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             since most of you that follow @everlivinq follow me on here i just want to let ppl know that i’ve made the decision to drop that muse. i can no longer muster the energy to write for him and honestly…my interest in the series has dwindled a little bit. i’m sure that’s temporary. what isn’t is the small fandom and the fact that getting on that account and seeing all the “friends” i once looked up to unfollowing it via unfollower counter gives me more anxiety than needed. if he ever comes back in the future i’ll remake him, but i’ve tried with him multiple times but it’s just not working out. to all my ship partners on that blog and rp partners, i’m sorry. it’s not the outcome i wanted ? but at the moment i feel it’s the one that’s best. 

anonymous asked:

hi, i'm trying to use friend or follow, but i don't know how to see who unfollowed me. :( help please?

  1. Go to the SITE
  2. Login
  3. Press Allow when tumblr asks you “Grant this application read and write access to your Tumblr account?”
  4. In the header you should see FOLLOWING, FANS, and FRIENDS. 
  • Following shows you the people you follow who arent following you back
  • Fans shows you the people who are following you but you arent following back
  • Friends shows you the people you follow who is also following you

NOTE* friendorfollow tracker only shows you the people who unfollowed you who you are following. In other words, it will only show the people who aren’t following you back. 

Hey guys, I’m going to be as direct and as professional as possible: if you don’t like my theories, unfollow me. Theories are the point of my blog. I come here to think. I post my deductions. I conspire with other theorists for months on end to come up with ideas, all for fun. I’ve never cared how many followers i have. The 8 anons not having the balls to unfollow me or provide counter-arguments but would rather tell me I’m reaching and to tone it down, you’ve completely missed the point of *my* blog. And I’ve been around long enough to know that when big-name Sherlock bloggers find my ideas and like them, suddenly people who didn’t take me seriously change their minds. Huh. Crazy. I will continue to post whatever I want because we’re trying to work together to beat the clock. Maybe I’ve got something right that another person can bounce off of, and together we can create something bigger. Good theorists criticize each other only constructively. Only people who can’t do that feel compelled to enter the ask box anonymously to voice their grievances and dissent. With that in mind, I’ll be turning off anon when i get home. Sorry to the many, many others asking actual questions and saying nice things, I just can’t keep up.

If anyone feels the need to come into my message box with anything besides constructive ideas or respectful dialogue, you will be blocked. I went from 0 followers 12 months ago to 11,000 right now. I blog exactly the same way. Nothing is going to change that.