unforgivable things

Do not allow him to consume you. If he does not call, go to sleep. If he does not message, put your phone away and have a fantastic day anyway. If he acts distant when you are with him and refuses to tell you what is wrong, don’t wait for him, go home and do something you love. If he tries to insinuate you do not need your friends now that you have him, spend more time with your friends. If he tries to teach you a lesson through the silent treatment, ignore him completely.

If he plays with your feelings constantly, walk away from him. If he acts like your body is his entitlement when you are not ready, walk away from him. If he says terrible, unforgivable things and threatens to leave you after every argument, walk away from him. If he forbids you from doing anything you love, walk away from him. If he claims ownership of your accomplishments, walk away from him. If he demeans you or disrespects your being a girl and refuses to stop when you tell him it hurts, walk away from him.

I cannot stress this enough, you live for yourself first. He is a secondary character in the story of your life. Do not allow him to turn you into a secondary character in your own book.

—  Nikita Gill, Advice for Teenage Girls Finding Their Way Through Love.

We need to have some words.

As you may have noticed, a certain writer that is on your payroll has raised the ire of your fans.  Again.  The fans who buy your stuff.  The fans who love the characters that you are responsible for.  The fans who do not exist for you to insult and walk over time and time again.

Hydra!Cap was bad enough.  People were offended and horrified, even though we knew it was going to be just a cheap publicity stunt in the end.  You didn’t fool us, we knew it wasn’t going to be permanent.  But that doesn’t change the fact that you allowed your certain writer to spit on Jack Kirby and Joe Simon’s legacies as well as the fans who idolize the character and looked to him for comfort during a difficult time, insulted all of these people, for a juvenile attention grab.

Another blow was the removal of the Jewish heritage of Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch.  Why was this done?  Any reason?  Other than…I can’t even think of a reason other than pure idiocy.  What is even the hell.  It did not help matters at all that in the Age of Ultron film that these two characters were made into Hydra agents as well.

And speaking of.


…You done fucked up now.

Magneto is not only your most well-known Jewish character and a Holocaust survivor, but he is probably one of the most well known fictional Jewish Holocaust survivors in all of fiction.  He is someone who is intimately shaped by his Jewish heritage and by his horrific experiences during the Holocaust where his entire family was systematically murdered.  He is someone who made “Never Again” his mantra for life.  It is what drives him.  Although he has undeniably done terrible, even unforgivable, things, every decision he makes is driven by his desire to never allow what happened to him or his family to ever happen to anyone.  His trauma is what has driven him to hate humanity as a whole.

And who traumatized him?  Who murdered his family and his people and who tried to wipe out his culture?  Who does Magneto hate with every fiber of his being?  Who has he constructed himself to oppose?

The Nazis.  The same Nazis who, in your universe, created Hydra.  You’ve tried your best to whitewash Hydra and make it look cute what with Bob and everything, but your fans know better.  They are, and have always been, Nazis.

And you are having Magneto join them.

It doesn’t matter that it’s probably a stunt.  It doesn’t matter that if it’s not, it’s all going to be retconned away by the time my nail polish dries.  It doesn’t matter.

Do you know the world that you live in?  It is a world where anti-Semitism is on the rise.  It is a world where Jewish schools receive bomb threats and children live in fear.  It is a world where people genuinely are terrified that another Night of Broken Glass will happen or that Muslims and other marginalized groups are going to be carted away to camps.  It is a world where people with Nazi sentiments are in high positions of the US and other governments and are abusing their power.

You cannot do what you are doing in this world.

In the late 1930s and early 1940s when the world was bleak and hatred was festering in every part of the world and growing stronger, comic book writers and artists, many or even most of whom were Jewish, gave people heroes.  When the US had yet to enter WWII and the American Nazi party was large and growing, two Jewish men created a hero and draped him in the American flag and had him punch Hitler square in the face.  They kept writing this hero even as they received threats and the mayor of New York City had to step in to protect them.  Your distinguished competition created an immigrant from another world who used the traits of his homeland to fight injustice.  They created a woman who was stronger than any man and whose compassion was stronger than any hatred.  And you, in the 1960s, created a supposed villain who drove himself into becoming what he was so that what happened to him and his family would never be allowed to happen again.

Your certain writer thinks he’s being clever and commenting on the nature of the world today.  He is wrong.  We know the world is in a bad place.  We know how scary things are.  We know corruption looms everywhere and that hate is omnipresent.  We live on planet Earth.  We’ve seen this shit first hand.  We don’t need to be told this.

We need heroes.  We need to be told that it is possible to fight this evil.  We need to be told that there is hope.  That the future is bright if we work hard.  Even if one of those heroes is a villain half the time, we need them.  We don’t need you erasing these people’s identities, even for a second.

And it you won’t give us what we need, we will give it to ourselves.  Fan culture is stronger now than it has ever been.  If you won’t treat your characters and most importantly your FANS with respect, we will do it for ourselves.  We do not need you.  But you need us.  And you need to remember that.

i used to think love was a rough, unforgiving thing. i used to think it was bad, and i was scared.
then i met you, and you completely changed that. i love love. i love loving you.

Shakespeare and Sin

In which Archie distracts the reader in the best way possible.

Pairing: Archie Andrews x Reader

Warnings: Smut, smut and more smut!

A/N: so I got a super positive response for me writing some riverdale smut and a request for some Archie x Reader so here it is. Pass me the holy water people!

You were sat at your desk desperately trying to finish your English essay whilst listening to the red-headed jock on your bed whine and groan about how bored he was. That boy was Archie Andrews – jock, musician and certified fuckboy. You weren’t really sure why he was there or what you were to him. All you knew was that despite his complete lack of judgement in sticky situations and his gullible nature, he was a total sweetheart and he liked you a lot. You were snapped out of your daze by the feeling of strong arms embracing you from behind and slightly chapped lips against your neck.

“You need a break…” he murmured against your skin, the vibrations sending shivers down your spine.

“I can’t…I have to finish this…” your voice trailed off as his lips found your ear, nibbling on the lobe lightly and eliciting a moan from your throat.

“Please (Y/N), can’t you just do it later?”

You were tempted and his breath on your skin clouded your judgement momentarily before you swallowed and composed yourself.

“Arch…I can’t,” you tried and failed to sound convincing and as you turned to attempt to look him in the eyes with faux sincerity he simply wet his lips and nodded. You turned back to your work, scanning the page trying to recollect your thoughts. You could feel Archie behind you still and you tried to ignore the sound of his heavy breathing and concentrate on the task at hand. His calloused hand came to rest on your shoulder and after a few seconds you noticed it inching further and further down. Your mouth became dry as his fingertips trailed down over your collarbone then further still. His finger circled around your nipple through the thin material of your tank top and your breath hitched in your throat. His finger didn’t linger though, it continued its path down your stomach and past your navel and heat flooded your cheeks the further south they got. The pressure between your legs built with anticipation and you clamped your thighs shut upon instinct. You swallowed the lump in your throat and he coaxed your legs apart slowly. Your arm curled behind you to grasp his neck and pull him in for a sloppy kiss, essay completely forgotten. How was it that he knew exactly what you wanted – exactly what you needed?

His long fingers began making slow, languid strokes against you, through your leggings and you bit your lip to stifle the moans threatening to escape your lips. His head rested in the crook of neck, sucking and biting on your sweet spot and leaving dark purple marks there. His hand drifted upwards to the waistband of your leggings and expertly slipped inside. The sudden skin-on-skin contact made you gasp and his palm flattened against you. Painfully slowly he slipped a finger into your entrance and you couldn’t stop yourself from moaning his name in sultry tone. This made him gasp and encouraged him to slip in another finger, keeping them still and teasing you mercilessly.

“Please Arch I-I need…” you stammered, bucking your hips against his fingers in a feeble attempt to gain some friction. He grinned boyishly at the effect he had on you and pressed a chaste kiss to your cheek before pumping his fingers. You groaned, finally satisfied by the pleasure he was providing you. Apparently, Archie wasn’t because he moved his thumb to press on your most sensitive bundle of nerves. One of your hands clutched the arm of your desk-chair whilst the other rested behind his neck, tangling your fingers in his luscious red locks. He began to pick up his pace, thumb circling your clit furiously whilst he whispered unforgivable things in your ear. With one final curl of his fingers you came undone around him, walls clamping around his fingers and his name falling from your lips in a guttural moan. He continued his movements until you had ridden out your high, falling limp against the chair, utterly spent. You gazed up at him with a captivated smile and he returned your stare with a lopsided grin.

“Better than your essay?” he asked, biting his lip and raising his brows in childlike anticipation for your answer. You hand came to rest on your chin as you mocked contemplation.

“I dunno Arch, Shakespeare might have got the upper hand with this one,” his eyes lowered to look at the ground and he mumbled a disappointed “oh…” until you burst into a fit of giggles. “I’m kidding Archie! It was amazing…you are amazing.”

With that you leaped up from your seat and pulled him into a tight embrace, peppering him with quick kisses to which he laughed and returned them in response. You had fallen for this boy, hard and every second you were with him you seemed to fall harder.

okay…  i dont understand why people are this upset at the thought of billy hargrove going through a complete redemption arc instead of dying “like he deserves to” 

billy hargrove is a severely flawed person, and it is because he suffered through years of abuse at the hands of his father. that is not an excuse. i am merely stating a fact. he is one of countless fictional characters who was the victim of abuse, one of many villianous abused characters who in turn became an abuser himself. he is racist. he is sexist. i agree, he is a dirtbag asshole. at present

but, i will be honest in saying that i find it so disheartening that so many people think it is impossible for billy to change.

its as if we’re all meant to silently agree that, if you are a teenager or young adult (ie. “meant to know better”) who’s experienced abuse, there is no hope for you to ever fully recover from your experiences. like we’re meant to think the window of opportunity to heal and change for the better has closed for billy. 

the duffer brothers intended for billy, the series’ ‘mortal antagonist’, to be an irredeemable character. but i still hope to god they dont pass up the opportunity to showcase a major, dramatic character development and redemption arc for a victim of abuse to rise above their situation instead of falling victim to it. 

I forgive everything. the stomach pains. the words lost between languages. the worst headache of my life. if nothing else, you make my hands feel like hands. listen: I’d collect your ghosts. I’d swallow them whole. once on a plane, I cried about the blanket the flight attendant gave me. it reminded me of you. there’s a love that exists somewhere between new york and cairo that has your name on it. I hope it finds you. I don’t want the pictures. I want each memory to live inside of me forever. I want the songs back. the ones the storeowners play in bayridge when they’re missing home (which is to say the songs are always playing). I forgive it all. the woman who did unforgivable things, the food that went bad too early, the impatient drivers, my stomach always leaving me. you make my heart feel like it could get something right. I want dreams for you. I want to say I’ll see you soon, but who knows when I’ll see you. you break my heart a little, but don’t let it get to you. everything breaks my heart a little. I just want you to know I remember you. you exist everywhere I go which means you’ve been across the state, across the country, across the world by now. you make my poems wilt less. you make everything wilt less. I want a world of flight for you. which means you could land anywhere. which means I already forgive if it’s a lifetime away from me.

Unforgivable Things Howl’s Moving Castle did:
  1. Got rid of Sophie’s personality to make her sad frumpy woman
  2. Got rid of Howl’s personality to make him seem empty 
  3. Got rid of Sophie’s magic and how she saved the day not through the power of being in love, but by the power of simply being a badass and beating the antagonist to death and saving the day
  4. There aren’t that many women in the story as is, but the movie got rid of about half of them Including her second sister who was learning to be a witch, how the two sisters charmed the other to look like the other and they switched places from the school to the bakery
  5. The reason the witch targeted sophie was because everyone in the city was wearing her hats (imbued with strong ass magic) and the witch felt threatened. 
  6. Speaking of being targeted, the movie handled it pretty well, but Real Sophie was like “i’m just gonna be a cool ass old grandma now and i’ll just go take on the world cuz who cares?” and was grumpy and had EMOTIONS that which the entire movie is lacking of tbh. 
  7. Michael (Markl in the film) was a teenager and their personality is about the same so?? but he’s trying to date one of sophie’s sister and they actually, i think, get really serious and it’s sorta cute
  8. Speaking of sisters: Sophie thinks that howl is courting her sister at the magicians but in reality he’s impressed they switched places and he’s hanging out with her to get the dish on sophie 👀👀👀
  9. He dyed his hair pink on accident in the book and at first he was like “AAAA” but then he was so fucking into it. although this is p much the only scene in the entire movie that was almost synonymous with the book 
  10. The “black” setting on the door doesn’t go like back in time or anything, it goes to OUR WORLD. He has like  fucking corvette and takes sophie around in it, it’s goofy and like 0/10 the movie didn’t even mention that he’s like a bored college kid who pretends to be related to fucking merlin and figured out how to travel between dimensions
  11. Did I mention he pretends to be merlin? He’s a cosplaying son of a ho. He pretends to be like 6 different wizards not even kidding. 
  12. The queen lady wasn’t evil, she was very very nice and she helps sophie realize that she’s full of magic and helps her break the curse. Women helping women woo!!
  13. I mean seriously, I know ghibli is really good about female characters etc…but for real…there are like a grand total of 5 in the story and the movie cut out 3 of them, made one evil and made the actual evil one good?? Get it together. 
  14. Speaking of one of the cut out women: Fanny! Like…the movie really really glosses over how the witch of the waste basically sparked sophie into running away from essentially a really really abusive and exploitative situation where she was basically doing slave labor for her stepmom. 
  15. At the same time while it’s glossing over that it totally cuts out her rage at being left behind in a  dusty store room making hats and basically ONLY having these hats for company (which is how she charmed them!!). Sophie has a lot of personality and she was soooo so so sassy and charged, it sucks that the movie cut that to make her an oatmeal mush salad.  

anonymous asked:

Imma try to make someone cry with this. Like, what if Dazai and Chuuya were mutually pining but thought the other moved on or something and then Chuuya dies and Dazai never got to say anything. Neither did Chuuya but he's happy cuz at least he died to protect Dazai?? Yandere Dazai finds the book and puts down the word 'a world where Chuuya is with me' and he gets transported to a world where Chuuya's a ghost who just wants to leave this plane but Dazai won't let him bc y r u leaving me again???

anon turn on ur location I just wanna talk

Alright, so we all know that one of the most unforgivable things that happened in the movies concerning Ron is giving Hermione his" If you want to kill Harry “ line, but the hatred I feel towards this is not just about me being angry at Kloves showing off his disrespectful favoritism by giving away Ron’s lines, but me being angry at just how badly he screwed over ALL of the Golden Trio in one simple scene. The entire Shrieking Shack scene was a disservice to the book and the Golden Trio, and by extension Sirius and Remus( but that’s for another day), so let me let breakdown exactly why I hate this scene so much.

Note that this is a long post because I have a lot of feelings about this.

Now, let us start with the most obvious problem, what was done to Ron.

In the book, the "if you want to kill Harry ” line comes from Ron after he’s just been bodily dragged by Sirius, who was in his Grim form, a form Ron was deathly afraid of, into the Shrieking Shack, after having his leg broken in such a brutal way, Harry was able to audibly  hear the crack. In the time that it took Harry and Hermione to get to Ron, he was stuck with Sirius; who took his wand, who Ron knows is brutal enough to escape Azkaban , a fortress he had grown up all his life being told is inescapable  and break into Hogwarts, who at the time everyone thought was a convicted murdered, who Ron no doubt grew up hearing horror stories about; completely alone, handicapped and in an immeasurable amount of pain. Could you imagine what could have been going through his head? A thirteen-year-old with no means to defend himself, trapped with the man who not only killed his best friend’s parents but 12 innocent people and laughed about it while getting arrested.

Any normal person would have been terrified.

But not Ron. Ron was determined whereas other people would have been afraid. His first reaction when Harry shows up is to warn him of the danger through the pain that’s he’s feeling. When that doesn’t work his second reaction is to protect Harry when he puts himself in immediate danger.

Sirius addressing Harry, and Harry putting himself in danger gave Ron the sheer willpower to not only pull Harry back from the danger but to stand on a BROKEN LEG, look into the face of a convicted murderer and tell him that if he wanted to kill Harry he had to kill him first.

You cannot buy loyalty like that.

This is clear cut proof that Ron was perfectly willing to die for his friend.

In this moment, Ron is to Harry what Harry was to Dumbledore in the Chamber of Secrets.

When Ron said this line in the book, I had to put it down to absorb what he just did. The sheer impact had me shook.

And this is my ultimate problem with giving the line to Hermione. It takes away the impact. When Hermione says this line in the movie it’s not an earnest declaration of loyalty but an attempt to put on a brave front. She doesn’t seem to think she can back up what’s she’s saying, whereas Ron had complete conviction behind his words. He wasn’t just trying to be brave, he was willing to stand beside his friend in the face of danger, injured, in pain and at a complete disadvantage. I think this is shown perfectly in that Ron is at Harry’s side in the book instead of in front of him like Hermione was in the movies when this line is said. It’s not ‘I’m going to try to protect you’ i t’s  'I’d go to hell and back with you’.

There is none of this with Movie Hermione, there is no struggling through pain, no fear, no overcoming that fear. For Ron, it was a character  establishing moment, for Hermione it’s just a throwaway line with no meaning or impact.

But it doesn’t stop there, because Kloves takes away another important line, this time from Harry, the main freakin character. The 'I trusted you’ line.

This brings favoritism to a whole new level, because Hermione had absolutely no right to be given that line.

Remus was until this point Harry’s only legitimate link to his parents. Sure there’s Hagrid and Dumbledore, but they would not have known them as personally as Remus. Remus is an invaluable source of knowledge to Harry. He could tell Harry what his dad was like when teachers weren’t around, what his mom was like, and it would all be a personal account. It doesn’t help that Remus’s formal introduction to Harry is him saving him from the dementors.  There would defiantly be some hero worship going one.

Finally, Harry had an adult that he could know on a personal level as a parental figure, even if he was a teacher. He spent hours with Remus alone and defenseless, thinking of Remus as someone who genuinely cares for him outside of him being Harry Potter, who helped him other come a great fear. But the most important thing he did was put his truest in Remus  even after the fact that one DADA professor was working for Voldemort and the other had no problem attempting to erase his memories.

You can just feel the betrayal and hurt that he experienced when he sees that Remus and Sirius are in league with each other.

(And yes we all know how it really turns out  but at this point Harry didn’t)

But once again the impact is lost, because the line comes from Hermione and to be frank, who cares if Hermione trusted Remus or not, or if she felt betrayed. She didn’t have that emotional tie to Remus, she didn’t put herself in a vulnerable position with Remus for weeks. Her feeling betrayed didn’t matter because she wasn’t the one who lost her parents to the madman her professor just embraced.

It made no sense to give her this line.

This was a moment that would have been amazing to see come to life. The tension is at an all-time high and it keeps going higher. It’s the perfect blend of drama and action. Here we get our first in-depth glimpse at Harry’s anger and what it can do to his character. Yeah, we see glimpses of it in the first two books, but it’s really expanded on here. His anger makes him reckless, his hate make him murderous , and the betrayal from Remus brings these feeling to its peak.  It was the perfect look into how all those negative feelings altered him in the fifth book, but it came to its height in this moment. We could’ve all of that on screen, but we didn’t get it.

Instead, we got that hammy scene in the movies with Harry crying under his invisibility clock.

And the injustice doesn’t end there.

It comes full circle because this scene doesn’t just take away from Harry and Ron but Hermione too!

In the book, Hermione is terrified of what is going on. She talks very timidly and politely to Sirius and Remus, she whispers all of her words, she freaks out when she helps stun Snape, She’s so horrified of Pettigrew she cannot physical speak when he comes close to her, she closes her eyes when Sirius and Remus are about to kill Pettigrew.

The words to describe Hermione in this scene all point to extreme fear. She’s petrified, she’s whimpering. And that brings a whole new level to her character, because though she’s afraid of what’s going on, she just as invested at protecting Harry as Ron, but in a completely different way than in the movies. She shows her inner Gryffindor by being deathly afraid but still tacking Sirius with Ron when she’s given the chance. She helps hold Harry back when he  tries to go to Sirius , she offers support in every way she can while still being afraid. I don’t know about you but courage in the face of extreme fear is more admirable to me than being a hardened badass all the time.

But of course, this wasn’t shown in the movie because Hermione has to be a Knight Templar and tackle danger with no fear and basically be a warrior goddess always ready to bail everyone out.

Kloves favoritism not only damaged Ron and Harry but Hermione as well. The irony is he was so blinded by that favoritism that he made Hermione an entirely different character in the movies. She can’t be dynamic. She can only be one of two things, Smart or Badass. She can’t be a flawed character and thus she can’t be herself at all.

I could talk for hours about everything wrong with just the Shrieking shack scene alone but this post is already long enough. Ultimately, Steve Kloves fucked up everyone’s character, he didn’t get anyone right, not even Hermione his so called favorite character. The Shrieking Shack was the scene that showed me Kloves ineptitude at portraying these characters and even though four out of the eight movies are very important to me I cannot overlook just how badly they screwed up these characters.

so youre telling me…. a nominee (elena) won the competition but took the money, and another nominee (matt) won the veto and is taking someone else off the block??!?!?? this… actually might be my breaking point

Bissexual-harem route would be a terrible idea because...
  • Yusuke: And i thought things would be different for me, at least this time. I even painted your smile so many times, why didn't you say anything?
  • Ryuji: Aw man. I know you're a ladykiller of sorts but after all we've been through... Guess that that "my place is also by your side" was just another lie, huh?
  • Mishima: I should've expected this. I wonder if you really meant what you said about caring about me...i'm a zero, after all.
  • ---
  • Bonus (for those who want)
  • Akechi: Why do thing like this always happen to me? And i believed in all that talk that i wouldn't be used again... What an ace detective that i am.


I will have you know that my soul in such distress because of this page that I had to immediately turn to the next one because there is no possible way for me to find anything introspective about this that isn’t just me crying alone in a corner






HOW   D  A  R  E

Every Story About Her Reads Like This

So, APPARENTLY her mother married at the age of 14 to a man (boy) not much older and I GUESS her mother divorced him a couple of months before this MONSTER was born, and I GUESS her father was a schizophrenic who was convicted for sex crimes against children. BUT HE KILLED HIMSELF BEFORE SHE WAS BORN SO ANNNYYYYWAAAYYY her mother (how could a teenager be so immature and selfish) abandoned her and her brother at their maternal grandparents where SUPPOSEDLY (We have absolutely no way to prove this, so it’s probably fake this is a monster we’re talking about, after all) her grandfather was “””sexually inappropriate””” with her. I mean, doesn’t every woman claim that? Lol, so anyway, this monster was engaging in sex acts when she was 11 for food, drugs, etc (what a whore, imirite?) and you can obviously tell that she was bad from an early age because there’s no other reason a girl of that age would be sexually active. And it was while living with the father of her mother who got married at 14, that ALLEGEDLY after ALLEGEDLY being sexually abused for years that this Monster got herself pregnant at 14! By having Completely Consensual sex with her grandfather’s friend! What a whore. Anyhoo, she had the baby at a home for unwed mothers and put the kid up for adoption (again, this is a monster we’re talking about). Then she drops out of school. Dumb move! Her grandfather threw her out of the house when she was 15 and she supported herself as a sex worker and lived in the woods. 

So she starts having problems with alcohol and begins to show her evil violent monster nature, even being charged with ASSAULT and a DUI! (which are universally unacceptable and which is why whenever a Hollywood star is charged with such things it ruins their career) and then her TRUE NATURE IS REVEALED!!!!


A poor, innocent man who was just looking to buy sex from a woman with obvious substance abuse problems. This poor soul was a convicted rapist, too. Pretty convenient, because she’d later try to say it was “””self defense”””. Are we really supposed to think that the convicted rapist looking to buy sex WASN’T completely innocent? I think not!!!

But she keeps on killing!!!! She kills six more times!!!! All of the men were paying to put their penises in her, and she claims all of the slaughtering of these poor angels were “””self defense”””. CLEARLY impossible and she was a deranged lunatic who just loved slaughtering people and men specifically for NO REASON (probably a feminist) and no one really knows what could have caused such rage. She didn’t kill ever dude that fucked her completely consensually as an act of charity to keep her monster-ass fed and clothed by generously giving her money for the pleasure of her smelly vagina. Apparently she was a 


(I mean, duh, if she was REALLY “””molested””” and “””raped””” she’d become a lesbian, that’s how they all start out, right?)

And there was something about her supporting her girlfriend (vagina devil) with the earnings from her sex work. 

But justice was swift! They arrest that crazy, psychotic bitch and killed her with a needle! And that’s the story of how women are just as violent as men in general, if not more so, and how this crazy lesbian was born evil, did nothing but evil, and died evil and no one really knows why :/ And here’s the bitch herself:

Oh, wait, sorry lol that’s a picture of her as a kid, here’s the right picture:

Aileen Wuornos, a testament to how harmless CSA and the sex industry are and how mental illness should probably just go untreated :) 


(A/N): I am supposed to write my bachelor’s thesis but as I was listening to Nightwish, I got this idea and had to write it down ASAP. It is inspired by their song Slow, Love, Slow and by the whole album Imaginaerum 

Pairing: Loki x f!reader

Summary: Maybe Loki is a god of Mischief and the best trickster, but he can’t escape the mind game his ex-lover Y/N puts him into. That is the only way he can learn his lesson.

Warning: angst, mind games

Words: 2500+


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Maybe he was a powerful trickster god who did a lot of bad, unforgivable things, but he was no match comparing to her. After faking his death and leaving her alone, he knew he was going to pay for it. How? That was a mystery.

When the Avengers took him into the compound to keep an eye on him, Loki was met with his past that indeed made him scared. When he discovered she joined the famous Avengers, he was starting to worry about his life and mental health. Did they even know what was she capable of?

He was locked in the lowest point of the compound, somewhere near the hidden planes and jets for the team. His escape was impossible and he knew that. Thor was checking him almost every five minutes (figuratively speaking) to be sure his half-brother didn’t try to run away using his tricks and magic. 

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Rowan Whitethorn, Depression, & Abuse

I have recently asked for unpopular opinions in my ask box, and the number one opinion I received is how Rowan is abusive, or how he is simply unliked.

I respect everyone’s opinions, for everyone has a reason for believing what they do. As someone who has faced abuse, and depression, I have thoughts on this, as well.

I thought I would share.

*Warning: Sensitive material ahead. 

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