unforgettable nights

Our Song (Chapter 4)

Tokyo Ghoul Idol AU

Summary: Hinami is a normal college student leading a normal, happy life. Ayato is an idol drowning in fame and fortune who suffers from sleepless nights and unforgettable nightmares. They meet through a variety show that gives Hinami the chance to sing with him. Initially bitter that she wasn’t given the chance to sing with her bias, Kaneki, Hinami starts to warm up to Ayato and sees the real person beyond the sexy bad boy he appears to be onstage.(Relationships: Ayahina + Kirishima family)

A/N: As of now, this is the chapter I am the most insecure about. I had it written some time back already– I finished half of this even before I started Chapter 3. I hope it’s fine. Not too much Ayahina here, but the Kirishimas’ plot starts here I guess. Please do reblog this if you enjoyed it!
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Chapter 4 

Ayato wakes up early from a nightmare. Yomo confronts him about texting Hinami. A little later, Ayato and Touka share a short conversation which makes him think about what had happened in the past. 

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Yuri!!! On Stage Event Report!

So today (4/29/2017) I went to the Yuri on Ice Yuri on Stage event. To clarify though, I was not at the actual Tokyo event, rather a live viewing at a local movie theater. Which of course does alter the experience but it’s the next best thing. At first I thought the theater was only doing the afternoon session, but very last minute I ended up being able to attend both!

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Sochi Banquet

I love how tentatively Viktor approached Yuuri during the Sochi banquet. Look at how many shots it took for this boy to get to Yuuri.

I find this to be especially precious given how Viktor already got rejected by Yuuri earlier that evening.

For all of his being a celebrity, Viktor does not strike me as the kind of person who can easily brush off another person’s dislike of him. Hell, he made a career out of pleasing everyone, and while I don’t think he would cry over another person’s opinion of him, neither does he seem like someone who could just easily dismiss it or not be hurt. I mean look at this face:

His reservations about approaching the fascinating Japanese boy were therefore perfectly understandable. We can even clearly see that he kept his distance for a bit at first.

But like a moth to a flame,

this precious boy

can’t seem to help himself.

And for a while it doesn’t seem like Yuuri even noticed him there?

Oh, but when he did…

It became such an unforgettable night.

Lmao, for Viktor anyway.

Poor Vitya.

You have those deep brown eyes, that makes me wanna dream away.
—  I’ll never forget…
[ Rough Trans] Minho visited Jonghyun’s Blue Night on Last Broadcast to support

( Minho entered in studio …& Jjong was so surprised )

M: Why are you crying why are you crying? Please sit down jjongd!!

J: Aigoooo…..TT What are you doing?!? I just fixed myself

 M: Hello I’m SHINee’s Minho

J: don’t look at me!!!!!!

*J: I feel weird right now. 

 *M: So do I.

M: Many people prepared presents and letters so I’ve been wondering what to give you so I prepared a tissue Ive been using

J: Oh wow tissue youve been using? Haha thank you

J: after I came home from blue night yesterday I received a call from Minho and he was drunk, it was obvious and he said “See you tomorrow”

so I thought oh maybe he means the day after so I said yes sure

M: i cant forget the time just before you began radio you were asking me for my opinion on the logo songs and there was so much excitement

*M: It’s a precious night, an unforgettable night. I remember this, that day just before you became the radio DJ. Were we in the same room?  You let me hear the songs, and was like “How is this?” and I remember the excitement in your gaze. 

M: I wasn’t going to come in but I decided to. 

J: Yes Minho is the representative of listeners

 M: Yes, people at the garden studio I hope  you understand~~ 

*J: Minho-ssi have you eaten? 

*M: Yes I ate just now. 

J: I needed to tell the listeners about my leave as soon as possible so I asked the management and producers when we should be announcing it because the listeners also needed some time to prepare

M: I wanted to ask you too, you are coming back to blue night someday right?

 J: Yes of corse

J: Well I want to, but I can’t just come back when I want to it doesn’t work like that. When there’s a good period and the management and stuff are ready I will come back

J: Bye Minho 

M: Bye hyung

trans cr: @omggminho/ *@cosmicsticks vid cr: 늘 너뿐이야05


I still can’t wrap my mind about what happened, this news hit me really hard that i started crying when I read the articles. I can’t even imagine what Ariana is going through , the poor girl just wanted to make people smile that night and make it an unforgettable night for everyone. The fact that she thinks that it’s her fault makes me extremely sad and emotional.Because it is no ones fault. Especially not Ariana’s when all she does is spread love and happiness.and i hate seeing her like this. And i hope she does stop the tour to take time for herself , i would fully comprehend it and everyone should to and just let her rest .It was a very selfish action by people that aren’t human beings , and that will be punished by God and will suffer in Hell.
All my prayers go to the victims, families and friends . I can’t imagine what some mom’s have to go through. With their kids missing without even knowing if they are dead or alive , No mom should go through this pain. It must be an unbearable pain. So sad that some teenagers woke up that day with the thought of “ This is going to be the best day of my life i am going to see my Idol” and their best day of their lives ends like this , it is very heart crushing.
Going to a concert should be an event of joy , an event that brings people together , an event where people feel connected with the artist and an event where you feel safe.



I can’t get enough of your kisses, Yuuri. Next part of the Victuuri fire emblem fates au is done and aaaaah can’t believe it’s the tenth part already (/ 0 \)!!! I still have a lot of ideas for this little au and uwaaa all the support really makes me so happy and motivates me even more, so yeah.. thanksss!!!!! (;////w////;)

A couple of weeks have passed since that unforgettable night in Nohr and it seems Victor keeps visiting Hoshido more and more to see his precious prince. The two can’t stop being lovey-dovey together and attract a lot of attention from other Hoshidans. Introducing Guang Hong and Leo!!! Guang Hong is a diviner (like Hayato) (I just had to, they are both cutiepies /////) and Leo is a samurai (like Hinata). They might not be the strongest, but together they are a very dangerous team~

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These high school students threw an LGBTQ prom that few will forget.
The inclusive event was attended by over 300 students.

The message was aglow with joy, gratitude, and perhaps most importantly, comfort.

“I can’t believe it was real,” they effused. “I got to be myself and live the way I wanted.”

All while studying for AP exams, high school student Blair Smith fundraised, advertised, and organized an event that would be a lasting, enduring memory for so many of his peers: a Pride Prom.

Attended by an overwhelming amount of enthusiastic LGBTQ young people, Smith – unsurprised by the success – credits his & his fellow organizers’ hard work to their passion to provide an unforgettable night of happiness, fun, and comfort for young people who perhaps didn’t think it was even possible.

By partnering with local LGBTQ advocacy organizations including NOVA Pride and the Trevor Project, Smith demonstrates how much power one person can have to make things better for themselves, and for those in the community alongside them.

170402 blue night

minho: Why are you crying why are you crying? Please sit down jjongd!! Aigo aigo Jong-D please have a seat first!!!
jonghyun: What are you doing?!? I just fixed myself
minho: Hello I’m SHINee’s Minho

jonghyun: Don’t look at me right now!! Don’t!
Minho: Why?
Jonghyun: I’ll cry.

jonghyun: I feel weird right now.
minho: So do I.

minho: Many people prepared presents and letters so I’ve been wondering what to give you so I prepared a tissue I’ve been using
jonghyun: Oh wow tissue you’ve been using? Haha thank you

jonghyun: after I came home from blue night yesterday I received a call from Minho and he was drunk, it was obvious and he said “See you tomorrow” so I thought oh maybe he means the day after so I said yes sure

minho: It’s a precious night, an unforgettable night. I remember this, that day just before you became the radio DJ. Were we in the same room? You let me hear the songs, and was like “How is this?” and I remember the excitement in your gaze.

minho: I wasn’t going to come in but I decided to.
jonghyun: Yes Minho is the representative of listeners
minho: Yes, people at the garden studio I hope
jonghyun: Minho-ssi have you eaten?
minho: Yes I ate just now.

Minho: Thanks to Jonghyun, I learnt a lot more about radio so I’m grateful.

Minho: There’s something I want to ask. You’ll definitely be back right?
Jonghyun: Yes of course. I’ll definitely be back. I want to be back.

jonghyun: Bye Minho
minho: Bye hyung

translation credit: @omggminho @MINHOLE @cosmicsticks

BTS Reacts - Drunkenly Trying To Hook Up With Them

request via dms: “a BTS react to you being drunk at a party and maybe try to hook up with him?”

Park Jimin: Would be trying it hardest to not sweep you off your feet and carry you into his bedroom. All night, you’ve been running your hand up and down his thigh, giving him promiscuous looks that give him glimpses into a promise of an unforgettable night - at a party, no less. He wants this so badly, but he doesn’t want to move things too quickly, especially since you’re friends. The last straw is when you whisper into his ear, playfully nibbling on his earlobe when no one is watching - he is just about to explode. He wets his lips and faces you, with a heavy sigh. 

“Please stop. I don’t think I can hold myself down much longer if you keep doing this.”

Kim Taehyung: Taehyung would be returning the favour of playing with your hair and running his fingers across your skin every so often, knowing well that you wanted to spend the night with him. He tells himself he won’t let it get any farther than that, but the more distance your hands cover on his body, the more difficult it gets for him to hold back. Tae values your friendship too much to risk it on a single drunken night, but does he ever want to pounce on the opportunity to sleep with you. When you bite down on your lip coyly, he turns to look up at the ceiling, chuckling to himself.

“I can’t - god, if you’re listening, please get me through this party without me giving in and doing unspeakable things.”

Min Yoongi: Pretty much wants to bone you, but this man has too much of a conscience to do it when you’re drunk, when he’s not. The situation would be different if he’s inebriated too, but Yoongi can hold his liquor well - it doesn’t stop him from thinking about the things he would do to you, and it doesn’t help that you’re begging for it, which majorly turns him on. You tug on his jacket, pulling him away from the crowd and into a hallway, pushing yourself up against his body. He smiles at your effort to hook up with him; he might just start drinking more at the next party.

“You’d better slow it down, or you’re going to regret ever coming on to me. I’m not as nice a person in bed.”

Jeon Jungkook: Being young, Jeon Jungkook can also act as brashly as you, even when he’s not under the influence. He wants to reciprocate the act of you flirting with him, but whenever he gets close enough to try anything with you, you keep him at bay. You’re playing a game that he can’t seem to win at, and Kook, more than anything, hates it when he can’t win. He feels the sexual frustration rising in the pit of his stomach. In the midst of the clamor happening around you at the party, he glares at you; the corner of his lips twitches in response to your smugness.

“Don’t tempt me. Keep it up, and you’ll see what happens when you toy with me - don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

Jung Hoseok: He’s usually good at not letting his urges overcome him when he’s faced with an attractive person. However, you’re completely drunk off your ass; he sort of is too. It’s a million times harder to resist your advances. As much as he wants to treat you the way you wanted him to that night, he knows it’s wrong to act on his desires, especially in this state. Hobi tries to get away from you as you’re driving him completely nuts, so he moves to the dance floor to cool off from your little ploy - which he instantly regrets when you follow suit, swaying up against his body.

“Aish… you’re making me go crazy, you little devil. I’m not going to forget this.”

Kim Seokjin: Jin may be the nicest man on earth, but he’s still a man. He has his desires too, and you’re not exactly of any help when you propose to sleep together in the middle of a party. The lump in his throat moves subtly, wondering if it’s such an outrageous idea. He’s always looked at you with yearning eyes, so when you offer yourself on a silver platter, he has to take a second to re-evaluate the sudden thirst he feels. Jin wants this, but he has to be sure that you’re not looking for anything more than a fling - if it’s going to ruin his chances of having a proper future with you, he’ll abstain.

“You should take that back, or I won’t be able to stop myself. Let’s get you to bed. We’ll talk about it tomorrow morning.”

Kim Namjoon: Namjoon, in truth, can be shy, often stammering and looking away when he’s complimented, let alone hit on by someone. That isn’t the case when alcohol’s involved. His hidden confidence shines through when he’s tipsy; he’s a lot more daring with his charms. When you get handsy with him under the table at a party, implying that you wanted to hook up with him, he winks at you enticingly. He knows he’s going to regret saying this (he does, and when he wakes up, he buries himself in his sheets, embarrassed that he even said it), but does so anyway:

“Baby, you know I’d want nothing more than this - but I want you to see you brave enough to come on to me when you’re sober - we’ll take it from there.”

I hope you all have had a good Valentine’s Day, by yourself or otherwise! I love each and everyone of you, remember that! If you’re ever lonely or in need of someone to talk to or listen to you, don’t be afraid to drop me a message or an ask.

In the meantime, here’s BTS struggling to keep it in their pants - because you deserve it. Enjoy this react! <3


Story time:
So today my boyfriend and I attended the final game at Joe Louis Arena. About midway through the 1st period, the Wings tweeted out for fans to send them their seat numbers for a “special surprise” so we did as we were told. At 1st intermission we received a DM that said to come to section 115 to claim our prize, so we did. Turns out we won a certificate to randomly select a Red Wings player who we would get to meet ON ICE after the game and receive their GAME WORN jersey straight off of their backs! When we got to ice level, we flipped a card that told us that we were meeting Jimmy fricken Howard. To shorten this story, after the final buzzer, we got to walk on the ice in front of everybody, hold up a sign for Jimmy who then got to skate over to us, take his jersey off his back for us, sign it and take a picture with us. I am currently wearing Jimmy Howard’s GAME WINNING, FINAL GAME AT JLA jersey. It was the most incredible experience and I’ve never felt so blessed. Thank you @DetroitRedWings for an unforgettable night. #JerseysOffOurBacksCeremony

Last Dance

Reader x Kol Mikaelson



Word Count: 1402

In your mind, a birthday should always be an excuse to celebrate and forget your problems, at least for a little awhile. However, it was no time to party and cheer over superfluous things. Once you found out the truth about how very much real supernatural creatures were, nothing in your life remained the same. Hell, sometimes you were even afraid to leave your house. Of course, after you became close friends with a bunch of vampires, witches and werewolves, you felt a lot safer. Especially because your loving and caring boyfriend was no one less than Kol Mikaelson, who was part of the oldest vampire family recorded so far.

You let a goofy smile slip and reached for your phone, wanting to read his last text to you. In the nine months you had been dating, he did not spent one day without calling, texting or doing anything he could to assure you how much he loved you and could not live if you were not alongside him. Of course, since you were turning eighteen, he wanted to make you a surprise. And, even though you hated it, if it would make Kol feel good about himself, then the whole thing was bearable.

“Why aren’t you in the very pretty dress I sent you?” A voice asked, coming from behind you. “We should be leaving right now.”


“Who else could it be?”


The younger Mikaelson shook his head, crossing arms and leant against the wall next to the window of your bedroom. You bit your lower lip, realising that was the sexiest thing you had ever seen. Again, it was pretty obvious the effect he had on you, which put you in a very complicated position, because all you wanted to do was rip his trousers off and get him in your bed. Over and over again.

“Babe… If you keep looking at me like that, we won’t be able to leave.”

“Who says I want to? Perhaps you could give me my birthday gift here.”

“Don’t tempt me.”

You started to unbutton the pink shirt you were wearing and flashed him a sexy smile, which made him giggle. He approached you and grasped your waist, making a soft moan escape and you get his body even more glued to yours. Kol’s lips brushed your own and his hands tightened the grip on your skin.

“Now, would you mind getting dress for us to go? I promise it’ll be an unforgettable night.”

You sighed.

“Do I have another choice?”

“No, miss Y/L/N.”

“Gosh, it’s so sexy when you call me like that.”

Kol laughed and slapped your ass, winking.

“So, Damon called you?” He questioned, while you got off your skirt.

“Yes, he did. Are you still jealous of him?”

“Me? Jealous? No. Definitely no.”

You walked out of the closet, already in the fine blue dress he gave to you.

“What do you think?”

“I think I am very jealous of you.” Kol said, stroking your cheek and pecking your lips. “Can we go now?”

“We can. Make it fast, though, otherwise I’ll rip this clothes out of you.”

“Take it easy, kitten, we have all night long.”

You giggled and both of you left to his promised surprise.


In a couple of minutes you arrived at the beach, where a majestic boat, which you strongly believed Kol had stolen, was waiting. You were completely stunned by the scene you were staring at. Yes, your boyfriend used to give you incredibly expensive gifts, but that… It was a complete new thing for you. He grabbed your hand and helped you get on it.

“This is…”

“Shush, don’t say anything just yet…”

“I have to.” You embraced him in a clumsy hug. “I love you.”

“I do, too.”

Kol took you inside, where a table, filled with what just had to be great food, was placed. He pulled the chair in order for you to sit and then made his way to the other side, accommodating himself in front of you. A small sigh escaped, while you watched him give you his best smile and serve the wine. Almost like a grown up couple.

“What are you laughing at?”

You bit your lip, shaking your head.

“Nah, it’s nothing.” He raised a brow. “I mean it! I’m just enjoying the view.”

“Yeah, let’s pretend I believe that.”

The Original laughed and snatched your hand, his thumb gently caressing the back. Soon enough your whole body was wired and a silly smile show up on your face, which made you look away, a tiny bit embarrassed by the extension of the effect Kol had on you. It was rather funny how, a few months before you met him, you thought nobody could ever win your heart over. Being in love? It is for the weak. Then he came along and changed everything.

“A penny for your thoughts, love.” Kol whispered and, again, you smirked.

“I’m thinking about us.”

“Oh, I hope it’s our good memories.”

“Considering you have been nothing but a perfect gentleman to me, I don’t think I have any bad memories.”

“If you say so… I won’t disagree.” A smug appeared on his face and you could see the mischief in his eyes. “Let’s dance.”


“Come on! I know you love it.”

Kol stood up, going straight to a small radio that was set in the room’s corner. Shortly, a soft ballad started to play and he offered his hand, a cocky smirk painted on his face. You giggled and took it, feeling him pull you towards his own body. While both of you swayed slowly, the younger Mikaelson hid his face on your neck and nuzzled it. The first reflex you had was to stuck your fingers in his hair and bring your forms together even more.

“Y/N, I need to tell you something.” His low voice said in your ear.

“What is it, darling?”

“Klaus knows.”

You pursed your lips, not quite understanding what your boyfriend was talking about.


“About us. Running away.”

“How did he find out?”

“I have no idea.” Kol looked at you and his eyes had lost the happy gleam. “Just know, no matter what happens, that I’ll always love you.”

“You can’t possibly be doing this to me, Kol.”

“Do I think I want do it?” He licked his lips. “But Klaus won’t allow me to live my life freely.”

“Then let’s run away now. Without further warning.”

He chuckled, leaving your embrace and just sitting on the floor. You sighed, feeling the warm tears roll down your cheeks, and took place on his lap. Both of you exchanged an intense look, trying to find answers on each other’s eyes. It was useless, though. Nobody could go against Klaus, he would not accept it.

You grasped his shirt and pecked his lips, wanting to make that night last forever.

“I don’t think I’ll make it without you.”

“Love… Promise me you’ll be happy.”

“Without you?”

“I’ll come back to you.”

“Kol, I’m just human. I don’t think I’ll be alive when your brother decide to release you.”

“Become a vampire.”

Your eyes widened to his proposal.

“Right now?”

“Yes! Then Elijah will take care of you while I’m gone.”

“Do you really think it’s a good idea?”

“Only if you want to darling.”

“I want be with you, forever.”

Kol smiled and then bit his wrist, making thick blood come out of it. You did not think about it and swooped his arm, attaching your lips to where the red liquid was flowing and felt the metallic taste in your mouth. It was definitely not the wrong choice for you. Even though you were about to be brutally separated from the love of your life, you knew you would be alive to get him back and that made every bad choice worth it.

“I have to kill you now. Are you really sure you want to do this?”

“Like never before.”

“I love you.”

“So do I.”

He pushed your hair aside and sunk his sharp teeth into the delicate skin of your neck. You grasped his hair and, while you felt the life run away from your body, you knew you had made the right choice just by staring deep into his eyes, where you found nothing but a pure and great love. Your true happiness.

Prompt number nine - “You don’t remember last night at all, do you?” for @suzunesays

I watched as Yukimura stumbled out of his room, his eyes squinting against the light of the sun streaming in through the windows. His shirt was buttoned wrong, the hem of one side a button higher than the other side, his collar sitting unevenly against his neck. “Good morning,” I said, glancing over at the clock on the stove. “Or more accurately, good afternoon.”

I watched as his eyes went as round as saucers, a blush creeping up from beneath that crooked collar until every inch of visible skin was a warm pink. “Wh-what are you doing here?” he stammered, flinching back and raising a hand to his hand, visibly pained by the sudden movement.

“Cooking brunch,” I replied, flipping the last of the eggs I had just scrambled onto three plates. Lifting one in each hand and balancing the third on my forearm, I walked around the kitchen island towards the cozy breakfast nook set off to the side of Yukimura’s open concept living area. If you had asked me a moment before, I would have said it wasn’t possible for Yukimura to get any redder, but I would have been wrong.

“Are you – “ he paused and cleared his throat as his voice broke a little. “Are you wearing my shirt?”

I glanced down at my current outfit (to use the word loosely). Yukimura was enough taller than I was to ensure that all the scandalous bits were covered, but not so much taller that it didn’t reveal a long expanse (well, “long” in the relative term) of leg. The sleeves were rolled into a chunky wad of fabric at my elbows – they had dangled too far past my fingers for me to cook with.

“Yes – you said it was okay. In fact, you insisted,” I said, looking back at him quizzically. I set the plates down onto the woven placemats, next to the glasses of orange juice. I gestured towards one of the chairs. “Sit. Eat.”
Yukimura stumbled over to the table and collapsed into the of the seats, his eyes dazed. “I – insisted?” he said, taking in the contents of the plates. I was quite proud of myself – the bacon came out perfect, and the pancakes were light and fluffy. “Wh- why are there three plates?”

“For Saizo, of course,” I said, confused. Saizo chose that exact moment to walk into the room, steam wafting out from the bathroom behind him, wearing only a towel around his neck and a pair of Yukimura’s sweatpants. Yukimura’s blush, which had partly faded for a brief moment, flared back into life again.

“S-s-s-Saizo is here, too?” Yukimura said, his voice sounding strangled.

“Of course, dear; where else would I be after last night?” Saizo drawled, throwing the towel behind him without even looking, which of course hung itself up on the door handle after flying in a perfect arch behind him.

“Honestly, Yukimura, you’re acting like you weren’t even expecting to find us here,” I said, sitting down at the table and lifting a fork.

“W-well, I,” he began to say before Saizo leaned over Yukimura’s shoulder and shoved a piece of bacon into Yukimura’s mouth.

“Hush up and eat, little lord,” Saizo said as he moved to take the last seat. “It’s rude to not eat what you’re served.”

I sent a quick smile towards Saizo. I could always count on him to remind Yukimura of the practical things in life. Yukimura’s face returned to its normal colour as we ate, his eyes darting between me and Saizo nervously the whole time. Predictably, both men ate much quicker than I did. “There’s more in the oven if you’re still hungry,” I offered, as Yukimura practically licked his plate clean.

“Yes, please,” he replied, standing.

“Don’t worry, I’ll get it,” I said, waving him back down and moving toward the kitchen. Knowing Yukimura, he’d forget the oven mitt and burn his hand. Yukimura’s eyes shot straight to my legs before he quickly turned his head and plopped back into his chair, a flush rising to his face again.

“So, um,” he began, fidgeting with his fork as I placed the warm food in the centre of the table. “Where… where are your clothes?”

I exchanged a glance with Saizo. I mean, I knew Yukimura had been pretty drunk, but I didn’t think he would have been able to forget something like last night.

“You don’t remember last night at all, do you, little lord?” Saizo said, snagging a piece of bacon from the plate and bringing it to his mouth, raising an eyebrow at Yukimura.

“R-remember what?”

I met Saizo’s eyes again, a quick flash of understanding going unvoiced between us like a laser except not blinding.

I let out a dramatic gasp, causing Yukimura to look over at me in alarm from his current activity of shoveling more food onto his plate. “You forgot a night as unforgettable as last night? I mean, the things you did to me. The things you did to Saizo!”

“You couldn’t get our clothes off fast enough, little lord,” Saizo said, reaching his arms out in a long, languid stretch (which I couldn’t help but admire. He moved like a shadow made of rubber, but like, SEXY rubber, you know?).

“I’ve never had such a hot experience with two men before,” I continued, as Yukimura stood abruptly and staggered back, tripping over his chair and landing with an inelegant thump on the floor, bumoing his head against the wall. His entire chest, neck, and face were a bright crimson, enhancing the bright blue of his wide, shocked eyes.

“I… you… we…” Yukimura choked out, barely managing words. I stood and rushed over to Yukimura’s side, checking the back of his head for any lumps or cuts. Saizo remained in his seat, blithely continuing to eat his breakfast. Yukimura flinched as I found a spot on his head, stroking my fingers through his surprisingly silken tresses.

“Sorry,” I muttered. Okay, it was less funny now that someone got hurt. Taking pity on Yukimura, I said, “We were just teasing you, but you kinda deserved it.”

“Kind of? He very much deserved it,” Saizo declared from the table, leaning over to take a pancake that had been sitting on Yukimura’s plate.

“Okay, you super duper deserved it,” I agreed.

“What did I do?” Yukimura asked, his body stiff and motionless as I held his head and softly stroked the sore spot soothingly, as if he was afraid I’d leave if he moved. As if. His hair was super soft.

“You basically lit us on fire.”

“I did what?” he yelped, finally jerking away from me.

“Yeah, you were telling some story about fighting with someone at your martial arts thing and spilled brandy all over me. Then when you tried to apologize and clean it off, you knocked over a candle onto me. And then when Saizo tried to help put me out, you knocked the other candle onto him. Clearly, we couldn’t wear our own clothes, and I wasn’t going to go home wearing nothing but this.” I gestured towards myself. “And Saizo decided that if I was staying here, he may as well stay here too.”

Hiding his face in his hands, Yukimura said, “I am never drinking again.”

Baby Daddy

Reader x Klaus Mikaelson


Imagine: You discovered you’re pregnant with Klaus’ baby and has to tell your siblings, Damon and Stefan. 


Word Count: 1228

“Are you sure you can do this? Tell your brothers you’re pregnant?”

It was a tough question to answer. You spent a whole month thinking and trying to find the strength to work it out. But, somehow, time did not make it easy. Actually, you were more anxious than ever. You knew exactly how your siblings, Damon and Stefan, would react. Especially when you tell them who the father is. Only imagining it made you feel like throwing up. 

“No. I’m so scared it hurts.”

“I’ll be with you.”

“Not sure if that helps, Klaus.”

So, Klaus Mikaelson was your baby daddy. You and him had thing for each other since the first day you met. Of course, you were not able to tell anyone. He was obsessed on killing Elena to break some sort of curse and did so many bad things to archive his goal that all your friends would think you were crazy to love him. So you hid it. From everyone. Until… Well, right now. 

Klaus grabbed your hand and, through soft strokes, tried to calm you down. He had been weirdly sweet to you since he found out. Which reminded you the night you discovered you were pregnant. You busted into his house to let him know the news. Deep down you wanted an answer. Why you, out of everyone, had to get knocked up by the hybrid. The only thought in your mind was “man, that’s bad luck.” 

“Should we get in now, Y/N?”

“No. I mean, yes. We should.”

“Then let’s go.”

You stopped, staring deep into his blue eyes.

“Thank you for doing this with me.”

“I feel like I should. It’s my child and, sort of, my fault you’re in this.”

“Not entirely your fault.” You giggled. “Let’s get in. Before I lost the courage.”

The Mikaelson smiled and you sighed, remembering the night he made you his. It was pouring rain and you were stuck inside the Mystic Grill. A shot of whiskey was sitting in front of you, half drank, while you were lost in thoughts. Most of them revolved around how annoying Damon had been. You were lucky he had not followed you there. 

A couple drinks later, Niklaus showed up, with his small talk and captivating light. Since you were way more loose from the alcohol, you just let it go. When you came down to yourself, you were naked, gasping and laughing with the blond. It was definitely an unforgettable night.

“Damon? Stefan? Are you guys home?”

A month later, the morning sickness started, which got you worried, because vampires don’t normally throw up out of nothing. Surely the pregnancy thought never occurred to you, at least not until the witch you found to help said so. She stated you were part of some sort of prophecy. However, from the minute you heard you were carrying a baby, nothing else mattered. There was a little person inside of you. Growing. A child conceived by you with an Original. 

You left the witch talking to herself and went to your baby daddy’s house. Klaus was painting, furiously, but he stopped the minute he saw you. His blue eyes confused. Shyly, you told him what you had discovered. Then he laughed, almost screaming you were a fake.

I don’t have to lie to you, Niklaus. Especially about this. I am carrying a child. And it is yours. You don’t have to be a part of this baby’s life if you don’t want to. Just know it’s here.”  You softly replied, leaving before he could retort. 

Little time had passed till Elijah came to you, assuring he would talk to his brother and get him to embrace fatherhood. Although you were too hurt by what the Original Hybrid had said, you nodded, accepting it. You knew Klaus would never cave in and come to apologise. That’s why you got so surprised by his presence later in your doorstep, claiming he truly wanted to get to know you and his child.

“I’m here.” Both Damon and Stefan answered.

“Please, come here a second.”

Your nightmare was about to become real. You shuddered a little and squeezed Klaus’ hand strongly, looking for support. Damon entered the living room first, followed closely by Stefan. Their skin lost a few tones, if that was possible.

“What is he doing here?”

“Damon, just listen to me.”

“No, tell me right now.”

“He’s here with me.”

“Why? Is he your boyfriend or something?”

“Yes. I mean, he’s something.”

“Y/N, what have you done?” Stefan asked, slowly. “I know that face. I lived with it for a hundred years. Spill the beans.”

“Hum. I’m… I’m… Baby. Me. Klaus. Daddy.” You babbled, insecure.

“What do you mean?” Damon questioned, his eyes narrowed and eyebrows raised. “Stop playing games, for fuck’s sake.”

“Okay. I’m pregnant.” You whispered.

“I beg your pardon?” Stefan widened his eyes. “You’re what?”

“Pregnant. With Klaus’ child. That’s why I’ve been acting so weird lately. There’s a baby growing inside of me. I’m almost four months.”

“Are you crazy?” Damon screamed. “You’re a vampire. Vampires don’t get knocked up. And you slept with the enemy? Really? Is his…”

“Shut up!” Tears were already rolling down your face. “I love him. And he loves me. We know that for awhile now. I was just so scared…”

“I can’t believe that. You’re such a bitch.”

“Damon, she is out sister. Stop taking your frustrations over her.”

“No, she deserves it. He fucking tried to kill Elena! Murdered Jenna! Sent Tyler away! And she still let him in her pants.”

“You should shut up, mate. I’m not going to let you treat your sister like that. We don’t do that to family. No matter what they have done.”

“Look who’s talking: the person who daggers his siblings whenever he’s mad enough.”

“Damon, please.” You pleaded, your voice affected by the sobbing. “I just wanted you to be okay with this. I’m having your nephew, or niece. It’s family.”

“Hell no, you chose a psychopath over your family. And you didn’t even have the gut to tell us.”

“I was scared!”

The electric blue eyed vampire shook his head and, fast enough, he was gone, leaving you crying and devastated. 

“Look, Y/N, he’ll forgive you. I’ll make sure of that. I don’t know what you saw in Klaus, but if he makes you happy, fine by me. And this child you bearing… Count with me for everything,” Stefan stated, wiping the tears from your eyes. “I’ll be here for you.”

“I just wanted…”

“Don’t worry. I’ll go after him.”

“I’m sorry.”

Klaus squeezed you against his chest, as Stefan went after Damon. The second you were all alone, you allowed yourself to cry even harder against the Mikaelson’s shirt, leaving it wet. He only stroke your hair and stayed silent, respecting your pain.

“Can I ask you something?" 

"Anything, love.”

“Promise you’ll be with me. For as long as I’m carrying this baby.”

“I promise. Nobody can drag me away from you. Or her.” He guaranteed, touching your belly.


“It’s girl. I can feel it.”

“Nah, I bet it’s boy.”

“We’ll see.”

You giggled, grasping his shirt and kissing him passionately. As he pulled you closer, you knew that, no matter what happened, he would be by your side and live up to his promise.