So a long time ago @olivemeister posted a song called Kimi ga Suki by Kei ft Fukase which inspired me to created a chunky rough animated/motion KilluGon video. Here is the unfinished version, as i don’t think i have the heart/time to complete it anymore.

Special thanks to @gonprohunter and @terminallydepraved for cheering me on when i started this!! I’m so so sorry i’m not able to deliver. ;( 

Artist’s note under the cut about my process, motivation. Also, if anyone would like to work on this please let me know! 

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But someone has to be the better man here.

They never did anything
I realized I never posted this one here, because at some point I wanted to colour it and apparently gave up on it. It may be a little older but it’s about time I splatter some Sherlock here.


I don’t want you to be normal; I want you to be alive.

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