unfinished and probably will never be finished


A little dump with a couple of WIPTIWPNFDTL (Work In Progress That I Will Probably Never Finish Due To Laziness) Star Wars Rebels drawings I started long ago and never posted. So now I am posting them.

“How We Were” - History/Decay 

They didn’t get along much at first, but some things changed a bit after their first drink together

It’s Obvious

Requested by: Anonymous
(Here are the specifics)

Pairing: Reader x Bucky
Word Count: 3.5K
Warnings: Fluff, swearing, jealous!Bucky

A/N: I changed it a little, but tried to include everything you requested! Hope you like it! I only made it into a (long) oneshot, sorry!

Sorry this took soooo long to get done!

“Hey loser,” you hear Bucky call from your doorway. Looking up, you see Bucky grinning at you as he wanders into your room. You roll your eyes at your best friend, but can’t keep the smile off your face. Bucky never bothered knocking on your door, and you never bothered knocking on his. You felt comfortable enough with each other to ignore most common courtesies.  

“Hey idiot,” you reply, pushing your laptop a little further away from you as Bucky throws himself on your bed,

“What you working on?” he asks as he shimmies up next to you laying on your stomach,

“Paperwork,” you sigh out, flashing your laptop a frown,

“Let’s go get food,”

“I can’t,” you whine, “I’ve got to finish this for Tony before the party tonight,”

“Come on,” Bucky drawls out, “I’m hungry,”

“When aren’t you hungry?” you playfully cock an eyebrow at him,

Bucky reaches forward and closes your laptop, “Look at that, your laptop is suddenly off,” Bucky lets out a mocking sigh, “Guess you can’t work anymore,”

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In honor of Homestuck’s end I’m giving you guys my Whispers in the Dark lyricstuck from back in summer 2014, before [S] Game Over ended the gigapause! Since I started college I’ve never had the time to finish it and probably never will, so here it is in it’s unfinished state (all the panels are there they’re just uncolored), untouched since then aside from a few of the sketches that I just quickly redrew because they were too messy. Enjoy!

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In that gaming video there was that question about what they’d do in space and one of the answers was having an orgasm. Funny thing is, I have an unfinished fic in my drafts from over a year ago, about them having sex in space. I mean, it’s probably never gonna be finished, but I’m amused and starting to contemplate it.

Just realised that the Dalish probably know the spell that Solas uses to remove vallaslin.

Because you never see Dalish elves walking around with half-finished vallaslin, do you? If they show pain during the application the ceremony stops immediately, so if you got half the design etched into your face then had to stop you’d… look a little silly. It makes more sense if after the ceremony fails the Keeper magically removes the unfinished markings returning the young elf’s face back to its original state (the unmarked face of a child, young and still growing, not yet ready for vallaslin). Then they can try again when they are ready, a fresh start.

Also maybe sometimes Dalish change their mind about their designs. Most chose based on the god they venerate, but what about agnostic or atheist Dalish? They’d probably choose based on what the god represents (for instance an elf who wants to be a healer chooses Sylaise because that’s their chosen life path, an elf who feels no veneration for the Creators but nonetheless has a passion for crafting things takes June, etc). But most are young and still maturing somewhat when they receive their vallaslin, what if they develop as people and realise what their chosen markings represent no longer fits? Can Dalish change their vallaslin? Is that allowed?

And removal of the vallaslin is probably one of the ultimate punishments, usually done to those who have committed crimes against their people great enough to warrant exile. Their vallaslin, what once marked them as Dalish, is stripped from them because what the marks were given to them to represent are as false as they are.

articblueharmonyposts  asked:

I'm just gonna say it , your story you wrote to me about springtrap and golden Freddy Was.... Amazing !!! U should keep up that writing it's really good and I can read it all day ( also I don't usually ship fnaf characters, but that story you made me wanna ship them in your a you cuz omg it's so adorable!!!😍)

Awwww thanks sweetie! It’s nice to hear that my writing is good! There’s honestly a lot more than just that snippet (that one part was probably written maybe a year ago by this point)

I’ve got multiple unfinished prompts and oneshots on my phone. I just start them and never finish, haha ^^;

And if I’ve got you shipping them, I’ve done my job xD Just kidding but I’m flattered that a silly thing I wrote is getting you to ship the golden beans! If you guys want me to finish the oneshot and like post it here, just tell me and I’ll get myself to finish it.


I told myself I’d finish these over break and I never did and now it’s not break anymore so this is whats being posted bye

Throwback time. Never finished this sketch of the floor show scene in RHPS, but I always kind of liked what I had started. Figured I might as well post this, since it’s probably gonna sit in Limbo till I do it completely over again. This is from 2011-12 (I think).