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top five (or whatever number) books with lovely prose that i should read next

i love this question!  okay, so:

  • oranges are not the only fruit, or anything else by jeanette winterson
  • white is for witching, or anything else by helen oyeyemi
  • under milk wood, by dylan thomas
  • the house on mango street, by sandra cisneros
  • like water for chocolate, by laura esquivel
  • tender is the night, or anything by scott fitzgerald
  • save me the waltz, by zelda fitzgerald
  • everything is illuminated, by jonathan safran foer
  • 100 years of solitude, and everything else by gabriel garcia marquez
  • personally, i would argue that roberto bolano’s prose is beautiful too, but it is also both darkly funny and very brutal, and not everyone likes that
  • the book of disquiet, by fernando pessoa
  • in the skin of a lion, and anything else by michael ondaatje
  • a monster’s notes, by laurie sheck
  • the blind assassin, by margaret atwood (i am a Bad Canadian in that i vastly prefer atwood’s poetry to her prose most of the time, but this novel is an exception)
  • last words from montmartre by qiu miaojin
  • giovanni’s room and go tell it on the mountain by james baldwin
  • their eyes were watching god by zora neale hurston
  • play it as it lays by joan didion
  • essentially anything by virginia woolf
  • by grand central station i sat down and wept by elizabeth smart
  • silk by alessandro baricco
  • the unbearable lightness of being and the book of lightness and forgetting by milan kundera
  • the pillow book of sei shonagon
Jordan's "you should follow these people now seriously what are you doing with your life" list

okay, so i don’t actually know these people (though i’d like to), and i really hope this isn’t creepy, but they and their blogs are amazing. i sit semi-quietly by and semi-secretly stalk them semi-a lot, and they are just quality beyond quality. and it’s not just their blogs: they themselves are just wonderful, interesting people (at least from what i can tell). if you aren’t following them, i don’t know what you’re doing in your life. these are the people whose names i know; whose text posts and tags i read. i can honestly say that though probably none of them know who i am, they have changed my tumblr experience just by being their awesome blogger selves. 

 jashooks | weepcest | therenegadewhohaditmade | violentsobbing | unfinishedduet | pennyshipswincest | planets-bend-between-us | areyoutryingtodeduceme | coltnposey | reno-sweeney | thebrotherswinchester | kirkwoodisinoregon | azorahai | yourdarlinglittlesammy | defiantbritta | awkwardrandy 

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And see that's just the thing. Exactly what you said. I love when my characters have those shades of gray. Probably one of the reasons I like Hook and Regina from OUAT so much. And Dean is as gray as they come as well. But a shit ton of his fans are just making him to be as white as snow. And I want to yell at them NO HE'S NOT. Neither is Sam. That's why I love them and hate parts of fandoms. They woobify their characters they love so much and god forbid anything be wrong with them.

unfinishedduet replied to your post:I was pretty annoyed with the fact that Cece…

I definitely agree with you. I was waiting for a huge, dramatic reveal, but I see your point about the obsession and mental illness. I think I just wanted it to be more? Because of all the torture the girls went through, I wanted a better reason

hey I’m with you there. I definitely wanted it to be more too. Just trying to make some sense out of what happened, it makes me feel better about things. lol

unfinishedduet replied to your post: allthestarks replied to your post: i can’t even……

lolol guess they gotta do what they gotta do to put holes in a ship that practically sails itself i mean really you can’t just buy the kind of chemistry those two have it makes the others wonky or something lol

you really can’t. the chemistry there is just…

they’re just jelly~ looking for ways to bring us down because our ship is sailing, lol.

allthestarks replied to your post: i can’t even… you guys like… that message didn’t…



 unfinishedduet replied to your posti can’t even… you guys like… that message didn’t…

exactly the ridiculousness of it had to make you laugh… it did me lol

most definitely. like when they have a more viable argument as to why i should be ashamed of shipping captain swan, then okay (lbr tho, i would never be ashamed lol) but honestly their reasons… i just started giggling and now i can’t stop.

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nope, tumblr has serious issues lately.

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theyre not working :/

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Thanks sugar cubes for the feedback :)


I can’t believe that 2015 is almost over! This year turned out to be a mainly positive one for me, both online and in person after a couple of rocky months. The constant throughout my year was tumblr and I want to thank all these wonderful blog owners for making my dashboard such a lovely place to visit these last 12 months with their quality fandoms, beautiful edits and often insightful views on current topics. Follow them and you won’t be disappointed! 

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