unfollower tracker

Check who unfollowed you / doesn't follow you back

Download any of theses extensions/ad-ons for an unfollower tracker.

Missing e-
Download link: http://missing-e.com/download 
Compatible with: Google Chrome, Mozilla & Safari

Download Link: http://xkit.info/download/
Compatible with: all browsers 

Unfollower Hater-
Download Link: http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/112207
Compatible with: Google Chrome, Mozilla  

Tampermonkey Unfollower Tracker! (Note: This only works on Google Chrome haha)

Here’s how you get it:

  1. Go to the Chrome store & download the extension that says Tampermonkey (Not Tampermonkey BETA, just Tampermonkey =D)
  2. Next when the extension finishes downloading, click it on the top right
  3. When you click & you see “No script is running”, underneath it where it says “Add new script”, click it
  4. Then when you click it, there will be a search place that says “Script Search”. Type in “Dashplus - Follow Back” & enter
  5. Then click where it says it Dashplus - Follow Back & click install & then this thing will pop up that’s ask if you wanna continue & just agree to it (Like if it says continue)
  6. Then go back on Tumblr, check who you’re following, & whoever has checkmarks next to their name are the ones who are following you back =)

If you have any troubles or confusions, message me off anon =)  Please reblog this post so others can see =D

anonymous asked:

hi im sorry but can i ask you how did you get a tracker which shows who've unfollowed u?

if you’re using chrome, get the tampermonkey (greasemonkey) addon, then go here: http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/112207 (I think it’s incredibly lame that some people on tumblr refuse to give you a straight answer about this unless you follow them and promo them and give them money and sacrifice a thousand virgins to the dark lord Voldemort. So there ya go. c:)

Okay Everyone

Reblog if you think that tumblr really needs to have its own ‘Unfollower Tracker’ on tumblr. (One that actually works.) I want this to get notes so that maybe people who run tumblr (Even David himself) Will see this and then maybe we will have one eventually! C'mon guys let’s get this around. Let’s make this happen for 2014 on tumblr! 

Follower Trackers That Work

Given that popular unfollow trackers like unfollowr and missing-e have stopped working, here are the ones that do work.

For firefox with Greasemonkey addon installed:



For Chrome and every other browser (this one is a tumblr app):


Source: Tumblr Follower Trackers.

anonymous asked:

hi, i'm trying to use friend or follow, but i don't know how to see who unfollowed me. :( help please?

  1. Go to the SITE
  2. Login
  3. Press Allow when tumblr asks you “Grant this application read and write access to your Tumblr account?”
  4. In the header you should see FOLLOWING, FANS, and FRIENDS. 
  • Following shows you the people you follow who arent following you back
  • Fans shows you the people who are following you but you arent following back
  • Friends shows you the people you follow who is also following you

NOTE* friendorfollow tracker only shows you the people who unfollowed you who you are following. In other words, it will only show the people who aren’t following you back.