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I wish you would write a fic where Connor really loves Oliver's singing voice and after the breakup him singing "Ordinary People" is how he goes to sleep (this prompt got lengthy sorry)

just rip my heart out. it will be less painful. (also, this isn’t exactly it and isn’t exactly a fic bc i suck sometimes…)

Connor let the door of his apartment fall closed with a slam. Tossing his keys on a table and throwing the bag on a chair, he walked over to the fridge and pulled out a beer. Twisting off the cap, he downed nearly half of it in one pull and leaned heavily against the counter. 

Today sucked and wasn’t even close to being over. There was still a paper he needed to tweak, a quiz to study for, and a mock trial to start prepping for. The thought of all that work still unfinished made Connor even more weary and he took another long draw off his beer. 

A break. He just needed a break. A few minutes to close his eyes and breathe a little. Just a quick stop to recharge the batteries a little before starting his all-nighter. 

Heading over to his couch, Connor laid out, stretching out his legs, pillowing arms behind his head, and let his eyes fall closed. He took a deep breath and tried to let some of the stress of the day go on the exhale. Deep breath in and long one out.  

Had the apartment always been this quiet? 

In and out.

It was like a tomb in here. Or a church. Or a library. 

In and out.

was that the neighbor’s cooking? Could he hear them chopping things and dropping things into pots? Was…was that normal? 

In and out. 

Oliver’s apartment was never this quiet. 

And, just like that, Connor’s mind was full of Oliver. 

Fuck it all. 

He’d been doing so well today. Oliver hadn’t been at Annalise’s that morning and Connor’d been in classes all afternoon so they hadn’t crossed paths until well into the evening. And, even then, they’d both been cordial and respectful and Connor’d been so proud of himself. Look at the two of them, acting like mature grown ups. 

Now, with one stray thought, all Connor could think of was Oliver and music. 

Oliver almost always had music playing in 303. Music he could hum along with as he cooked or sing with as he showered. Music on in the background to muffle the sound of his fingers flying over keys while Connor tried to study. Music on low to when they lounged in bed on Sunday mornings or made love or curled around each other on the couch. 

Even now, Connor could hear Oliver’s voice in his ear, singing along as he stirred something on the stove. 

In contrast, Connor’s apartment was so quiet, so still. It was missing life and love and Oliver. 

He was missing Oliver.  

Trying to banish the thought with a shake of his head, Connor resettled himself back on the couch and started over. Deep breath in and long breath out. 

In and out. 

In and out. 

But someone has to be the better man here.

They never did anything
I realized I never posted this one here, because at some point I wanted to colour it and apparently gave up on it. It may be a little older but it’s about time I splatter some Sherlock here.


I don’t want you to be normal; I want you to be alive.

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So a long time ago @olivemeister posted a song called Kimi ga Suki by Kei ft Fukase which inspired me to created a chunky rough animated/motion KilluGon video. Here is the unfinished version, as i don’t think i have the heart/time to complete it anymore.

Special thanks to @gonprohunter and @terminallydepraved for cheering me on when i started this!! I’m so so sorry i’m not able to deliver. ;( 

Artist’s note under the cut about my process, motivation. Also, if anyone would like to work on this please let me know! 

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