unfinished business 10k


On Monday, April 15, 2013 I started out from Hopkinton to run 26.2 miles and finish the 2013 Boston Marathon in memory of my dear friend, David Pickens. I was stopped 6 miles from the finish at the base of Heartbreak Hill due to the marathon bombings. 

Both myself and Bob (rookcanrun) had Unfinished Business from this race (he was 25.8 miles in when he had to stop) so we created our Unfinished Business 10k and decided that when I came back this weekend that we would finish our marathon.

Shrinkingmomma was able to make her schedule work and she came and met us where I was pulled off of the course (mile 20) at the base of Heartbreak Hill. 

There are not enough words for me to express how HAPPY and THANKFUL I am to both of these people for giving up part of their Saturday and to share in the experience of crossing the finish line on Boylston Street. I was slow and running was still a challenge but with the support and company and encouragement of these two AMAZING people I was able to finish what I started!!

I have never been more proud or determined to finish a race in my life!!!


I CANNOT wait until I am allowed to run again!!

PT sent me home with nothing short of a shitload of exercises…

I have to rebuild my strength and stability on my left quad and adductor…

I have ‘test’ moves to try every few days to see if my leg can withstand running…

She knows my goal to run my Unfinished Business 10k in a week and half with Bob (rookcanrun) and my other Tumblr friends…

I will be ready …. I may be slow