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“who cares what she’s said in the past and who cares what she has in her home?”

Are you fucking kidding me right now? People are still defending her? This woman has a swastika on her fucking wall. She supported the Nazis. No to mention, the hateful comments she always put on IG. Haven’t seen them yet? Go on her tag. The evidence ALL there.

This woman is racist and it shows. No one doesn’t change from racism. They will always stay the same. Do ya’ll really want someone who supports stuff like THAT in the company? Please unfollow me and block me if ya’ll still support this woman. PLEASE.


I will understand if you want to unfollow me because of this video.

something I have found out after the “bootleg” post….many people who reblogged actually want bootlegs….

I want to make my stance clear if I haven’t already. that post was to satirize the people asking for bootlegs, circulating audio, etc. and NOT an attempt to whine about the lack of a bootleg. I always have been 100% against piracy and I think that having people unfollow me for speaking out against it or reblogging my posts with tags like “sorry but I just can’t wait for September 24th!!” is disappointing. Some of yall have waited months and I’m sure you can wait just one more.

like yeah I get that seeing a Broadway show is a huge privilege and it can be hard especially before the soundtrack comes out but watching bootlegs is the equivalent of stealing a dvd…its literal piracy

pls have respect for the creators, actors, and crew and don’t go trying to film the show, don’t go looking for bootlegs, don’t go distributing bootlegs/audio/etc that you might find…the soundtrack is coming out in less than a month & that yall are sneaking around against the direct orders of the cast & crew to try & black market this is just devastating. sickening.

plus….take it from me, Hamilton is amazing and you will love the soundtrack when it comes out…I would be very saddened if your experience of the show is ruined by some low quality recording. part of the magic is that you feel you are having an intimate moment with all the actors; you’re brought right into the action.

NB: yall can complain about the “long wait” until the release of the soundtrack all you want but mark my words that time will fly faster than you expect & those who listened to an audio rip or w/e are gonna be so disappointed that their first time experience was ruined by their illegal actions ☕️

changing to personal.

doing an unfollowing spree so if you still want me to follow you, or if youre a personal blog or vertical, like or reblog this please! c:

I’m back!

At first a big thank you to everyone who did not unfollow me in this long time of absence! Well so now I’m back from my biiiiig vacation. Back to the study everyday life. How was your summer so far?

Today I started one of my two essays I have to write this month. Well it’s moving really slowly.. 

Also I started a fasting cure today. Has anybody else ever done one? Or is doing it right know or wants to do it with me? Please just message me if you have any tips or questions about it. 

Love to everyone out there! 

100 follower theme background giveaway!

          I’d like to show my appreciation to those who have followed me here &. I hope that this giveaway will help me meet &. possibly write with some new partners! The giveaway starts August 31st, and will end September 1st at 9pm GMT. There shall be 2 WINNERS which I will select using a random number generator.


  1. Must be a roleplay blog, and must be following me.
  2. Don’t follow just to unfollow afterwards, that’s pretty rude.
  3. Only reblogs count, but feel free to like if you want to find it later.
  4. I will not be coding the themes, so this is just a giveaway for the background.
  5. I will, however, help you with any coding you’re having difficulties with!
  6. I ask that you put a small credit mention on your blog in an updates tab or pop-up.
  7. Winners will have 24 hours to claim their prize until another is randomly selected.


anonymous asked:

When zendaya wore dreads and people were saying that 'she looks like she smells like weed' that's nothing to do with miley, unless she said something? Therefore you don't need to skate miley for wearing dreads or whatever the fuck she wants to do

yes it does because white people are always getting praised and black people are always being shot down FOR THE SAME THING. and I will drag Miley’s ass til the day I die and if U have a problem wit that, feel free to unfollow me, block me, whatever.

im not going to see about ray, as a trans boy, and im unfollowing you if you try to guilt me into it. i gave it a chance, its gross– ask tobyscinnamonroll how bad i wanted it to be good. nothing pisses me off more than “boy born in a girls body”

“its not transphobic, its accurate!!111!1″ stop. its cissexist, implying that i am a boy but my body doesnt match me. im a boy, and its my body, and i can love my body without thinking of it as a girls body because its mine and im not a girl. its cissexist, its transphobic, its ignorant, stop explaining it that way. there are much better was to explain it.

you were born with female biology, in your boy body. or you were born with female parts, in your boy body. or you were born female and grew up a boy. its not difficult.

im not something wild and special, im not confusing, im not an oddity, im not going to be your quirky trans sidekick. im a boy and i love myself and i love my body, and thats so hard to do sometimes– especially when my body is seen as that of a girl’s.


Where I've been lately

Okay, I’ve had a massive unfollowing these last few weeks. I’m thinking it might have something to do with me not being on tumblr much. So I figured I should maybe explain where I’ve been? Maybe?
At the moment one of my relatives is terminally ill. This relative lives a 3 hour drive away though so I’ve spent quite some time travelling these past weeks. On top of that I work a demanding full time job. I want to draw and browse tumblr, but I have no time!
To those who have unfollowed me: no problem, I completely understand.
To those who stuck around: thank you very much. I will be back soon.


I will be taking a break for quite some time, away from here and possibly away from AIM, too – it’s nothing serious, I just need to clear my head and dope things out before I can do anything else since I am easily distracted. This doesn’t mean I am inactive, you can reach me via Inbox since I always log in here to check on stuff. I’ve been planning on this for a while, and decided that Yoichi will be altered in certain aspects but will mostly stay the same; I will unfollow those I do not write or interact with just because I want a clean start, so please don’t take it personal. Hopefully I can come up with a new biography soon as I attempt to get to replies // starters at the same time, which will be posted every now and then. I apologize for everything!! Take care.

Ship Lolix all you want, have fun with your ship! Shipping isn’t about canon, go nuts with it, but NEVER, EVER TURN FELIX’S ABUSE OVER LOCUS INTO A ROMANTIC PLOT POINT! Manipulation is SERIOUS and Scary for the one being manipulated, If you think for a SECOND that Felix was only Manipulating Locus because ‘he loved Locus so much he wanted to keep him close to him’ then UNFOLLOW ME PLEASE.


Honestly I hope nobody feels like they can’t unfollow me when they want to because they don’t want to break a mutual like its okay you can leave I won’t be all that heartbroken this is me giving you permission take this as a sign I only want truly loyal mutuals I only want mutuals who love me

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Anytime I see you message anyone or post anything, it's always singlehandedly one of the stupidest things I've read. You seem to lack social queues and you don't really put off a level of maturity. Are you a manchild, or do you just like to pretend you're a giant kid?

I like to be myself and live life to its fullest I have levels of maturity for different occasions. Such as now I have to answer hate mail which probably isn’t needed and the fact you care enough to view all of those things..well I don’t see why it’s matters. My life will be lived as I want it to be and if you have a problem unfollow me or block me. Have a nice day anon 😊😽💕

anonymous asked:

Holy shit the tag "stay hydrated" is so obnoxiously mom of you. But not even like your real mom who cares about you. Like stepmom who just says things she thinks moms are supposed to say and walks into your room unannounced to "see how you're doing" and doesn't knock. Then she fucking says she wants to be your friend and asks you to join her at yoga class on Tuesday but you just want her to stop fucking your dad. Basically I do not want to see that tag. I'll drink water when I want.

Whoa homie chill ! No need to get all mad if you don’t wanna see it unfollow me I just have it there because water is important and a lot of people like me forget to stay hydrated and it helps with a lot of things especially mood but sorry it made you all mad