unforgettable fragrance


“Like the unmistakable smell of Indian Curry; chicken, braised in butter and complimented graciously with distinct spices found. The slightest sweet smell of strawberries linger, and a dash of Nico-Nico Nii. These smells replicate the aroma of a Japanese lunch in a soba diner at the heart of Akihabara, Japan. The smells are then brought together in perfect harmonious combination with the unforgettable fragrance of the domestic cow, whom of course was left to sow and graze in the grasses…”

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  • interviewer : can you tell us anything about your next album ?
  • christina aguilera : being a coach on the voice is so much fun. I'm only taking on projects that feel genuine and organic, so sitting my ass in a turning chair every week and telling people they're off-key has definitely been an inspiring experience thus far. I can honestly say cee lo, blake and justin are like brothers at this point. My son is doing amazing, thank you for asking, he's gonna be 6 in January. Remember to embrace your sex appeal with my latest fragrance #Unforgettable.