unfit parent


  • Erik wants to adopt. 
  • Nicky is ecstatic, he loves kids, he knows Erik does too, and he know Erik would be a great dad 
  • But Nicky isn’t so sure of himself 
  • He thinks back to how he took care of the twins for however long he did
  • He thinks to how cold and bitter they both are 
  • He thinks how they’re both in therapy 
  • Not bc of him, no - but some things Nicky knows he could have prevented 
  • He thinks how much better off they could have been if he were a better guardian 
  • If they had someone else 
  • Not him. 
  • He thinks, if he were to ever have a kid, how good of a dad could he be?
  • How bad he could be at parenting a child 
  • How unfit he is to parent a child.  
  • He doesn’t tell Erik, he can’t disappoint him like that, he won’t. 
  • He’ll - he’ll read parenting books and take courses and he’ll learn…
  • (…but isn’t that what he said he’d do for the twins?)
  • Nicky’s not gonna go to Erik, he can’t go to the twins, Matt and he weren’t that close, Kevin would probably be busy…so he calls Neil. 
  • Neil doesn’t pick up 
  • Nicky calls again, it goes to voicemail, again 
  • But Nicky just…Nicky just needs to get the words out
  • So he leaves a voicemail 
  • He tells Neil everything he won’t tell Erik, what he can’t say to the twins 
  • He tells Neil how Erik wants to adopt and how much he loves him, but how utterly terrified he is of the prospect of fucking up another child and how he can’t do that how he never wants to have to live with the feeling of not being good enough again how he - how he can’t. 
  • And it’s maybe an hour later, Neil and Andrew are driving home after a movie, Neil notices he has a couple missed calls, he sees the voicemail, he plays it on speaker, bc it’s just Nicky. It’s just Andrew. 
  • Neil goes to close it as soon as he gets the gist of what Nicky’s saying, but Andrew takes his eyes off the road to shoot a glare at Neil
  • Neil purses his lips and complies
  • They listen to their Nicky, the Nicky that’s always happy and cheerful and okay, break down over the phone over a matter not at all light-hearted 
  • The voicemail ends and the rest of the drive is spent in silence, both of them lost in thought 
  • It’s later that night that Andrew gets up out of bed and takes a cigarette and his phone out to their balcony 
  • Neil’s still awake, but he doesn’t stop Andrew. 
  • It’s a short conversation 
  • Nicky picks up, wary and confused as to why Andrew was calling him, but he wouldn’t miss a call from his twins for anything 
  • Neil can’t hear anything through the closed doors, but he’s ok with that 
  • “Andrew?” 
    “Don’t fucking blame yourself, dumbass.” 
    “I - what?” 
    Andrew breathes for a second, “It wasn’t your fault.”
    Nicky’s lip trembles but he bites it and doesn’t say anything. 
    Andrew takes a drag, when Nicky isn’t forthcoming, “You’ll be a great dad. Me and Aaron weren’t your fault. Stop it.” 
    Nicky gulps, his nose burning, “I - yeah.” 
    “Go talk to your husband.” Andrew says it dismissively, but keeps the phone to his ear. 
    Nicky hears the dismissal, he knows how Andrew snaps his phone shut as soon as he has the last word. That doesn’t stop Nicky from whispering a shaky, “Thank you.” on his end, even though he knew Andrew wouldn’t hear, before hanging up. 
    Andrew nods to himself, gently closes his phone, and takes another drag. 

It’s hard not to notice Lukas Waldenbeck.

Or: the six weeks leading up to the cabin.


The hearing doesn’t go well. His mom broke parole; failed her drug test and then lied about it. The morning of, they’re late to court and Philip’s excuse about the trains works… until his mom’s scattered, slurred apology follows behind it, and then they’re screwed. The case worker’s eyes glaze over, and suddenly they’re just another junkie mom with her teenaged kid in tow, squeezed in between other unfit parents and messed up families.

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Last Words | Levi and Kenny | Chapter 69

“You… who were you to my mother?”
“Hah… idiot… Just her… big brother…”
“Then why… did you leave me back then?”
“I… was… unfit… to be a parent.”

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How does BLI handle abusive Guardians?

Guardians who are deemed unfit to parent a child are immediately removed from parental positions. Depending on the reason for expulsion, the guardian may be taken into BLI custody. 

Guardians who are abusive and damaging to their child are treated with a zero-tolerance policy; they are taken into custody for an amount of time decided by BLI officials. Depending on the age of the child in question, punishment and compensation can be decided by the child. 

Thank you for your question, and have a better day!

We Miss You Pt.4 **Stake Imagine**

Driving to the court room, you felt a sense of nervousness. Your lawyer said the main goal today was to prove that Nate was an unfit parent, and wouldn’t be able to care for the children on his own. You knew somewhere in your heart that Nate wasn’t an unfit parent, but he had so much against him.

When you walked in, Nate’s eyes automatically caught yours. Those were the eyes you had grown to love over the years. He eyes wander all over your body. You were wearing a black crop top and a classy pencil skirt. He always loved it when you would dress.

“Y/n.” He standing up.

“Nathan.” You say brushing pass him to meet with your lawyer.

“Can you please not act so childish? Just admit that you and the kids need me, some can go back to being a family.”

“Mr.Maloley I don’t think it’d be wise to speak to my client, especially when saying corrupt things that won’t help your case.” Your lawyer says, stroking in before you could speak.

“I thought things would be different for us,but I guess not.” He says turning away from you.

The entire squad came out today. They made it very clear they weren’t choosing sides, but just there for mental support. It felt good to see familiar faces,but the circumstances really messed with your head.

You feel your phone vibrate in your pocket, it was a text from Swazz.

‘You sure you wanna do this?’

You look over to him and shake your head ‘no’, and soon you feel a tear fall down your face.

You knew you loved Nate, and vice versa. Your kids were your entire world. You could never imagine putting them through this. All you wanted now was to get out of this court room.

“Alright right let’s get this started.” The judge says entering the room. “The case is Maloley vs. Maloley for custody of young Chanel and Tristen. Is that correct?”

“Yes your honor.” Nate says.

“Mrs.Maloley do you have plans on keeping Nathan’s last name?”

You felt faint and short of breath. You hadn’t even thought about that. Part of you wants to keep it because you’d will always still love Nate, but you think you should just drop it and move on with life.

“Um that will be decided when we receive the final divorce decree.”


“Nathan and I. ”

“Fair enough. So what is the thought process behind joint custody?”

You breathing increase your legs begin shaking, and you feel fairly nauseous.


“I don’t know.” You get up and run out of the court room.

You find yourself outside leaning against the building trying to get a decent breathing pattern. You start to fan yourself to try and calm down. Soon after you burst out in tears. You can’t believe you ended up like this. You’re a soon to be divorcee, mother of two, that’s sleeping in her childhood bedroom. You hear the court house doors open and multiple feet running. It was Nate and the squad.

“Ma you good?” Sammy says rubbing your back.

“I’m fine. Thanks Sam.”

You look up to see Nate with worried expression. Out of curiosity, you look to his left ring finger. He was still wearing his wedding ring. You grab his hand and begin playing with the ring.

“I remember when I went into labor with Chanel. You sat there with me and let me play with your ring for an hour, and then when our little peanut came out I squeezed your hand so hard.”

“I remember too. You cut my circulation off.”

“Nate why are we doing this? What happened to us? We used to be happy. ”

Nate grabbed you and pulled you into him.

“I need to fix myself for us baby girl. I was being an ass. You and the kids don’t deserve that. I swear I’m gonna do better by y'all. I just need some time Ma, stay with me?”

“Forever and always, like we said. ”

You and Nate’s lawyers walk outside.

“The judge would like to know what’s going and so would I.” Nate’s lawyer says.

“Tell the judge there isn’t a case and damn sure not a divorce.” He looks down and you and says,“ And you aren’t changing your last name.”

“So what about my pay?“ Your lawyer asks.

“Don’t worry my sugar daddy will take care of that.” You say patting Nate’s cheeks.

“Haha I guess I deserved that.”

Nate captures your lips in sweet, passionate kiss. You hear the squad cheering behind your back.

“Let’s get home to OUR kids. We missed you.”

“I missed you too.”


Parting Words from an “Unfit Parent”

Seeing that he was on his last legs, Levi tries to get a few more answers from his former guardian before he can pass on, starting with whether he knew anything about the former King before Rod, and his reason for not wanting mankind to survive by caging them in these walls.

Unfortunately he really wasn’t able to acquire such knowledge from Uri, even though they had a fairly close relationship as friends. However he did know that that reason was the cause of the bad blood between the Royal Family and the Ackermans; which is probably the closest clue that they will have until they manage to find something on their next quest that will give them more introspective answers to the truth.

And before he could let him slip away for good, Levi ((possibly for the first time)) gets into more personal questions with Kenny as he asks what kind of relationship he shared with his mother, Kuchel, and in finding out that he was in fact his Uncle follows this with a doleful and lonely question of why he had abandoned him back then if their blood ties ran that deep between them.

While he may not show it since he knew how to keep a good poker face, I bet Kenny felt sadden at the idea of deserting Levi that day, especially since he was his kid sister’s only child and his last living blood relative that he knew of.
But being filled with the insecurity that he was not worthy of ever being a parent with the kind of life he led, he thought that what he was doing for him was in his best interest so that he could pursue his own life without being burden with the reputation of scum like him.

Yet despite having abandoned him and claiming to be someone unfit to be a parent, when it comes down to it Kenny didn’t completely desert him to a despairing fate when he could have, and even took it upon himself to at least teach him what he knew to survive this brutal and unforgiving world.

And if that wasn’t already enough, he even leaves to him the serum that he had stolen from Rod as a form of both redemption and an inheritance of his will in the hopes that Levi will be able to create the future that he desires for mankind.

He may have lived all his life thinking he was scum, but Kenny ended up dying a real man in the eyes of his nephew. 


Here have a dad Starrick ModernAU delivery beep beep motherfuckers.

So in this au Jacob and Evie are both orphaned when they’re five years old. Cecily and Ethan were the owners of a business enterprise, a huge competitor to Starrick’s own company. Because of this, Jacob and Evie had a huge bank account they would receive once they were adults, along with the Frye business.

Seeing his chance, Starrick calls his lawyers and sues the children’s tutor and legal guardian,  George Westhouse, affirming in court that he is unfit to parent. His aim, of course, is to get the the Frye heirs to eventually align their company to his own, hence providing him with a chance to increase his wealth and eliminate a competitor.

What he doesn’t expect is how difficult a feat raising a child supposes, once he finally wins the custody two years later.

The twins are a human disaster at the age of seven, (especially Jacob) He needs to hire the best of nannies, breakable decorations are soon not an option, and hospital bills  ascend to the ceilings soon (also because of Jacob. He jumped off the second floor to see if he could fall on his feet like a cat, so it was only logical.)

But as much as the migraine kils him most days, Starrick can’t help but grow…soft on them. Not affectionate, though. Of course, never affectionate. 

It has nothing to do with the fact that they bring him sanwiches and a glass of orange juice more than once, a rapid knock on his office’s oak door in the dead of the night when the nanny already left and they should be in bed, the pitter patter of naked feet on cold floors as soon as he opens the heavy door and glances down at the tray. 

Or, the way Evie squints at his newspaper and tries to read the words, soon turning back to her breakfast when he glances up (more than a few story books find their way into her room after that, and he sees her reading them to Jacob sometimes when he gets home from work). 

Neither, certainly, is it because of Jacob, when he asks if Crawford stays up late because he’s afraid of monsters under his bed. “It’s okay, I’m scared too. Just don’t tell Evie!”

He rises his brows at that. The boy makes him swear he won’t tell. Pinky promise. Oh, good thing no one is there to see this.

Perhaps he is growing soft, but he decides to think it’s because of old age.

I’m just gonna say this…

having a criminal record means the following things become much more difficult (it varies country to country, but this is the gist)

  • getting a job
  • applying to university (including postgrad master programs)
  • getting an apartment / housing
  • getting a loan
  • travelling and working overseas
  • becoming a licensed doctor / lawyer / nurse
  • getting licences to work with children / people with disabilities / elderly. No, you don’t need to be a sex offender to have instituitons not accept you for education
  • if you ever need to give evidence in a trial, a skilled lawyer could manipulate that into proving you are not reliable
  • In family disputes- a partner with a criminal record could be seen as unfit to be a parent. Yes, it happens.

Even if you think ‘I just won’t tell my employer’- if they find out you lied and you’ve been working with them for months and they have been paying you, they can fucking sue you for damages and dishonesty. You may think the above is illegal and against the UN blah blah- but cases like these do happen. When you punch a Neo Nazi, you may think you are being incredibly justified. People online may think you are awesome. But your potential employer? The person who chooses who goes into countries? A judge? Education Instituions? Your landlord? They may have something different to say about that. 

So you may say ‘I’ll just punch a Nazi and hope I don’t get caught’. Covering your face is not good enough (and once they figure out its you- the prosecution can use that as proof that the attack was thought out in advance- not in self defense), as survellience technology is advancing fast. If you are seen bragging about it, someone may report it to the police. That IP block feature you have? Not going to work. Lying to the police? Once they find out, more charges will be laid against you. DNA and forensic evidence is highly advanced. Plus, witnesses. Even if charges are not made against you, you can still be sued for damages. Although alot of juries are prohibited to look at your social media- the prosecution is usually not (yes, your tumblr, facebook and twitter is easier to find than you think and if you confess to a crime on there it can be used as a form of evidence).

You may think punching a Nazi is a form of self defense. Got news for you: tell that to alot of people in the profession of law, and you will be laughed in the face. It’s already hard enough to use ‘self defense’. That’s not going to stop for you. You know who will be able to use self defense as an excuse? The person who you are attacking. If you punch someone, or anyone and you expect them to not fight back somehow- you really do not have a sophisticated grasp on the situation. 

So I’m not going to punch Nazis, and I’m not going to support those who do. If you punch them hard enough in the face, that can cause brain damage. That can cause an eyeball to pop. It could break bones, slur problems with speech. Good luck convincing a judge that was self defense. 

You are not above the law. Stop acting like you are, tumblr. It’s pathetic and sad, and I know that you talk a big game about punching Nazis, but none of you actually do it- you just wish someone would do it for you. And don’t come crying on tumblr when you knowingly break the law and *gasp* actually have to face consequences.  

We can’t talk about abortion access without talking about poverty, or violence, or food security, or who is deemed by society ‘fit’ and ‘unfit’ parents. When someone makes a decision to have an abortion, there are so many other factors in their lives, factors that are influenced by structural forces, that come into play.
—  Megan Smith from the Repeal Hyde Art Project via Upworthy

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Two years. Two bloody years you and Bruce had been trying to adopt. Before you both got serious he told you he could never have children but you never minded. The thought of adopting a child warming your heart; knowing you can help change a life.

But the adoption agencies didn’t see it that way. They saw Bruce as an ‘unfit parent’ due to his condition. However, no matter how times they said it, you knew they were wrong and kept trying.

That morning you and Bruce got a call that would turn your world around. Someone had finally chosen you. You were getting a baby!


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However after a lot of tension between them and the authorities and a on off partner ship with Commissioner Gordon (who took on the Batman title) and several terrible (and confusing) events Duke's parents reapeare, however they have been Jokerfiziered, making them unfit and too dangerous to take care of Duke

Oh wow. Commissioner Gordon as Batman? The poor baby’s parents unfit to take care of him? Oh man.

So the thing is, i want to catch up to the recent chapter so i’m ready for my heart gets ripped apart .. When i read this, one thing that gets my attention is Kenny’s word that he was not unfit for a parent to Levi. I got to a conclusion that Isayama is really messed up with my feels. In his last moment, I personally think that Kenny actually care about Levi but doesn’t want to grow up like him. So he left him and make Levi grew on his own. Damn…. ever since i am a fan of snk,, i get too emotional on everything. And the thing that Levi is an ackerman makes me so hyped. That i’m an ackermans biatch….. Don’t blame me that i got tooo late,, because i just want to keep snk in my mind

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Tara Kat’s finally got everything she ever wanted; food almost every day, a roof over her head, an ungrateful daughter, and unrelatedly a man, but she couldn’t be unhappier. Turns out the mysterious abandoned shack she’s currently squatting is haunted and people in the city are starting some hurtful rumors about her. Saying shes “insane” or “a witch” or “dangerously unstable and an unfit parent”. Yeah it’s true, but its still rude.

angelina jolie left brad pitt on thursday and filed for divorce yesterday, seeking sole physical custody of their six kids.

the reason is being cited as seeing him unfit to parent due to issues involving alcohol, marijuana, and anger problems.

so basically, she abruptly left her partner of twelve years because she believed her kids aren’t safe with him. she will always put her kids first god just another reason why she’s my ultimate hero and unproblematic fav.