people who are capable of getting pregnant were dying from botched abortions and failed pregnancies that they couldn’t get medically aborted

THAT is why abortion became legal in america, to protect the life of the women and people capable of pregnancy from dying or mutilating their organs

and if you seriously think banning abortion is going to “save lives” you are seriously misinformed. because abortions will still happen at the same rate as they do now, it’s just going to put a lot of people in danger

if you are anti-choice or for banning abortion in any shape or form, you are for killing those who are pregnant, you are not “protecting babies” you’re not. you are sentencing people who are pregnant to unsafe methods of termination and the destruction of their own medical decisions between them and their doctor

i tagged an anti-t*ny post with ’#when will t*ny st*rk finally be ejected into space’ and @colorfulmetaphors messaged me saying “he was in the first avengers it didnt work we need a new plan” which resulted in my death like im posting this from the afterlife goodbye forever friends

noooooo my brother is going to get overwatch for christmas please god just end me now, i hate everything about that game and now the enemy will be in my house

can we literally stop making/sharing posts about how those stupid rednecks in the midwest/red states/rust belts voted for trump and now whatever happens to them is their own fault bc they’re idiots who voted against their own self interest

i mean, first of all, it’s been demonstrated several times over that poor white people were NOT the foundation of trump’s base. affluent/college educated white people were. and second of all there are marginalized people who live in those areas! people who opposed trump from the beginning.

the people who got trump elected are going to be mostly unaffected by whatever he does to the country. meanwhile, mocking poor people doesn’t do anything except perpetuate classism and at worst it literally just plays right into the republican narrative that the democrats are all elitist and out of touch and the republicans are the only ones who ~really understand~

anonymous asked:

no the only reason why you are only friends with the big blogs is because u want followers and attention. people talk to you and you don't even reply to them, don't talk about ''effort'.

i’m sorry…..what the fuck? i don’t ignore anyone. i barely talk to ANYONE on tumblr at all. i don’t get messages, and pretty much all the asks i get are anonymous, so i have no idea who i’m talking to. my inbox is currently empty, except for your rude ask taking up space. that’s because i answer EVERYONE. if i don’t answer an ask (which is very rare), it’s because i didn’t see it, i was asleep/taking a break, or it seemed a little personal and i felt uncomfortable posting it. also, i’m not required to answer your asks. i do it because i’m nice and specifically because i don’t want people to feel like they’re being ignored. i could be a complete asshole and ignore everything that comes into my inbox. but i don’t. i don’t want followers or attention. that’s just fucking ridiculous that you would think that about me. and it is about effort. the people who i’m friends with talk to me almost every day. i don’t know who you are so i’m not going to come to you. if you want to be friends with me so bad, make. the. effort. i’m not the asshole you seem to think i am.

stop making fun of kids! it’s not that hard! If you’re a grown ass man there’s like zero excuses for posts mocking kids like it doesn’t matter if you think it’s ‘cringe’ I guarantee that you were worse as a kid cause you’re also obviously a mean person

طب أنا كنت قربت ابقى عاملة
لحوالي 3000 حد هنا على تمبلر، وقعدت اعمل أنفولو لحد ما وصلوا لـ 1800 أهو
مبسوطة بنفسي

معظمهم بلوجات ماحدش عمل
فيها من أكتر من سنة وساعات أكتر من تلت سنين كمان

فالمحصلة مش فارقة كتير
actually :D

كان هدفي الأصلي إني أرجّع تمبلر مكان خصوصي حميمي هادي، أكون متابعة ناس معينة عارفاهم وفاكراهم وبشوف بيكتبوا إيه، وبقرا معظم الحاجات. مش صور كتير بتعدي بسرعة ومابتاخدش حقها من الاهتمام، وكلام كتير كتير وخلاص.

هحاول أقلل العدد أكتر بكتير عن كدا.. بس مش عارفة أقف فين..


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