unfinished man


i still think about boysbe a lot

He knew.”
“I never told him.”
“It’s not about what you say or do. It’s not even about what you think. It’s about the way you look at someone when they’re happy, and you don’t think anyone is watching. And he saw the way you looked at him. He knew.
—  from an unfinished story #705

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Im loving all this kirikami, bakudeku and kirideku!!!!!!!even that kiribaku!!!!! Ever thought of drawing a Bakukami? Just curious :)

TY–! n Iz so cute (*´ ▿ ` *)
I’ve glazed over Bakukami a bunch of times with a Denki crazed friend n a few others but never really drew them together together ;; happy to say I have now–! lolol

Neither of us ever had to question anything. We both knew what we meant to each other.
—  from an unfinished story #887

Commission for @stormyjynx!! .+:。(ノ・ω・)ノ゙

I really need to practice drawing cats one of these days (maybe draw some Exceeds as legit cats? idk), but overall I had lots of fun with this one :p

The amount of time it took me to make this just because of the amount of schoolwork I have to do at the same time made me realise that I really need to close the commissions for a while dang I hate my uni

It was never supposed to be hard to let you go. You weren’t supposed to matter.
—  from an unfinished story #877

This was kinda inspired by a bit in this fic, tho didn’t quite manage to pull it off as well as I hoped…

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So, who is your fav character to draw?

The Master and the Cockatoo

this is the most surreal joy i get to experience because after placing them in one team they fit every trope i ever love:

1. small wives that can pretty much wreck you even without their husbands help

2. giant husbands loom and glare deviously behind their small wives at anyone who dares hurt their precious flowers

3. both husbands are super strict and sometimes intimidating

4. the wives are literal sunshines who are one of the very few who could make the husbands swoon and smile the purest smile everyone has ever seen

5. both sakura and nowi are pretty much the perfect cure of marxs and freds stress

6. the husbands are in their Special Outfit and the wives arent

7. sakura frets over marx if hes ever hurt and is great at healing; fred frets over nowi if shes ever hurt and is great at first aid

8. one minute marx and fred look so stern and scary. the next minute they are blushing like teenage highschool boys when sakura holds marxs hand and nowi holds freds.

9. sakura got to learn something new and surprising about marx; she learns that marx was a very shy boy and still has stage fight sometimes too. nowi learns that frederick is super hardworking eventho his hard work is often gone completely unnoticed and yet sadly he doesnt mind.

10. both sakura and nowi had first bad impressions of marx and fred before they talked

11. their impressions of them changed when they learned more about them

12. (technically) both husbands have a horse

13. marx and fred are surely the type of passionate men who pamper and spoil their beloved

14. nowi cant swim; marx cant swim

15. they make my heart flutter