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So my wife knows my secret, that I’m kinda (sorta really) shipping Thorki since I saw Thor: Ragnorak, and has sent me “Stuck in the Midgard with You” as a fic title. (she sent it in a pm so you’ll have to take my word for it).

With the destruction of Asgard, Loki is bored out of his fucking skull. At first, Thor’s new mission - recolonize, rebuild, reuse, recycle, be kind rewind, whatever - seems like fun, but God, it gets tedious after a while. Okay, it gets tedious…almost immediately.

But Midgard is, as always, a barrel of laughs with so much potential.

And Loki has a plan.

Thor, naive and gullible as ever, happily quaffs the first “official” Asgard-Midgard brew, and promptly loses his memory. Loki dumps him in a new city, easily manipulates some poor human mortals into thinking they’ve known “the new guy” for ages, and even gets Thor a job at a florist.

And then fun begins.

Loki seduces him. Thor, thinking him a stranger, plays right into the romance.

So okay, maybe it’s not the height of sophisticated mischievousness but it’s surprisingly fun to go all gung-ho romance with a Thor who is still gorgeous, still kind, still forgiving, but doesn’t have the weight of millenia of baggage that comes with their relationship. So Loki keeps at it until it stops being fun.

And then he starts again. This time he makes Thor a body builder.

And again. This time, Thor is in the army.

And again, in a tattoo parlor, and again in a coffee shop, and again and again and again.

He worries…maybe he’s starting to enjoy this game a little too much…

…and sometimes there’s this knowing glint in Thor’s eye, almost like he remembers, but that couldn’t be right? Because why would Thor play along if he knew that the Asgardians were rebuilding without him and that Loki was busy playing the grown up Jotunheim version of dress up?

send me a made up fic title, fandom/ship optional, and I’ll tell you what I’d write!

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Destiel - The Electric Elephant

Oh god oh god I’m so sorry but I have to.

Disco AU?

Disco AU.

Dean and his brother Sam are the hottest fuckin’ things the dance floor has ever seen. They’ve got the moves. They’ve got the wardrobe. They’ve got the shoes. They’ve got the hair - oh man have they got the hair - and they are taking New York City’s club scene by storm.

Until a new contender for crown of “best dressed” appears. No one even knows his name, but wherever he goes, he lights the crowd afire with his dancing.

They call him…the electric elephant.

Dean’s not sure of a lot of things in life, but he’s damn fucking sure of one thing: he is so. fucking. glad. that “the electric elephant” is not is fucking nickname.

(at least until he finds out just what Cas’ “trunk” is, anyway…)

send me a fic title, ship/fandom optional, and I’ll tell you what I’d write!

aldehydean  asked:

Oohh! This seems fun! Okay, I had a few, but I decided on one: A Sine from Above (because math puns are one of my weaknesses)

With a joke like that? Gotta be a high school AU.

When Dean comes home with one more failing math test, his mother issues an ultimate: get his grades up or suffer through a 6 PM curfew every night. 

Enter Castiel Novak, the school’s primmest, properest student, to tutor Dean in trigonometry. At least Castiel is easy on the eyes, but other than that, Dean dreads every minute they have together.

But as it turns out, Castiel is an excellent teacher. He understands that the key to learning is proper motivation. For him, good grades are their own reward. When he realizes that such is not enough for Dean, he has to get creative.

Fortunately, he’s got a lot of ideas…

(slightly underage, dom/sub undertones, Cas is not above trying bondage, humiliation, sex, praise, whatever it takes to get Dean to pass math…especially since, the longer they’re together, the more invested Castiel gets in making sure that Dean does *not* have to be home by 6 PM…)

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For your ask meme, Victuuri - "Hot" Springs on Ice: The Domestic Adventures of Yuuri and Victor

Oh god the initial mental image is for some odd ball reason Yuri and Victor hopping around on the ice of a rink on pogo sticks. Brain, wtf, I will never be able to un-imagine that.


Hasetsu, as everyone knows, used to be home to many hot springs, but with Japan’s economy shifting, most have shut down.

Yuri and Victor, as everyone knows, have had damn impressively extended careers. In a sport where the winner is often the youngest and spryest, that Victor has met with unparalleled success at 27, and Yuri at 24, is remarkable. But it can’t last forever. They make a damn good run of it, even spending a final career year fucking around doing ice dancing together - less athletic, more artistic, well suited to their talents, and oh the scandal of two men doing official pair skating together!

But, as with all good things, their careers do come to an end.

Which leaves a question: now what?

Or, the fic where Yuri takes everything he’s learned in a lifetime of helping his parents run their onsen, and he and Victor use their skills to rehabilitate an abandoned hot spring retreat, but with a twist: instead of a Japanese-style ryokan - which would risk competing with his parents’ business - he and Victor are going to open a western-style Bed and Breakfast.

send me a fic title, ship/fandom optional, and I’ll tell you what I’d write!

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I have another nice one Panic! At The Library (my brain is good now for some reason)

Oh oh that time that Castiel was a librarian and he was horrified that they were about to lose funding and so he organizes a flash mob to draw attention to their plight.

Dean is the guy he’s never seen before, enthusiastically helping the others in the mob learn the dance steps.

Okay I know it’s short but this just screams meet cute to me…

send me a made up title and i’ll tell you what story I’d write!

ltleflrt  asked:

Fake title: Three For The Price Of One

So I saw this come in and I started thinking about it, and then something niggled in my mind…

Not only do I already have a fic titled this, it’s a fic I actually *gifted to you*. I’ve been giggling like crazy about this for like half an hour. Anyway, that fic is Dean/Cas/Jimmy/Emmanuel. In the interest of maybe NOT writing incest this time, I got to thinking and here’s what I came up with.

When omega Dean starts dating alpha Castiel Novak, he thinks he’s got a pretty good thing going. Cas is egalitarian, open, sick to death with antiquated ideas of the proper role for an omega and an alpha. They have fun when they’re out, have a great time in the sack regardless of who tops and who bottoms. The downsides, well…they’re not exclusive, which normally wouldn’t bother Dean, but it’s starting to get to him and he’s leery of just what that means…and Cas never invites him over.


Until, finally, he does.

And Dean meets Cas’ roommates.

It’s unusual enough for three alphas to room together. Michael and Gabriel act as protective as of Castiel as older brothers but all three assure Dean they are most definitely not family. Which is probably a good thing, since he catches Michael and Gabriel, um, en flagrante, and Gabriel’s is all too happy to deflect the situation to point out that it least it wasn’t Gabriel and Cas en flagrante.

Three alphas.

Room mates.

Who, apparently, bang each other enthusiastically.

And who all smell pretty good.

And who all keep scenting Dean.

And who are all damn hot.

And funny. And smart. And interesting.

And Dean is starting to think…maybe it’s a good thing that he and Cas aren’t exclusive…

send me a made up fic title, and a fandom/pairing if you want, and I’ll tell you what I’d write!

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AU where Castiel is that one hot lifeguard at the beach and Dean is the lovable idiot who's constantly swimming out too far in what he claims are attempts to one up Sam (who's just reading on the sand at the moment), but are really just attempts to grab Castiel's attention (Dean doesn't know when he started taking whistles and amused glares as validation, but hey, if it works). Sam, afraid of seeing Dean actually get injured and aware that Castiel actually needs to focus on his job (part 1)

casually walks up to Cas with a determined expression plastered on his face. Dean panics, thinking that Sam is about to reveal his (pretty obvious in retrospect) crush, and sprints out of the water to do damage control. Cue Sam borrowing the spray bottle and walking away, and Cas giving Dean a lecture about dangerous currents. Dean just kind of nods throughout the lecture, focusing very hard on how devastatingly handsome Cas isn’t (he swears) while angry. They end up grabbing ice cream later.(2)

“I’m sorry about my brother.”

Startled, Cas turns to see Devastatingly Handsome Man 2 talking to him. The only reason he hadn’t spoken to Devastatingly Handsome Man 1, currently swimming hell-for-leather toward shore, was his assumption that Devastatingly Handsome Man 1 and DHM 2 were a couple.

“Brother?” Cas echoes, watching DHM 1 face-plant into the waves. Dripping with water, smudged with sand, wearing only soaking swim trunks that cling to his thighs and make a dome of the bulge of his cock. He’s, well, he’s devastatingly handsome. Even if he hadn’t been splashing around like a fool, Cas would have had one eye on him all weekend.

Except that he wasn’t single.

Except that…

“Yeah, yeah, the dumbass running toward us?” DHM 2 shakes his head. “It’s, well, it’s because of you. He thinks you’re hot, and I guess he figured if he made an ass of himself and pretended to be drowning you’d have to, I dunno, give him mouth to mouth or something?”

“Sam, for the love of - stop talking!” shouts DHM 1 breathlessly, trying and failing to find the purchase to run up the sandy shore. He even looks handsome flailing to keep his balance as the ground gave way beneath him at every step.

It isn’t fair.

“He was trying to get my attention?” Cas says flatly. DHM 2 - Sam - nods and rolls his eyes. “Right.” Hopping off the raise lifeguards seat, Cas walks casually, balancing easily on the shifting mounds of sand, meeting DHM 1 half way. “Your brother tells me that you’ve been engaging in dangerous behavior to get my attention.”

“Yes, I–”

“So while I’ve been forced to keep an eye on your-” -devastatingly handsome- “-antics, had their been a real emergency, I would have been distracted, and someone might have actually gotten hurt?”

“I’m sorry, but–”

“Furthermore, he tells me that you decided on this ridiculous plan because you found me attractive, and hoped I’d - what did Sam say - ‘give you mouth to mouth resuscitation?’”

“Sammy, how could y–”

“Well, if that’s what you wanted, you should have just asked,” Castiel concludes.

“No, I no, I was totally out of line, but…” DHM 1 trails off. “Wait, what?”

“If you were interested in having me kiss you, you could have asked me to kiss you,” repeats Castiel. Sam smirks. DHM 1′s mouth falls open. “Did that never cross your mind?”

“Oh. Uh.” DHM 1 looks around, looks away, brushes the sand from his legs and smears muddy tan streaks over his swim trunks and lower back. “I guess…uh…no?”

“My name is Cas,” Cas says.


“I’m on duty right now - no fraternizing allowed - but I finish at 3 PM,” says Cas. “That’s 15 minutes. Don’t be late.”

“Right…right! No, I definitely won’t be.” DHM 1 - Dean, that has a nice ring to it - gives Cas a devastatingly handsome smile and allows his brother to drag him away by the arm.

Climbing back up the lifeguard stand, Cas pulls out his cell phone, scrolls through his contacts, and dials up Gabriel.

“What is it, my man?”

“Hey, so…I need you to come on shift a little early today…”

“Dammit, I had plans, Cas! Not ‘til 5, you said!”

“Sorry, but I’m going to need you here at 3.”

“That’s, like, now!”

“Don’t be late…”

“This is about that guy you’ve been ogling, isn’t it.” Cas can hear Gabe’s eyeroll over the miles separating them. “He’s, like, married to that moose. You’re wasting you’re time.”

“Brothers,” Cas crows triumphantly.

“Brothers?” Gabe echoes, a perfect mirror to Cas’ earlier reaction.

“Brothers,” confirms Cas.

“So the tall one is also single?”

“Don’t know for sure, but I know that he’ll be alone on the beach starting at 3…”


aldehydean  asked:

AU,EVERYONE is clueless, and Amara is the vodka aunt that asks"when will you get married, Castiel?My friends' nephews&nieces have kids,your siblings too.what about you?" "I'm getting married soon,not an actual date yet but soon" "to whom?"(Anyone can ask) "didn't you know about Dean and I?We're dating since college..." "We thought you were good friends, sweetie..."(&if Sam/Eileen will be side pairing it'd be awesome.(I'm also a fan of Jimmy/Amelia but I know not everyone is,but I think it fits)

I’ll own I love this trope.


“Cas, Cas, sweetie, little sassy-Cassie-lassie,” Amara patted Castiel on the head, ignoring his discouraging scowl. “What I’m saying is - Jimmy is married now! We know, we all get, that you were worried about him, that you were waiting for him to tie the knot first. After the scare he gave you over that horrible…what’s-her-name?…the point is, I love Amelia, and Jimmy loves Amelia, and you love Amelia - not like Jimmy does, of course, that’s why this is his wedding and not yours! - but now Jimmy is safe and taken care of and you need to find someone for you!”

Naomi, Chuck, Anna, all his siblings, heck, even Jimmy and Amelia nodded their agreement.

Stunned, Castiel turned to Dean, he smirked and gave him a knowing wink.

“They’re right,” said Dean blithely. “When are you going to tie the knot, Novak?”

“Are you asking, Winchester?” Cas asked. “Cause I’d say yes if you’d just get off your lazy butt about it.”

“Not like that.” Amara rolled her eyes and thwapped him on the arm. “I’m being serious, Cassie. You’ve been single forever. You need a girlfriend.”

“Did you hear that, Dean?” Castiel shot back Dean’s look and returned his blithe tone ten-fold. Dean looked as stunned as Castiel felt, mouth hanging open. “I’ve been single. I need a girlfriend.”

“Oh,” whispered Dean. He looked green around the gills, and Cas couldn’t blame him. Coming out to Dean’s family had been…interesting…but they’d been spared that with Cas’ family because everyone had, since day one, been so accepting of Dean.

Given how Naomi was now echoing Amara’s concerns about Castiel’s long-term bachelorhood, apparently they’d been less accepting and understanding than Castiel could even fathom.

“Dean, will you get me a drink? I think I need a moment with my family,” said Castiel. Dean opened his mouth to protest but Cas cut him off with a single sharp shake of his head. “Alone.”

“Sure thing,” said Dean, rising. His napkin, forgotten, fluttered to the floor, and Dean gave it a helpless look, shot that same look at Castiel, and bolted. Castiel’s heart ached to see Dean so perturbed. This was his fault. He should have been explicit with his family from day one, instead of assuming everything was cool. Chuck was talking now, and Castiel waited until he finished, waited until Dean stood anxiously on the end of the distant, long line at the open bar, before speaking.

“Please tell me you’re all joking,” he said with deathly calm. Anger bubbled under his skin. After so many years bringing Dean to family functions, sharing a damn bedroom - heck, they’d been living together for a decade - this went beyond homophobia and into utter, willful denial of everything Cas believed, everything Cas was.

“Bro, I’m worried about you,” Jimmy said. There wasn’t a trace of irony in his voice.

Someday, Cas would have a long conversation with Jimmy about what a selfish, oblivious asshole he could be, but today was not that day. At least at Sam and Eileen’s wedding the previous year, all the talk had been about when Dean and Cas would be getting married, since Sam had declared that anyone who couldn’t accept them as a couple wasn’t welcome at his nuptials, even though that had meant denying invitations to both his parents.

Cousin Uriel was talking now. Everyone had accepted Uriel’s parent’s interracial marriage without the bat of an eyelash! But apparently…

Castiel couldn’t keep red fury from his face. His hands shook, he was so mad.

Amara picked up his mood first; even in her drunken enthusiasm to find him a girlfriend, she went pensive and concerned, eyeing. Amelia, bless her, noticed next, and poked at Jimmy until he realized as well that something was truly amiss. His parents followed, then his other uncle and aunt, and finally the cousins, until everyone at the family table stared at him, and not a single damn one of them actually saw him.

“What you all just did to me - and especially to Dean - is beyond cruel,” he said softly, watching them hang on his every word. 

“Dean’s a big boy,” said Chuck, glancing uncertainly toward where Dean waited in line. “I think he could handle being…what’s the word?…sexiled for the night. I saw it on TV, aren’t you supposed to put a sock on the door handle or something?”

“Surely he dates,” added Amara as if she was declaring a fait accompli on the entire discussion.

“Yes, he does,” Castiel said.

“Then why don’t–”

“Dean dates me,” interrupted Castiel, shouting his anger loudly enough that half the tent went silent and turned toward him. Many heads than turned toward Dean, who suddenly looked like he could disappear. Suiting action to expression, Dean fled the tent. Castiel longed to go after him, but he had something to take care of first. “And I date Dean. I’ve been bringing him to Thanksgiving and Christmas for five damn years. We’ve been living together since college! What the hell have you been thinking all these years?”

“You’re a…?” Jimmy looked horrified, and Castiel felt sick. I’m sorry to ruin your wedding day with my spontaneous coming out, brother, but if you weren’t such a dense, self-centered fuckstick this would never have happened.

“James Michael Novak, don’t even think of finishing that sentence,” Naomi said in a ringing voice that, mercifully, pulled attention from Castiel to her. “Cas, we thought you and he were close friends. I’ve wondered, from time to time, but I always assumed you’d tell us if you were a couple! You’d mentioned his family hadn’t taken his coming out well, so we tried to make him feel welcome here.”

“You’re really going to pull the ‘we didn’t say it explicitly so it’s our fault’ card?” Castiel replied acidly. “Amara, you walked in on us making out two years ago! Amelia, you’ve been calling him my boyfriend for a year! And Jimmy! I knew you were a tool sometimes but when we had those chats while I was in college, who the hell did you think I was talking about?”

“We’re identical twins, and I’m straight,” said Jimmy. He at least seemed contrite, and suitably ashamed of himself. “I just assumed…”

“Look, I’m going to go find my not-at-all platonic life partner slash boyfriend slash lover slash hopefully fiancee to be whom you assholes have driven out of the room,” said Castiel. “You…talk about this, or about the wedding, or about yourselves, or about whatever it is you talk about when you’re being utterly fucking oblivious. If you want us to back, come find us. Otherwise, see you…how about never.”

Stunned expressions followed Castiel silently as he stormed from the tent, seething. His vision flashed red as he stepped out into the stunning sunlight outside. It had been such a nice day, a lovely wedding, perfect weather, good food, Castiel hadn’t even blown his toast, and now…

Extensive gardens made tracking Dean down challenging, and it took nearly ten minutes to locate him staring at the fountain burbling pleasantly in the center of the hedge maze.

“Hello, Dean,” Castiel said. 

Dean didn’t turn around, but he murmured, “hey, Cas. Sorry I fucked up both our families.”

Closing the space between them, Cas laid a hand on Dean’s shoulder. “No. You did nothing wrong. If it’s anyone’s fault other than their’s, then it’s mine for not explicitly saying years ago that you and I were a thing.” 

Dean reached into his pocket, pulled out his fist wrapped around something, and pressed it into Castiel’s hand. Velvet crushed soft beneath his fingers, and Castiel didn’t need to look to recognize the shape and material.

“Dean…when were you going to…”

“I’d like to say tonight, but the truth is, I’ve been carrying that around for like three months,” said Dean, shaking his head. “Got news for you, Cas - you’re boyfriend is a fricken idiot. Today just goes to show…again…”

Pressing close to Dean’s back, Castiel wrapped his arms around Dean’s perfect waist, nuzzled at Dean’s perfect neck, breathed in Dean’s perfect scent, and spoke to him softly. “I hate when you put yourself down. We’ve both made mistakes over the years, but I wouldn’t want to make them with anyone else.” He paused, then chuckled. “And, since miscommunication seems to be the language of the day, just to be explicit, yes, of course I’ll marry you.”

Dean sighed and relaxed back against Castiel.

Applause broke out. Tensing, Castiel turned, Dean turning with him. His entire family stood at the gap in the hedges that led into the central chamber of the maze. Amara was crying.

“Welcome to the family, Dean.”

Heck, Castiel was crying, and Dean was crying, and unlike Amara, they weren’t nearly drunk enough to blame it on the Champagne.

This is the nicest wedding I’ve ever been to…

casbakespie  asked:

the whole drive to work i was like 'yeah i should think of a headcanon to send unforth' but then i kinda fell victim to highway hypnosis and don't remember thinking much of anything... so instead you get this randomness instead of something thought out: dean and cas meet in college, but belong to different clubs that very viciously compete with each year during some campus wide fundraiser. when dean and cas inherit presidency of their respective clubs, the rivalry gets out of hand.

hmm….this is actually a pretty tough one for me, as enemies to…whatevers…isn’t my forte in general. But…

“You’re kidding,” said Cas with a sigh, sitting on the edge of his bed. Being in the same frat house meant that he and Dean shared a room, of necessity - of COURSE - and that covered a multitude of sins.

“Do I look like I’m kidding?” Dean replied, dropping on to his bed opposite Cas.

Cas looked up at him, eyes narrowed. “You look kissable, does that count?”

“They named me president of the varsity football team,” Dean repeated glumly.

“And I’m president of varsity baseball…” Cas trailed off. “The prank war starts in two weeks.” Dean nodded. “And now we have to plan our respective team’s moves?” Dean nodded again. “Do they realize we’re dating?”

“ ‘parently not,” said Dean. “My team said, and I quote, ‘because you two share a room you can, like, snoop and shit.’ Their exact words.”

“…we’re not exactly subtle…”

“Bros being bros, full no homo, or something.” Dean shrugged.

“No. No, no, no, no, no. Full homo. Total homo. All the homo.”

“I’m bi,” Dean reminded him.

“Fair.” Cas sighed and dropped his head into his hands. “I thought we agreed we’d be open about this, not in the closet. Have you been…?”

“ ‘Course not!” said Dean, affronted. “You said open, and I’ve been open. ‘Cas and I are gettin’ dinner, I can’t make it guys,’ and ‘you know how it is, the ball and chain doesn’t want me getting back smashed at 4 am so three’s my limit.’ You?”

“I told them I lived with you, I thought that made it obvious!”

“Apparently not,” Dean said. “They just think my roomie has me whipped, and that apparently makes me the perfect spy.”

“Well, you are perfect.”

“Flatterer.” Dean sighed and mirrored Cas’ hang dog expression. They sat in silence, stewing, Cas wondering how his attempt to come out to his team had gone so catastrophically wrong. And here he’d thought they’d been so accepting and supportive! He’d not been the victim of a single homophobic act or slur! He’d been thrilled. Except, apparently, he had no idea how deep heterosexual denial truly went. “Hey - hey-hey-hey-hey-hey,” Dean said, looking up with a manic grin.

“Is what horses eat,” Cas replied grumpily.

“We prank them.”

Cas quirked a questioning eyebrow at his boyfriend. 

“We. Prank. The. Shit. Out. Of. Them. We know all of each teams plans, right? Let’s take this rivalry to a whole new level, get all those bastards damn good, and make it clear that, as oblivious as they are, they’d forget where the damn fields were if we didn’t text them to remind them where to go for games. They have no idea we’re in this together. Whaddaya think, Cas? Ready to knock their socks off - knock all of campuses socks off?”

Torn, Cas hesitated. Teaming up with the rival captain wasn’t really in the spirit of Varsity Wars, but it was all for charity, and if by their efforts combined they could drum up more interest, and generated money for a good cause, and show up all their moronic teammates who somehow had missed that Dean and Cas had been screwing each other senseless since sophomore year?

A slow smile brightened Cas’ features. “Yeah. Yeah, let’s do this! All for one and one for something something!”


Laughing, Dean grabbed a notebook and a pen and snuggled on the bed beside Cas.

They had pranks to plan.

send me head-canons and such…

consultingcas  asked:

It's an old classic, but I always like thinking about if Cas got caught in a djinn dream. Everything's perfect, his family are still alive and aren't fighting and he's in a relationship with Dean. He doesn't want to leave so somehow, Dean has to come and find him and help him break free of the djinn's spell.

Well, as I mentioned to you privately, I HAVE written a whole series that starts with Cas ending up in a Djinn dream…I Dream of Deanie. One of these years maybe I’ll even get back to it and write another story or two, just to tie things up…

That said!

[x posted to AO3]



Cas looked bad. It was Dean’s fault. If it hadn’t taken Dean a fricken week to track to the Djinn to her lair, if Dean hadn’t said, ‘don’t worry, Sam, I got this, you go visit Eileen,’ if Dean hadn’t spent two damn days barking up the wrong tree thinking this was some weird angel thing and searching the whole damn town for angel binding sigils…but Dean had done fucked up in all those ways and more, and now Cas was almost gone. His face was ashen save where shrunken blue veins made a tracery over his cheeks, his neck, disappearing out of sight beneath his filthy white shirt. His suit and tie and trench coat were missing, and he looked as grimy as if he’d been missing months and had spent those months rolling in dirt. The cuffs of his shirt were bunched at his shoulders and the crook of each elbow was punctured by needles, areas around the tips crusted with dried blood. The flow through the tubes to the IV bags was anemic, blood over-dark and unhealthy.

He doesn’t have long.

He’s not an angel any more. He’s just a man - a human…person…

I could really lose him.

Dean’s chest spasmed agonizingly.

“Glad you’re here, Dean.” Castiel’s voice cracked, dry and hoarse from neglect.

“Yeah - yeah, Cas, I’m here, that’s good, you just focus on what’s real and–”

“Thank you, Gabriel,” breathed Cas. “Hannah…Alfie…Anna…the garrison…”

Dean froze.

He…he thinks the angels are still alive.

He thinks he’s still an angel.

That’s his fantasy. That’s his dream world.

He isn’t glad to see me, he’s glad to see whatever illusion of Dean exists in that dream. He could never use that hopeful tone for me, not the real me, not after I’ve ruined his life time and time again. I was crazy to think…

Maybe I should leave him there.

Waking Cas would mean forcing him from a lovely fantasy of family and contentment, bringing him back to a world where Cas was miserable. Cas tried to hide how unhappy he was but it showed in so many little ways. If Cas died…sure, that’d be awful for Dean, but wouldn’t it be better for Cas? A lifetime of happiness in the Djinn dream, an eternity with his angelic brethren, rather than a rude awakening into a dull world where Cas was mortal, his family was dead, he’d never fly again, and all he had left in the world were Dean and Sam?

But I don’t want to lose him.

Sure, great, that’s not hugely fucking selfish or anything. What do I think Cas would want?

Cas said he was happy with how things had gone. Cas said he accepted his mortality. Cas said he didn’t miss the angels who had died. Cas said he wouldn’t trade his family for the world. Cas said it was enough that the world had been saved.

Cas lied his ever-loving face off.

The Djinn was dead, the hunt over. Cas was the only victim, lying sprawled limply on an old gurney in the abandoned clinic. 

Dean could turn and walk away.

Castiel would die.


…but maybe it’s best for him.

With a sigh that felt like it expelled Dean’s very soul, he turned and walked toward the doorway, toward the hallway beyond, toward the rest of his life without–

“Love you too, Dean…”

Dean froze. Again.

Love you…too?

Did…in the dream, did I tell Cas I loved him?

But I’ve never…how could he know…I could never…he deserves so much better than to be loved by my wreck of a sorry pathetic ass…

Love you too…

Dream Dean said he loved Cas.

Dream Dean is Cas’ ideal.


Nerves flaring, Dean hesitantly walked back to the gurney.

“Cas, buddy…I need you…” he murmured.

If he doesn’t answer, I’ll go, I’ll–

“Dean…” Cas whispered. One hand twitched; Cas tried to reach out but he was too weak. The needle shifted in Cas’ arm and he whimpered and his hand fell. Reaching out, Dean steeled himself, took Cas’ hand, threaded their fingers together. Cas’ skin was impossibly cold.

“Dean…” Cas sighed, lips twisting into a faint smile, fingers weakly grasping back at Dean’s hand.

“Need you, Cas,” said Dean. Desperation tightened like a fist closed round his heart. Admitting his desire made it so much more real. What if…

Cas’ eyes flickered open, pupils dilating and shrinking as he focused on nothing, and then his dull gaze fell on Dean and his smile widened.

“I knew you’d find me,” murmured Cas.

“Gonna…gonna get you out of here,” Dean managed, using his free hand to take the needles from Cas’ arms. Shame flogged him to haste.

I was going to leave him here. God, I’m disgusting.

But I thought it was what he’d want!

“Shoulda…should have told you years ago…I’m sorry, Dean…”

Dammit, I should have realized. He’s still in the dream. He’s still…

Dean looked back to Cas and their eyes met. There wasn’t a trace of abstraction in Cas’ gaze, no hesitancy to his voice, and his smile went gentle and tender and hopeful. Blood seeped slow and thick from the torn-open needle wounds. 

“I was afraid…I was afraid I’d never wake up…never see you again.”

“But I was in the dream,” Dean said weakly, focusing on his rescue. Cas lay limp; Dean hefted him up and was shocked by how thin and light he’d grown in scant days.

“No you weren’t,” Cas breathed against his neck. “That wasn’t you. In a million worlds, an eternity of times, I’d know you from every other soul in creation. That was a pale shadow; the person I met there…that’s how I realized I was trapped in a dream.” A hand ghosted weak down Dean’s arm. “This is you. Thank God I’m home.”

“This…this is home?” asked Dean incredulously, stumbling through the dark hallways of the derelict building. 

“No, Dean. You’re home.”

Dean had no answer for that. Cas snuggled close to him, let Dean carry him to freedom in the fresh air outside, and Dean tried to process what Cas was saying. Finally, mercifully, Cas’ breathing evened out, his eyes closed, and Dean reached the Impala. Cas didn’t even stir when Dean draped him over the backseat.

“I love you, Cas,” confessed Dean, soft so as not to wake the angel.

Eyes yet closed, Cas smiled.

“I love you too, Dean.”

Maybe this is the Djinn dream.

Maybe I’ve been captured all along, Cas and Sam are looking for me.

If so…

If this isn’t real…

…I hope I never wake up.

casbakespie  asked:

so i hear you like writing fic recs... have any good creature!dean or creature!cas fics to recommend? bonus points if they're more unusual creatures.

Hmm…so these’ll mostly be creature!Cas, I think…note that I didn’t include fics with Angel Dean or Cas, or fics with Demon Dean or Cas, since that’s, like, canon-adjacent.

For starters, my universal suggestion for creature fics is always, always Miss_Lv. She writes amazing creature fics, I’ve read nearly all of them, even the ones that’d usually squick me. For this list, I’d particularly recommend: 

(HEED THE TAGS ON ALL OF THESE, there’s a lot of underage and non-con in her stories) 

Angelum Meum (Explicit, 22,704 words. Rape/Non-con). “Dean is forced to breed by monster Castiel.But it’s not that simple.” (Creature Cas)

Arranged: (Explicit, 19,470 words) A/B/O. Omega Dean is in an arranged marriage with alpha Castiel’s son. The connection between Dean and his new father in law comes as a surprise… (Creature Cas)

Enticement: (Explicit, 10,400 words, Underage, Rape/Non-Con). “Sixteen-year-old Dean has a monster under his bed. Just as he’s slipping off to dreamland tentacles slither up all around him…” (Creature Cas)

Pretty Boy: (Explicit, 26,049 words, Underage). This one is hard to describe, so I’ll just c&p her blurb: “They left town the day after and Dean never knew how to feel about that librarian.Then or ten years later, Dean didn’t know if it had been a horrible molestation that led him down the path of depravity to self-medicate or if it had been a glorious awakening that let him become who he really was.It depended on the day mostly.” (Creature Cas)

Secret Garden: (Explicit, 6,674 words) Castiel is a gardener. Dean is…well…Dean’s his favorite plant. (Creature Dean)

Splice: (Explicit, 15,546 words, graphic depictions of violence): “Horror movie Splice AU with Dean as the scientist who creates the creature hybrid Castiel.” (Creature Cas)

OKAY! On to works by other authors:

Dreameater by Naoe is probably my favorite creature Cas fic. Cas is a bird demon. (Mature, 64,413 words, graphic depictions of violence). “Dean has always had the Winchester Luck, which was never very good to begin with. But one day, while helping Bobby clear out his attic, he unleashes a Japanese creature called a baku and a curse on himself. With the help of his bird-buddy Castiel and his fox-friend Gabriel, Dean has to either recapture or kill the baku before she strips dreams from humanity and unleashes Japanese chaos.” (Creature Cas)

A Beginners Guide to Communing with the Dead by suspiciousflashlight. (Mature, 77,159 words, iirc no archive warnings apply but it’s not tagged). “Maybe it’s the little girl whose disappearance turned into a murder, and whose murder turned into a cold case, and who has now apparently decided to move in with him. Maybe it’s the unacceptable hole left in his life when his dumb best friend and partner in (the prevention of) crime decided to go and get himself killed. Maybe it’s his brother, whose high-profile career and fantastic girlfriend and first-child-on-the-way are steadily leaving Dean in the dust. Pick one. Pick all of them. The why doesn’t matter so much as the what, and the what is this: Dean is pretty sure he’s going completely, certifiably insane. Sure, he hasn’t started wearing all his clothes inside out, and he still showers on a regular basis (anyways, that’s not crazy, just a little eccentric); but there’s no getting around the fact that he just threw away his life, his career, and his reputation by dragging out his mom’s old necromancy book and summoning a Class A Forbidden Entity to his attic. A cranky one, too. With horrendous bed-head.” (Creature Cas)

Grotesque by lastknownwriter. (Explicit, 58,314 words). A Beauty and the Beast AU. Creature Cas.

Till Human Voices Wake Us by saltandbyrne. (Explicit, 20,634 words). “In a world of hippogriffs, hydras and flying pygmy elephants, intrepid explorer Dean Winchester was sure he had seen it all. When a monster destroys the only home he’s ever known, Dean finds himself falling for his strange rescuer and struggling to face his past.” (Creature Cas)

Skazka - A Woodland Fairytale by Angrysouffle. (Explicit, 17,786 words, graphic depictions of violence). “Satyr Dean’s seemingly idyllic existence of getting drunk and debauching virgins is chanllenged when he meets Dryad Cas. Friction and embarassing leaf munching ensues. Throw in a half-Demonling brother who is keen to look up tree sex in the lore and Cas’ suspiciously sexy sensing root, Dean is about to take phallic worship to a new level. Will this unlikely couple find their happily ever after?” (Creature Cas and Creature Dean)

Naga Dean ‘verse, by sillyblue and others. (multiple stories, the link is to the collection). Dean is a Naga; Cas is the angel to whom he’s arranged to be married. (Creature Dean)

The Siren and the Sea Monster by ltleflrt. (Explicit, 15,230 words). “When Cain moves to Washington State, Dean decides to follow him so that he can keep his job as Cain’s apprentice. The small town near the sea is Cain’s home town, and he has a small beach house that he rents to Dean for dirt cheap, with only a warning to beware of strange neighbors.” (Creature Cas)

Terms of Service by Misachan. (Explicit, 20,941, THERE IS UNTAGGED MCD IN THIS STORY). An AU based on the fairy tale “The Elves and the Shoemaker.” Creature Cas. Again, warning, MCD, I cried, this story is why I won’t read MCD.

Qualia by imogenbynight. (Mature, 26,600 words). “When Sam & Jess move into a smart home, Dean finds an unlikely match in the AI that keeps it running.” (Creature Cas)

…okay I feel like I’m missing a ton, but those are the first ones that spring to mind as being stuff I’d recommend for creature fics.

If other folks want to add recs, you know I’m here for that!! <3


“Alright, everyone - on three. One, two–”

“Not it!” Parker interrupted, holding up her hand.

“I hadn’t said three yet,” Eliot snarled.

“When has playing by the rules ever gotten any of us anywhere?” she countered with a smirk.

“Well, there was that one time,” said Hardison, ticking off a mystery point on one finger, “oh, and that other,” two fingers, “and that one - oh yeah, we played by the rules so good that time, and–”



Not helping,” said Eliot through gritted teeth, heaving a sigh. “Look, Parker, we’ve been over this. Hardison and I can’t play the couple, it’ll draw too much attention.”

“Why? Gay marriage is really common now!”

“Hey, not gay!” Hardison protested.

“Great, and now he’s not gay.” Eliot rolled his eyes. “Why don’t you two get hitched, then, ‘not gay’ and ‘not it’ are made for each other.”

“I am not gay,” Hardison repeated emphatically. Parker rose from her chair, slipped behind him, and pantomimed his movements and speech pattern. “I am pansexual and queer and when you disrespect my identity you disrespect me and dammit where did Parker go, she’s standing behind me, isn’t she? Yeah - of course she is. Look, it’s easy - I need to handle the security system, so you two go get hitched, and let me work. Ya’ll hurt a guys feelings, arguing about which of you want to be married to me less, I get it, okay? Just a…” He trailed off, mumbling, poking at his phone.

“Fine,” said Eliot, throwing up his hands. “Parker, let’s go check the jewelry stash for matching rings that fit. We’ve wasted enough time on this argument.”

“Wait, which of you am I married to?” asked Parker.

“Neither!” Hardison and Eliot said simultaneously. 

Parker pouted until they pulled out the casket where the jewelry was kept. Nothing cheered her up like more gold and gems and platinum and jade than she could hold in her cupped hands. Seeing her smile, Eliot’s sour mood eased. They were both idiots, so much younger and less experienced than he, so determined that this threesome when work when it had been the two of them originally and would be the two of them long after Eliot finally did something stupid enough to get himself killed. But until then, he could indulge them, he supposed. 

The hardest part was to get Parker to stop picking out pretties and stashing them in her pockets.

Hours later, Eliot had to amend that thought. The hardest part hadn’t been getting a ring on his finger. The hardest part hadn’t been trying to play two different men simultaneously, one married to Parker, the other married to Hardison. The hardest part hadn’t been when he got caught mid-change and the job went to hell. The hardest part hadn’t even been taking a few hits so Parker could make a clean escape.

No, this was definitely the hardest part.

“Are you insane?” said Eliot.

“Hey, hey, we do not use the ‘i’ word–”

“That really hurt my feelings, Eliot.”

“–we know it hurts Parker’s feelings, come on, baby, Eliot didn’t mean it, he’s just surprised.”

“I meant you, Hardison! If you guys want to make this real by all means, go for it! No one is holding you back!” Can we please just stop talking about this? I want it too much for any of this to be okay with me.

“No! Nate and Sophie, they taught me to be honest about my feelings, and this is me, being honest! I’m marrying both of you.”

“You can’t do that, Parker!”

“Why not?” she asked with actual confusion. Eliot raked a frustrated hand down his face. 

“Hardison, for the love of…talk sense in to her!” he said.

“Yeah, yeah, I’ll do that, right after I…” Hardison stopped typing with a flourish. “Alright, boys and girls…uh…boy and girl, we are good to go.”

“Thank friggen God, I can’t wait to put this whole shitshow of a job behind us and–”

Hardison flicked over his phone and an image appeared on their projector - an engagement announcement for Parker, obviously in her Alice White alias, to one of Hardison in that damned Ice Man bullshit outfit he’d pulled. 


Eliot had never been interrupted by a silent cocky grin before, but there was no answering that look on Hardison’s face. Hardison flicked over his phone again and another announcement turned up - Parker and Eliot, as themselves - and another flick interrupted Eliot’s next strangled attempt at an interjection, Hardison and IT guy Eliot.

That had been a good look for him…the glasses…Parker loved him in the glasses. With a sigh, Eliot deflated.

“Really?” he asked. Though his tone was resigned, there was a warm glow in his chest. He couldn’t deny that he wanted this. But it was a terrible idea.

“Really,” said Hardison and Parker, staring at him hard. 

“Unless you’re going to keep being a little bitch about it,” Hardison added.

“Hey, you love it when I’m a little bitch,” Eliot said pointedly.

“Yep, we both do,” said Parker with a gentle smile. Eliot sighed again. God, no matter how hard he tried to do the right thing - the wrong thing? whatever - these two always twisted him around so damn easy and the worst part was…

“Fine,” he conceded.

“Yes!” Parker gave an adorable jump, punching a fist in the air, and Hardison smirked like his damn mouth had gotten stuck like that.

…the worst part was he absolutely loved them for this kind of bullshit.

Guess I’m getting married.


anonymousantonym  asked:

Hunter Dean on a case, stumbling across identical twin hunter duo - who he actually discovers are an ex-vessel Jimmy and the angel Castiel, killed and remade with a body of his own, in his vessels image... Cas and Jimmy make a formidable team together... in more ways than one?


Okay so they are not twins - and we’ll call this canon-divergent, Dean has never met them before - but they used to be in the same body, and that was when the “more ways than one” started. Jimmy had been shocked to learn that angels were denied pleasures of the flesh by God’s command, that Castiel had never learned how good it could feel to be touched intimately. While Jimmy’s personality and Castiel’s grace yet shared a vessel, Jimmy quietly whispered instructions on Castiel should touch that body to make pleasure light it up from the inside, brighter than grace could ever shine. At first Castiel resisted, but the temptation was enormous…Jimmy so obviously spoke with love and reverence, disbelieving that the merciful, loving God that he believed in would deny his angels such a basic source of joy. Finally, Castiel succumbed, accepted himself forsaken, and they discovered that pleasure for one was pleasure for both. Castiel fell in love with his vessel, with the mind that shared the body he’d been forced to use, and though he was damned he felt no regrets.

They died fighting Zachariah, thwarting his plan to bring about apocalypse.

Worth it, thought Castiel, even if I’m now to go to hell.

Worth it, thought Jimmy, no matter the cost.

Except it turned out, all those orders not to love, not to touch, hadn’t been coming from God, they’d been coming from Zachariah. God, pleased with Castiel’s actions, resurrected Castiel AND Jimmy (with a touch of angelic grace of his own, to sustain and empower him), and gave them a new mission, to be his presence on earth.

They meet Dean while looking for Gabriel…(whom Dean only knows as the Trickster…)

Castiel and Jimmy know exactly who he is, exactly what Zachariah’s plans for him were, what Michael’s plans for him were.

Castiel and Jimmy gripped him tight and raised him from perdition, but then were forbidden further contact with him.

They know Dean.

And Dean has no idea who they are.

send me head-canons and such…

brainsforbabyjesus  asked:

A head canon for you: angels don't really get the whole concept of personal ownership of belongings (outside of weaponry). So back in season 8 when Castiel is going through Dean's stuff it's not so much a moment of 'we are good friends who are allowed a certain amount of leniency with each other's things' as it was Castiel being comfortable enough to do more "angel-y" things around Dean and investigating what exactly it was that humans carted around with them everywhere.

lmao yes, yes, yes! And so when Dean is later all, “dude, kinda personal!” Cas is actually intrigued. This is an angle of human nature he’s never seen before. What’s “personal” about a bunch of inanimate objects? Trying to puzzle it out, Cas will ask Sam for permission to go through his things, and Sam says, “sure whatever,” and Cas is even more confused because Sam’s belongings are nearly identical to Dean’s, yet Dean feels this is “too personal” and Sam doesn’t care. He goes through the trunk of the Impala, which neither of them mind, and he asks even other humans.

Most think it’s weird, but most don’t mind.

Increasingly, Cas starts to think this is specifically a Dean thing. He’s spent millenia watching humanity but understanding just one human is often the most challenging part. Come to think, Dean’s been acting weird since purgatory. So he comes up with a theory - maybe having nothing of his own, nothing but the same disgusting clothes to wear day in and day out, has made possessions more intrinsic to Dean than they are to Sam? It doesn’t make sense in light of Dean’s other life experiences, but, then, Dean doesn’t make sense to Cas and never has. Cas tests this theory, but can’t find any supporting evidence for it. Giving Dean new, impersonal objects doesn’t convince him to allow Cas access, and when Dean discards old objects they somehow move beyond this field of “too personal.”

Cas is baffled.

But Dean is the one that snaps first.

“Cas, why you gotta keep pushing? What’s the big deal?”

“That’s what I’m trying to understand.”


“Why do you feel it’s not appropriate for me to see your belongings?”

“Because…because…because they’re mine.”

“Well, yes, by definition. That’s why I’m curious. If they belonged to a stranger they’d not be as interesting to me.”

“Exactly! Those are…those are my jeans, and my shirts, and my…my…my condoms…” Dean starts to trail off but can’t seem to stop himself from adding weakly, “…and my underwear…”

“And? Are they significantly different from Sam’s underwear and Sam’s underwear?”

“Fuckin’…TMI, dude. TMI.”


“I don’t want to think about my brother having sex, that’s why.”

That gives Castiel something to chew on. He ponders it for a few minutes, then finally, slowly says, “So you are uncomfortable with my examining your belongings because of your inference that, in the same way that when I talk about your brother’s condoms, you imagine your brother having sex, you suppose that when I see your condoms, I imagine you having sex?”

“Fuck…yeah…fine…I guess so…”

“Why should I care about you having sex, Dean?” That, at least, is a total lie. Castiel cares. Castiel really, really cares.

“Because…oh…you mean…you mean you don’t? I thought…never fricken mind. This conversation is done. Stop asking.”

“Wait. Dean.” A second insight has struck Castiel and what once wasn’t important suddenly is earth shattering, monumental, critical.

“End of discussion, Castiel.” Dean turns and walks across the motel room, lays his hand on the door knob.


He never calls me that anymore.

“If they were my condoms, would you imagine me having sex? And would such thoughts be as unwelcome to you as imagining Sam having sex?”

At least Dean stands and listens.

He’s silent for a long, long time. Castiel wonders if he’s finally pushed Dean too far. But finally, without turning back, Dean says, “I guess…I guess it’d kinda depend…who you’re having sex with…”

It takes some hashing out from there before they work shit out, but it really proves to be all semantics.

Once Dean has assurance that the only person Castiel would ever imagine having sex with is Dean, it doesn’t take much to work out after that.

Send me head canons and distractions! Please! :)

evenifidie replied to your post “Not a headcanon but I was googling whale noises today and I found a…”

ahh well so!! lmao they have an emergency and they’re trying to contact other ships for help (sort of like titanic yikes) and then they think that someone’s nearby because they hear dean so they’re like ok let’s not contact anyone further and wait for this one to get here except it’s not a fucking ship it’s dean!!! this could probably be “fixed” if dean got them to safety :P

Ohhhh so I actually misread this first time and swapped who was who - and I love both ideas - so first the swap…

What if whale-man Dean gets harpooned by hunters and he manages to escape but he’s gravely wounded and he ends up half-beached, the tides lapping around him, so and he’s screamed himself hoarse but no one can hear him so he does the only thing he can think of - uses his mimickry to put out an SOS call. It’s a last ditch effort - his existence is supposed to be a secret, dammit! But given the choice between outing himself and dying, well…death is kinda absolute, and maybe getting found by humans won’t be a total disaster…

So meanwhile the sonar on Cas’ ship picks up a distress call and, being the good person he is, he goes in the direction of the call and is shocked to find an unconscious half human mystery creature and no ship? He’s so confused? Did the creature attack the ship? Is it evil? What the heck happened? But he’s never seen anything like the half-whale, half-man, and there’s a damn harpoon through his body and blood everywhere, and there’s something so gentle and human about the creature’s features while it’s unconscious, so despite his worries that this thing might have sunk a ship, Cas nurses it back to health.

Hurt/comfort and eventual smut ensues. :)

For yours, I can see it as…Cas knows he’s totally screwed, his hull’s torn open and he’s way off course and the odds of anyone other ship being close enough to come before he’s sunk are basically zero. Sure enough, water swamps the hold and he’s gonna die, end of story, the water is so black and it’s everywhere and it’s in his lungs and he can’t breathe, can’t breathe, can’t breathe…

…except, in that last moment before he passes out, he can swear arms close around him? And he wakes up in an ice cave, surprisingly warm given what a good insulator ice can be, resting on a floe with a couple fresh but clearly dead fish beside him and fuck all if he knows where he is but he’s not dead and that’s a good start…

For days, weeks, Dean brings food when Cas is asleep, scavengers what human tools and clothing he can from shipwrecks and abandoned coastal homes, and all the while he tries to use his call to imitate a distress signal and coerce a boat into finding Cas, but none of the boats will answer. Dean must have the call wrong.

…it takes a long time before Dean trusts Castiel enough to show himself, but they eventually reach a cross-species understanding…

send me story ideas and head canons cause I feel shitty and could use a pick me up!

envydean  asked:


who’s the cuddler: Dean. Most of his life, the guys Dean has been with were smaller than him and because of some kind of machismo bullshit he was ALWAYS the big spoon and he loves that Benny is such a bear and can just wrap him up and Dean is allowed to feel, for once, like he’s the small one, he’s protected, he’s safe, he’s cared for. Dean can’t enough of it.

who makes the bed: Whichever gets up second, but that’s usually Dean. Benny has early morning baking to do.

who wakes up first: Benny. Every morning. The alarm goes off, Benny hops up, Dean half wakes up, mumbles something, and gets nudged back to sleep. An hour later Dean’s alarm goes off and he panics because he doesn’t remember Benny’s alarm going off and OMG DID BENNY GET TO WORK ON TIME?

who has the weird taste in music: Benny. He’s a fan of all kinds of atonal stuff that is just utterly beyond Dean’s comprehension like how is that even music?

who is more protective: Benny, though Dean thinks it’s him. Like, Dean is constantly driving hunters away from the area so that they won’t mess with Benny, and Benny doesn’t know that. But Dean doesn’t know just how many monsters are gunning for him, and just how much coordination he, Bobby and Sam do behind Dean’s back so that Dean never fucking finds out and finally gets to have a bit of a happy life.

who sings in the shower: Benny. The southern drawl is especially adorable, even when it’s atonal weird stuff.

who cries during movies: Dean. Benny brings the tissues.

who spends the most while out shopping: Dean. He figures, Benny spends so much time making delicious food for others, Benny deserves someone making delicious food just for him, and Dean is proud to take on that mantle himself.

who kisses more roughly: Benny. It’s all in the fangs, man. Dean is a bit addicted to kiss nips at this point.

who is more dominate: They switch off. They both have so much bad in their past that on any given night, one or the other can’t find the headspace to take the lead, and usually the other is able to step up and do it.

gets jealous the most: Neither. They’re pretty content tbh.

one headcanon I have: When things get really busy at the restaurant, Dean will come over and help out and he’s actually damn good at it, and Benny has been gently nudging him to make it a more regular thing but Dean is absolutely convinced that he’s a shit cook and that sure he does his best for Benny but it’s different when it’s someone who loves him, no one else should have to eat that schlock, and Benny is starting to consider more…extreme…methods to get Dean to see how fucking ridiculous and hypocritical and self-contradictory he’s being.

my rating of the ship from 1-10: 9

send a ship!

anonymous asked:

Dean can spend all day listening to Cas talk about the past or interesting trivia he knows about anything and everything; his favourite subject to talk about with Cas though, is stars. Cas knows the names to a lot of constellations and facts about the birth of stars, which Dean already knows (Sam's told him) but he pretends not to just so he can listen to Cas speak.

Hey anon! I’m so sorry I ended up sitting on this one after you sent it, I ran out of time that day, and then I felt guilty, but enough of that! Here I am! I wanted to be an astronomer for, like, a decade of my childhood, so this head canon makes me so, so, so happy.

“What about that one, Cas?” Dean recognized the three stars that formed the line of Orion’s belt, but couldn’t recall what Sam had told him about the surrounding stars. The night was stunningly clear; something that for all Dean knew was fricken pixie dust made a pinkish cloud glowed just beneath the belt; a brilliantly bright star - maybe a planet? - shone beneath. Nearby, the Milky Way made a cloud across the cosmos. 

“Orion,” Castiel explained. “The huntsman. I always feel bad for him; he irked Zeus, and his punishment was not only to be cast into the stars but to be forgotten. If someone could go back in time and tell Jason that someday he’d be infinitely more famous and better known than Orion, that children would speak of the Argo in their history classes, he’d have scoffed. Orion was…Orion was…” Castiel trailed off, frowning. “I’m sorry, my knowledge of popular culture is failing to produce an appropriate parallel.”

It was easy to forget, sometimes, that before he lost his grace - before he sacrificed his grace - Castiel moved among the stars as easily as Dean walked across a grassy field. It was awe-inspiring, the moreso because Castiel acted like it was utterly ordinary.

“Macaulay Culkin,” Dean suggested. Castiel gave him a blank stare. “Super popular kid actor when I was a teen, now no one knows who he is.”

“That…doesn’t sound quite right,” said Castiel. “It’s not…” He shook his head, and Dean turned to him, tore his eyes from the beautiful view to the even more beautiful view of the oh-so-angellic, oh-so-human man lying beside him. “That’s not really him - Orion, not Macaulay Culkin - in the stars, of course, at least no exactly. Zeus scattered him to his component atoms and sent those atoms into space, and in so doing rearranged those particular stars into that configuration specifically to form that view on earth for as long as possible - a few tens of thousands of years at least. It was meant both as a punishment and as a reward. Immortality, for the mortal hunter who never succeeded in his quest for immortality. As long as men remember the name of that constellation, as long as they see strong shoulders in the cast of Betelgeuse and Bellatrix, mighty knees in the glow of Saiph and Rigel, a belt on wide hips made of Alnitak, Mintaka and Alnilam, than Orion is never truly forgotten.”

Dean laughed. “Woah, kinda sound like a fan yourself, Cas. Why not revive the memory? Tell Orion’s story to the masses?”

Castiel shook his head, expression troubled. “But the greatest gift - Orion was unable to sire children, which was part of his tragedy. The bulk of Orion’s remains seeded the Orion Nebula, though, and so though the man himself could never be a father, new stars, and new planets, and eventually new life, will spawn from his remains. He…” Castiel shot Dean another unreadable look. “He deserved better.”

“Cas…?” There was an overlong, awkward pause. “Uh…is the pink thing the nebula?”

The silence stretched out.

“Sorry. Didn’t mean to, I dunno, give you ancient Greek ‘feels’ or something, but I–”

“You deserved better,” Castiel interrupted sadly.


“Orion reminds me of you,” said Castiel, staring up toward the sky with an abstracted expression. “He saved the world and though he was honored for it in his lifetime, he was forgotten afterwards, punished to pass from men’s memories, his deeds credited to others or unremarked on at all. Orion reminds me of you, Dean.”

“Hey, man, it’s all good.”

“It’s…it’s not.” Threading their fingers together, Castiel rolled over. Starlight played through his eyes like light through the facets of a gemstone, and Dean could only stare. “I will remember you, Dean Winchester. No matter what happens, no matter what stars we someday become, I will always, always remember you.”

Tears filled Dean’s eyes, made him feel ridiculous, but he could only swallow dryly. “Cas, I…”

“Always, Dean.”

“Thank you.” Dean blinked away the moisture in his eyes. Just a passing breeze. Cas’ hand wasn’t actually trembling in his. Cas wasn’t actually looking at him as if Dean held the cosmos in his meager, human hands. “Thank you, Castiel. I’ll remember you, too.”

“I know you will.”

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Okay, so I have this headcanon that Dean is actually HELLA smart, but he dropped out of high school because he focused too hard on tutoring Sam, and Sam to this day does not realize it. So like. We know the boys were moved just constantly, and that curricula in America vary wildly. So I figure Dean, being a good pseudo parent, took on the job of tutoring Sam on ALL of his classes, which would mean focusing a lot of his learning potential onto subjects he'd learned 4 years previously, so that 1/

He could learn them well enough not just to have passed that class, but also to help his little brother. Then, in high school, he realizes his brother is Really Smart and Going Places, because Sam in middle school is starting to get into the fancy classes that Dean never bothered to try for. So Dean has to buckle down and really start learning things on his own that he never learned in school, like physics and shit, because he has to stay just ahead of his little brother. And this was back 2/

In the day when computers were still largely dialup and John almost definitely didn’t have one, so Dean basically had to go to the library and spend hours with books, probably under the guise of researching the latest MOTW. It becomes too much to keep up with his own schoolwork, so he drops out. John immediately uses this as “proof” that Dean is just stupid. Sam, who is young and doesn’t see the effort Dean puts in for him, takes that at face value, because if Dean were smart, he’d graduate 3/

And since he didn’t, he must not be smart. Especially since Sam, being a bit oblivious and a lot isolated, probably assumes that, as an adult, of course Dean should be able to help with Sam’s homework. That’s a bare min right? Meanwhile Dean is stealing Sam’s textbooks to cross reference shit so he can teach himself AP History or whatever. And Dean, lacking in self-esteem, just assumes everyone is right when they call him dumb. Only Bobby saw different, thus why he made Dean get his GED 4/4

So first - YES Dean is so so so so smart, but with how is life how was he supposed to complete a formal education?

I LOVE this explanation - that Dean had time to get ONE of them through high school and he chose Sam instead of himself.

I’m gonna fit my own personal head canon about drop out Dean into the cracks, cause I think the two mesh well. See, my theory ties into John’s “proof” that Dean is just stupid. Dean was, in John’s mind, always going to be the fist ready to punch, while Sam - who was too young to go on hunts anyway - was much better suited to staying in their motel room or getting dropped off at the library to do all their research while Dean and John did the legwork (I’m thinking this is in the period when Dean is 15, 16, 17, etc., and Sam is 11+). Dean knows that no matter how he does in school it’s never gonna matter. He’s too dumb for book learning and he’s good at hunting, can take a hit or five or ten, copes well with the pain and, most importantly, when Dean does well on a hunt John is briefly actually proud of him, buys him a beer, tells him he did good. 

But, as you say, all the changing schools makes it hard for Sam to keep up, even though Sam would hate to admit it (he tries to work in his own studying when he’s at the library doing case research, but it’s hard…) and so Dean picks up the slack. Sure, he’s an idiot, but Sam is four whole years younger than him and taking subjects that Dean has theoretically already completed, surely Dean can at least learn those well enough to support his brother. (and of course he can, because Dean is really fucking smart!! but of course he doesn’t see it that way). This has largely slacked off by the time Sam is a junior or senior in high school and has asserted himself to the extent that he has insisted that he’s gonna go to college no matter what John says, but especially earlier, when John kept telling Sam that Sam was wasting his time because hunters don’t need degrees, and Sam was killing himself to try to keep on top of everything, Dean drove himself even harder. He knows what time the library opens in villages, towns and cities all over the country, and he was often there the moment the doors opened, after staying up all night on a hunt, gritty-eyed reading about the history of China so that Sam would pass his global exam.

Smart Dean. Yes. I love him.

And fuck John.

send me headcanons, top 5s, or anything else that strikes your fancy!

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Do you have any advice for writers with little to no audience? I'm finding it hard to get motivated to write since no one seems to like or even read my stuff.

Oof. Don’t throw me a soft ball or anything, anon. I’m sorry that you are struggling with this. When I first read this yesterday morning my knee jerk reaction was that no, I have no advice. I often feel like I “lucked into” having a following. However, the longer I reflected on it, the more I realized that wasn’t true. While I didn’t *calculate* the steps I took, choices I made as a writer DID have an impact on my gaining popularity. So here’s what I can think of:

1. Pick a niche fandom or ship. While you may get fewer readers by numbers, people who follow niche fandoms and niche ships tend to be much more interactive, and if you can gain fans from doing this, they might read your stuff that is for more common fandoms and ships. (for myself, I gained a huge boost when I started writing Dean/Cas/Jimmy).

2. Think about what fic you’d loooooove to read but haven’t seen anything similar - a specific kink, or a specific trope, or a type of story. For me, that was “An Assembly Such As This,” I wrote that specifically because I hadn’t been able to find a single Destiel Regency AU (I know of a few others now) and I wanted one like fricken *air* and as it turned out I wasn’t the only person who did. If you can spot a lack like that, fill it. Like, there’s an author I’m fond of who isn’t necessarily the best writer but if I want to read stories about dog or wolf Castiel fucking underage Dean, this writer is my go to, just because there is hardly anyone who writes that. And again, once you’ve got people hooked on your writing, they’re way more likely to read other stuff you write that is more mainstream and more likely to disappear in the noise of 47,000 Coffeeshop AUs.

3. To be brutally honest…if you are in a big fandom like Destiel, the single biggest advice I can give is be a damn good writer. There is so much quality writing in the bigger fandoms that, unfortunately, readers tend to move on if they aren’t grabbed pretty quickly. I can’t speak to the quality of your writing, anon, but if you think that’s at all the issue, don’t despair. It’s entirely a fixable problem. Find a writing group - where you live, or find one online. Accept constructive criticism unflinchingly (tell people who just tell you “I don’t like it” to go fuck themselves, that’s not helpful). Learn to read your own writing as if you didn’t write it (the only way I know of to do this is practice) and edit it to be the best you can. When you read stuff you like, re-read it with the eye of a writer: what did the original writer do with that turn of phrase that made it work? And the opposite: when you read stuff that you think doesn’t work, suss out WHY you think it doesn’t work. It takes a ton of a practice and a commitment to have your worked critiqued and an acceptance that it takes time, but just like any skill, it can be learned.

I’m guessing you wouldn’t have sent this to me if you didn’t think I was at least a decent writer…I used to say that I wouldn’t try to be a writer, would never succeed as a writer, because I didn’t have enough imagination. The other writer types around me always had so many *ideas* and I just had…nothing. No inspiration. No clever new twist on an old story. It felt totally pointless to keep writing, so I didn’t for long stretches of time. And when I finally started again, what I realized was, having ideas, writing well, all of it is skills that improve with practice. The same friend who rolled her eyes and told me I was wrong about the imagination thing said that all writers should expect to write a million words of crap before they write something really worth reading. In the past 15 years, I’ve written about 3 million words. And what you see on my AO3 account? My first shared fanfic are words I generated right around the 1 million word point. A Glimmer of Hope, my original novel, was words 600,000 to 700,000, and the sequel was words 700,000 to 850,000. I wrote four entire novels before I ever found the courage to share a word of it. You’re doing a brave thing by sharing your work, and if you have that bravery, the rest is just details. Don’t give up!

eta: Anon, if you were willing to contact me off anon, I could beta something short for you. I’m a bit of a brutal beta/editor but from what the two people I’ve done it for have told me (dragonpressgraphics and jhoomwrites) …it seems to help? I try to explain WHY I’m changing things, and point out major trends of “stuff that are recurring issues.”