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The Way You Make Me Feel

Request: Anon asked: “Thomas Jefferson x plus sized reader please where she’s really insecure, and he loves her not despite the fact she’s fat but because she’s beautiful fat or thin. Pretty please and thank love you”

A/N: um  this is like 7-8 months too late but its here i’m forcing myself to write so sorry if this is as trash as i think it is lol

TW: self esteem issues, self bullying kinda?

WC: 729 (i’m getting back into this bear w me)

You had been rather insecure with your body type since you were younger, but dating someone as alluring and wanted as Thomas Jefferson had you questioning his life choices. Unfortunately, you weren’t the only one. You had noticed the stares you two received when displaying any kind of affection. They were looks of surprise and sometimes even contempt. Some looks just screamed “He could do better” but you did your best to ignore them. Your best wasn’t enough.

“Gross,” you said, looking at yourself in the mirror.

You had tried on several different outfits for your date with Thomas tonight, but every single one had something wrong with it. One was too tight, in a bad way. One was too big and made you look bigger than you were. Each had a flaw which made you not want to leave the house at all. It was just one of those days.

You shed the clothes you had on and decided to give up. Wearing only your underwear, you collapsed backwards onto your bed, hopeless on finding the right outfit. You heard the front door open but you didn’t care and stayed where you were.

“Honey, I’m ho- wow. Well, as hot as you look like that, I think the restaurant has rules about dress code,” he joked.

“Can we just stay in tonight?” you groaned, turning over, your back now facing Thomas.

“(Y/N), this was supposed to be a surprise, but I got us reservations at your favorite restaurant, and we got our favorite table!” he said, trying to get you excited about going out.

“We can just go some other time,” you mumbled, unmotivated.

“Is everything alright, my love?” he asked, sitting down next to you. You sat up next to him unsure of what to say.

“Why are you with me?” you blurted out after a long pause.

“Um, is that a real question?” Thomas asked, furrowing his brows.

“Yes. Why are you with me?” you asked, more insistent this time.

“Why wouldn’t I be with you?” he stated, confused, “You are the most beautiful person I have ever seen. Everyday i wake up in disbelief that i am lucky enough to be with you. You are so incredibly beautiful on the inside as well, and that is such a rare trait to find nowadays. You are unbelievably kind, funny, charming, and irresistible. I always tell you how I couldn’t keep my hands off of you on our first date! Where’s this coming from? Did someone say something to you?” he took your hands, searching your face for clues.

“I just- I see all the stares we get when we walk down the street, and I see these gorgeous girls who you could be with. You could be with someone way better. Girls who are more talented and more beautiful. Girls who aren’t… well, girls who aren’t fat,” you finished, your eyes darting to the floor.

Finally, Thomas understood what was happening. He brought your chin up and gave you the most passionate kiss.

“You being bigger doesn’t make you less beautiful, just like those other girls aren’t more beautiful for being smaller. I love you more than anything, and your size had nothing to do with the way you make me feel. You make fireworks go off inside me just when you smile or your laugh. No other girl could do that. It breaks my heart that you don’t see how perfect you are to me, but i will spend the rest of my life trying to make you see yourself the way i see you,” he said giving you another kiss, softer and sweeter than the first but just as thrilling, if not more.

“Why don’t I order in some food for us, and we’ll watch your favorite Disney movies?” he suggested, giving your hand a squeeze.

“You’re the best.”

“And you’re the bestest”

“That’s not even a word,” you giggled.

“Well, it is now!”

You didn’t know what made you so special in Thomas’ eyes, but you did know that the way he looked at you even as you sat there without makeup or even proper clothes was enough to remind you that you were special.

He pulled you into his arms and cuddled you all night, sprinkling little kisses now and then, making you feel as beautiful as he knew you were.

Being anti-abortion because “people need to learn a lesson” is absolute bullshit. You can’t ‘punish’ someone with the responsibility of being in total care of the well-being of another human being.

Obviously, someone never using protection despite not wanting a child is very irresponsible, but do you really want that same irresponsible person to carry a child for nine months, or even raise a human to become a functioning member of society?

“I don’t want a child” is a perfectly fine excuse to have an abortion. You can’t force someone to put such a huge physical and emotional strain on their life, sometimes just because the contraception was ineffective.

Pregnancy and parenthood completely alter people’s lives. If someone doesn’t want one or both of these things, let them end it.

anonymous asked:

Tommie/Sacha/Jezzie/Jules/Gideon What fantasy to you want to act out with your current partner?

I’m gonna have to answer these briefly because writing out a long elaborate fantasy will probably terrify some of y’all lol

Tommie: He has this dream of spending the rest of his life knocking Jax up and having the perfect family style set up where they have as many kids as they can handle and Jax is pretty consistently “swollen with his child”. (My baby is a kinky little shit and I feel like some of ya’ll thought he was a gentleman XD)

Sacha: Really wants to just be with someone he has real feelings for. Losing his virginity meant something to him and now that the relationship didn’t pan out completely he beats himself up about his life choices. Unfortunately, now that he knows what sex feels like he can’t handle not getting off whereas before he barely every masturbated.

Jezzica: Is very into the idea of being used by several people, but now that she’s with Atlas she has calmed that concept down a bit but she has kind of been thinking about what it would be like to have a group of people watch them or him being a part of the group. Atlas is not totally weirded out by the idea but he’s hesitant about anyone touching her other than him.

Jules: Jules is kind of living out her fantasy right now. She’s getting dicked regularly by someone she is actually incredibly attracted to considering she never thought she’d ever actually enjoy sex for the sake of having it. She honestly just fantasized about someone being able to please her in all aspects foreplay and the actual act of having sex and being able to take care of their needs as well.

Gideon: Gideon wants a big booty ho…lol nah but he does imagine being with someone that he has to work to bend them into submission. Like he’s all for the completely submissive type and really will fuck just about any female he finds attractive and has a nice ass, but he likes when sex is kind of like a fight. When he was with Alani they would fight and have angry sex where she eventually melted and that shit drives him wild. Like he has to chip away at the hard outer shell.