unfollower tracker

Tampermonkey Unfollower Tracker! (Note: This only works on Google Chrome haha)

Here’s how you get it:

  1. Go to the Chrome store & download the extension that says Tampermonkey (Not Tampermonkey BETA, just Tampermonkey =D)
  2. Next when the extension finishes downloading, click it on the top right
  3. When you click & you see “No script is running”, underneath it where it says “Add new script”, click it
  4. Then when you click it, there will be a search place that says “Script Search”. Type in “Dashplus - Follow Back” & enter
  5. Then click where it says it Dashplus - Follow Back & click install & then this thing will pop up that’s ask if you wanna continue & just agree to it (Like if it says continue)
  6. Then go back on Tumblr, check who you’re following, & whoever has checkmarks next to their name are the ones who are following you back =)

If you have any troubles or confusions, message me off anon =)  Please reblog this post so others can see =D


Want this?


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- After you reblogged this post, you have to ask me here: http://doitamazingly.tumblr.com/ask 

send me the link as a proof if you already reblogged this post


- After that, i’m gonna send you the link to get these things :D

P.S = The link that i’m gonna to send is ONLY for GOOGLE CHROME users

If you don’t use GOOGLE CHROME, the link that i’m gonna give to you won’t work at all

Thanks :D

wanna track who unfollows you?

want to be able to track who unfollows you? ^ 

message me and i shall send you the code. (only works for firefox or google chrome)


MUST BE FOLLOWING: zoningg-out.tumblr.com


also allows you to change dashboard background and many other things!

First of all, thanks for all the lovely messages.

They were much appreciated!

Second of all, I don’t plan on being down long. I’ll aim for being back up next week, but I make no guarantees.

In the meantime, I’ve been seeing some people suggest XKit as an alternative. Check that out, if you’re interested!

i don’t mean to sound petty or anything, but i’m getting really sick of people taking advantage of the “follow back” policy. i mean, c'mon. if you’re going to follow me knowing that i’m going to follow you back, don’t unfollow me right after i start following you. i’m going to notice. and that hurts my feelings, because i put a lot of work into my blog and i want people to appreciate it. and if you’re not going to appreciate it, then please, just fuck off.