unfollow me if you want to

if someone says/does/posts some shit you dislike for whatever reason you’re completely free to utilize blacklist/block/unfollow/remove from whatever program/site at will.

it’s your own responsibility to control your internet experience and on places like tumblr and ao3 many people already make it easier by tagging things, and particularly with the latter, tagging things very thoroughly to make it easy to filter out what you don’t want to see.

i really don’t care if you need to unfollow/remove me from wherever! please take your own comfort and wellbeing into account. that’s not my business, though if we know each other personally, it can be just fine to talk about it. otherwise, do whatever you need to do. i do not need to be involved in the process.

and i reiterate: in a majority of cases, your internet experience is your own responsibility, not anyone else’s. yeah places like forums and the like will have their own policies, and it’s not as if it’s justified that people will be rude to others. but on places like tumblr, there are tools at your disposal to block undesirable content. and there’s a reason you can unfollow/unfriend people. but it is up to you to do it. and it’s not something you have to explain to others.

I honest to God regret growing up in the small town that I did, surrounded by close-minded, small town mindsets. Many that are either too hillbilly, religious, or stuck up to see any other view. You’ve known me since I was 2, but yes - please keep unfollowing me like I’m disgusting or wrong. Good riddance, pieces of shit. What’s sad is that if I didn’t have Tumblr, you would’ve continued to get in my head. I would’ve cried at every “unfollow” and every person who didn’t want to associate with me. People who I’ve known since kindergarten. I would’ve never been comfortable being who I was. I would’ve never felt free, I would’ve never come out. I would’ve never posted things publicly because I’m proud of who I am. Think of all the people you silenced who weren’t as lucky as me to find a community online that made them feel safe, secure, and proud. Thankfully, I’ve replaced you with thousands of loving friends, good people, with open minds. You are irrelevant outside of this town and that scares you, so you stay in your bubble.

Keep having your nightly high school reunion at the corner bar - you’re really going places. Don’t worry, if I need to talk to you, I know you’ll be there for the next 40 years.

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Just wanted to say thanks for always calling out the grossness of the yurio ships. I've had to unfollow and block a lot of people because of this (including mutuals *sigh*) so i'm glad through your posts i've gotten to follow new people who agree with me on the subject. Anyway i'll stop rambling and i hope you have a nice day ~

aww thank you I hope you have a good day as well! i had to break off a mutual too. 😕

this is probably also a good time to say that if you are an anti-Yurio/adult person and u draw art or make edits or something, pls link me to your stuff because i’ve had to block so many artists haha

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Damn.. make a side blog or something, I don't want to see anime shit on my dash

the content of my blog is up to me, my dude, feel free to blacklist the tags “yoi” and “not marvel /” or you can also just unfollow me and let me live my happy gay figure skating life in peace

edit: jsyk i’m still gonna be almost 100% superheroes?? i just like yoi a lot :-(

If my posts give you a “mood” drop, then unfollow me. If my content bothers you, unfollow me. If I bother you then unfollow me. It’s not that hard, if something annoys you. You do whatever you can to stop it annoying you. There’s no need to hide behind a grey face, everyone has the right to post whatever they want on their own blog. You got an issue with that? Then just unfollow them.

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PLEASE don't go back to posting depressing shit all the time. I re-followed you once you'd gotten normal.


hey anon how bout fuck you

honestly, if you have that kind attitude unfollow me again because Hey i’ve got a fucked mental state and i can post as much depressing shit as i want :v

fuck auffff

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Which do you prefer: Beakhyun's delicate, slender fingers or Kyungsoo's manly, but seemingly clumsy fingers?

Doing what? What are the fingers doing?

I like both in different contexts. For ridiculous mindless reblogging purposes i DO follow a baekhyuns hands blog on tumblr which is a low point in my life that i dont want to talk about, nor do i wish to unfollow this blog, lets just not talk about this.

But kyungsoos hands remind me alot of my own hands, except for that weird flexibility thing he can do, i bit my nails up until i was 14 and i went to the dentist and had some fillings in my front teeth and i could no longer bite at all with them so i literally was forced to stop biting but honestly i miss it.

Anyway, if were talking sexual, kyungsoos hands because baeks nails are too long. But if were just talking about like…looking at them and wondering what nail polish he would look best with, then baekhyun.

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i don't fuck with people who don't fuck with jalec gtfo

See, this is why I hadn’t given my opinion, honestly if you don’t like me because of this it’s okay, unfollow me, I don’t want to go into discussion, goodbye 

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[Wow. Caps lock. It looks like someone needs to take a chill pill. Damn, honey.

Alright, where do we begin with your bullshit? Well, first off, if you do not like how I portray Loki, you know what you should do?


It’s as simple as that. Unfollow. Block me. Blacklist my url. There. You never have to see my writing again. Rather than acting like a screaming child, throwing a tantrum because mommy didn’t buy you the candy bar you wanted, next time you should try the adult path.

Secondly, I can portray Loki however I want. It’s my blog, dear. He’s still a canon character. I still have MCU backstory for him, it just diverges at a certain point. And I’m not the only one. A lot of people do this, for various reasons. My Loki reacts and responds based on his past in all his verses. In his mainverse he retains his canon personality, with slight changes based on the backstory that I gave him in place of Dark World.

If you really think something is wrong with how I play Loki, then maybe you should give constructive criticism. Tell me what you think is wrong, in a polite manner. Give me tips on how you believe I can improve.

The only thing that sending a cowardly and hateful message does is prove that you are childish and pathetic. 

Goodnight, doll.]

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Every time I see a theory of this past months it's like "shut up shut up shut up" we don't know anything and I really feels stupid bc we shouldn't be speculating nothing! And please don't more theories we should respect what's happening :( Idk it's uncomfortable for me :/

First of all, we had no way to know this would happen. None of us. Secondly, all the horrible, fucked up, vile parts of this industry and things that have happened to these boys doesn’t just cease to be true because Jay died (holy fuck that’s not a word I will ever be ok with writing after her name). And thirdly, unfollow me any time you want, love.

Today is not the time to discuss stunts, but I will talk about Harry and his family’s obvious support of the Tomlinson family during the most horrific time of their entire lives because no matter what you believe he was closer to that family than anyone else and that is final.


Hey guys I wont be updating this blog anymore. I am just not too interested in it anymore. This blog will soon become my personal art blog so feel free to unfollow.

I will be active on my other blog askdoctoroliver so feel free to send questions there! If you want you can also ask about kuro since he is part of that au

Thank you all for following me and I’ll see you soon!

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your blog sucks lol

Anon, look, I get it if you don’t like my blog, but there’s a simple button you can press called “Block”. If you want my blog to change or anything or if you need something tagged just ask me! I’m not sure if you’re following me but you can unfollow whenever the heck you want, there’s nothing stopping you and I don’t get offended at all. Please refrain from sending more random shitty messages if it’s just so you can cause a reaction, it’s kind of a bad thing to do. Anyways, I hope you don’t send more, it’s not very hard to just not send this sorta stuff.

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tumblr keeps telling me I've unfollowed you but then when I try to follow you again it asks me if I want to unfollow since I already follow. I'm very confused.

You’re the second person to say that to me today. That’s really odd.

Seems normal from my side. Wonder if the problem is with my blog or with Tumblr?

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Relationship Status: Single (9′7′)9

Lipstick or chapstick: chapstick, I have a tropical lemon one it’s so good ;;

Last song I listened to (that I actually like): I was listening to Bonito Generation (last Kero Kero Bonito album IT’S SO GOOD!) and I actually like Lipslap and Break, it makes me really want to relax ‘v’)

Last movie I watched: I watched that bee movie video that gets faster when they say bee, I wonder if it counts (also, that one of the trailer that gets slower is the worst)

Favourite colour(s): I like a lot of colors, but I noticed I always buy markers or stuff that comes in aqua and pink shades

Top 3 shows: Bungou Stray Dogs, Udon no kuni (that of the tanuki boy, Poco, it’s so pure), Mob Psycho 100

Top 3 favourite characters: Serizawa Katsuya, Dazai Osamu (from bungou) and Asahi Azumane (from Haikyuu, I still don’t catch up with s3) 

Top 3 ships: serirei, reiseri, the one with seri and reigen 

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