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At first I really liked your Ginny, she was different and fresh; but now everytime I see one of your drawning about her I always think that she looks a bit forced :( She is always so strong and sassy like she doesn't have any flaws at all and to me it doesn't seem very realistic. I know everyone has her/his own way of seeing a fictional character but I just don't like her as much as I liked her before. Sorry, I could've just unfollowed you but I wanted to read your answer about my impression.

Hahaha What is up with today, I really didn’t need this message :( but that’s fine.

I draw just random moments of their lives, something that happens in 2 minutes, not even that. I want them to be happy because I’m feeling happy when I draw them. That’s all. It’s not like I’m saying Ginny doesn’t have flaws just because I prefer to draw the best side of her after seeing so many hates against her character since the day I entered in this fandom.. i even wrote a huge text about her flaws but I guess you wouldn’t read now.

I don’t want her to look forced. Never. Well. I understand your opinion though. Sad to think I lost a follower for drawing a such fun character that relaxes me in a hard day. But thanks for sharing it.

Edit: This is the text that I wrote about Ginny. http://blvnk-art.tumblr.com/post/164059385839/so-how-would-you-really-identify-and-name-ginnys

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If your on hiatus and have no time to write stop sitting on tumblr bitching about work being stolen. Cause otherwise you have a lot more time then you say

I don’t even know what to say to this. I think I have the right to post whatever I want on my blog whenever I want to post it. Taking two minutes out of my day to scroll through Tumblr and writing for five hours isn’t the same thing. Please, unfollow me. I don’t want people like you on my blog. Best of luck!

fun fact: i was ready to stop watching stranger things during season 1 when they had eleven hurt lucas. i sincerely thought they would kill or otherwise incapacitate their ONLY character of color. and that mattered enough to me that i would have stopped watching the show despite having gotten over halfway through the season at that point and being desperately invested in all the other characters. lucas was important to me, even if he was only the afterthought of diversity on the part of two white men.

i’m sharing this only to remind you that black people seeing black characters on screen is important. it matters. and it hurts to see characters of color treated like shit by either the writers or the fandom or both.

it hurts even more when the actor behind that poorly treated character is a literal child.

vent. just. look away if you dont wan t it im so sorry

yknow how i have that art of lapis, jasper and peridot in the morning? i let a facebook group repost it and link it back to here.. i made an fb account wen fb is already triggering to me so it was stupid bc i  realised it had comments 


not to be dramatic but i want to kill myself i fucking hate myself. its my fucking fault for thinking there’d be anything nice on that website . im trying so hard not to let it effect me but iM FUCKING PANICICKING  n CRYIGN BECAUSE ITS JUST LIKE SCHOOL AGAIN !! THEYRE RIGHT !!!! i feel sick im sorry for being so fuckign sensitive ! i knew i shouldnt have agreed ! i new i shouldnt hav let them repost it !! !idiot !!! *hit hit hit* !!!!  i m sorry

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Opinion on staying out of the discourse? Recently I have been unfollowing a lot of blogs because it just got very stressful for me, but as an aspiring writer im also terrified I will become close minded, and only see what I want to see. I wanna stay updated cause I don’t want to hurt anybody but then again its just really,,, loud??? Idk maybe that’s what people need. I just wanna do good but I'm afraid to talk about it. you dont need to answer this.


I mean, above all you should value your own mental health. Discourse can be stressful and annoying for me as well, which is why I have a lot of tags involving it blacklisted!!! Most blogs should also have a tagging system (mine, for reference, is negative// and discourse//), which you can ask for. That way, you can follow blogs while avoiding every single piece of discourse.

If you’re a mobile user, or if you want to try something else, I recommend unfollowing blogs that post nothing but discourse, or at least trim the number down. Some blogs have better commentary than others, so make following those blogs and priority and unfollow the rest. That way, you can still stay informed about discourse/discussions that are actually kind of important, and avoid the day-to-day negativity.

I hope that helps!!!!

Please, if you’re here to talk shit and start fights, just unfollow me. I don’t want that on my blog. I’ve never sent anon hate in my life and I don’t see the point in it, it’s easier to unfollow people and leave. Thank you and goodbye 😊

Please…can one of you just…unfollow me, and then follow me again after a few minutes so I can get a screenshot of 666

I’ve missed the 500, 555, and 600 milestones on account of being inactive/asleep/away from tumblr for like TWO MINUTES JEEZ

I’ve gone through so much…I just want Satan-senpai to acknowledge me


jumped to 669 while I was typing please help I need 3 volunteers comment if you want to please Satan

Just a little note from me

if you support the KKK, Nazis or any racist hate group unfollow me right now, I don’t want that negative horrible shit near me at all and if you support those groups I hope you find your soul and seek help because it’s disgusting

Jesus Christ Why (Jared Kleinman x Poop Emoji voiced by Patrick Stewart)

Warnings: I just,,, oh god,,,

A/N: This was requested by someone I’m very close to and I wanted to fulfill his wishes,,, I’m sorry for this,,, holy shit


Jared nervously checked his watch. Tonight was a big night for Jared. He was all dressed up and had on his favorite cologne. He was going on a date with someone he had liked for a long time. This night almost seemed like a dream come true.

He stepped out of his car and walked up to the door. He hesitated for a moment before knocking. The door swung open to reveal his date, who was wearing a black bowtie and had a toothy grin. Jared smiled.

“Wow, you look great Poop Emoji Voiced By Patrick Stewart.”

Poop Emoji voiced by Patrick Stewart blushed. Jared held out his arm for Poop Emoji to take. Jared opened up the passenger side door for him and walked back around to his side. He slid in and turned on the engine.


They get to the restaurant and Jared opens the front door for Poop Emoji.

“Such a gentleman.”

“You know me.”

They sat down at their table and looked at the menu. Except Jared couldn’t seem to focus. He could only keep his eyes on one thing. That one thing was his date. He rested his head on his hand and stared at Poop Emoji Voiced by Patrick Stewart. He noticed this and blushed.

“Jared, why are you staring at me?”

“I am just so attracted to you.”


The waiter came to their table with their food. Jared picked a piece of shrimp off of Poop Emoji’s plate.



He wasn’t sorry. He ate it with a shit-eating grin. Poop Emoji voiced by Patrick Stewart glared at Jared and continued to eat.

When they were done with their food, Jared put his hand over Poop Emoji’s and rubbed it lovingly. They grinned at each other. Jared looked down towards his lap. He bit his lip before looking back up.

The waiter placed down the bill and walked away. Jared quickly grabbed the bill before Poop Emoji even realized what the slip of paper was. There was no way Jared was going to make him pay.

“I have money, you know.”

“And I don’t care. I’m paying and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

Poop Emoji voiced by Patrick Stewart smiled meekly while his cheeks turned pink.


Jared walked him back up to his door. Jared and Poop Emoji turned to each other and smiled. Jared grabbed Poop Emoji’s hand and kissed it.

“I had a great time tonight, Poop Emoji voiced by Patrick Stewart.”

“Me too, Jared.”

Jared grinned and looked down at the ground. Poop Emoji opened his door and stepped inside.

“Text me when you want to go out again.”

“Believe me, I will.”

Jared watched Poop Emoji voiced by Patrick Stewart shut the door. Jared walked back to his car with a smile on his face. He took out his phone and began to text Poop Emoji with a smile on his face.

Hello Again!

Sorry I’m a piece of trash and never post consistently. Life is just super unpredictable and uni is awful and so on and so on. I’m usually around pretty much daily though (on Tumblr, I mean) so feel free to shoot me an ask if you want to get any info from me or need to make sure I haven’t been abducted by the government or anything of the sort. I THINK my asks are open, if not then I’ll make sure.

Anyways thank y'all for being so patient and sticking around and fuck Trump and if you’re a Nazi/alt-right/white supremacist basement dwelling piece of shit please unfollow me! This porn is for good people only lol.

Seems like I’m up to date now. Please and love 🏳️‍🌈🖤🌈

Going on an unfollow spree

Let’s admit it, the Game of Thrones fandom is a mess right now. While I totally understand and respect other people’s opinions, I also can’t deal with the negativity that comes along with it (yeah I’m kinda fickle and probably have a mediocre taste for actually liking season 7, but anyways…) I’m just someone who wants to have a good time on this website, blogging about the shows/characters that i love.

So yeah, I’m cleaning up this blog a bit! And again, I respect everybody’s opinions. I just can’t deal with the negativity.

Mutuals please let me know if I accidentally unfollow any of you.

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Why do you not answer all of the Ask Anything questions?

Haha y'all need to leave me alone - it’s becoming super annoying ! I do not have to have to answer if I do not chose nor do I have to message back if I do not want to!!! If you have a problem please unfollow and take that somewhere else (:


i’m getting really tired of the toxicity coming from this fandom all of the sudden ?? like, do we not have anything better to do than be fucking assholes to each other ?? if you don’t like someone, that’s okay, that’s human. deal with it PERSONALLY AND NOT ON THE DASHBOARD OR THROUGH FUCKING ASSHOLE ANON MESSAGES.

i’m getting so goddamn tired of seeing this shit. telling people to kill themselves over fucking roleplay ?? you don’t know if they actually fucking would, too. you don’t know what they’re dealing with. and do you want that on your fucking shoulders ?? knowing you pushed someone over the edge to suicide ??

if you’re that kind of person, unfollow me, and get the fuck out of this fandom. i’m not going to tolerate anyone who spreads that kind of bullshit.

if you have beef with someone, take it privately, or just simply unfollow and IGNORE like a normal human being.

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listen i disagree with a lot of stuff you say but honestly im so sorry people are bitchy like that??? i love season 7 but seeing you hate it doesnt bother me at all i mean ill just scroll past it but i see no reason to unfollow you (i love your blog!!!!) anyway hope you will at least enjoy a bit of episode 7 and i'm sorry it hasn't turned out like you wanted, i would've been pissed too

omg this has to be the sweetest message I’ve gotten all week ?? honestly thank you so much taking the time to send this kind message !!! It really means a lot :D and I’m glad you’re enjoying the season ! :)

hey yall! this blogs gonna go on hiatus!

so basically chris made the tweet above in response to seth rogen making anti-nazi tweets after charlottesville, and this really is inexcusable. a jewish man tweeting about hating nazis is in no way “simplified extreme left” views, and treating that as such is despicable to me.

this blog is anti-nazi, no ifs, ands, or buts. this also includes people who equate leftist movements such as blm and antifa to nazis. so, unfortunately, i really do not feel comfortable supporting anything oneyplays at the moment

All the blogs who support naturalbornmartyrs's behaviour and are still following my blog PLEASE UNFOLLOW me and stay away from me, I don't want to have ANYTHING to do with you, him or anyone who thinks that bullying is okay.

I see all those blogs who like his posts and then come to me to “support” me. Go away or i will personally block each and every single one of you. JUST STAY AWAY FROM ME AND LEAVE ME ALONE . Let me BE!!!


fuck im going to go get food rly quick and then come back and wait to cry, reminder that im going to be liveblogging the episode so anyone who will be on tumble but cant listen right away and doesn’t want spoilers make sure you either blacklist taz spoilers or honestly just unfollow me until you can listen i wont hold it against u lol