose Week : Day 7 : AU 

The goddess of light and future with her eldritch terrors and the goddess of space and hunt with her pack of wolves. 

I fucking hate Alphonse Mucha and I’ll wrestle with his mangled corpse if I could. 

What I really need to see happen is for Bellamy and Clarke to finally hash it out. Have a damn screaming match. And just finally lay it all on the table. I need Clark to be on the verge of tears when she finally shouts that she had been speaking to him through the radio for six years straight and that he never stopped being her family. And for Bellamy to get this sad look on his face and realize how his words affected her and say that she never stopped being his family either. They need to address how those six years hurt them. Honestly, that would probably be the only logical way that the writers could fix what has broken between them.

Not Star Wars.
Orphan kitten update: the two calico kittens rescued from the road last week have been adopted by River, a young female cat who came to my house for fosterage this past spring.

River’s own kittens did not survive an attack that left her seriously injured back in April, so it makes me glad to see her loving these babies.