unfiltered honey


My lovely Wolves,
(Forgive me not wearing makeup. I am still very sick and used up all my energy to straight my hair… 😩)
So I am going to keep growing my hair out. I am natural a ginger 😱 yes, I know. But I love chocolate brown. 😊 Anywhere, I lost 4.4 pounds in 1 week from doing my diet which is:

•Portion Control (1500-1700 calories a day)
•White Meat (chicken, fish, sea food, turkey.) •Red Meat ones a week •Protein Powder (Smoothers) •Sugar Free ( still using, organic brown sugar cane and local organic unfiltered honey)
•Fat Free (I don’t have a gale-blabber, fast foods, junk foods.)
•GMO Free
•Gluten Free
•No Pasta of any kind
•Yoga •Lemon Water (I try to have 185oz of water everyday) •Herbal Teas (I don’t put anything in them I like them straight unless I’m sick…) •Jogging/Tunning •P900x (going to start this when I’m better) •Gym/weight training (lean bodybuilder) So pretty much I am not vegan anymore I can’t afford it… :( there are reasons that are no ones business (don’t mean to be blunt) but I still don’t agree on animal cruelty or testing. Ones I’m better and not sick anymore I will be busting my ass meeting my goals this year! Wish me luck on my journey to become a new woman and person! My fitness blog will be up over this weekend I am hopping I will be feeling better to start short vloging and recording my journey!