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sugar babies are the exact opposite of feminism. if you guys were using your youth to make 6 figures cool. but you are all just being used as desposable aging sex objects. and you are all very accepting of the idea that men 3x your age will regard to you as an old woman if you are over 22. it's so toxic. you are the reason men are able to call a woman who s 30 years younger than him as an old woman because she hit 23 or 25. you're the reason future you will be considered an old desperate woman.

Sugar babies didn’t make old men prefer young women, we just capitalize off of it. I am 100% a feminist, and very progressive. I’ve gone to the marches and debated sexists on why I deserve to be paid as much as a man. But you know what? I can’t change the fact that 50 year old men find me more attractive than women their age. There’s literally nothing I can do to change that, so instead of allowing men to benefit from my attractiveness, youngness, and sexuality, I make money off of it. To me, gaining from a patriarchal institution is very feminist. Blaming sex workers for sexist men is the opposite of feminism. Real feminism is understanding that sex work is just like any other job. Maybe consider the fact that sugar babies are able to exist because men already prefer young women. We didn’t create this gap, we just decided to use it to our advantage. Honestly blaming women for men’s sexism is not constructive at all, and it detracts from the point of the matter. Sugar babies essential gain from the same concept as the modeling industry, acting industry, and any other industry where youth and beauty is valued. If you hate sugar babies so much, just unfollow me, just block my blog, just go live your life.

I totally get it that Rosie Watson is a fictional baby. However, the level of hatred I see being directed at her, with people even openly rooting for her death and hoping we get a funeral scene in season 4, is really appalling.

GPOYW - I hope my posting a photo of my uterus makes you all super uncomfortable edition.

Alternately titled - I would never post this s*&t on FB so you tumblrs should all feel privileged edition.

Sub-alternatively titled - There’s an alien in my napsack edition.


this is the first time he’s actually crawled into his car seat (suprising considering the screaming whenever i put him in it) and he was there for a good half hour

i think someone’s ready for a rocking horse/mammoth