unfollow me if you want to

Okay, so i want to say something. 

Yesterday i went on a unfollowing spree. Not on a whim, but because the S&M Photoshoot that Tom did was triggering for me. I am not going to nor do i need to explain why its triggering. 

However there was one easy solution to this, unfollow. I am not someone that would dictate what people can and can’t put on their blogs. I’m a firm believer that its your blog and you can post whatever you damn well like. I also believe that if someone is posting something you do not like, agree with, or have any interest in, you can either ignore it and scroll past, or if its something you really don’t want to see, you can unfollow.

I’ve had 2 people message me today with a ‘did you unfollow me’ type question. I calmly explained the above to them both. One lovely person told me they understood and even apologized (which they didn’t need to do). The other person called me an ungrateful bitch. 


So this blog is just over a month old and the fact that I even reached 100 followers, let alone surpassed it, is AMAZING. I love each and every single person I get the chance to interact with and even those I don’t get to interact with are amazing. I simply can’t RP with everyone so I’m choosing to give back in another small way, with a giveaway. As well as a small bae list. The prizes for first and second place were purchased at Wizard Con - I’ve been wanting to do something special for all you lovely people. If someone wins and they don’t want one of the prizes I have, we will discuss alternatives!


  • Must be following me.
  • Must be a roleplay blog.
  • Must reblog this post. (Likes do not count but are good bookmarks)
  • Must not unfollow afterward. 
  • Must be polite.
  • Must be willing to give me your ADDRESS (ships ANYWHERE)


The people that I simply can not live without and they get me out of bed in the morning (literally Liz and/or Amaye): 

@agentremcrs, @breakingnoses, @bcllcrina, @commanderxrogers, @chaosgift, @darcybby, @flumenveritatis, @hibernamilitis@ironxpilot, @lxtrodectusism, @notacyclonefan, @notforvengeance, @oohwitchy, @playwithmagik, @readyforyours, @redstarassassin, @starkwithsarcasm, @stormcraved, @techmaestro, @thedirectorofshield, @thebiggeststick, @takeverything, @wereyxulonely


  1. First Place
    1. One of THESE
    2. Promo Made By Myself.
    3. Blog of the Month for November on my side bar
  2. Second Place
    1. The Pair to the piece first place DIDN’T pick.
    2. Promo Made By Myself
    3. Promoted weekly.
  3. Third Place
    1. Theme Background/New Theme
    2. Promo Made By Myself
    3. Promoted Bi Weekly

If you are young and you feel that due to my age you should not be following/talking to me; it is absolutely okay for you to unfollow/stop messaging/block me.

I want you guys to be safe on the internet.

If you ever feel unsafe, in the UK you can use the red button on this page. This will connect you to a Police Officer straight away. They will be able to take details immediately in a kind of messaging window. It will look like you’re just on the internet.

I’ve had a google and I can’t seem to find any similar services in the US/other countries. If people know of any, please reblog with the information.

Quick Update/Announcement!~

Hi everyone! I thank  you for your patience as I work though these replies. I currently owe 1 starter to @narciszen

I truly appreciate all the mutuals Hyori has and I really look forward to interacting you

I follow you because:

  • I enjoy your portrayal
  • I’ve read your rules 
  • I’d love to interact and thread with you. 

So if you are reading this and we are mutuals this is an open invitation to send me memes or hmu on messenger and we can plot something. 

That being said I’m not here to be just a number I will probably go on an unfollowing spree this weekend for older mutuals if we have never interacted either IC or OOC.  I will consider that you are not interested in RPing with me and I will unfollow you.  You are more than welcome to unfollow me as well.

It’s nothing personal as I like keeping a clean dash and would like to be following only those that want to interact with Hyori. 

  • If we are mutuals and have never interacted and you would still like to interact with me in the future, please like this post and I will continue to follow you. 
  • If you are a follower that I haven’t followed yet, please like this post and I will be sure to have a look at your blog and follow back!

Thanks for reading this!~

I shouldn’t have to but I feel the need to reiterate I don’t care who’s here legit at all. I’m not the same kid I was like three years ago. If you respect my space I respect yours. Please don’t forget that. I’m the biggest advocate for everyone’s right to exist in the multiple realms that thrive here but I will not be a part of drama, like I promise I won’t. Most of y'all see I just crack jokes and write with the people I care about on here. I don’t bother with dealing with any negative presence because that stuff doesn’t bother me. I just want to post my Gavin memes and writing in harmony. I’m very happy with who I am now and that in turn means I don’t have to make anybody unhappy to boost myself up. I got love for my followers and respectful distance from those who don’t follow me. And if you follow me / don’t like me pls leave me olone and unfollow me.

If you support Vitalli Sediuk for harassing Kim, you can kindly unfollow me.

You want to know what this douche pig did?

He tried to KISS her ass.

‘He was making a statement.’

I do not care what statement he was trying to make! He doesn’t have a right to touch Kim or her ass! You may not like her but this is down right disrespectful and disgusting. Fuck this guy and everything he stands for


I just want to say something quickly. Am I bad rp'er? Because if I am, constructive criticism would be amazing. Because I have sent countless asks to certain blogs and I see them rping with others but they ignore my asks. Did tumblr eat them? Do they delete them? I dunno. I feel like I’m a bad rper because these amazing people don’t want to rp with me. And maybe they have their own reasons and I respect that. But PLEASE tell me. If you don’t like me and don’t want to rp with me, I will unfollow you and stop annoying you forever. Please.

I’ve been thinking about changing my blog style and making a pastel sideblog. If I change it, it might be in the beginning of october. I’m sorry to all the people who follow me for pastel content, feel free to unfollow if you want! but since it is my blog, I think I should feel happy with what I post/reblog. (I’ll still make some pastel edits sometimes.)

If you’re going to unfollow me for reblogging from someone you don’t like, then I honestly don’t want you to follow me to begin with. Some of you that go around being hateful towards each other, need to stop, you’re making the fandom look bad. We don’t need that type of attitude in the fandom.

hi so i really want my blog to be safe and accessible so i’d just like to remind everyone of a couple things:

  • i am totally willing to tag things! just send me a message and tell me what tag you’d like me to use so you can blacklist them and i’ll use them no questions asked. 
  • if i fuck up and do something gross, am following someone gross, or reblog a post originally made by a gross person, please feel free to tell me. i want to know so that i can do better and keep the space around me safe
  • i’m 21 years old. if that makes you uncomfortable in any way, you can absolutely unfollow me, no hard feelings. also, if we’re mutuals and that makes you uncomfortable, it’s also totally cool to unfollow (though i’d ask that you softblock so that i don’t keep following you)
  • if there’s any problem with accessibility on my blog (font is too small, colors clash, etc) please please tell me
  • basically if you have any problems please talk to me about them. i don’t bite, i won’t get defensive or mad, etc

i just want people to be safe around me and to be accessible tbh

anonymous asked:

I've been thinking about watching cr since I saw it on your blog but your constant spamming of it has made sort of despise it and not want to watch it

lol ok well?? this is largely a critical role blog??? in case you couldn’t tell from the url??? so um the “”constant spamming”” is literally just what my blog is. i dont rlly care if you watch it lmao and if you don’t like me spamming your dash check out that unfollow button lol

I’ve heard it all now. This Till hysteria is getting out of control. I’ve said what I think of the situation and that’s my opinion. You don’t have to agree. If you don’t want to be Rammstein fans anymore that’s totally fine too, just don’t give me or anyone who shares my views hate. My blog is still gonna be mostly Rammstein so feel free to unfollow me.

(PSA. )

So… I really don’t want to sound rude but this is something I really need to clarify. It is already in my rules but I’m gonna point it again:

shipping won’t happen without chemistry and communication. 

What does this mean? If you want to ship with me our characters have to at least interacted more than three times. Ren wouldn’t date someone out of the blue and if you think he would, that’s wrong. He is flirty, but he is not a slut who gifts himself to whoever crosses his way and if you think he is like that well, unfollow me already. Honestly, unfollow me if you are here only for shipping purposes

Communication, what I mean with this is that you and me as muns must talk first. So yeah, our characters have chemistry and both of us ship it, or maybe you want unrequited, or stuff like that: my im is open. Don’t be afraid though to tell me you ship our characters because there is a chance that I do too or if you do we can talk about a possibility of unrequited love. Not all ships have to be a fairytale! If we talked about the possibility of shipping before but you disappeared or simply you don’t interact with me at all, I want you to know that I already consider that ship or that possibility dropped. Why? Because I see not interest coming from you. I reblog tons of memes, I do starter calls and my IM is here, if you are really interested in shipping with me you would try to at least interact with me from time to time, so I’d do the same but if there is not communication I can’t really do that.

Currently I have three active ships, one is more active than the others at the moment and that is my ship with Masato. the other two relationships ren has are with Tomo that have been here since i started this blog and Eiichi that it’s brand new. I had more ships and more in the making but yet again the problem of communication made me reluctant so I’m sorry but if you were one of those people I shipped or planned to, because I already consider those ships dropped. If you don’t show me interest then I won’t do it either. Sorry if I’m wrong, you can talk to me in private and we can talk about what we could do but I really put too much effort in my ships and my partners know that but if you don’t put at least half of the effort I offer then I won’t be comfortable. If you don’t want to talk, please don’t take it personal is just that I’m too anxious about shipping and I don’t feel comfortable continuing with something that seems forced to me or that it’s practically inexistent. 

And finally smut. Smut will happen yes but only with the three blogs I mentioned above. No, Ren doesn’t one-night stands UNLESS discussed first. Also this is very obvious and you are probably tired of listening to this: but I’m not gonna smut with minors. I’m a 19 years old, almost 20. I have lived two decades already and I may not be that old but I’m a grown ass adult already. Not vanilla, not innuendos, ANYTHING of that with people under 18. It is not illegal in my country, but it is most likely illegal in yours, makes me feel uncomfortable and I don’t feel like breaking the law just because a kid wants to smut. Yet again I remark: not smut, not innuendos, not vanilla, nothing related to smut will be done with minors. 

I repeat, I don’t want to sound rude but I’m tired of people only approaching me for shipping. Right now shipping won’t probably happen because I’m not going to lie: I feel more comfortable with people that knows ME and my MUSE. But if there is chemistry always feel free to hit me up, I’m not that strict I’m just kinda reluctant about those points. 



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'You can't pick and choose what parts of me are LGBT and what parts arent' this just in: because I'm mentally ill and bi, mental illness is now LGBT. There can't be multiple facets of your identity that impact who you are unless they're all specifically LGBT.

my pal,,,,,,,,,,,,just unfollow me i dont want to argue. u cant…compare…sexual and romantic orientation..to being mentally ill. thats…thats not the same thing. at all.
please unfollow me i really dont want to argue. im. tired. 

real talk tho if all the sad and depressing stuff i write bothers you don’t feel bad about unfollowing. i’m well aware that my writing tends to be this pit of depression and angst and i don’t mean for it to happen that way but painful plots resonate with me more than happy ones and i tend to get fixated on the darker side of things.

i find it amusing sometimes that that’s what i’ve come to be known for but i’m constantly worried that one day it’ll be too much and people will get sick of it

i do want to write happier, fluffy things but i’m really horrible at it

the worst thing abt fma being so important to me is that my biggest ship, hyuroi, barely gets content anymore, and the few ppl on tumblr that do post/reblog content for it are all nasty.  i had to unfollow r/o//y/m//ae//s bc they kept posting about how you need to ~ship and let ship~ and how ~anti-royeds are mean bullies and they don’t really care about abuse survivors~ and it fuckin sucks. they posted good content for my biggest fma comfort ship. why did they have to suck so much. royed is nasty.