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Request: @recklesslonelyblond​ Hey lovely! Can I request some twisted imagine Chibs x Reader where she find out that Filip cheated on her with Fiona/Althea and also she just found out that she is pregnant and she haven’t told him yet? Thank you! 😄 I also wanted to say that I love your blog and your works are amazing 😙😙

Notes // Mentions // Warnings // Words: Chibs Telford x Reader // Fiona Larkin, Kerrianne Larkin-Telford, Jimmy O'Phelan, Ima Tite, Tig Trager, Juice Ortiz, Bobby Elvis, Jax Teller, Tara Knowles // Angst, Drama, Fluff // 3.742

Song suggestions: Just Give Me a Reason by Madilyn Bailey ft. Nate Ruess, Happier by Ed Sheeran, & The Blackest Day by Lana Del Rey

We need to talk, Filip.

You ok, lass?

More or less…

Nervously you waited for him, reading the same three messages over and over again. Your hands were as cold as ice and trembled relentlessly. Why did he done it? You desperately searched for answers, thousands of thoughts seemed to explode in your head.

How did it come to this?

You looked forward to meet Fiona and Kerrianne and already liked what your boyfriend Chibs told you about them. They visited the States to celebrate Kerrianne’s 22nd birthday. You got along well with Fiona and especially with Kerrianne the instant you and Chibs picked the two Irish women up from the airport. No surprise, you and Chibs’ daughter shared several interests and you two were almost of the same age.

Right from the start you knew it couldn’t always be easy with the not insignificant age difference, which separated you and Chibs. Nevertheless, a part of him always stayed the reckless Glaswegian boy and he mentioned once or twice that you’re an old soul, caged in a young body and only your eyes revealed this secret.

The two Europeans wanted to stay for a few days and you spent a lot of time with Chibs, his ex-wife and his daughter. He always made sure that you didn’t feel excluded, be it an affectionate kiss or pinching your bum unexpectedly, followed by him winking at you. He knew all the little tender endearments, that made you feel loved.

Would it be better if you didn’t knew?

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Polonaise No.5 In F Sharp Minor, Op.44
Roland Pontinen
Polonaise No.5 In F Sharp Minor, Op.44

Polonaise No.5 In F Sharp Minor, Op.44

By Composer Fryderyk Franciszek Chopin

Roland Pontinen, Pianist

“It was … an unforgettable picture to see Chopin sitting at the piano like a clairvoyant, lost in his dreams; to see how his vision communicated itself through his playing, and how, at the end of each piece, he had the sad habit of running one finger over the length of the plaintive keyboard, as though to tear himself forcibly away from his dream.” - Composer Robert Schumann

12 Classic Books That Will Change Your Life

Reading can become a serious but positive addiction once you indulge into it. Many studies and experiments have proved that books can have a huge impact on your mind. They cause biological changes; researchers have found that a powerful story can create ‘muscle memory’ in the brain in the same way as if the events and facts had actually happened to the reader. It is interesting that a good book is usually universal, it can affect people of all ages, social status, nationality etc.
Below you will find a list of 12 books that have changed lives of many bibliophiles; if you haven’t read them yet, do it now, because reading is one of the best pleasures of human being.

1.To Kill a Mockingbird, by Harper Lee

The book published in 1960 gained popularity and success immediately. It has won the Pulitzer Prize, and has become classic of modern American Literature. The story and characters are based on the author’s observations of her family and neighbors. She also tells about the story that happened to her near her hometown at the age of 10. The novel deserved popularity due to its warmth and humor, even though it touches the serious issues of rape and racial inequality. Atticus Finch, the narrator’s father, has become a moral hero for many readers and a model of integrity for lawyers. One of the critics, describing the novel’s impact says that To Kill a Mockingbird is probably one of the most widely read books about race-related problems in America, and its protagonist, Atticus Finch is the most enduring fictional image of racial heroism.”

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I went to see the ballet, Anastasia, at The Royal Opera House in London. What a beautiful theater, and such an incredible ballet. Two acts of heart warming classical Russian ballet, followed by a modern act that was quite odd and certainly unforgettable.

That one picture of the violin in the pit… ugh! I love violins.

Pluto’s big moon may host Doctor Who names in space!

This month’s New Horizons flyby of dwarf planet Pluto and its biggest moon Charon left a wealth of incredible data in its wake, with unforgettable pictures of geographic features such as the now famous giant “heart” on Pluto.

But the highly detailed pictures gave the New Horizons team a welcome problem: What do they call all those craters, plains and mountain ranges?

Now, thanks to maps the New Horizons team plans to submit to the International Astronomical Union (the official governing body for names of celestial objects), we know the answer.

Their names are drawn from movies, TV shows and books sure to gladden every geek’s heart — including Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Firefly, Alien, Lord of the Rings and the works of H.P. Lovecraft.

Spock, Kirk, Sulu and Uhura craters dot the Vulcan plane. Spock, Kirk, Sulu and Uhura craters dot the Vulcan plane. The Tardis chasma crosses the Gallifrey macula — named for the Doctor’s vessel and home planet respectively. Which could make for an awkward moment if the Time Lord ever lands there.



The Death of General George S. Patton, 12/21/1945

December 21 is the 70th anniversary of the death of General George S. Patton, Jr., renowned and controversial general and subject of the unforgettable 1970 eponymous motion picture.  While he was without a combat command at the time of his death, the occasion was nonetheless significant given his lifetime of service.

Patton had a stellar military career during which he participated in the Mexican Punitive Expedition against Pancho Villa in 1916; fought in France during World War I where he was seriously wounded; and finally led American forces in North Africa, Sicily, and Western Europe during World War II.  His Second World War service was marked by several controversial incidents that almost cut short his career and ultimately led to his removal from significant command.

On December 9, 1945, the staff car in which Patton was riding was involved in a relatively minor traffic accident.  The General, however, was thrown about and broke his neck.  After lingering for twelve days, he succumbed to his injuries on December 21.  While Patton did not have the heroic battlefield death he wanted, he was given a hero’s burial at the U.S. Military Cemetery at Hamm, Luxembourg.  Charge d’Affaires George P. Waller sent the following report about the funeral and related matters to the Department of State.

via The Funeral of General George S. Patton, Jr. | The Text Message,  by David Langbart, Archivist at the National Archives at College Park.

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Al Bello wins POYi Sports Action Photo of the Year

Getty Images Chief Photographer Al Bello has been awarded POYi Sports Action Photo of the Year for "The Beckham Catch" - a now-iconic and unforgettable picture of New York Giants receiver Odell Beckham’s incredible one-handed touchdown catch. 

Additionally, Getty Images photographers Alex Livesey (2nd Place) and Ezra Shaw (Award of Excellence) received awards in this prestigious category. 

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It’s You. (Superhero!Calum)

Reposting because I wrote this in answer to an ask and it’s kinda hard to read in that format so :)

Calum was different. Not in a bad way but in a way that you couldn’t explain.

You two had been best friends since you met in kindergarten and he threw sand in your face then promptly began to cry. You had to hug him while he apologized over and over saying he didn’t want to but all the other boys were making fun of him for being too nice.

So you shoved sand in their faces because Calum may be too good and sweet but you sure weren’t. That is what began you’re beautiful friendship that somehow survived your awkward middle school fazes and teenage angst, thrived during high school and now that you had just graduated was starting to shine even brighter.

You don’t quite remember falling in love with the boy with beautiful bronze skin or that crinkly eyed smile that never failed to brighten your day but you did. The love growing and beginning to flourish with each passing day.

He doesn’t quite remember falling in love with you. The girl with a heart of gold who would stand up for those who couldn’t stand up for themselves, who had the brightest smile on the darkest days, and was always there when he felt he was so alone. Always ready to take him in her warm arms, gently rubbing his arms or softly running her fingers through his hair that honestly Cal, it looks great natural. Why would I lie to you? And would let him rest against her smooth skin, tracing random patterns on her soft tummy. But he did. And boy did he fall hard.

But trouble always seemed to find you. Whether it was in the form of that no good punk that you call a boyfriend. His hair is greasier than the chicken my mom made for dinner last night or that time you got stuck in a rainstorm and got sick for a month or the time you tripped up the stairs and broke your nose and your leg (he still hasn’t figured out how you managed that nor have you) or even that time you came to support him as he played soccer and the opposing team kicked the ball followed by a large gust of wind that threw the ball off course and straight into your face. That black eye lasted for at least three weeks and made your sophomore picture day unforgettable.  You were accident prone and he had taken to protecting you.

Maybe that was it. His urge to protect people, to protect you, that made him put on the mask in the first place. Maybe that was what drove him to slide into his dark leather clothing to fight whatever your city had stirred up whether it was petty theft or something bigger, scarier, and scalier that very first time. Maybe. But he knew for a fact that the reason he kept doing it was you.

The first time he saved you was late at night. You had been walking home when some thug tried to take your purse. A masked man in a dark suit fell from the building above you, knocking the guy unconscious with one punch, handing you back your things, disappearing into the night before you had a chance to see him. He acted surprised, worried even, when you called him right after, a smile on his lips as you talked about your hero.

The second time seriously put the whole I’m a hero thing into perspective for him. Some gigantic lizard creature decided that taking over the city was a great idea and that starting in the complex that held your yoga class every Monday night at 5 was a good idea. You were backed into a corner, hidden behind some debris when a masked figure broke through the smoke. He carried you out, making sure a paramedic got you, sparring you once last glance before running back in. You met him on the roof of your apartment building for the first time that night. You had been relaxing, taking in the fresh air not wanting to stay in your cramped apartment, when a robotic voice spoke up making you practically jump out of your skin.

“Shouldn’t you be at the hospital?” You honestly didn’t understand why all masked vigilantes use voice distorters. It’s creepy and how could you tell who someone was by their voice?

“Shouldn’t you be saving more damsels in distress?” You were nothing if not sarcastic. He snorted. Actually snorted.

“Something tells me you’re not exactly a distressed damsel in need of saving.”

“You should tell that to my best friend. Calum’s always telling me to be more careful but honestly, I think he could just use a little more trouble.”

And when you called him that night to talk about the masked vigilante who told you not to tell anyone you saw him (You’re not anyone. You’re Calum.) His heart began to flutter in his chest and his love for you grew. And maybe he thought it was hilarious (and a little offensive) that you had been best friends since diapers but still had zero idea it was him.

You began to meet on the roof any night that he had saved you.

“Texting and walking into traffic, seriously?”

“I was texting Calum!”


“Did you really take on a man twice your size because he told a girl she was ugly?”

“He was a dick.”

Eventually after he saved you for the tenth time (You walked outside with bread and a bunch of pigeons literally tried to kill you for it. Why were you carrying bread in the first place?) it became a regular thing. You’d tell him anything and everything before he would have to run away at a moment’s notice to go save other civilians. You began looking forward to it and every night you regaled your tales to Calum, unknowingly telling him what he already knew.

You’d met who knows how many times, him hiding from you in the shadows when you began to talk to him about something new.

“You know how I’ve told you about my best friend Calum? Well, here’s the thing. He thinks I haven’t noticed but he’s getting… musclier? Is that a word? Eh, it is now. Anyway, like his biceps are huge now. Nice, but it’s weird. I’ve never seen him work out besides playing soccer. Did I mention he plays soccer? He’s really good at it too, got a scholarship and everything. But now he’s got these bruises like he’s been in a fight or something and the other day when I asked him about them, he said practice got rough. He’s been playing since we were kids and I’ve never seen him with bruises like that after a rough practice. I don’t know. I guess I’m just worried that he’s gotten himself into something or he’s pulling away. I just, I love him, you know?”

And if he made an extra effort to show you he wasn’t pulling away or made up just detailed enough stories for a specific bruise so you wouldn’t be as worried, no one was the wiser.

It was bad this time. Someone had figured out you were associated with the masked man. Someone bad. They took you, hiding you away from him and he was racing against the clock to find you before it was too late. When he eventually found you it was with a gun pressed to your head and tears running down your cheeks in a steady flow.

“Let her go.” His voice was clear, demanding. A maniacal laugh rang through your ears.

“And if I don’t?” He didn’t even answer as he threw a sharp blade at the man, slicing his hand wide open so he’d drop the gun. You automatically dropped to the floor with nothing to support you.

“Y/N, GET OUT OF HERE.” He yelled and you forced your body to move, crawling along the floor and barely catching a glimpse of the man in leather before making it out and managing to get back to your apartment. You collapsed on the couch, not even calling Calum.

You met him there that night, in the middle of your living room.

“Are you alright?” He questioned and this time, he had forgotten something important. To distort his voice.  You now understood why they did it, changed their voice. You could recognize it anywhere. Your eyes snapped up, looking directly at the shaded figure who didn’t even seem to realize.

“You can’t be.” You saw his stance shift.


“…Calum?” You whispered and if you hadn’t already known, the way his body tensed would have given it away. “Your voice thing. It’s –It’s off. It is you, isn’t it?” You walked towards him and when he didn’t move away you stood directly in front of him, eyes meeting the dark brown you’d know anywhere. He was the one to remove his mask, your hands too shaky, your body too tired from the day’s events to even think about it.

“I’m sorry.” Was the first thing out of his mouth. “I know, I lied to you. I just didn’t want you to get mixed up in all of this. I was just trying to protect the city, protect you, and of course after all this time me leaving off my voice distorter would be what gave it away. I-,” Your first kiss was messy, sloppy at best, as you grabbed his soft cheeks and pulled his mouth to meet yours. It was a frenzy of pent up love and tension from over the years as well as the fear and confusion you’d felt since the first night he saved you. It was you who pulled away first.

“I want to be mad at you. I want to be angry that you lied, that you could have gotten yourself hurt and I never would have known, that you sat up there on the roof and let me tell you all my secrets. Did you know I almost told you how in love I was with you when we were talking about how worried about you I was? Do you know how confusing that sentence was to say because you and him are actually just you? I want to be so angry but I can’t. I’m too tired, too scared, and way too in love with you to waste time being angry when you may have to run off to save some other damsel in distress any minute so I need you to kiss me again. I need you to hold me against you and show me this is real.” And with his lips on yours, he picked you up supporting you with his own two arms as you let your weight rest against him, him mumbling I love you’s through broken kisses that filled you with so much hope.

You could be angry with him later (and you most certainly would be because you could have died you idiot and I would have been even angrier with you then but I’m also so in love with you because you listened to me ramble on and on forever about this masked person and then masked you listen to me ramble about you, which is still confusing and weird, and even laughed at my stupid jokes again for a second time but- Calum! Stop kissing me, I’m trying to be upset with you!) but right now you needed him to just be there, to just be Calum. Even if he did get a loud and annoyed Michael screeching into his earpiece about how he wasn’t going to sit around all day looking for bad guys if he was going to have to listen to you two make out all the time.




-TheHuntersHuntress xx

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