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GPOYW - I hope my posting a photo of my uterus makes you all super uncomfortable edition.

Alternately titled - I would never post this s*&t on FB so you tumblrs should all feel privileged edition.

Sub-alternatively titled - There’s an alien in my napsack edition.

if i hadn’t taken this from the other side of the (dirty) glass door it might be one of my favorite photos of him

it’s not the usual smile i catch on film. it’s not the ohmygosh i’m so excited i’m peeing my pants right now! smile. it’s not the HEY A CRACKER! I LOVE CRACKERS! smile. it’s not the mischevious you have no clue what i’m going to destroy right now smile i often catch in the shutter. it’s just his normal, plain ol’ being Roger hi momma! smile.  and it’s my favorite.

i get to see this contented smile every single day and who could ask for more?

can you see that left arm up in the air?

that’s what happens first. then the right one goes up.

and then he’s just standing there, all by himself, not holding onto a damn thing, with a silly grin across his face but the second i get excited and gasp or “yaaay!!” or applaud he collapses under the pressure.

it’s so damn cute but i just can’t believe that for the past few weeks he’s been standing on his own for a minute at a time. i mean my baby, he’s only 8 months old but he thinks he’s a toddler! and just the other day i almost peed my pants when he was cruising along the chair, heading for me, and he totally forgot he couldn’t walk because when he got to the end he just kept taking steps and fell flat on his face. he was cool about it but it was the cutest thing he’d done all week (which is saying alot coming from his momma who thinks his farts are cute)

taking our monthly photos has gotten harder and harder ever since this kid could roll forward

it was so nice and easy when all i had to do was prop him up

then he started wanting to lunge forward off the chair

then he started standing up on the chair. it’s a glider, that doesn’t work out so well

and now he’s not only standing up but taking his aardvark and tossing him over the side.  and sometimes trying to follow him over himself.

ugh, i have a feeling it’s only going to get worse before it gets better.


it’s so hard for a proud momma to keep pictures and video off her blog

in dumping my photo card i found some video from last week that i’d forgotten about - i’ve been wanting to get him doing the entire first floor but it’s hard to tape AND help him steer since the front wheels don’t turn

i could not be more proud of this little stringbean every second of every day

(pardon my mess of a place and area rugs all thrown into a pile so baby can walk freely with this and his sit-in walker)


7:45pm   fresh diaper + contraption and jams.  zantac and bottle

8:04pm   it’s obvious this baby it too tired for a book so it’s straight to bed.  Momma & Daddy head downstairs to begin the 2nd half of our evening

8:10pm   cries on the monitor indicate the last bursts of energy so Daddy runs upstairs to put the paci in and with that the baby is out.

8:30pm   we clean up a little and start getting dinner ready

8:45pm   we eat and watch some tv and just relax in general

10:10pm   prepare and gather all the first morning baby supplies and head upstairs

11:00pm  husband is sound asleep and i watch some (more) trashy tv for a bit

11:45pm  tv is off and i call it a night.

rolling is the preferred mode of transportation for this kid

he’s been trying to crawl since the beginning of 4 months and while he’s made great strides (get it? strides?) he’s still about a week or two away from actually doing it. or maybe days? i dunno… he’s on all fours rocking his body back and forth and then throwing himself forward onto his face, so we know we’re really close. anyhoodle, so in the meantime he’s decided he likes being able to get about the room via rolling everywhere. it actually works really great and he can roll from point A to point B faster than you’d think.

but then there are time when he’s rolling somewhere and he literally hits a wall. that’s where photos like this come into place*.

*yes, i’m that mom who takes a photo of her crying kid before picking him up. whatever.