unfinished and probably will never be finished


A little dump with a couple of WIPTIWPNFDTL (Work In Progress That I Will Probably Never Finish Due To Laziness) Star Wars Rebels drawings I started long ago and never posted. So now I am posting them.



um, well i just looked through my psds and i have so much unfinished shit that im probably never going to touch again (even though zelda is soooo close to being done and i just kinda wanted them to see the light

from top left: botw zelda, todd and dirk from dirk gently, ellie from tlou part 2, papayrus jog boy, saga from dreamfall chapters

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Ladies and gentleman, oh and angels

Just a short unfinished demon!Dean drabble:’)

Characters: Demon!Dean x reader (kinda but not really), Sam, Castiel

Warnings: angst

Word count: 450ish

A/N: Okay so i found this little thing i wrote a while ago and i remember as i was writing it i kinda didn’t feel like continuing it but i also didn’t have the heart to delete it so im just gonna post it here even tho it isn’t finished and i will probably never finish it.:’))

*gif is not mine*

“I love you” you wanted to scream it out but you were unable to, his hand was now on your neck, making it almost imposible to even whisper.

“And you love me” you whispered out and you were slowly getting lightheaded, but you weren’t giving up. You knew, or at least you hoped, that somewhere deep down your Dean was still there.

“No, i don’t.” He left out a small chuckle, it seemed like all this was very entertaining to him.

The lightheadedness was getting more intense and pretty quickly your eyesight got blurry and everything around you went black. That was the last thing you remembered.


A voice that seemed so far away was now getting stronger and louder and you could almost understand what the voice was saying.

“(Y/N)” the voice was familiar, you could almost recognize it. “(Y/N) please” someone cried out “Cas please help me”

Cas? you wondered to yourself but before you could get all the pieces together, a strong force of some kind pulled you out of the unconsciousness.

You oppened your eyes and by your side was sitting the younger Winchester and Castiel who seemed to be the one who woke you up. They both seemed relieved knowing that you are okay and the younger Winchester pulled you into a hug.

“Oh thank god” he kissed your forehead, finally letting you out of the hug. “What the hell happened (Y/N)?” Sam asked

“Dean” you whispered. He was the only thing you could think about right now and you had to know what happened to him.

“Dean? Did he do this to you?” Sam asked while helping you stand up

You nodded.

“What how? And why would he-”

“Wait, you didn’t see him when you came here?” You asked giving Sam a confused look.

“No, when i came here you were alone on the floor, unconsious.” He answered. “But Dean really did this didn’t he?” Sam sighed heavily, while carefully running his fingers over the bruises on your neck.

“Yes. But there is something horribly wrong with him Sam.” You cried out “His eyes… I…”

“You love me”

“No i don’t”

“If i didn’t know better i would say he was… Possesed.” You bit your lip staring at the floor.

“Possesed? But that is imposible he-”

Before Sam could finish another very familiar voice interupted him.

“Ladies and gentleman, oh and angels” Dean chuckled

“Ah (Y/N)” he smiled at you “I apologize for our little incident from before, i think we can still be friends though don’t you think so?”

Dean started walking towards you but before he got to close Sam steped in front of you, making Dean back off a bit, now giving Sam a questioning look.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Dean’s voice quickly changed his tone from playful to intimidating.

No place like home

Hi I love your account! could you please do a Hotch x reader where the reader is Hotch’s daughter and she runaways as she doesn’t know what to do with her life and Hotch struggles to find her and a few years later whilst on a case she is taken in as a suspect but she looks a lot different as the team didn’t recognize her new look and when Hotch sees her they hug and he helps her to have a normal life and supports her and it turns out that she is not the suspect. 💕

Title : No place like home

Pairing : Hotch and daughter!reader

A/n : When I say para I mean each break if that make sense, 1st para goes till one year later, and the next section goes till 1000 dollars and well you get it.

Pov : 1st para - Reader’s ; 2nd para - 2nd person ; 3rd para - 3 rd person (This was not intentional I swear)

Word Count : 1228

Beta reader friend human who is incredibly sweet @lostdreamsanddeadroses

Mama was always the anchor, the driving force that kept us all together. Mama was always there, hovering over me while I did homework or checking on how me and Jack were doing. She was this omnipresent force of positivity and happiness. When a ship loses its anchor one of two things can happen. It either stays near the dock untethered or it drifts away. In our case both happened.

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Another unfinished Bruce/Eddie one shot/fanfiction idk man

Word Count: 950ish give or take

AN: I was planning on finishing this but let’s be real I probably never will so here’s some garbage. Starring Eddie as someone who’s just trying to get his life together, Bruce as an actual Nice Guy^TM and Jonny as what is essentially the jealous ex who could and would poison you. 

Also, idk why I like the trope where Eddie has no idea Bruce is Batman and has a super big crush on Wayne but I didn’t ask for your judgment.

Also this is sort of for @riddlcr because they seem to be the only other person I can find who likes riddlebat???? Anyway pls love me

Warnings: Gayness, an unpopular ship, cliches and bad, unedited writing.


         While being someone’s personal assistant was beneath him, Edward really didn’t have a choice in the matter. No one else was going to hire a supervillain, even a retired one. And bills needed to be paid somehow. Miraculously, Bruce Wayne needed a new PA, and for some reason, Edward was hired. He couldn’t say he was nervous, standing in the elevator and fiddling with his tie. It didn’t bother him any that he had had Batman breathing down his neck since the moment he announced his retirement, and it definitely did not bother him that the dashingly handsome Bruce Wayne had hired him. Edward reached up to tidy his hair as the elevator doors dinged and opened, revealing yet another spacious floor. Edward swallowed hard before straightening his tie and his posture, strutting out of the elevator.  Down the hall, turn left. Talk to Ms. Penny at the desk. Edward walked up to the desk, shooting Ms. Penny a winning smile. She looked up at him and started before quickly regaining her composer.

         “You must be the, ah, new personal assistant for Mr. Wayne,” She spoke quickly, her tone clipped. “He’s expecting you in his office. The hallway behind me, first door on your right.”

          “Why thank you, Ms. Penny. I do love your earrings, by the way.” Edward strolled past her desk. Ms. Penny would learn to respect him; he’d make sure of that. But you attract more flies with honey and all that. The silly saying popped into his head, reminding him, oddly, of Jonathan Crane. Jonathan absolutely hated that adage and hid his southern charm (if it existed) as well as he hid his southern accent. Edward felt a surge of what must’ve been nostalgia, before silently scoffing at himself. What was there to miss? Those multiple times Jonathan had fear gassed him? The Scarecrow hadn’t been the kindest friend, if Ed could even consider him a friend, but Edward couldn’t help but note the silence of the Doctor since Ed’s announcement about his retirement. No matter. Edward was now staring at a door that held a bright future, and a very handsome man with piercing blue eyes and a chiseled jaw behind it. He turned the knob, stepping into the office. Bruce Wayne was sitting at a desk, writing hurriedly. He looked up at the sound of the door and stood up when he caught sight of Edward. Bruce reached out for a handshake, giving Edward a kind smile.

         “Why Mr. Nigma, it’s a pleasure to meet you in person.” Bruce’s hand was warm and much bigger than Edwards, Bruce’s firm grip almost enveloping the other man’s hand.

         “The pleasure is all mine Mr. Wayne, and feel free to call me Edward, or whatever you prefer.” Edward colored a bright red, trying to nervously match Bruce’s warm smile. That damn arrogance of his only seemed to kick in when he really didn’t need it.

         “Well, Edward you can feel free to call me Bruce. I’m going to have Ms. Penny give you a tour of my offices and an overview of what you’ll be doing while I pop into a meeting. I wanted to meet you first though. Thank you so much for coming to work for me on such short notice.” Bruce’s eyes lit up kindly, and Edward felt the slight urge to cry. He hadn’t been treated this sweetly and sincerely in years, and now it was coming from someone he just met. He really needed to pull himself together. Bruce let go of his hand.

           “Thank you so much Mr. Way- I mean B-Bruce. I promise I won’t let you down.” Edward turned around abruptly, wanting to get out of there before he said something else stupid. Bruce sat back down, watching as Edward’s flaming red hair disappeared around the corner.


               Edward sighed as he opened up his apartment door, dropping his stuff and immediately going to his couch to flop face down in the cushions. The last few weeks had been exhausting, but Edward couldn’t help but feel a sense of pride. He was excelling as Bruce’s personal assistant, the billionaire’s kindness and trust allowing him to flourish. Bruce had even given Edward control of some big projects that Bruce was supposed to be seeing to personally, and Edward felt victorious. He had won over most of the people he came into contact with at Wayne Enterprises, bringing them fresh coffee when he went to get Bruce’s, lavishing them with compliments and amusing them with quirky comments. And he was getting so much better, his compulsions easier to handle now that he had a steady but engaging schedule. His psychiatrist had been extremely proud the last time they spoke, and Edward couldn’t help but feel content, if not tired. His phone buzzed in his pocket, and Edward let out a small groan as he reached down to fish for it. His heart skipped as he looked at the screen, Bruce Wayne’s name popping up.


         “Hello Edward, sorry to bother you,” Bruce began, “You probably just got home. I was wondering though, there’s a charity banquet that I have to go to tonight, and I was wondering if you’d like to go.” 

         Edward paused, momentarily considering doing a cartwheel across his living room. Was Bruce Wayne really asking him on a date? He assumed it was a date, but maybe he shouldn’t assume. He’d maybe just have to test the waters. But it was stupid to be flying blind, so he should just ask. But what if it wasn’t? That would be mortifying. And then there was the fact that-

         “Edward? You still there?”

         “Oh yes, terribly sorry I got distracted momentarily. I would love to go, thank you.”

         “Oh great, then it’s a date,” Bruce replied.


         Wait. What?

It’s Obvious

Requested by: Anonymous
(Here are the specifics)

Pairing: Reader x Bucky
Word Count: 3.5K
Warnings: Fluff, swearing, jealous!Bucky

A/N: I changed it a little, but tried to include everything you requested! Hope you like it! I only made it into a (long) oneshot, sorry!

Sorry this took soooo long to get done!

“Hey loser,” you hear Bucky call from your doorway. Looking up, you see Bucky grinning at you as he wanders into your room. You roll your eyes at your best friend, but can’t keep the smile off your face. Bucky never bothered knocking on your door, and you never bothered knocking on his. You felt comfortable enough with each other to ignore most common courtesies.  

“Hey idiot,” you reply, pushing your laptop a little further away from you as Bucky throws himself on your bed,

“What you working on?” he asks as he shimmies up next to you laying on your stomach,

“Paperwork,” you sigh out, flashing your laptop a frown,

“Let’s go get food,”

“I can’t,” you whine, “I’ve got to finish this for Tony before the party tonight,”

“Come on,” Bucky drawls out, “I’m hungry,”

“When aren’t you hungry?” you playfully cock an eyebrow at him,

Bucky reaches forward and closes your laptop, “Look at that, your laptop is suddenly off,” Bucky lets out a mocking sigh, “Guess you can’t work anymore,”

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“How We Were” - History/Decay 

They didn’t get along much at first, but some things changed a bit after their first drink together