Favorite blog posts are tricky, because you never want to leave anyone out. I adore all of the blogs I follow, both new and old, but there are a few that I couldn’t go a day without having some sort of interaction with them.

So if you’ll allow - I’d like to focus on those people that have truly become my SPN (and other fandom) family. 

Parker, Penny, Belle, Dedi, ElaLiz, LibbyCherry, KimberlyKansasMorgan, Heather, Mika, Jordan, Victoria, Casey, Jenevieve, SixJen, Christina, Alex, Sara, Ashley, Angie, El, Sean, Anyaa, Lawr, RalliaRikke, Stacey, Amber, Gee, Dee, Sarah, Smowkie, Laurie, Suzie 

Thank you all (those not mentioned above included) for making my dash a worthwhile place. 

Love you.


Jordan's "you should follow these people now seriously what are you doing with your life" list

okay, so i don’t actually know these people (though i’d like to), and i really hope this isn’t creepy, but they and their blogs are amazing. i sit semi-quietly by and semi-secretly stalk them semi-a lot, and they are just quality beyond quality. and it’s not just their blogs: they themselves are just wonderful, interesting people (at least from what i can tell). if you aren’t following them, i don’t know what you’re doing in your life. these are the people whose names i know; whose text posts and tags i read. i can honestly say that though probably none of them know who i am, they have changed my tumblr experience just by being their awesome blogger selves. 

 jashooks | weepcest | therenegadewhohaditmade | violentsobbing | unfinishedduet | pennyshipswincest | planets-bend-between-us | areyoutryingtodeduceme | coltnposey | reno-sweeney | thebrotherswinchester | kirkwoodisinoregon | azorahai | yourdarlinglittlesammy | defiantbritta | awkwardrandy 

henrydcavills-deactivated201311 asked:

And see that's just the thing. Exactly what you said. I love when my characters have those shades of gray. Probably one of the reasons I like Hook and Regina from OUAT so much. And Dean is as gray as they come as well. But a shit ton of his fans are just making him to be as white as snow. And I want to yell at them NO HE'S NOT. Neither is Sam. That's why I love them and hate parts of fandoms. They woobify their characters they love so much and god forbid anything be wrong with them.

unfinishedduet replied to your post: allthestarks replied to your post: i can’t even……

lolol guess they gotta do what they gotta do to put holes in a ship that practically sails itself i mean really you can’t just buy the kind of chemistry those two have it makes the others wonky or something lol

you really can’t. the chemistry there is just…

they’re just jelly~ looking for ways to bring us down because our ship is sailing, lol.

 unfinishedduet replied to your postTHIS SHIP IS NOT SINKING CALM THE FUCK DOWN…

and it would boring as hell if they just started declaring their love for each other and completely ooc for both, i like how it’s going honestly it makes me feel even more for them

unfinishedduet replied to your post: THIS SHIP IS NOT SINKING CALM THE FUCK DOWN…

wow run on sentences sorry about that omg doing it again lol

lol it’s fine. BUT YES. i mean i get the need to see them just fall in love with each other already, because we’ve had so many ideas in our head of how that would go, but we have to be patient. the two of them falling for each other at this point is just… not likely and frankly i would have been pretty disappointed with that because then i would know the chances were they were not going to last.

dragonzoranger replied to your postTHIS SHIP IS NOT SINKING CALM THE FUCK DOWN…

jackie thank you i love you my heart feels the same way

i love you too bb~ haha but yes. like seriously, i just gah, people need to calm down and breathe. 

allthestarks replied to your post: i can’t even… you guys like… that message didn’t…



 unfinishedduet replied to your posti can’t even… you guys like… that message didn’t…

exactly the ridiculousness of it had to make you laugh… it did me lol

most definitely. like when they have a more viable argument as to why i should be ashamed of shipping captain swan, then okay (lbr tho, i would never be ashamed lol) but honestly their reasons… i just started giggling and now i can’t stop.